Occult or Occultism is the is usually defined as the study and gaining of knowledge that is hidden, magical, alchemy, mystical, extra-sensory perception, vedic astrology, spiritualism, Near death like experiences, divination, out of body experiences, rebirth or reincarnation, NDE and super natural powers etc . Various interpretations of occultism and its concepts can be found in the belief structures of philosophies and religions such as Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Theosophy, Paganism, Eastern philosophy Of India, Western esotericism, and Christian mysticism. The occult is a broad term used to describe the study of supernatural and mysterious phenomena, as well as beliefs and practices that are considered outside of mainstream science or religion. It encompasses topics such as magical rituals, alchemy, mystical experiences, extra-sensory perception (ESP), vedic astrology, near death like experiences (NDEs), divination practices such as tarot cards or Ouija boards; out-of-body experiences; rebirth or reincarnation; supernatural powers such as clairvoyance and telepathy; esoteric beliefs about the universe and its energies; horoscopes for predicting future events in one’s life path through astrological signs ; black magic spells intended to influence people’s lives negatively ; fortune telling using methods from ancient times like palmistry , tea leaf reading , etc.; parapsychology which studies psychic phenomena including ghosts . 

The belief systems associated with these various aspects of the occult have been around since antiquity. Many cultures throughout history have practiced some form of ritualistic spiritualism that has evolved over time into what we now consider “occult sciences". Ancient Egyptians believed in gods who could be accessed through special ceremonies while other societies had shamans who were able to communicate with spirits on behalf of their communities. In more recent centuries there has been an increase in interest towards studying paranormal activity due to advances made by scientists regarding quantum physics which suggest our physical reality may not be limited by what we can observe directly but instead influenced by unseen forces at work behind it all . 

    Today many people still practice some form of occult sciences either professionally or privately depending on their own personal interests - this could range from simply consulting a horoscope for guidance up until engaging in complex magical rituals meant for achieving certain goals they desire . While skeptics continue denying any validity behind these activities , others remain convinced that there is something beyond our current understanding happening within this realm - whether it involves manipulating energy fields via meditation techniques , accessing past knowledge stored away deep inside us during previous incarnations/lives – whatever it might be remains open ended yet intriguing enough so more individuals keep exploring further down this path despite potential criticism coming from those unfamiliar with its true nature & power ...

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Question :  Can a departed spirit take any material form?

Answer:    Yes. All spirits do not possess the power of materialization. Only advanced spirits that are endowed with psychic power are able to materialize. They take human form, sit in the chair in the seance and shake hands with those who sit in the seance. They talk also. The touch is as tangible and warm as that of a living human body. In a short time, the hand of the spirit melts away. Photographs of the spirits also have been taken.

Question: If an individual is a Perfect Master, he is capable of functioning on all planes at the same time. He possesses to a remarkable degree the powers of clairvoyance and clairaudience. Can he not read the thoughts of the student before the student has time to utter them, before the student can bring out his questions, as Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa did? Can one who has such powers, even of thought-reading, be regarded as a Master?

Answer: Clairvoyance and clairaudience are not always automatic processes. Unless the Master directs his attention towards someone, he need not necessarily be aware of the seeker's mentality and doubts. Imagine a seer or a Perfect Master who is ever aware of what everybody thinks! A Siddha does see and hear everything in Samadhi. This everything comes then to mean the Self or Atman or Supreme Consciousness where the individual thoughts and words cease to exist as such.Powers like thought-reading do not necessarily connote perfection; and perfection cannot be vetoed by the absence of these powers. A Perfect Master can acquire these powers if he so wills; but you cannot force him to.

Question : Does a full-fledged Yogi not feel tempted to test his Yogic powers? Is such testing justified?

Answer:  A full-fledged Yogi can never have the idea either to test himself or his powers. If such be the case, he should in no way be considered full-fledged or well-baked. It is only the raw, the ill-expanded and half-baked Sadhaks or Yogins that will have the inclination to test their own selves, i.e., their progress, by virtue of the powers they might have acquired.

Yogic powers cannot but manifest in proportion to the amount of progress one makes in Yoga as per the injunctions laid down in the Yoga Sastras; and they are surely a detriment to one's further progress if even the slightest attention is paid towards them either to advertise oneself or to test oneself. Every day, every minute, nay, every second, will see some blissful experience or the other even without the wish of the Yogic aspirant. As these experiences manifest of their own accord, the aspirant is to remain indifferent and unconcerned and wonder at the glory of glorious God; and he should not care to have even a knowledge of the experiences. Only then, and then alone, can he be expected to have onward progress. A full-fledged Yogi is he who has attained Self-realization through the medium of Yoga and so there can never be any temptation in him to know who he is or how far he has progressed by dint of the powers acquired.

Is it possible for a soul with a male body to take a female body in the next incarnation?

Answer: O, yes. The soul must undergo various experiences in different bodies. In the male body, the soul experiences the qualities of boldness, strength, etc., and patience, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, etc. in the female body. Moreover, neither a man is a full man nor a woman a full woman. There is woman in man and man in woman also. There are animal traits also in man. There is the dog in some men, there is the donkey in some, there is the jackal in some and the tiger in others. Whichever quality is predominant, the soul takes a body with that particular quality in the next incarnation. Therefore, develop divine qualities. You will evolve quickly and become divinity itself in the end.

Question: What is astral body?

Answer:    The astral body is the subtle body which is within this physical body like the bladder of a football. It is an exact counterpart of the physical body. It is made up of the five organs of action, the five organs of knowledge, the five Pranas, mind, intellect, Chitta or the subconscious mind, and Ahankar or egoism. Some call it "the double". It is this astral body that comes out of the physical body after death and moves to heaven. Death of this astral body through the knowledge of the Eternal frees one from the cycle of births and deaths......

Question : How can enter the body of another?

Answer: When the cause of bondage has been eliminated, the mind can enter another's body through knowledge of its channels.The highly advanced Yogi has given up attachment to life and has developed intuitive knowledge of the physical body, he gains the ability to use another's body for the purpose of helping and teaching others. This is not the same as possession by lower astral entities. The perfected yogi acts purely through the Self, which is common to all, and is thus merely directing Divine energy.

Question: The Atman is different from the body and is not affected by the latter's doings. The body is reborn a number of times according to its Karma and goes through life and death as per the Supreme Will. If this is so, then who goes to hell or heaven?

The real experiencer of anything, in an individualistic way, is neither the Self nor the physical body. It is the mind that is the centre of individuality, that individualizes and imprisons a ray of the Atman in what is called the individual soul. And it is this mind, as embodied in the subtle body, that undergoes the pleasure of heaven or the pains of hell, or for that matter, any experience through a gross or a subtle body.

The mind appears to have consciousness on account of there being a ray of the Atman in it, in the form of a reflection, very much limited by its own constitution. Hence it will be clear that the individuality of a person is as much real or unreal as a reflection of a real object.

Though everything happens according to the Supreme Will, the Karma of the individual determines the form or shape of the experience that is to be had under the dispensation of this Will. It is not the Atman or the body that has any type of relative experience, though the body is a gross means of experience; it is the mind that has all this. More on Questions Answers Occult Subjects By Rohit Anand

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