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Know what our satisfied clients have to say about Shri Rohit Anand at Divyatattva, New Delhi, India.

* Mr. Khanna New Delhi (2024) It was he who guided us for buying a new house, he predicted for us when we will be buying a new home and it came true. He also checked our new kothi for Vastu compliance. It was a good buy and we are so thankful to him that our old property got sold and we bought a new one as foretold by him.

* Mansi India 2023 : He really helps, his remedies work and he guided me on my marriage, health issues and past life karma that was having a bearing on my present life. I was suffering from many problems, frustrated and in depression. It was he who pulled me out of all of such issues and now i am happy after following the solutions, puja he told me to perform.

* Maheswari USA,  2022 : Shri Rohit Anand ji is gem of a person, very honest and authentic. He has always guided us with regard to my job, career and family issues. Its because of his guidance and remedies we were able to buy our new house according to Vastu shastra. He also predicted and birth of children many months before and advised us the auspicious names of my children that turned out to be highly beneficial for my daughters. Much Gratitude to him !

* Kartik California USA, 2021. I want to thank Shri Rohit Anand Ji for helping us, guiding in buying the right house for my family. He in India could easily check the vibrations of the property and tell us if that would be suitable for us or not. Its only with his expertise and occult or psychic powers that we were able to identify and take correct decision with regard to selecting right residential property that was very good for us and my family.

* Mrs Reema from New Delhi India, 2021. We were searching for buying a good home for our family but were not succeeding in it but when Vastu expert Rohit Anand ji looked at our birth charts and horoscope, he guided us to buy right property which was good for us and we were saved from many wrong kind of real estate agents who were trying to fool us. Thanks to Rohit Ji, its because of him that we have our own house and commercial shop.
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* Mrs. Manas From New Delhi, India, 2020. I went for astrological consultations with Shri Rohit Anand Ji as my son was finding it difficult to get married and his marriage was getting delayed. We were unable to find the right bride for her and horoscope matching was not happening. Shri Rohit Anand Ji guided us rightly and honestly, predicted the accurate date for my son as to when he will get married and advised us to follow simple astrological solutions to get obstacles cleared that were preventing marriage from happening. My heart felt gratitude to him for his guidance and forecast.

* Mrs. Sethi From Delhi,  India 2019 : I Consulted Shri Rohit Anand Ji about my daughter who was without job, desperately needed guidance about her career, health and marriage as she was going into depression. Anandji helped a lot and always gave right guidance to my daughter and family since last 15 years. every prediction made by him has been accurate and come true.. Thank you for everything.

* Mahajan from New Delhi , India 2019: So many thanks to you for giving the correct astrological guidance for my son's marriage by reading his vedic horoscope charts. You are the only celebrity astrology who is humble and told me things nobody else could predict and what caused the delay in the marriage of my son. Astro remedies you told me did had effect and good marriage proposals start to come our way .

* Deb from India 2018: Sir, I am a regular viewer of your channel.I like the predictions you make and I find every prediction of yours come true. However today I am writing this mail to you to ask you something."Can you predict when will the Communist rule in China and Cuba end permanently exactly?"I will be happy if you will reply to this email. Best regards, Deb.

* Divya from Mumbai India 2017 : I had a professional career consultations from Rohit ji, I must say he has good experience as a mature astrologer and guided me well in my career in modelling and  bollywood film industry and i am successful today getting many assignments

* Maheswari from  Singapore 2017 : Your tarot and vedic astrology readings and predictions were
quite spot on for my boyfriend. What you have said looking at his horoscope charts about his career were quite similar and forecasts about our love relationship was also quite on the mark. Gratitude to you. I wish you all the best. you are my astrologer for times ahead.

*  Sameeksha From India 2017 : I am grateful for your guidance for your matchmaking services. It was because for you i got married to beautiful and loving husband and right partner. Your zodiac compatibility was awesome and out natures are pretty similar.

* Francesca From Germany 2017 : Wow, great, your predictions and horoscope readings about my love life and relationships were quite accurate and helpful to me. thanks a lot.

* Anny From Mexico 2016 : You are absolutely right in predicting through tarot cards, Yes relationship is undergoing through transition phase with the man in my life. You are spot on.

* Woods from America 2016 : You are a good Lenormand card Reader. My wishes and Thanks.Vedic Astrologer Rohit Anand

* Daryna From Cuba 2016 : Thank you for your tarot card reading  it was very accurate what you have described.

* Miss Gratis From England 2016 : Wow , you are spot on when you predicted about my health issues and love life in 2016. thank you so much.

* Miss Gratis From UK 2016. Thank you for such a amazing interpretation of oracle cards, you revealed to me so much.

* Carol From Europe 2016 : You Are Simply brilliant in your Vedic Astrology and Cards Readings. Thank You.

* Luisa From USA 2016 : Publicly thank Shri Rohit Anand for all the effort he puts into helping us. He is an awesome card reader whom I very much respect. Thank you so much.

* Francesca From Italy 2016 : All you have told and predicted rings a bell with her and i can sense a very harmonious reading of yours of my vedic horoscope. Love

* Alexander From 2016 : Great Readings and Predictions. I Love it.

* Annete Christine From Italy 2016: Whatever you told me about my married life and studying my horoscope is absolutely correct. I wonder why didn't you met me earlier. Thanks and Blessings.

*Mrs Mahatta : Noida. India 2015 : I have been receiving tarot card readings from Anand Ji from past several years and i must say he exceptionally kind hearted person and has helped me personally in almost all ways. He took me out from depression by giving his consultations and relationship issues. My family suffered from supernatural problems of spirits and he was the first one to point out and gave many solutions and our life has been much better. Thanks so much for everything.

*Ms Rose Walls from USA 2015 : You were very good in predicting about me buying and shifting to a  new house. You care a very gifted Psychic. Thank you so much.

* Mr Sethi from Delhi India : I am retired Executive from top company and i must say he has been always been inspiration and guiding my family and me in my career and profession with his rich knowledge about many subjects. Thank You.

* Akanksha from Jamshedpur 2015 Sir I am extremely grateful to you to provide me the vedic astrology analysis.I assure you Sir I will pay for your consultation once I am in the position to do so.I will also let you know once I get the job.Thank you very much you helped me when I needed it the most.

* Bridget from USA - Aug -2015 Rohit Anand! Wow, very nice. You hit all the nails on the head. Perfectly. That's so beautiful that you saw all that in my tarot card readings.

* Mr. Siddhant from New Delhi 2014 : You are quite good in predicting. I wonder how did you do it with tarot cards and lenormand cards but you were spot on about my relationship with my girlfriend and attitude towards me.

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