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Accurate horoscope predictions 2019-2020, about the future of humanity and nations like America, Canada, England, India, China, France, Germany, Russia, Pakistan, Japan and more. 

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* China, Pakistan and North Korea will be the biggest rogue states of 21st century. It will face failures, frustrations and obstacles to its cunning expansionist designs. China will fudge its Economic data, fake the economic indicators to fool the world with its growth. World will also witness the killings of millions of  Muslims and people of other faith by China. Its Rogue communist regime will corrupt the politicians of  Nepal and Sri Lanka. President Xi Jinping will become the new are Hitler trying to colonize nations with military threat, economic invasion, settlement of Chinese citizens corrupting governments in Asia, Africa and Europe and spreading Chinese culture.

* Popularity of Yoga, Meditation, Tantra and Sanatan Dharma of India will increase tremendously around the world.

*  Pakistan will become the first Chinese colony and invasion will take by Chinese culture, Chinese language, Chinese townships, Chinese military base, Chinese currency, Chinese overtaking Pakistan economy, stock exchanges and Chinese companies destroying Pakistan industries. Pakistani military policies of hatred, lies, deceit, terrorism and blunders will move Pakistan towards self destruction , economic ruin, chaos, death, crimes and great suffering of its citizens. It will be rattled with Earthquakes and destruction from Fires.

* Science will make great progress in building artificial skin, human limbs and organs for replacement.

* USA, France, Canada, Germany, Russia, India, Afghanistan, Australia, China and Britain will face Islamic terrorists attacks, violence from Pakistanis, its own citizens and Muslim extremists. Donald Trump policies will bring America with much humiliation, isolation and weaken its influence in world affairs.

* Robots will start to take over farm sector, industries, media, banking, labour intensive works and hazardous factories for production.

* China, Pakistan and Turkey will  be involved in the major cyber attacks in most of the countries around the world. Chinese will be involved in Nuclear and missile proliferation to Pakistan and Iran.

* Minorities of  Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Shias will face atrocities, human righ abuses, will be killed, wiped out by Pakistan and Bangladesh.

* America and Nato will weaken and Russia will reassert its dominance in the world affairs.

* India, America, Russia, China will move towards deploying Weapons in Space and and Moon. Chinese crooked intentions of ruling the world will make it loot and plunder the earth natural resources of nations around the world, Africa and Moon in the future.

* Flying cars and new age fuels will start to appear in many countries.

* China will continue to be the worst proliferator of Nuclear, biological and Chemical weapons, Missile technologies to Pakistan, Iran and North Korea. It will also indulge in worst kind of human rights abuses and indulge in organ harvesting from killing its own people, Muslims, Christians and Tibetans. Communist policies to rule the world will bring much chaos, tensions, interference in democracies by corrupting influence.

* New fuels and technologies will come up fast to replace fossil fuels around the world. Oil prices will see upheavals in times to come.

* Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan will be the biggest source of Islamic terrorism and violence around the world bringing Islam and Muslims to disrepute.

* Humanoids, Artificial intelligence, interactive robotics will start to take unskilled, semi skilled jobs around the world in developed countries and in India. Their popularity among the people will increase.

* People who are corrupt, immoral, unethical will start to suffer in every possible way as shift in human consciousness will take place.

* In Bollywood industry great suffering, misery, economic ruin will come to celebrity Kapoor Family and their name and work will start to fade in Indian film industry.

* There will be sinister conspiracy for the Islamization of India will illegal Muslim migration into the country and settling them in few states of India which will be great security threat to Hindustan in 2019 and 2020. Pakistan and China will be defeated by India in every conflict whether military or Economic in the future. ➤ Predictions About India

* Indian economy will continue to get stronger, reach new heights, achieve new milestones.

* USA, Canada and UK will suffer and ruined by corrupt politicians, Pakistani extremists and Khalistani terrorists or extremists.

* American economy will slow down and dollar will weaken in world markets loosing its value and strength.

* Chinese military drills and its presence in Tibet and Antarctica will alter the climate in the Himalayas and disturb the environment leading to natural disasters. ➤  Predictions About China

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