Oracle Cards Readings & Divination

Oracle Cards Readings & Divination

Review Crystal Angels Oracle Cards By Doreen Virtue: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook Cards : This oracle card deck can be called both as a  teaching tool about knowing about crystals as well as an accurate divination method given by the publisher. In Doreen’s previous works, she has corresponded the aura color and functions of each angel, with corresponding crystals who share the same properties and colors. Now with this ne Angel oracle deck : Crystal Angel Oracle Cards, readers can see a beautiful original paintings on each card by talented artist Marius Michael George, featuring a specific angel drawn with their crystal and a detailed message upon each of the card. Quality of cards stock is good and with beautiful print. The accompanying guidebook to this deck will also make suggestions about incorporating crystal gemstones into card readings with the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards.......

Doreen Virtue Oracle Free Card Readings By Rohit Anand : You have been indoors too long and you need a refreshing break from stressful conditions in your life. No matter how busy you are, there is always time to pause for fresh air. This card comes to you today with a strong message for you to spend time alone outdoors. The healing effects of nature will revive your energy, inspire you, and outlook, and you will return to home or work with new ideas and a fresh perspective. Think of your nature retreat as an investment that will yield huge dividends. Nature is the biggest healer and if you are exhausted, burnout or illhealth then now is the time to spend some time with mother nature to rejuvenate yourself and turning to a vegetarian diet will also help you restore your good health. Best Free Angel Card Readings, Angel Messenger Readings, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Archangel Michael Oracle Cards and Healing with Angels Oracle Cards....

Angel Card Readings India, Angel Oracles Free Angel Card Readings: The Challenges you are inquiring about are going to come to an end. Conflict will cease and soon be replaced with harmony. There will be sense of peace shared by all, eve if only " agree to Disagree". Disagreements will be resolved in your favor. This includes struggles with employers, legal battles, arbitration, and even strife among family or friends. be forgiving and understanding with those who may have been in error. Allow peace to come with grace and dignity for everyone.For Certified Angel Card Readers, angel card reading love, doreen virtue angel card reading kindly contact Shri "Rohit Anand" New Delhi, India. You can also get your monthly tarot card reading and yearly tarot card readings at discount....

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