Sure Signs of Spiritual Awakening: Though every individual spiritual evolution may reflect different signs of progress but here are some of the sure signs of awakening which most of the yogis, tantra sadhaks, spiritual spirituals come across on the path to self realization or god realization. Peace, cheerfulness, contentment, dispassion, fearlessness, unperturbed state of mind under all conditions, indicate that you are advancing in the spiritual path.Spiritual progress is not measured by siddhis or powers but only by the depth of your bliss in meditation sessions .These are some of the sure tests of your spiritual progress.Is your interest in inner spiritual activity and outer sadhna increasing everyday? Does it means leading a spiritual life mean to your consciousness a matter of great joy, a delight for transcending the happiness that the world of vital pleasures affords you or offers you?.....

Osho on Life, Osho on Love Osho on Meditation : I teach you the Buddha, but not Buddhism. I hate all `isms', all the religions. My love is for your eternity, you are immortal being, remember this. I have called that immortal being within you, "Mehre Mehbub"—My Love, My Friend, My Beloved One. Meditation heralds the beginning of your Buddha-hood. Without meditation, you cannot taste anything of religion. You can believe, but belief is always of the ignorant. I want you to understand absolutely: Never believe in anything. Experiment. Take the belief as a hypothesis but never as a certainty. Unless you experience, no belief can help you. Can belief in water quench your thirst? Can belief in God herald the dawn? No belief system is of any help. You have to go inwards, alone, as deep as possible. Meditation is the very essence of all religions. Everything else is mere commentary."

Musings Of a Mystical Yogi : It is true that everything is predestined and pre-planned by the Lord and only in accordance with the holy writ, everything takes place. God has given free will also to the individual to do right or wrong, to discriminate between the Preyo Marga and the Sreyo Marga. If one is endowed with true wisdom as to the fleeting and painful nature of the worldly enjoyments, one can exert oneself in the right direction to do or undo his Prarabdha, the portion of Karmas ripened for actual experience in this current birth. Without the Lord's special grace, none can make or mar himself. Even for realization, the Lord's grace is necessary. For obtaining the Lord's grace, intense Purusha Prayatna, otherwise known as Purushartha, which is voiced forth throughout the famous "Yoga Vasishtha" is to be put forth.....

Kriya Yoga Practical Metaphysics and Five Pranas  

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