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Vastu Shastra Expert Consultants are highly sought after professionals who specialize in the ancient Indian practice of Vastu Shastra. This holistic approach to architecture and design is based on a set of principles that focus on creating harmony between humans, nature, and the built environment. By taking into account the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space), Vastu experts can create homes or work spaces that promote balance and wellbeing for those living within them.

The services provided by these consultants include remedies such as advice about how to arrange furniture or use specific colors in order to maximize positive energy flow throughout a home or office building; tips for improving relationships with family members; guidance regarding placement of doors/windows/staircases; selection of auspicious times for starting new projects etc. Additionally they provide valuable insight into traditional practices related to vastu shsatra such as feng shui kitchen designs which involve using certain materials like wood & metal along with proper positioning in order achieve desired results from their combination energies . They also provide consultancy services related to bedrooms where one needs pay attention details like bed direction , location & color choice so as make sure it promotes good sleep quality .

Vastu Shastra Expert Consultant  Remedies, Tips, Advice By Famous Vaastu Shastra Expert Shri Rohit Anand Ji at Divyatattva India.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian practice that helps to create such an atmosphere in our homes that attracts positive energy, health, wealth, prosperity and wellbeing for family. It offers tips on how to arrange furniture, colors and other elements within the house for optimum energy flow. Additionally, it provides guidance on performing Griha Pravesh Puja – a Hindu ritual performed when entering into a new home - which can help bring good luck for your new abode!

Make Your Home Vastu Compliant For Positive Energy Prosperity and Wellbeing.We are committed to helping you achieve this goal through our services provided by renowned vastu expert Shri Rohit Anand ji. Our team will work with you one-on-one so that they can provide personalized advice based upon your individual needs as well as providing general vastu shastra tips for house like proper placement of doors & windows or indian house plans design ideas if needed . We also offer residential vastu consultation services where experts analyze existing structures & suggest remedies accordingly in order to attract good energy while complying with all rules laid out by traditional Vasthu shastra texts.

We believe everyone deserves access to positive living environments which is why at Make Your Home Vastu Compliant For Positive Energy Prosperity And Wellbeing ,we strive hard every day towards creating healthy homes full of wealth money wellbeing health using Vastu shastra principles . So don't hesitate any longer , contact us today and let us show you how make your dreams come true !

In the root of Hindu culture is full of scientific knowledge. Our enlightened seers worked on the science of architecture since the time immemorial and gave a divine gift to the mankind in the form of Vastu Shastra. Vasthu is the science behind good and comfortable living. Vasthu is the traditional Hindu Science of architecture researched and developed since Vedic period. The age old Vedic architectural knowledge which is the part of Jyotish explaining various laws of dwelling is known as Vastu....

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu architectural system used for creating balanced and harmonious environments. It is based on the laws of nature and helps in creating positive energy in homes and work places. When applied properly, it can attract and accumulate wealth, promote growth, and improve money flow. In a business setting, Vastu Shastra can be used to attract positive energy and attract money, wealth, growth, and good money flow. For example, placing a wind chime in the Business place with metal bells generates wealth, while the presence of bamboo in the entrance hall aids in generating positive luck and prosperity. Placing the cash box in a north-east part of the office is essential to attract new customers. Furthermore, the north and east directions are always auspicious for setting up any business.....

Vastu Shastra is an ancient traditional Indian science of living in harmony and getting prosperous by by choosing the right place or dwelling or doing business. Its also very effective in reducing negative and improving positive energies of the place of commercial or corporate business thereby attracting success, business and money. At Divyatattva India we provide Vastu consultation of any kind of residential, commercial and spiritual buildings, constructions, factory, office and other vastu projects. Best Indian Vasthu consultant online and remedies.....

Here we bring you daily Vastu tips for better living, vastu expert advice for bringing abundance, wealth, prosperity, good health, growth and peace in your home and office. India's top Vastu expert Shri Rohit Anand ji gives some important tips for direction to sleep as per vastu shastra, where should be kitchen, vastu shastra where should be temple and plants that should be kept according to Vastu shastra for positive energy.....

Before you step into your newly bought house, flat, bungalow or home consider the following ‘Vastu’ advice to nurture positivity, growth in your home environment. Vastu Shastra or वास्तु शास्त्र advice for healthy living, attracting wealth, money, prosperity, luck and happiness to your home, office and place of working. Internal and External environment along with surroundings of the place of dwelling or your house could have a significant impact on the owner’s or joint holder's providence. Therefore it’s important to lay the foundation of house strong by choosing the right location with an open space in a lusciously green locality with right plants, trees and herbs around as it will nurture peace, good health, good luck, and positivity in your life as you step into your new home....

Vastu expert Shri Rohit Anand Ji brings you some of the best remedies for Vaastu dosha at home, flat, apartment, office and bungalow. These remedies are easy to do and can easily give relief for any vasthu dosha that is existing in house and property where the owners are dwelling. If done on the daily basis these Vastu dosh remedies give relief to the house dwellers and brings wellbeing, health, money, prosperity, happiness and success in all undertakings. Removal of Vastu dosh from the house also improves the relationships, removes obstacles if they are there with regard to marriage, education love relationships and overall wellness.....


When it comes to attracting money, the colours yellow, golden and orange are always recommendable as they represent wealth, financial success and prosperity. All the walls and furnishing in the Business should be painted in these three auspicious colours. The placement of items at the workplace is also of paramount importance. For example, the director's desk should always face the North direction, and not south. Similarly, placing statues of Ganesha and Lakshmi, on the northeast corner of the office not only removes energetic blocks but also helps in attracting wealth and growth in the business.

In conclusion, Vastu Shastra if applied properly can help in attracting money, wealth, growth and good money flow in the business. The use of colors, wind chimes, and placement of statues contributing to the cumulative effect of positive energy and vibrations that is essential for the success of the Business.

Finally there are many other aspects associated with vastu shastra which an expert consultant can help you understand better - be it choosing best directions according your zodiac sign , selecting right kind plants around house bring wealth luck prosperity etc., all this combined together helps people live life full potential while being surrounded peace tranquility comfort safety security joy happiness abundance success health longevity spiritual growth inner peace materialistic gains whatever goals may have mind body soul spirit level! So if looking some professional assistance then consulting experienced practitioner could prove be great decision future well-being!.

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