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Jyotisha or Jyotishya is the ancient traditional Hindu system of astrology or divination which is also known as Vedic Astrology, Hindu astrology, Indian astrology and more recently Horoscopic astrology.Vedanga Jyotisha, one of the earliest ancient texts that about astronomy, astrology within the Vedas of Sanatan Dharma or the Hindus. The foundation of Vedic astrology or Jyotir Vigyan is the notion of bandhu of the Vedas or the scriptures, which is the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm. Indian astrology practice relies primarily on the sidereal zodiac, which differs from the tropical zodiac that is used in the western astrology.This Ancient system of Indian Vedic Astrology is quite scientific, rational, logical, spiritual in Nature and employs many complex measurements of time, distance, mathematical Calculations of planetary motions with regard to Earth to make accurate Astrology Predictions and Prophecies for the future. Prophecies and Predictions of Nations & Mankind

According to Vedas, In Hindu Astrology there are 27 + 1 Constellations or nakshatras that make up 12 Zodiac Signs in the horoscope charts with 9 Planets though Rahu & Ketu are considered as shadowy planets. With each House and Planet representing some aspect of Human Life.

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Get Your Free Daily Horoscope Readings Online for Today, Weekly, Monthly from Divyatattva Astrology  Predictions. Now get your free daily astrology predictions and rashiphal online for मेष (Mesh) वृषभ (Vrushabh) मिथुन (Mithun) कर्क (Kark) Cancer सिंह (Simha) Leo कन्या (Kanya) तुला (Tula) वृश्चिक (Vrushchik) धनु (Dhanu) मकर (Makar) कुंभ (Kumbha) and मीन (Meen) rashiphal in Hindi and English.
Indian astrology is also known as Moon astrology with  twelve rashis, nakshatras, elements and gunas that rule them.A horoscope natal charts in your hands is a map of your destiny or how your soul will evolve in the times to come. The secrets, path,  that it contains can be revealed only by a competent Vedic Astrologer. The viewpoint of Vedic Astrology is that life you have now is an interplay of both fate or karmic reactions from previous births and free will that you may exercise in this birth.

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