Online tarot card readings provide an insightful look into the future and can help you gain clarity on any situation. Whether you are looking for guidance in love, relationships, career decisions or life choices, a professional tarot reading can be of great assistance. Tarot predictions offer insight into what may come to pass and give us the opportunity to make informed decisions about our lives that will lead us down a path of success. Tarot card divination is based upon ancient wisdom that has been passed down through generations from various cultures around the world. Professional readers use this knowledge to interpret your cards and provide accurate readings tailored specifically for your needs. Through careful consideration of each individual card’s meaning as well as their relationship with one another within a spread, experienced readers are able to paint an accurate picture of what lies ahead in terms of both opportunities and challenges alike. 

The zodiac also plays an important role when it comes to interpreting tarot cards accurately; by understanding which sign is associated with each suit (clubs = Aries; diamonds = Taurus etc.), we can gain further insight into how different energies interact with one another in order draw out specific meanings relevant only for those born under certain star signs – making paid services more valuable than free ones due their personalized approach towards providing advice based solely on personal birth information rather than generalizations applicable across all sun signs!

Online tarot card readings, tarot predictions, tarot card divination, tarot zodiac, tarot reading for love and relationships, accurate tarot reading and free tarot learning with Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.
Online tarot card readings, tarot predictions, tarot card divination, tarot zodiac, professional tarot reading for love and relationships, accurate tarot reading, paid and free tarot learning with Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India. 

* Tarot Card Readings With Rohit Anand : In an email tarot reading with me, I’ll ask you to send be the precise questions or situation of which you would like to have guidance and predictions. Working upon your own words on the context of situation, I will create a personalized tarot cards layout that will be our guide for the Tarot reading. Once your email Tarot readings or divination has been sent, you will have the opportunity to seek clarifications about your Tarot reading, based on the cards drawn in your tarot deck layouts.

Fees : USD $ 57 OR INR RS. 3100/- for 3 questions and USD 10 $ AND RS. 1100/- for additional question. PAYBLE BY : "PAYPAL", Bank Transfer, Cash IN ADVANCE.

Get Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Readings and Accurate Tarot Predictions Online from Shri Rohit Anand Ji.
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Celtic cross tarot is a powerful spread and is one of the oldest one and is most popular tarot spread at all times to get answer to specific questions querent may have in their minds. Its a ten cards tarot spread that has become powerful over the years due to built up of energy around this classic spread being used by tarot professionals and occultist.The Celtic Cross tarot spread was invented by the famous occultist AE Waite who is famous being the creator of the Rider-Waite tarot deck. This tarot spread is ideal for clarifying situations and evoking additional questions on career, job, marriage, money, business, court cases, health, divorce, travel abroad, education, spiritual growth, adultery, separation, extra marital affairs and so on....Read More.

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Beginners Practical Techniques to Enhance your Tarot Reading Skills : Are you new to tarot and want to learn tarot with confidence and become professional tarot card reader at the earliest or just want to do it read tarot for your friends, family, colleagues and even yourself. Here are some of the best tips for beginners that will help you . There are thousand of tarot decks in the market that you can buy online, most of them are not easy to understand as many things have changed with times making them more complex, with makers of those tarot decks changing the design, colors, omit many things and these are mostly for advanced tarot card readers.....

Top Tarot Cards indicating Job, Career, Work, Employment in Tarot Card Readings : If you are new to tarot and a beginner in learning tarot cards and curious to know about your career and job prospects in the companies you have applied for employment, here are some of the tarot cards you should look for getting the right answer in your tarot spread.1. Ace of Pentacles in tarot deck : This card indicate the beginnings of all new opportunities in field of career, job, work, part time work and employment. Appearance of this card in the tarot spread may also indicate job promotion or increment in the present company.......

Tarot Astrology Correspondences, Tarot & Astrology, Tarot Cards Suits & Astrology Zodiac Signs In Tarot, every major and minor arcana card is related to twelve zodiac signs of the horoscope. If you are into learning tarot you can surely enhance your tarot readings and its accuracy if you are bit familiar with western or vedic astrology. As Astrology plays a important role in the readings and interpretation of Tarot cards. The tarot spreads are taken from the spiritual current portrayed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an esoteric order in the nineteen century whose important members were Aleister Crowley author of Thoth deck and Arther Edward Waite author of Rider-Waite deck.......

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