Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish in India, is an ancient system of astrology that originated from the Vedas. It has been used for centuries to help people understand their life path and make decisions based on their horoscope. This form of astrology is based on the positions of stars and planets at a particular moment in time to create a birth chart or Kundli which then helps determine one’s destiny. Hindu astrology is based on the belief that a person’s life can be predicted by studying the positions and movements of planets in relation to their birth chart. 

Vedic Astrologers use this information to provide guidance about major life events such as marriage, health issues, career prospects and more. They can also offer advice regarding auspicious times for important activities like starting businesses or getting married through muhurat calculations – these are specific periods when planetary alignments are considered most favorable for certain tasks or goals. In addition, they can analyze zodiac compatibility between two individuals by looking at how compatible their charts are with each other; this process is called matchmaking.

    Horoscopes are used within Vedic Astrology for predicting future events or providing advice about important matters related to one's personal destiny. Horoscopes are created using a person's date and time of birth along with other factors such as zodiac signs which helps determine compatibility between two people (known as match making). Additionally, free horoscope services are available online where individuals can generate their own personalized horoscope without any cost or obligation; this type of service often includes kundali making which involves creating a diagrammatic representation based on planetary positions at the time of one’s birth.                    

Finally, Vedic Astrologers use predictive techniques such as transit analysis where they look into future trends by analyzing the current position of planets relative to one's natal chart; it provides insights into what lies ahead along with possible solutions if problems arise down the line so that proactive measures may be taken beforehand if needed . All together these tools allow them give accurate predictions about any aspect related to someone’s life journey including relationships , finances , health etc..

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Ask any 1 Question Per Horoscope. You can get horoscope consultations, kundli predictions and readings online with Vedic astrology. 

Are you seeking horoscope readings and consultations and have got one question to ask. Get correct kundali readings and accurate birth chart predictions based on Vedic Astrology. We provide honest and right astrology consultations with correct horoscope charts or birth details. You may want to know about your marriage, getting good job, love affair, cheating by spouse, getting education abroad, promotion in a company, conceiving a child, working abroad, divorce and getting married again ....Ask Any One Question from Top Astrologer Of India

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You can ask any three questions per horoscope or kundli and get accurate answers and guidance from one of the top astrologers of India by Email. Questions that can be asked can relate to any areas of your concern i.e. career, marriage, health, job, relationship, promotion, increment, money, prosperity, success, name, fame, children, adultery, extra marital affairs, court cases, wealth, studies, moving abroad, pregnancy, problems with supernatural, Evil eye etc.Answers to your questions will be sent to you after the receipt of the payment. For proper and in depth analysis of the horoscope charts you need to send us your complete birth details i.e. Date of Birth, Accurate time of Birth, City, State, Country, Gender and present location along with email address. We also provide all the necessary astrology remedies free with this that will be beneficial for you to solve the issues or problems in life. All Your astrological consultations will be kept private and confidential.....➤ Astrology Consultations From Top Astrologer

Get Your Horoscope Readings Online, Astrology Consultations And Horoscope Interpretations.

horoscope consultation , free astrology consultation on phone,  online astrologer chat,  ask astrologer free one question , free astrological advice on phoneYou can ask as many questions in this 25 minutes session on Phone/Whats/App/Skype with Shri Rohit Anand Ji, one of the best astrologers of India. Appointment will be set before on mutually agreed time an date and you will be ready with your precise questions you would like to be answered by our renowned astrologer in the fixed time. You need to deposit the consultation fees and send us the birth details along with name. Questions that can be asked can relate to any areas of your concern i.e. Business, career, marriage, health, job, relationship, supernatural, promotion, increment, money, prosperity, diseases, success, name, growth, fame, children, adultery, extra marital affairs, court cases, wealth, studies, moving abroad. Your answers will be sent to you after the receipt of the payment......➤ Online Horoscope Predictions & Guidance

Horoscope Match Making, Zodiac Compatibility, Horoscope Matching, Kundali Milan, Love Compatibility.

Love Compatibility, Marriage Match Making, Kundali Milan, kundli matching for marriage, guna milan online, Horoscopes Match MakingIf you are in love relationship or thinking of getting married then this match making service between two partners will surely help you in find the right zodiac compatible partner in your life. In our times we are coming across more and more married couples are getting divorced at an early age whether it is arranged marriage or a love marriage. This can be avoided if a experienced astrologer go in depth to analyze the natal charts of a boy and girl, so that breakup and separation can be avoided and couple can lead a happy married life. Love Compatibility, Marriage Match Making, Kundali Milan, kundli matching for marriage, guna milan online.....➤ Horoscopes Match Making of Potential Groom and Bride.

Get Baby Horoscope Online: Kids astrology, children kundali, new born babies birth charts, Zodiac Nakshatra Names for kids with Vedic astrology By Rohit Anand at Divyatattva, New Delhi ,India.

In Hindu astrology names kept on birth are very important as these carry certain sound vibrations that impact our brains, psyche and circumstances in life. So it becomes significant that we choose the right name and with correct letter when the baby is born right from the beginning before that name becomes part of his or her personality and start affecting the child future in positive ways. We have witnessed that many celebrities changing their names in the advanced age to make it more auspicious and favorable to activate the blessings of certain planets and creating sound vibrations that brings out the best in them and get success, money,prosperity, health, name and fame in life quickly......➤ New Born Baby Horoscopes And Kids Astrology

Online Accurate Horoscopes and Authentic Birth Charts: Module TC-4 = 42 pages Horoscope Charts. Rs. 1550/-. USD $ 33 or Euro € 33. (Pay by Check, Paypal, Bank Transfer and Cash)

Horoscope, birth charts, kundli, kundali, astrology software, online astrologer, zodiac compatibilityThis astrological module comes with 42 pages natal charts report or detailed kundli with various graphical diagrams depicting exact position of stars and planet at the time of childbirth. Vedic astrologers can make daily, monthly, weekly, annual astrological predictions only on the basis of these accurate horoscope charts and zodiac signs. This horoscope report shows Chalit horoscope charts with degrees, Nirayana Chalit Chart, Cusp chart, Tara chakra, Shodashvarga charts, Sun Chart, Moon chart, Hora chart, Dreshkana chart, Chaturthamsa, Shastamsa, Panchamsa, Shastamsa, Saptamamsa, Ashtamsa, Dasamsa Chart, Ekadasamsa, Dwadasamsa, Vimsamsa, Shodasamsa, Chaturvimamsa, Saptavimsamsa, Trimsamsa, Khavedamsa, Akshavedamsa, Shastiamsa,Vimshottari dashas period and sub periods, Shodashottari Dasha, Tribhagi Dasa, Ashtottari Dasha, Kaalchakra Dasha, Yogini Dasha...

Yearly Horoscope Predictions 2023 2024 And Monthly Forecasts : Yearly Horoscope Predictions Or Twelve Months Varshphal,

yearly predictions, monthly horoscope , zodiac divinationwill be personalized year ahead report of many pages prepared personally by renowned vedic astrologer Shri Rohit Anand. With 2019 around the corner and many people are wondering what will this new year will bring to them. They are occupied with questions like,‘Will this year of 2019 be better than the year gone by or not?’; ‘Will i find my soul mate this year? "How will be my relationship with my husband or wife in times ahead?’; "How ill be my health in 2021-2022, "and could arranged or love marriage be a possibility this year?"; ‘Will my financial situation get better this year?"; ‘Will I get job opportunity this year?’ As this New Year sets in, you eagerly wait for new potential opportunities, positive changes, new hopes to make your lives much better or to start things afresh with new perspective. It will let you know how the year ahead will unfold for you. In this annual horoscope report useful detailed information about yourself, future ahead, prospects and potential for growth in life.... ➤ Yearly Astrology Predictions

Medical Health Astrology Predictions, Horoscope Health Forecast Reports, Illness Recovery Consultations

According to Vedic Astrology placement of different planets in twelve houses of zodiac determines and gives indication as to howmedical astrology, indian astrology health reports your health is going to be in this lifetime. Now this message from the planets needs to be decoded carefully after deep study of horoscope charts by a competent and experienced astrologers before recommending any remedies for cure or recovery of a patient. Indian astrology can help you understand the root causes of the illness, period of sufferance, planetary alignments responsible for the disease and severity of it. Strength and weakness of each house in studied carefully in medical astrology to arrive at places of your body where the disease has its origin and where it is mostly likely to manifest. At Divyatattva we will give you astrological view of health condition or a native, answer your questions with regard to period of sufferance, which doctor or hospital is more likely to cure the patient or illness, planetary remedies to be adopted for cure of disease..... ➤ Know More About Horoscope Health Guidance & Remedies

Career Horoscope Consultations Career Astrology Jobs Predictions And Readings

Are you a parent and worried about your son or daughter? Confused which career or profession suits him or her. You may be employed in corporate career, job, work, employment, astro consultant, jyotish, career astrology, jobs for astrologers, online work from homesector, looking for job abroad, career change, increment and promotion at your work place, Vedic astrology can help you with the correct forecasts and guidance , which will be of real help to you. Divination tool of Indian astrology and the indepth analysis of your  horoscope charts can guide you as to how your career will unfold in the future. We at Divyatattva can predict, suggest, guide on all sorts of questions that may be hovering in your mind about your career prospects and professional growth in the future. You may have any question that may relating to :  When will i get the job? Which career or profession is suitable for me? Will i get Government job? Are there any chances of rise, promotion or success in my current job? How will be my professional prospects in the company this year? Will i get employment abroad?.All these questions can be answered by giving you best astrological career advice by Vedic career consultants...... ➤ Know More About Career Forecasts

Gemstones Report According To Indian Astrology

Know about your lucky gemstone, zodiac birth stone to be worn by you to give you success in marriage, career, earning wealth, prosperity, happiness, health and win court cases. This gemstone report comes with free horoscope birth charts, five year gemstone recommendation, life time precious stone to be worn, element or dhatu that suites you for wearing the lucky stone, wearing instructions, method and mantra for wearing the precious stone or semi precious stones and auspicious time for wearing the gemstone..... ➤ Vedic Gemstone Report And Recommendation

Scorpio Love Horoscope And Compatibility For Marriage : 

Are you in love with Scorpio zodiac person and eager to know if you are compatible for marriage or long term relationship with him or her even being a Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi) yourself. Do you want to know what holds for you and your Scorpion partner ahead, whether your relationship with your lover will be stable, happy and a good one. Ask a question about your Scorpion lover according to Vedic Astrology for free in this module ...... ➤ Scorpio Horoscope Love Report And Marriage Compatibility

Auspicious Indian Marriage Muhurat Dates  : Get the shubh muhurat dates for getting married in the times ahead. These auspicious dates for marriage or engagement are significant in preventing divorce and separation. We will provide you with best dates for wedding, roka, ring ceremony and right time to get married as per Vedic astrology, so that your married life is happy, fruitful and long lasting. Vivah muhurats are given according to Indian Almanac or  Hindu Panchang  and comes with free horoscope charts for groom and bride. These are the best auspicious dates to get married ..... ➤  Marriage Auspicious Dates

Discover the fascinating Secrets of Bharani Nakshatra Nature in Vedic Astrology

Bharani Nakshatra is a very important star constellation in Vedic astrology. It is one of the 27 nakshatras and it occupies the second position among them. The ruling planet of Bharani Nakshatra is Venus, which gives it its power and significance. This nakshatra symbolizes fertility, creativity, potentiality and ambition in men born under this sign..... 

Overall , there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to exploring all aspects related to Vedic Astrology including horoscopes , jyotish , matchmaking , zodiac compatibility & kundali making . By learning more about these topics we gain valuable knowledge & insights into our lives that will help guide us through difficult times & make informed decisions throughout our journey .

Note: All your personal details, birth details and consultations will be kept confidential and private and will not be shared with anyone.

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