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World Prophecies for the year 2020 and 2021 by top Vedic Astrologer, occultist, tantric and celebrity astrologer of the world. Latest Psychic predictions and forecasts about the future events, world war, Nuclear war, Scientific advancements and glorious future of mankind.
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China will see its economic decline, loss of jobs, military setbacks and most of the nations getting against Chinese rogue communist regime. China will see isolation in the world and majority of its neighbours going against it due to its lust for territory, expansionism, and illegal occupation of other countries land and smaller neighbours like Nepal, Tibet, Hongkong, Pakistan, Taiwan, SriLanka, Italy, Sweden etc. China will never be a Superpower but a deceptive, fake and manipulative country ruled by evil communists rulers that will bring its downfall in the future. Preseident Xi Ping will become worst China's leader who will fail the country. It's communists regime will lie to the world and only evil bringing misery, suffering and death to who so ever it touches and any country it call its friend. Chinese will work upon 100 years plan to invade countries, rule world by taking over weak naitons with debt trap, loans, taking over companies, corrupting politicians, destroying democracies, kill people, capture mineral resources, settling Chinese citizens in other nations, spreading Chinese culture and language to make other countries slave. It will be the biggest threat to mankind and humanity.

India, America, China and Russia will spend more on space technologies, operationalize space command and developing new weapon systems. Cyber war and cyber frauds will increase around the world.

Humans will move towards more natural way of healing and popularity of  Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Flower remedies and Yoga will increase.

Bollywood  movies will become achieve popularity in every country and churn out great blockbusters in the coming years with improved profitability for industry.

Indonesia, Maldives, Phillipines, Japan will see the being rattled with Earthquake and floods of their country and coastlines due to rising sea levels.

Consciousness of humans will see ascension with better understanding of cosmic secrets, human evolution and advancement in science and technologies never thought before.

Pakistan will see its ruin gradually, there will be human rights abuses, atrocities on minorities of Shias, Baloch, Sindhis, Pashtuns, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians. Pakistan will loose its relevance, see massive unemployment, street protests, violence, deaths and bombings. It will continue with terrorism, policies of hate and deceit with its neighbours and the world. Islamic radicals in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will indulge in ethnic cleansing of Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists ,Shias, Mojhairs, Sindhis, Baloch and indulge in genocide. It will slide into chaos and bloody civil war gradually becoming unstable, weak and in isolation. Pakistan will pose greater danger to world with illegal occupation and smuggling Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Weapons with the help of China.

World Economy will see major slowdown and recession with greater unemployment in early phase of 2020 and some recovery in the end of 2020.

America, China, India and Russia will make major advancements in space explorations and preparations to reach moon, explore and exploit resources on the moon by making colony and settlements.

Indian Economy will slowdown further and pick up pace in the end of year 2020. Stock markets will see more decline in earlier quarter of 2020 but see its rise gradually. India's power, influence and military advancement will see exponential growth. Sanatan dharma, yoga, tantra, Hindu culture and way of life will flourish and become popular though out the world. More and more people all over the world will adopt divine Hindu way of life. India will collaborate with Japan, Israel and America in space technologies and reaching out to Moon in years to come.

America will witness economic slowdown, its isolation and it will loose its strength and prestige at world stage. America will witness most heinous crimes with shooting and killings by extremists and psychotic criminals. There will be destruction from fire, tornadoes, storms, floods, man made calamaties and snowfall.

There will be NO Nuclear war or World war in the 2020 and 2021. But smaller Nations will witness confrontation and border skirmishes. Any country that try to use nuclear, biological or chemical weapons will meet with self destruction.

Russia will develop new and deadlier weapons and sell its weapons technologies to India, Iran, China and Gulf countries.

Global warming will increase and there will deadlier floods, heat temperatures, submergence of coastlines of many smaller nations.

India will prepare for space missions, reaching out to planets like Venus, Mercury and Sun with new spacecrafts. It will also be making its own Space station by the year 2035.

Britain and Canada will face major security threat, disrepute, protests and violence from Islamic radicals, Pakistani Citizens, Khalistanis and loosing its prestige and influence in the world.

Artificial Intelligence and robotics will start replacing low skilled jobs, semi skilled work and unemployment will increase in many countries.

People around the world will start to awaken for begin more Vegetarian diet and living in harmony with nature.

More countries around the world will Ban demoniacal Jihadi ideology of hate, separatism, intolerance, bombings, terrorism, cruelty, barbarism, brutality, killings and forced conversions. Pakistan, China and North Korea will be the greatest threat to world peace with their rogue regimes.

Oil prices will be under stressed and see upheavals till middle of 2020 and it will see gradual rise after it.

European Nations of Italy, Spain, Germany, France will face major security threat from refugees from Islamic Nations leading to tensions and islamophobia.

China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea will indulge in Cyber attacks on America, Europe, India, and UK.

India will be the country that will greatly influence the world affairs, help poorer nations, spiritual guidance, Innovation, Supporting weaker Nations with credit and economically. It will help United Nations peace missions, and supporting Economies of the world, it will not be America or China as they will play only divisive and destructive role loosing their credibility.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Iran will continue to support Islamic terrorism, Jihad and violent wars throughout the world in name of Islam bringing disrepute & downfall to Muslims and their own country. Pakistan and China rogue regimes will smuggle Nuclear & Biological weapons and missile technology to more unstable Nations in the gulf becoming worst nuclear profilitator.

United states will begin trials and preperations to reach out to planet Mars in coming years. But it will loose its stature, influence and power in world matters.

China will ruin the smaller countries in Asia with its debt trap like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malyasia, Turkey, Pakistan and Hongkong.

Most Islamic nations will see their decline, violence and economy struggling and to survive as viable nations in the future whose beginning will start from 2020. Islam, Muslims will suffer,will pay for painful karmic retribution, will self destruct, due to CURSE upon them for destroying other religions, ethnic cleansing, killings, plundering, looting people of other religions/nations, that will be their penance in every country.

We present here psychic predictions, future forecasts of China, America, India, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Srilanka, Britain, Canada and the world.

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