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Divyatattva presents some of the best words of wisdom by Osho: his teachings, his thoughts, sayings on love and religion.

OSHO ON TRUTH AND AWARENESS: "This is the first thing that has to be allowed to sink deep
Osho Teachings ,Osho Quotes, Osho Sayings On Truth ,Religion Love Immortality God
in your heart: truth already is, we are in it. This is the most fundamental thing to begin with. You are not to discover it; it is not covered. All that is required is a new kind of awareness which is missing in you. Truth is there, but you are not aware, you are not mindful, you are not alert. You don't know how to watch, you don't know how to observe, you don't know how to look and see. You have eyes but still you are blind, you have ears but you are deaf." 

OSHO ON RELIGIONS :"I teach you the Buddha, but not Buddhism. I hate all `isms', all the religions. My love is for your eternity, you are immortal being, remember this. I have called that immortal being within you, "Mehre Mehbub"—My Love, My Friend, My Beloved One. Meditation heralds the beginning of your Buddha-hood. Without meditation, you cannot taste anything of religion. You can believe, but belief is always of the ignorant. I want you to understand absolutely: Never believe in anything. Experiment. Take the belief as a hypothesis but never as a certainty. Unless you experience, no belief can help you. Can belief in water quench your thirst? Can belief in God herald the dawn? No belief system is of any help. You have to go inwards, alone, as deep as possible. Meditation is the very essence of all religions. Everything else is mere commentary." .

OSHO ON GURU OR SPIRITUAL MASTER: My message is simple - that I have found the god within me. My whole effort is to persuade you - look within, the master cometh. Yes, it is possible. Yes, he comes. And he does not come from the outside; he explodes from the inside."

"A Master is not here to fulfill your greed, he is here to destroy your greed. Because once greed is destroyed, you become available to yourself. If you are greedy you are never available to yourself."

OSHO SAYINGS ON LOVE : Once love is born, you are centered - and everything falls in tune with the center. You become an orchestra a beautiful harmony.

Everybody has their own idea of love. And only when you come to state where all ideas about love have disappeared, where love is no longer and idea but simply your being, then only will you know its freedom. Then love is GOD. Then love is the ultimate truth.

Love and respect yourself and never compromise for anything. And then you will be surprised how much growth starts happening of its own accord.. as if rocks have been removed and the river has started flowing.

OSHO WISDOM ON LIFE : "My fundamental principle is acceptance Whatsoever is the situation, you accept it. From there things can begin. Don't reject it. It is out of rejection that the problem has arisen, so only with acceptance... Relax into it and you will be surprised."

Suffering polishes, cleanses, awakens, gives depth. Only suffering makes you capable of experiencing happiness.So don't make suffering an enemy.Take your sorrow as steps to temple of divine.Yes, there is difficulties in climbing these steps. I admit that as well. But it's step to temple of the divine.

 It is only a question of our choice. The world consists of both things: of bliss, of misery.

If you want to choose bliss, it is available; it is only a question of choice. You have to just shift your awareness and it is there.

So if sometimes you find some cause to be unhappy, immediately start looking for something to be happy about; there is no reason to be unhappy, and you will always find something to be happy about. I have never seen any situation in which something cannot be found.

There are people who can find something wrong in every situation and who will be unhappy. And there are people who will find something good in every situation and who will be grateful... and that's what I call being religious.

The irreligious person goes on looking for the negative, for the dark, for the black side. He is negative; he lives in the no. The religious person lives in the yes. His life is nothing but a'yea-saying'; he says yes! And he always finds something or other to be happy about.

There are thorns and there are flowers -- it depends on you what you are going to choose. So be careful and choose flowers.

My blessings for your journey to the further shore beyond darkness!

OSHO WORDS ON MEDITATION : There is no greater luxury than meditation. Meditation is the last luxury, because it is the ultimate love affair !

Enlightenment means exactly that: when meditation has become natural. You are meditative — not that you sit sometimes in meditation, not that you have a few hours of meditation every day — your whole time is meditative You move in meditation, you walk in meditation, you sit in meditation, you eat in meditation, you love in meditation, you do your businesses in meditation. Your whole life becomes surrounded by a new kind of energy. It is not NECESSARY, it is simply NATURAL !

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