Lenormand Oracle Card Rider Meaning Interpretaion : Predictions by Vedic Astrologer & Reader in India

Lenormand Card Description, Meaning and Readings : Card : Rider : 1.

Names: The Horseman/The Cavalier.

Keywords for Rider Card : News, messages, Coming, Going, Modes Of Transportation, Movement , Headlines.

General Description :The Rider card is all about news, headlines, and movement in your life. Messages are coming at fast pace. Delays are over and thigns will reach you soon. A lot of energy is being spent on the issue at hand. It’s about things happening soon, hearing from someone, important declaration;  needing to seize the moment. Someone may be coming to visit you soon or you’re about to meet someone new (especially near the house card).

Physical Description :  An athlete, Sportsmen, Young or young looking, Well-dressed/elegant, Athletic, sociable, good looking.

Career: Courier, Driver, Messanger, News about promotion or a Job

Love: Flirting, New Beginnings, Romantic News,

Health: Legs, Hands, Mouth, Ears.

Time: Very Soon, January, 1st, 1st week, 1st month.

Lenormand Rider Card Combinations

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