Tantra Meditation For Kundalini Shakti , Spiritual Awakening and Activating Chakras 

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Spiritual Awakening With the Rise Of kundalini Shakti : A sadhka or a spiritual aspirant will start to have a disease free body and mind, the excretions of the body will be scanty and the voice will become serene and sweet. the face of a yogi becomes brilliant, the eyes will be lustrous if celibacy and purity is attained. He or she will become discriminative in its approach with no attraction for worldly matters. The yogi develops universal love, vairagya with less of egoism and engage more in selfless service. Every worldly temptation that is resisted or given up, every evil thought that is curbed, every materialistic desire that is renounced, every bitter word or untruth that is withheld or given up, every noble virtues that is developed, every noble sublime thought that is cultivated over a period of time, adds to the development of spiritual will-force, good progress in reaching out to spiritual goal, and attainment of eternal bliss and immortality.The whole process of spiritual awakening is comprised of several stages in anyone's life, as the kundalini rises and passes through the various chakras in astral body. It takes quite some time to become fully stabilized in its ascension, but if one has a deep understanding of tantra, yoga, chakras or kundalini then the transition process can be managed successfully without any serious issues......

Role of Muladhara Chakra In Tantra And Awakening of Kundalini Shakti  : This Mooladhara chakra has four petals bearing the Sanskrit letters वं vaṃ, शं śaṃ, षं ṣaṃ, and सं saṃ written on it in gold, representing the four vrittis: greatest joy, basic pleasures, delight in controlling passions and blissfulness in concentration. Deity Indra is associated with Mooladhara chakra mounted upon the white elephant or hati Airavata, who has seven trunks denoting the seven dhatu or elements necessary for supporting life system in human body.The Muladhara chakra as the base of the spine is where we will begin. From birth to the age of four, we develop an inner sense of who we are and what our relationship is to the world. Basic communication skills can become quite good, while certain pieces of analytical cognition are completely missing. Once the basic security needs in life have been taken care of, the mind starts to think about other things......

Tantric Symbols of Ascending And Descending Consciousness

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