Top Yoga Poses for Reducing Fat on Face Neck Double Chin Quickly Facial Yoga By Shri Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Best Yoga postures and yoga asanas for reducing fat on face neck and double chin quickly. By regularly doing facial yoga and poses along with right nutrition will help you reduce chubby cheek fat and turkey neck.

Cobra Pose

Here we are giving some of the best yogic exercises and yoga poses for  a slim face and neck that will surely make you more attractive and confident about the way you look. Shri Rohit Anand ( Certified Yoga Teacher) gives here time tested proven methods of toning your face and neck and take away excessive cheek and neck fat quickly. These yoga exercises for slimming neck will not only help you burn fat on the face and neck naturally but also painlessly.

Yogic Exercises for reducing excessive fat on Face, Cheeks with reduced baggy eyes and wrinkles:

1.Transfer the air from one side of the cheek to another as if you are swishing mouthwash inside your mouth.
 2. Vent your lips in ‘O’ shape and blow air out of your mouth.
 3. Suck in your cheeks and lips to make a fish face and try smiling. Hold on for 5-10 seconds and repeat for another 5 times.
 4. Lift your face upwards and look towards the ceiling as much as you can.Now blow air out of your mouth.
 5. Another very well-known facial exercise, which we have often heard of, is sunken cheeks. Suck in your cheek and feel the muscles on either side of your mouth sink in. Hold this position for 15 seconds.Repeat this exercise for some other 10 times.
6. Stick your tongue as far out as possible, facing the tip of your tongue upward then tilt you heat back until a vertical line forms between you neck and your lower jaw, and hold for 10 seconds. Sticking your tongue out helps promote secretion of pancreatic gland hormones that is thought to have an anti-aging effect on your body.
7. Lower jawline push outwards also helps in reducing neck fat. You need to push the lower jaw outwards, lift the lower lip upwards, it will initiate a pull in the chin muscles and the jawline

These few exercises will go a long way reducing your chubbiness on face and give you a toned and chiseled jawline.

Jalandhar Bandha (Chin Lock): Sit down in the padma asana or Lotus position. Take a deep breath and place your both hands on your knees, then lift your shoulders up and bend forward your neck. Press your chin firmly against your chest and in between your two collar bones, closing your food pipe. Hold your breath as long as possible inside your lungs then release it bringing neck straight up. Release and repeat for at least 11 times in a row.

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Yoga asanas for reducing the excessive fat deposit on your neck:

These asana will help you reduce the fat on your enck and reduce the thickness of neck quickly if done correctly. These yoga postures are Halasana, Griva Sanchalana asana, Bhujanga asana, Neck rotations.

More tips for reducing the face fat quickly and getting a facelift:

Keep yourself hydrated properly by drinking at least 8 glasses of water in every season. A bloated face might be a result of dehydration.
Add few lean proteins in your daily diet 
Right diet is also an important factor in reducing the fat on face and neck. so your diet should be low in fat and sugar and high in fruits and vegetables.
Remember laughing and being happy keeps you young and is a natural facial exercise.
Avoid all kinds of sweetened cold drinks, alcohol and smoking.
Keep yourself active with moderate amount of work and perform 1 hour of yoga and walk on daily basis.
Make sure you get proper sleep of at least of eight hours.
Try to avoid tensions and stress in your life and release it with meditation.

By: Certified Yoga Expert : Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi , India.

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