Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra Expert Consultant  Remedies, Tips, Advice By Famous Vastu Shastra Expert Shri Rohit Anand Ji at Divyatattva India.

In the root of Hindu culture is full of scientific knowledge. Our enlightened seers worked on the science of architecture since the time immemorial and gave a divine gift to the mankind in the form of Vastu Shastra. Vasthu is the science behind good and comfortable living. Vasthu is the traditional Hindu Science of architecture researched and developed since Vedic period. The age old Vedic architectural knowledge which is the part of Jyotish explaining various laws of dwelling is known as Vastu....

Vastu Shastra is an ancient traditional Indian science of living in harmony and getting prosperous by by choosing the right place or dwelling or doing business. Its also very effective in reducing negative and improving positive energies of the place of commercial or corporate business thereby attracting success, business and money. At Divyatattva India we provide Vastu consultation of any kind of residential, commercial and spiritual buildings, constructions, factory, office and other vastu projects. Best Indian Vasthu consultant online and remedies.....

Here we bring you daily Vastu tips for better living, vastu expert advice for bringing abundance, wealth, prosperity, good health, growth and peace in your home and office. India's top Vastu expert Shri Rohit Anand ji gives some important tips for direction to sleep as per vastu shastra, where should be kitchen, vastu shastra where should be temple and plants that should be kept according to Vastu shastra for positive energy.


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