KriyaYoga Meditation Mudras For Higher Divine Consciousness And Transformation to Divine Body : Importance Of Mahamudra In Tantra

KriyaYoga Meditation Mudras and Kriya Yoga Meditation Techniques For Higher Consciousness And Transformation to Divine Body with practice Of  Mahamudra in Tantra.
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Importance of Mahamudra in Kriya Yoga:-

Mahamudra is the topmost technique in Kriya Yoga. It is so powerful that if the practitioner practises it daily, regularly, uninterruptedly, punctually, properly, sincerely, deeply, divinely, rigidly and faithfully then the result of the technique can change any person or the kriya yoga practitioner from an ordinary person to a divine entity with the perception of the higher divine consciousness. Mahamudra prepares the body as an altar or the base of meditation to experience the constant alertness of the soul in the whole body a proper field for the genuine Kriya meditation.

As farmer cultivates the land before sowing the seeds and removes all the debris or wild trees, creepers, grass and all other unnecessary trees. So all the evil propensities are like debris and garbage to the spiritual cultivation. Therefore these are to be removed by Pranayam Koushal or practice and other techniques in the beginning of the Kriya meditation that is already, discussed before. Then after removing the debris from the field, the farmer ploughs or cultivates the land properly. Similarly Mahamudra is very important technique through which it is to cultivate this body land. In this body land, we are to cultivate it properly in order to get spiritual harvest in time. If  as spiritual aspirant you do not cultivate land and without cultivating the body land,  and sow seeds, then you can not get any harvest. Mahamudra is the associated technique to cultivate this body land through the technique of Mahamudra.

Mahamudra is a special and marvelous technique by y practicing which you can transfer your physical body to the divine body and consequently you can transform yourself from physical consciousness to divine consciousness.

In the first place, you bend your whole body left side wise with pro[per associated Pranayam, as taught y the Guru and by such performance, your right nostril will be free. Then with the practice of the same Pranayam, bend your whole body right sidewise. With performance of this posture with proper Pranayam, your left nostril will be automatically free. Then you bend your whole body in your front with the practice of Pranayam, then by this your both the nostrils will be free. Until and unless your both nostrils are free, you can never get equal pressure of breath or equal flow of the breath within your both the nostrils. If you do not get equal pressure of the breath in both the nostrils , then your body field for spirituality can not be ready for genuine meditation. Consequently you can not get proper state of spiritualirty within you. Therefore by the practice of this technique of the first Kriya, you are to prepare your body field for genuine meditation in order to get the state of spirituality for the purpose of attaining the stage of God-Realization.

Due to results of the performance of this technique of Mahamudra, you will get equal pressure of the flow of the breath inside your both the nostrils. This equal pressure of the breath flow will get you the balance state of the mind. Balance of the mind will give rise to stillness of the mind. Stillness of the mind will give yield to extreme calmness in your whole body, mind, intellect, senses and ego. Then in course of time by the practice of the second technique, you will get the stage of the motionless of the mind that is the stage of objectlessness of the mind.

Secondly, by the practice of Mahamudra, the Sushumna or the spinal chord will be opened. There are two chords inside the backbone. One is Pingala Naadi or solar chord and the other one is Ida Nadi or lunar chord. Lunar chord starts from the left side of the Muladhar or Money Center up to the Soul Center and thereafter through the Soul Center, it ends at the end of the left nostril. Similarly Pingala or the solar chord starts from the right side of the Muladhar and extends upto the Soul Center through the backbone and via Soul Center it ends at the ending point of right nostril. Both the solar chord and the lunar chord remain inside the spinal chord or the backbone clinging to each other from Muladhar to Soul Center and then these two chords through their respective nostrils extends upto the end of their own relevant nostrils. By the consecutive and successive repeated practice of Mahamudras by bending the whole body to the right sidewise and left sidewise and front wise, both the chords Ida and Pingala are automatically separated from each other. As a consequence of this separation of these two chords from each other, a narrow hollow passage is opened in between these two chords of Ida and Pingala. This opening of this hollow passage is called Sushumna Kaand or Sushsumna Nadi. It is also called as the intervening chord or the wisdom chord. Spinal chord or Sushumna chord , solar chord and the lunar chord- all these four chords remain inside the backbone. 

Modern Physiologist and Anatomist call Pingala as Sympathetic chord and Ida as the Parasympathetic chord. By the practice of Mahamudra , the Sushumna chord is automatic opened by separation of the solar chord and lunar chord from each other due to the repeated practice of the Mahamudra for some years together. Opening of the Sushumna chord is taken as the starting point of Kriya meditation. Without the opening of the Sushumna chord, the question of rotation of the Kundalini or the divine power inside the spinal chord of or the Sushumna chord does not arise. Therefore opening of the Sushumna is the base of the spirituality or spiritual activity. Opening of the Sushumna is the gate way to enter into spirituality. Therefore Mahamudra plays an important role in the practice of meditation for opening the Sushumna chord. The role of Mahamudra in the system of Kriya Yoga is primary and vital. If a person fails to practice Mahamudra properly and regularly, then definitely his chord can never be opened and consequently the way to proceed towards divinity or spirituality is blocked and the door to proper and genuine Kriya meditation is closed. Therefore the opening of Sushumna, the role of Mahamudra is vital and fundamental. Mahamudra with proper pranayam is the only means to open this spiritual path of the spinal chord or the Sushumna to reach the destination point of God- Realization of your spiritual journey through the speedy motor vehicle of Kriya meditation. 

Kundalini yoga, kriyayoga, chakras, mahamudra, shivalinga universe, Rohit Anand, DivyatattvaA Kriya practitioner should be very careful, sincere, regular, punctual, rigid and faithful to his meditation specifically regarding the proper practice of Mahamudra under the guidance and supervision of a realized Sadguru to open the Sushumna chord that plays the central role during the time of Kriya meditation. Without the opening of Sushumna chord, second Kriya or second step of Kriya Yoga system is a dream to the practicant.Second Kriya is fruitless to the Kriya practitioner whose Sushumna chord is not opened. During the practice of Kriya proper of the first Kriya, you are to rotate the divine power or the Kundalini power inside the spinal chord or the opening Sushumna chord from top to bottom and bottom to top to quicken the evolutionary life span to exhaust all your Karmas and their Sanskaras including Prarabdha to reach the human goal of Divine Being or Brahman. In the first Kriya the rotation of the Kundalini power is not under your control. It is self movement or the auto-rotation of the Kundalini. By the practice of the second Kriya, the practitioner is to rotate or to move the power inside the spinal chord to bring the rotating system under his full control and thereby the Kriya practitioner can halt the Kundalini each center while rotating inside the opening sushumna. This rotation of the Kundalini power takes place through informal kriya and the first and the second stages of second Kriya not inside the backbone, but inside the opening Sushumna. That is why the opening of Sushumna is the foundation on which the Kriya practitioner is to construct his spiritual palace of liberation of Self- Realiation.

Now I shall explain about what is the necessity of the stage of getting equal pressure of breath in the both the nostrils or the stage of balance or the Vernal Equinox day by the practice of Mahamudra which is a top technique in Kriya Yoga for the preparation of the field for God-Realization or the stage of Balance.

All our thoughts or experiences good or bad stored up in the mid-brain. When you sit for meditation these thoughts come up in the mind. By this you get so many worries, anxieties and negativities as a consequence of which your meditation does not become genuine. For this you can not get single-minded meditation. It is adulterated meditation. Now I am telling how these thoughts or our all these stored up impressions come up and disturb us.

There are two lobes in the brain – right lobe and left lobe. God sends or gives all thoughts in the right lobe of the cranium. We talk from the left lobe in the cranium. When these thoughts come up, we become emotional and restless. Sometimes you get affection, sometimes cruelty, anger , pride and viciousness etc. but by the practice of Mahamudra, our mind including brain that is left lobe and the right lobe be calmed down and vacant as a result of which thoughts or expressions can not crop up in the mind. In ordinary stage, when thoughts come, you can return back those thoughts to God. This is possible only by Mahamudra.

There is one very important gland inside the brain of every human being that balances our thoughts. This is called Pons Gland. It looks like the size of the fifth moon. It remains just in front of the mid-brain. In mid-brain, so many thoughts are stored which we have learned from our infancy till now. These thoughts strike the Pons Gland as a result of which Pons Gland makes us joyous and sorrowful. I am giving the example. In the church, there is church bell. If you give one blow or stroke on the church bell, then immediately you will hear the bell sound just as dhang dhang. Similarly if I speak high of you or ill of you, then automatically your face will be pale and you will be full of sadness.

Pons Gland has sufficient power to control your emotions and it will help you to judge which is good and which is bad whether you will talk this or not whether you will shout or not. Pons Gland will give some balance effect by which any thought or anger or any negative or any viciousness will come, you can judge and you can return back those thoughts or negatives to God immediately through the help of the practice of the second technique. If it is good, then you say “ Oh God,you please work this goodness through me. Pons Gland will balance your thoughts. This balance of thoughts through the Pons Gland comes by the practice of the third posture of the second technique. The practice of the third posture of the third technique within a short period will stimulate and influence through Pons Gland your all impressions or associated thoughts which are stored in the mid-brain to appear in the mind. With this you will get balance state of the mind. Then when you sit for meditation, you will never get any thought, anxiety ar any mental disposition. You will get peace, bliss, joy and happiness. On the whole, the practice of Mahamudra, removing your thoughts and emotions makes your body field fit for proper meditation to get spiritual realization.

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