Horoscope & Astrological Predictions Of US Canada Germany Australia

Divyatattva brings to you prophecies, horoscope predictions about future happenings and major events that are likely to take place. These astrological forecasts are for the coming years, major events in nations like America, UK, China, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain and Canada. Divination, Prophecy with astrology and numerology is done by top astrologer of the world Shri Rohit Anand Ji with extra ordinary vision, psychic abilities and experience in vedic astrology.

Horoscope & Astrological Predictions Of US Canada Germany Australia

Accurate Horoscope Analysis & Future Astrological Predictions of USA, UK, Canada, Germany, China & Australia for 2023 & 2024

America will lose its friends and allies due to its wrong policies and irresponsible statements.

World , Nations and its own allies will turn against USA, Canada and UK.

People of America will suffer from high inflation, price rises and corporate greed.

America will lose its respect, status, influence in the world and face humiliation from smaller nations who will refuse to bow down to American interest. Biden deal with evil Pakistan to gain popularity ratings will not help him but backfire on USA and China.

Population growth in US, Europe, China, UK will decline and see life expectancy rising.

USA, UK, China, Pakistan will be the biggest supporter of state sponsor of terrorism, inciting wars, destabilizing govt, false propaganda,corruption,atrocities on minorities and Human rights abuses. These nations will develop nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and allow it to spread to rogue states and endanger the world.

Germany, UK, USA, China and European economies will continue to struggle and will witness slowdown. American policies will bring ruin to Ukraine, Europe, Italy and UK.

Australia will face major threat from China with deployment of military hardware in islands, nations, ocean surrounding Australia and New Zealand.

World will no longer take American and Chinese threats of wars, sanctions, coercion, blackmail and arm twisting policies to overthrow govts. Nations will turn against USA, China & Canada holding them responsible for bloodshed, support to terrorism, global warming, price rise and economic downturn.

New trade alliances will come up with launch of global currency lead by India, Russia, China, France, Saudi Arabia, Brazil & UAE.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bangladesh, Qatar, Oman, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and China will fund, support Jihadi Radicals & Islamic Terrorism Against USA, France, Germany, India, Canada, UK, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand & Canada.

Great suffering, misery and pain will come to nations who are allies of America, Pakistan and China.

Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will see their decline, people losing faith in them. Twitter will be abused & manipulated by corrupt nations like China, Turkey, Pakistan to spread worldwide false propaganda, suppression of truth, misinformation to target democracies and political leaders.

European nations of Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Canada, Ukraine, Switzerland, Turkey, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia will face biggest economic jolt, losses due to fake economy of China that will go down as truth will be out as everything about China will turn out to be scam.

Elon Musk, Jeffrey P. Bezos,  Andy Jassy, Mark Zuckerberg will only bring losses to their companies, reduced market share, downfall of their business and closing down of their offices.

Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France will face separatism, protests, violence, demonstrations, blockades, Unrests from its own people like they supported terrorism in other nations. Over secularism and allowing Islam and refugees will destroy the social fabric, culture of these nations and reduce the natives of these nations into minority.

Nations will start to dump US Dollar, British pound and Euro and will trade more in their own national currency and digital or virtual currency. United States Dollar will no more be reserve currency in the future.

West will see more use of Robotics, Artificial intelligence, humanoids as work force population decline.

USA, UK, Canada will become unlivable due to heinous crimes, hate violence, racial attacks, extreme ideologies, corruption, heinous crimes, immorality and support to terrorism.

Corrupt govt and wrong policies of Canada will make it biggest hub of khalistani, islamic terrorism and unchecked immigration from Pakistan will bring down the nation prestige.

America, Canada, Germany, China, UK lust for power, dominance, greed of money and conflict with Russia will bring down economies Europe, people will suffer and their incomes reduced.

USA, Canada, Australia, New zealand & China will face massive destruction, loss of lives and property from Hurricanes, storms, snowfall, floods, Fire explosions and Typhoons etc.

India will emerge as great global power, credibility that will lead the world with strong economy, spirituality, humanity and help to poor and weak nations.

President Biden, Olaf Scholz, Xi Jinping & Justin Trudeau will become the worst politicians in the world to lead their nations & people towards isolation, humiliation and downfall.

There will be shift in consciousness in humans and those who are corrupt, greedy, immoral will start to suffer, see their fall and face poverty. misery and suffering.

America & China will see their allies leaving them and support dwindling among nations. More countries will realize suffering, ruin and destruction comes to nations that goes with these two corrupt & crooked nations.

Rogue CCP of China will be be biggest threat to all nations, humanity, planet, neighbouring countries, Earth resources, nature and Chinese people. Many nations will boycott and reject Chinese goods or Made in China electronics as threat.

Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Russia will arm twist America, UK & European nations with dependence upon oil and gas. Bad foreign policy of United States will be the cause of Europeans suffering.

Horoscope Forecasts & Astrological Predictions Of US Canada Germany Australia

United States, UK, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bangladesh will become unsafe, unstable and unlivable due to violent crimes, racial hate attacks, support to terrorism, immigrants from Islamic nations, khalistani violent attacks & atrocities on minorities, human rights abuses and clash of extreme ideologies.

Planet earth will witness rapid technological advancement, greater speed of work and travel to far of distances, robots & AI governing households and sent into space.

Cost of living will go higher in USA, Pakistan, China, Germany, UK and their corrupt politicians and political parties will take their nation to ruin and suffering with wrong evil policies which will be anti people.

Prestige, power, influence and dominance of India will rise to great extent with its soft power of science, technology, innovation, exports, medicine, humanity, policies of peace, yoga, spirituality and yoga.

NATO, & EU will see cracks, weakened and member nations will begin to leave these organizations and form new alliances and frame independent policies against US.

America, China will test and deploy new weapon systems, nuclear hypersonic missiles in space which will become threat to planet Earth, humanity, satellites and mankind.

Many nations of Europe like Italy, Hungary, France, Romania, Finland, Spain, Norway, Switzerland Denmark, Austria, Germany will become aware of the threats of radical islamists, Muslim immigrants and will restrict their entry and deport them. They will also restrict spread of Islam, wrong islamic practices in Europe and curtail building of mosques.

Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and China will support and spread terrorism, false propaganda, cyber attacks, violence in America, India, France, Britain & Australia.

Many American, UK, Australian industrialists, media houses, social media, celebrities, politicians and retired military personnel will work for China for espionage, steal secrets, and gain technological advancements in space and military.

Many UFO's will be spotted in cities of US, China and Europe. Aliens will give a message that we are not alone on the planet and the universe. Humans should behave, live in civilized manner and evolve spiritually before any contact can be made in the future as they wait their evolution.

Stock markets of USA, China, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, India, France will crash and huge fluctuations in currency and markets. Slowdown will impact jobs will increase in unemployment and higher cost of  survival.

Many nations will BAN Chinese companies and Sanction Chinese citizens for frauds, cyber attacks, corruption, unfair trade practices, espionage, Toxic goods, Health hazard products, money laundering and stealing trade secrets.

Christianity, Sikhism, Islam will witness their decline in West, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Communist China with its crooked CCP policies under Evil Xi Jinping will become more aggressive in dominating the world, oceans, sea routes and taking over land, ports and resources of weaker, smaller nations of Australia, Africa & Europe. It will make more military bases by corrupting govt, debt trapping nations, coercion and creating dependencies for blackmail.

America, China, Australia will be rattled with Earthquakes, Snow storms, fires and industrial explosions. Much destruction will come due to man made disasters in these nations.

Budget on military spending, developing and acquiring new generation of weapon systems will gather pace in USA, France, Australia, Japan seeing the threat of Russia and China.

European countries will become poorer, poverty will rise due to war with Ukraine, Russia and bad support to American interests and policies by European nations will bring misery and suffering to them.

China will become more dangerous, repressive, inhuman under CCP and foreigners, Chinese opposition, Islamists, Tibetans, Hongkongers, Taiwanese will be detained, tortured, imprisoned and killed by rogue Chinese regime under Xi Jinping. China will witness food & water crises with massive destruction from natural calamities and damage they will do mother nature.

US, China, Pakistan, Canada, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, North Korea will do great damage to world peace, planet earth, security, stability, economies and humanity.

There will be No World War 3, but there will be rise in conflict between nations, missile attack, border conflicts, islamic terrorism attacks, man made tragedies. Any country who will try to use Nuclear Weapons or Biological weapons will invite wrath of god leading the severe consequences for nations using such weapons.

India's ISRO space programme will challenge NASA and begin to leave behind this space agency in many space programmes, satellite launches and technologies.

Space debris will become problem with Earth and satellites in space. Technologies will be developed by America and India to cleanup the atmosphere.

America, China, UK, France,Germany Canada and Europe will witness much protests, violence, bloodbath as people will turn against corrupt govt's, poor policies, enegy crises, price rise, suppression of truth, unemployment, food shortages and bad political leadership and inflation.

Many American and European companies will face its downfall, sales crashing, and losses mounting. Amazon, Wallmart, Tesla etc will face wind up of its operations in many countries due to mismanagement, slowdown and price rise.

World will begin to realize that many American and Chinese companies sold fake, ineffective vaccines to nations for greed of money, hid truth about deaths in their countries and corrupted WHO.

Australia, UK, Canada and Turkey will face much danger to their security from extremists violent ideologies of Islamic jihad, Khalsitanis and Pakistanis.

Many predictions of Baba Vanga, Nostradamus will go wrong and end of the world prophecies will go haywire.

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