Future Horoscope Predicitons India Hindus & Hinduism By Top Psychic Astrologer

Future of India 2020 & 2021, Vedic Astrology divination for India, Psychic Horoscope Predictions about Hindustan and Hindus.

Divyatattva presents accurate predictions about India, glorious future of Bharatvarsh, forecast of india in the coming years and some of the major happenings that will take place in the country.

Indian Economy will start to look up in last phase of 2020.It will be India that will lead the world and nations will look upto for help, revive economy, guidance, spiritual advancement, Innovation, research and protection of Earth.

India will see the rise of drug menance and prostitution. Pollution will rise in every city taking its toll on health of people of India.

Crime, rapes, corruption and lawlessness will increase but acts of terrorism emanating from Pakistan will continue in India.

India will start implementing its policy of taking back Indian territory of POK and Aksai Chin from Paksitan and China. There will be terrorist attack on India from Pakistani terrorists on Indian installations, defence and infrastructure. Pakistan and China will start building new biological, chemical weapons as it looses its edge against India on Nuclear weapons and robotic technologies.

Indian military prowess  or stature will increase and its standing in international arena will see massive jump. Indian military command will develop, deploy space weapons in coming years with new command control.

India will face danger to its security, integrity from Jihadis, islamic fundamentalist, illegal migrants,  and some politicians from South India who will be Anti Hindus, Anti India and mislead people.

Popularity of Hinduism, Yoga, Tantra , Ayurveda and Sanatan Dharma will increase around the world. Hindu way of life and hindu culture will become rage in Russia, Ukraine, America, Africa, Romania, Britain, Italy, France, Germany and Canada. 

Kashmir will be fully integrated in India and see major boost in development and new settlements of Indians.

Indian states will be rattled with Earthquake, storms and more devastation from floods in coming year. Fire incidents will increase.

Cyber warfare and cyber frauds will increase and countries like Turkey, China, Pakistan, Russia, America and North Korea will indulge in cyber attacks.

India will defeat Pakistan and China in every confrontation and war in the future. China will continue to be most untrustworthy nations and will assert its hegemony in smaller nations who will be rescued by India.

People will loose faith in justice system of the country and will start taking law into their own hands.

Communists ideology will be major threat to great country of India as they will oppose everything good for this country. But these evil forces will be defeated and India will rise.

Older and some of the regional political parties will see their decline as people of India will reject them due to poor and anti national leadership.

More Pakistan remains in confrontation with great divine nation of India, more Paksitan will move towards self destruction and disintegration gradually. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia will continue to support the Islamic terrorism of Pakistan against India.

India will send space missions and satellites on Moon, Venus, Mercury and human into space in next 5 years one after other.

Hindus will unite and shall rise to revive its past glory of a great nation and world power with Sanatan Dharma.

Indian Economy will become powerful and 3rd largest by 2029. It will become the spiritual and knowledge powerhouse in the future.

India will make great strides in Artificial intelligence, robotics and startups.

Congress, TMC and Left parties will see its further decline and suffer in most of the elections due to its wrong policies and being perceived as against the nation and anti Hindus.

Malaysia, Bnagladesh and Afghanistan will be the new center of Islamic extremism, fanaticism who will support terrorism and will work against India's interest. It will be humbled by Indian govt assertive policies.

Indian govt and space defence command will build its own space station by 2035 to deploy new weapon systems and research on new frontiers.

Mumbai, Orrisa, Gujarat will see floods and storms ravaging the cities.

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Corruption will remain high and stock markets will see much upheavels in India.

Jihadi islamic ideology of hate, violence, wars, destruction, cruelty, ignorance and darkness will be great threat to India.

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Divyatattva future predicitons, kundli of Hindustan, horoscope analysis of India 2020-2021.

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