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Osho Rajneesh Birth Chart Horoscope Kundli Of Osho Zodiac Astrology Analysis By India's Top Vedic Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Divyatattva Horoscope birth charts of Osho according to Vedic Astrology. Acharya Rajneesh or simply Osho was a Indian born Mystic, Guru, philosopher and a spiritual teacher. We here bring you horoscope analysis of Osho Rajneesh natal charts or kundli and birth date moon sign zodiac and Vedic astrology horoscope charts readings of his life and causes of his death. Osho was born on 11th December 1931 in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. By World Famous Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand.
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Famous Personality And Celebrity Stars Signs Astrology.

Horoscope Birth charts of Osho by India's best celebrity astrologers and occultist Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

Osho was born in Purva Ashadha nakshara whose lord is planet Venus. People born under this nakshatra are intelligent, has extra ordinary convincing powers, courageous and are subjected to criticism. They believe in God, are honest, humble and far from hypocrisy of any kind. He take interest in the progress of the self by being devoted their path and seldom think of doing anything that will disturb the progress of others. They are spiritual and revered among the people. They also develop interest in higher philosophy and take interest in writing poems. We see the qualities of this nakshatra manifesting in the life of Osho.

According to Vedic astrology if there are four or more planets in the house it gives and indication of a a Sanyasi yoga. In the birth charts of Osho we find 5 planets in close conjunction in the 8th house of the horoscope charts. This eight house is the occult house, house of transformation, spiritual evolution, self control, moksha and death as it is also the 12th from 7th house. Now upon kundli analysis of Osho we find that he had five planets in this house leading to internal struggles and ultimately arriving at the death of ego or the mind.

In his  horoscope charts we see planet Jupiter exalted in the 3rd zodiac house of Cancer and its depositor Moon sitting in the 8th house again shows the direction of his efforts. All the five planets energies are focused in the mystical or secret eight house in same direction to "Seek the truth about God" but the fact is as the auspicious Jupiter rules the 8th house (House of religion & good for spiritual development) and is also exalted in the sign of Cancer says what ever he was saying he had done deep rooted research before bringing it to the masses.No doubt he was termed as "Bhagwan Rajneesh" and "Osho".. We also see his lord of wealth Planet Jupiter is exalted and Rahu placed in 11th house which is another mysterious shadow planet in the house of gains and social circle that was responsible for giving him extraordinary riches too through his spiritual followers without much efforts in his lifetime.

It is interesting to note that in the navamsa divisional chart of Osho, which is also called as the Vedic astrological chart of the soul, planet Jupiter is in his own zodiac sign of Pisces in with the conjunct moksha karaka shadowy planet Ketu again in the eight house. According to Vedic charts of Osho Jupiter achieves the highest degrees, so it is also the atmakaraka and therefore the indicator of the Atma/soul and is retrograde. Being at 30 degrees it shows maturity of the soul that has learnt the lessons and gained wisdom. I was in the dasa of Guru that Osho's teachings became popular and spread around the world. He also wrote many popular books on The Book of Women, Krishna; The Man And His Philosophy, Books of Secrets, Sex to superconsciousness And Autobiography of a Spiritually incorrect mystic, The Joy; The Happiness that comes from within  etc during this period.

Love Life Compatibility Of Osho, Romance And Marriage. In the horoscope charts of Osho we see majority of planets in the eighth house and lord of seventh in 8th along with Venus, Mars, Moon and Saturn kept his relationships with women secret and gave him interest in tantra and kundalini yoga. He was able to control his sexual energy and and mind and converted it into ojhas into the brain giving him more control over his mind, power of attraction,vitality and mastery of matters of sex and sexuality. Most of the women were attracted to him and the main reason for this was his power or self control over his sexual life.

osho kundli, osho zodiac, osho horoscope
Osho Astro Profile, Horoscope birth details, Kundli analysis.

Name : Chandra Mohan Jain or Osho.
Date of Birth : 11-December-1931.
Gender : Male.
Time Of Birth : 17: 13 or 17:44.
osho painting, osho books, osho on astrologyCity : Kutchwada (Bhopal),  Madhya Pradesh, India, 23n15, 77e23.
Country : India.
Vedic Astrology Ascendent Of Osho Birth Chart :Taurus.
Moon Sign or Rashi of Osho :Sagittarius.
Prajapati - Margasira
Tithi:  Sukla Tritiya (Ma) (76.96% left)
Vedic Weekday: Friday (Ve)
Nakshatra: Poorvashadha (Ve) (32.34% left)
Yoga: Vriddhi (Me) (65.41% left)
Karana: Taitula (Me) (53.93% left)
Hora Lord: Saturn (5 min sign: Ta)
Mahakala Hora: Saturn (5 min sign: Cp)
Kaala Lord: Mercury (Mahakala: Mercury)
Ayanamsa: 22-53-29.83
Sidereal Time: 22:12:50
Zodiac Sun Sign of Osho (Western) :Sagittarius.
Zodiac Sun Sign of Osho (Eastern) : Scorpio.
Chinese Astrology Zodiac Sign:  Metal goat.
Parents : Father Babulal , Mother Saraswati Jain
Education :Bachelors degree in philosophy
Love Life And Relationships of Osho : Single, Unmarried.
Awards Or Achievements:Spiritual Guru.
His Profession And Works:Founder of Osho International Meditation Center.
Osho UnOfficial Website,

In the natal charts of Osho we also find various auspicious yogas present like : Tapaswi, Vesi, Chandra Mangal, Rajayoga, Viparita etc.

Vimsottari Dasa Of Horoscope Birth Charts Of Osho:

 Jup MD: 1979-05-29 (19:05:05) - 1995-05-29 (21:26:56)

  Antardasas in this Mahadasha of Osho Birth Horoscope:

  Jup: 1979-05-29 (19:05:05) - 1981-07-18 (14:03:17)
  Sat: 1981-07-18 (14:03:17) - 1984-01-28 (15:16:36)
  Merc: 1984-01-28 (15:16:36) - 1986-05-04 (16:34:16)
  Ket: 1986-05-04 (16:34:16) - 1987-04-10 (8:03:17)
  Ven: 1987-04-10 (8:03:17) - 1989-12-12 (0:58:52)
  Sun: 1989-12-12 (0:58:52) - 1990-10-01 (10:14:40)
  Moon: 1990-10-01 (10:14:40) - 1992-01-28 (16:36:55)
  Mars: 1992-01-28 (16:36:55) - 1993-01-04 (8:57:25)
  Rah: 1993-01-04 (8:57:25) - 1995-05-29 (21:26:56)

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Rumi Quotes With Pictures About Love, Beauty, Happiness, Wisdom, God, Nature, Success, Cleverness, Life Quotes Inspirational Poetry from Rumi

Divyatattva brings to you some of the best wisdom quotes of Rumi, that will enlighten your mind and soul. These beautiful picture quotes from Rumi are quite inspiring in nature and gives a clear indication that Rumi was a awakened soul. Maulana jalaluddin rumi quotes on love, life, god, happiness, silence, wisdom, cleverness, beauty and his poetry is motivating and truly soul inspiring. By Rohit Anand, India.

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Rumi quotations, rumi image quotes, rumi quote on clever, rumi sayings on cleverness

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What is Ashtanga Yoga Of Patanjali Raja Yoga Steps to Super Consciousness Eight Limbs of Yoga for Spiritual Unfoldment By Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Ashtanga Yoga,  Raja Yoga Or Kriya Yoga Of Maharishi Patanjali for Achieving The state of Super Consciousness.  Patanjali begins his explanation of the eight limbs of Raja Yoga. There are seven limbs before the aspirant reaches 'samadhi'(Super Consciousness)."Yama", "niyama", "asana", "pranayama", "pratyahara", "dharana", "dhyana", and "samadhi" are the eight limbs.

Raja Yoga, the royal path of mind control, is the most comprehensive and scientific approach to God-Realization.  The precepts and doctrines of this ancient science were first compiled and explained by Patanjali Maharishi, the greatest psychologist of all time.  Never has man's mind been so completely analyzed.  Never has a process for eliminating human woes and frailties been so succinctly presented.  The methods of Raja Yoga are profoundly timeless.  Though of ancient origin, they are still the most useful technique available to modern man beset by the tremendous stresses and strains of competitive society.

raja yoga, kriya yoga, patanjali yoga sutras, Ashtanga Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali

The eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga can be translated as:

A) Yama: Abstentions or restraints :The Yamas consists of non-injury, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and non-acquisitiveness.When non-violence is firmly established, hostility vanishes in the yogi's presence".One who is firmly rooted in nonviolence radiates this conviction to others. He is powerful that not even violent thoughts can exist in his presence.When truth is fully established, the yogi attains the result of action without acting'. The words of a person who has practiced truth to the highest degree will manifest, for the words of such a person reflect the Truth of Atman.'When non-stealing becomes firmly established, all wealth comes to the yogi'. The more a yogi flees from material objects, the more they seem to come to him. The purpose of this natural law is two-fold.  The first is so that he may be tested and confirmed in his renunciation.  The second is so that he, as a wise person, may appropriately dispense the wealth to benefit mankind. 'When brahmcharya, or sexual continence, is firmly established, vibrant vitality is gained.'When sexual energy is sublimated and preserved it is converted into ojas, or spiritual energy.  This ojas is such a radiant force that it  uplifts all who come into contact with the 'brahmachari'. 'When non-acquisitiveness is established, an understanding of the purpose of birth is gained.'When the yogi no longer desires to have possessions he frees himself from the material world.  This gives him a perspective of the purpose of his birth, both in this lift and in past ones.  He gains comprehension of the law of Karma and understands what lessons remain to be learned before attaining Realization. 'Negative thoughts and emotions, such as violence, whether committed, abetted, or caused through greed, anger or delusion, and whether present in mind, medium or great intensity, result in endless pain and ignorance. Thus there is the necessity for pondering over the opposites'.All thoughts, emotions and actions that are in opposition to the basic tenets of 'yamas' and 'niyamas' bring about the Karma of further pain and ignorance. This is true whether the action is actually carried, remains in thought form, or is incited in others. Whatever the causes, whatever the degree of involvement, Karma is still incurred. This why it is necessary to substitute positive and sublime thoughts the moments negative ones are caught arising in the mind.

B) Niyama:Observances which cultivate positive qualities. 'The niyamas consists of cleanliness, contentment, austerity, self study, and self surrender'.The 'niyamas' are observances which cultivate positive qualities. They involve purification, stilling the mind, self-discipline, inquiry into the nature of the Self, and surrendering the personal will, or ego, to the Supreme will. Aside from cleanliness, one should cultivate indifference toward the body. Cleanliness means internal as well as external purification. A proper diet based on vegetarianism and natural foods, specialized yogic  cleansing techniques, and the Yoga exercises keep the body internally pure and free from obstructions. Cleanliness also extends to the mind. Only when it is it is purified of all dross can it be a pure mirror for the reflection of the Self.

'These (abstentions) are not limited by social structure, location, time or circumstances, and they constitute the great (universal) vow'. Laughter comes from stimulation, but a smile comes from inner  peacefulness. Satisfied with itself, the mind needs nothing else for its contentment, which grows in proportion to awareness of the inner Self. The mind should be effected by external objects. They may be possessed, but with detachment. Do not let them possess the mind. Austerity means curtailing the insatiable demands of the senses. Drink water instead of coffee, practice silence instead of talking,  control greed by eating bland food, and counteract sleep by getting up early. When the mind learns that its demands for pleasure will not be met through the senses, it stops its useless wandering and turns inward. Control of the senses clears the way for such powers as telepathy and clairvoyance. Study of spiritual works and the scriptures helps to keep a person on the right path. Books alone, however, can only take one so far, can lead to intellectual pride. Surrender to the will of God is necessary, for ultimately everything depends upon His grace.

C) Asana or  Yoga postures : 'From that (mastery of "asana"[postion]), no assaults come from the pairs of opposites'.When 'asanas' are mastered, the yogi is not touched by the play of duality. His will and concentration are developed to such an extent that heat and cold, pleasure and pain, good and bad, and all other worldly influences do not touch him.

D) Pranayama:   Yogic breathing
E) Pratyahara:  Withdrawal of senses
E) Dharana:     Concentration
F) Dhyana:      Meditation
G) Samadhi:     Superconsciousness

Raja Yoga is sometimes called 'Ashtanga Yoga', or  Yoga of eight limbs. They translate, in the order given above, as self restraints, observances, postures, regulation of breath, withdrawal of the mind from sense objects, concentration, meditation and the superconscious state.

Patanjali's second chapter sets forth the practice of Yoga, or 'sadhana'. It discusses Kriya Yoga, Which is purification through discipline, study, and self-surrender. It enumerates the five main afflictions, or causes for human suffering, and the methods for eliminating them. Finally, it discusses the first five limbs of Raja Yoga-'yama', 'niyama', 'asana', 'pranayama', and 'pratyahara'-the foundations for the meditation.

'Austerity, self-study, and surrender to God constitute Kriya Yoga'. Austerity does not mean physical abuse or serve rigors. It refers to strict control of the senses in order to conserve energy for higher pursuits. Austerity in this means fasting occasionally, rising early to meditate instead of sleeping late, and reducing certain physical  comforts for the sake of greater control of mind. Study of scriptures  and other spirituals works keeps the mind flowing in the desired direction. In surrendering to God's will one also surrenders the fruit  of work performed. This leads to Karma Yoga, the path of selfless  service, in which one regards oneself as the instrument of God, and  serves humanity with no thought of either credit or blame.When negative or harmful thoughts disturbs the mind, they can be overcome by constant pondering over their opposites'. The yogi is ever alert, watching his mind. When he sees useless  thought waves arising, he immediately replaces them with positive thoughts, thus creating new mental habits that are conducive to spiritual growth.

'From that (mastery of "asana"[postion]), no assaults come from the pairs of opposites'.

When 'asanas' are mastered, the yogi is not touched by the play of duality. His will and concentration are developed to such an extent that heat and cold, pleasure and pain, good and bad, and all other worldly influences do not touch him.

'The next step is pranayama, which is the control of the inhalation and exhalation of breath'.

The forth limb of Raja Yoga is 'pranayama'. which includes breathing exercises for heating and cooling the body, raising its energy levels or relaxation. 'Prana', the vital energy, may be obtained from food and water, but the primary source is the air that is breathed. Control of it is directly linked with control of mind. Because of its power, the techniques should be practiced under the guidance of a teacher. The awakening of the 'kundalini' as a mean of Self-Realization depends on control over the
breath and therefore the 'prana'.

"If the mind is controlled, it is then capable of great service.  If it is not subdued, it creates endless pain and suffering. " Yoga Classes And Yoga Expert In New Delhi India

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Osho Picture Quotes Osho Wisdom Sayings Teachings On Love, Anger, Life, Happiness, Fear, Death, Sadness, Religion, Truth, Courage By Rohit Anand

Osho or Acharya Rajneesh as he was called was a Indian mystic, guru, philosopher and a spiritual teacher who gave many pearls of wisdom to humanity. We present here some of the best picture quotes of Osho, his teachings and sayings that you will find helpful in making your life better. This compilation of Osho sayings with photos on love, life, fear, truth, happiness, sadness, death, anger etc are the treasure for the betterment of people all over the world. 

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More.... Osho Words of Wisdom And Image Quotes

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Prince Harry Of Wales Birth Charts Love Astrology & Marriage Horoscope Compatibility By Top Celebrity Indian Astrologer Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Divyatattva Horoscope birth chart of Prince Harry Of Wales according to Vedic Astrology. Henry Charles Albert David is the youngest and dashing royal son of Charles and Diana of England. He has all the qualities that are required for him to be a future king. He is born with all fiery zodiac signs of Aries (Moon), Sagittarius (Ascendant) and Leo (Sun) according to Vedic astrology. He has got attractive persona, logical strategic mindset, boldness, analytical to some extent, assertive nature, dominant personality but integrated with warmth empathy and nurturing qualities important for a successful mating choice and future King.

 Britain's Prince Harry and the American actor Meghan Markle got engaged

Famous Personality And Celebrity Stars Astrology.

Horoscope Birth charts of Prince Harry by India's top celebrity astrologers and occultist Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

Royal Prince Harry was born on 15 September 1984 with Sagittarius zodiac ascendant at 17:47 degrees according to Vedic astrology with Moon sign of Aries in his zodiac horoscope charts. Being born with two fiery signs gives him reddish complexion, charming, hot looks, passionate and carefree nature. Harry of Wales possesses bold an courageous personality and a inbuilt nature of a warrior or soldier. His Sun being in another royal sign of Leo makes him classy, stylish, kind, honorable and with leadership qualities. He is extrovert, determined, and is firm in his decisions.

Love Life Compatibility Of Prince Harry, Romance And Marriage. In the horoscope charts of Prince Harry we see his planet of love and romance is placed in 10th house in Virgo which is debilitated in the Chitra constellation, which gives clear indication that he is most likely to have a love relationship or marriage with women who would be commoner. His seventh lord mercury is placed in the ninth house with Sun which is in its own zodiac sign of Leo. This makes him sociable, intelligent, gregarious with leadership skills, bravado and protective of his girlfriends. Britain's Prince Harry and the American actor Meghan Markle got engaged on 27-November-2017 under Rahu mahadasha and ketu antar dasha. Harry and Markle were first seen together in public life for their first official appearance together as couple in the month of September this year in Toronto at the Invictus Games which was a sporting event for wounded service personnel that Prince Harry spearheaded. Both love birds had been dating each other since 2016 since the romance hit the headlines in the year 2017.

Prince Harry Of Wales Astro Profile, Horoscope birth details, Kundli analysis.
Prince Harry Birth Charts,  Love Astrology, Marriage Horoscope Compatibility
Name : Prince Harry Of Wales or Henry Charles Albert David. 
Date of Birth : 15-Sep-1984.
Gender : Male.
Time Of Birth : 16:20 .
City : Paddington. 51.5160° N, 0.1749° W.
Country : England.
Vedic Astrology Ascendent Of Prince Harry Birth Chart : Sagittarius Zodiac.
Moon Sign or Rashi of Britain Prince Harry : Aries.
Nakshatra or star constellations: Krittika.
Zodiac Sun Sign of Prince Harry (Western) : Virgo.
Zodiac Sun Sign of Prince Harry (Eastern) : Leo.
Krishna Panchami (Ju) (13.46% left)
Vedic Weekday: Saturday (Sa)
Yoga:  Harshana (Su) (72.15% left)
Karana:   Taitula (Me) (26.92% left)
Hora Lord:     Mars (5 min sign: Ge)
Mahakala Hora: Mars (5 min sign: Aq)
Kaala Lord:    Mercury 
Chinese Astrology Zodiac Sign:  Wood Rat.
Parents :Diana, Princess of Wales, Charles, Prince of Wales UK. Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II who is fifth in line to the throne.
Education : Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Eton College, Ludgrove School, Wetherby School.
Love Life And Relationships of Prince Harry :US actress girlfriend Meghan Markle.
Height:  6' 2½" (1m89) tall
Awards Or Achievements: Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO).
His Profession And Works: Patron of many organisations, charitable work ,welfare of servicemen and women, working for orphan children and African conservation, campaigning for openness about mental health issues.
Prince Harry UnOfficial Website :
Prince Harry Of Wales Twitter Account :
Prince Harry On Instagram :

In the natal charts of Prince Harry we also find various auspicious yogas present like : Hamsa, Vesi, Nipuna, Amala, Parvata, Bheri, Chaamara, Mridanga, Sarasvati, Vimala, Kalpadruma, Raja Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga, Rajayoga, Mahayoga, Raja Sambhanda etc.

Vimsottari Dasa Of Horoscope Birth Charts Of Prince Harry Of Wales:

 Rah MD: 2007-03-24 (9:07:29) - 2025-03-24 (0:05:35)
  Ket AD: 2017-09-26 (9:35:22) - 2018-10-14 (22:06:16)

   Pratyantardasas in this Antar Dasha:

Ket: 2017-09-26 (9:35:22) - 2017-10-18 (17:55:58) .
Ven: 2017-10-18 (17:55:58) - 2017-12-20 (6:14:29).
Sun: 2017-12-20 (6:14:29) - 2018-01-07 (19:28:48).
Moon: 2018-01-07 (19:28:48) - 2018-02-07 (19:00:22).
Mars: 2018-02-07 (19:00:22) - 2018-03-01 (15:40:44).
Rah: 2018-03-01 (15:40:44) - 2018-04-28 (0:51:24).
Jup: 2018-04-28 (0:51:24) - 2018-06-19 (10:22:44).
Sat: 2018-06-19 (10:22:44) - 2018-08-21 (1:09:21).
Merc: 2018-08-21 (1:09:21) - 2018-10-14 (22:06:16).

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Leo Zodiac Men Free Horoscope Astrology Leo Man Personality Love & Sex Compatibility Characteristics : Top Indian Astrologer Rohit Anand New Delhi

Leo Men are the people ruled by Sun which gives them a hot personality, outgoing nature, extrovert and a egoistic attitude. Leo zodiac man is ambitious and quite charming in their way of dressing and grooming and quite attractive. Leo guys are honorable, materialistic, loyal and generous too according to Indian astrology or moon sign horoscope. Falling in love with Leo men is easy as they are quite attractive, stylish and in nature and prefers luxurious lifestyle that suits their status. Among the zodiac love signs Leo boys are the hot, fiery and passionate ones in the bed. By Hindu Vedic  Astrologer Rohit Anand, India.

Leo man, leo men, leo guys, leo zodiac, leo horoscopes

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Wisdom Quotes Of Indian Scriptures Gita Vedas Puranas Upanishads Shruti And Smriti of Hinduism Of India By Mystic Yogi Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma is the oldest divine wisdom of highest order revealed to humans on planet Earth given by god through the rishis or saints for spiritual evolution. These Eternal law of Righteousness need to be followed by mankind for achieving the state of enlightenment and bliss.

Wisdom Of Indian Hindus About Happiness Of Soul.

wisdom indian scriptures, wisdom quotes indian ancient scriptures vedas and upanishads

Quotes Of Indian Scriptures About God And Creation.

free will quotes, hindu indian scriptures wisdom, gita teachings, god spiritual quotations

Quotes And Revelations About Cosmic Intelligence In Human body.

Vedic wisdom, knolwedge of vedas, gita, puranas,upnaishad, cosmic intelligence

More.... Hindu Scriptures Vedic Wisdom And Indian Quotes

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Megan Fox Horoscope Birth Charts Megan Fox Astrology Zodiac Secrets Career Movies Love Life Relationships Hollywood Celebrity By Rohit Anand

Divyatattva Horoscope analysis of famous Hollywood actor Megan Fox and Her Birth Charts according to Vedic Astrology.  Celebrity Megan Fox is an American born actress and fashion model who is known for popular movies like "Transformers" etc. 

Megan Fox horoscope, Megan Fox Birth charts,Megan Fox Horosopes astrology, Megan Fox hollywood celebrity natal charts
Actress And Model Megan Fox - Celebrity Stars Astrology.

Horoscope Birth charts of Megan Fox by India's top celebrity astrologers and occultist Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

Hollywood actor Megan Fox is considered one of the modern female sex symbols, was born with Leo zodiac ascendant at 20:21 degrees according to Vedic astrology with Moon sign of Cancer in her zodiac horoscope charts. Being Leo at birth, gives her gorgeous, ambition, hot looks, classy attitude, brash and fiery aggressive energy to achieve success in Hollywood film industry and as a successful model. Megan Fox possesses fertile imagination, creative talents, sensitivity  due to presence of her moon the 12th house of zodiac making her work as a successful actress and dancer and actor in movies. This placement of moon also gives her sexy eyes and dreamy nature .

In her eleventh house we see placement of  planet Venus at 1 degrees in zodiac of Gemini which is the lord of 10th house of Taurus make her earn from media and entertainment industry. Venus in Gemini makes her more talented in dance, acting, arts and also attractive, confident, sensuous. Retrograde Saturn which is the lord of 6th and 7th house is aspecting the Sun which is the lord or lagna or ascendant give problems in married life, conflicting views and chances of divorce with husband as age progress. Eight lord planet Jupiter in the seventh house add more to challenges in married life and Ketu aspecting the seventh house from the third house causing the separating tendencies. Papa katri yogas in the natal chart brings less of peace or happiness with the life partner. Analyzing her lagna chalit birth chart and Navamsa chart gives her the tendencies of bisexual orientation. Saturn in the fourth house in scorpio zodiac will be the cause of her ill health and depression, back pains or bone problems as its the lord of sixth house and in direct aspect from Sun. Her moon in the twelfth house is being aspected from planet Mars in the 5th house put more strain on her mind and creating mental disturbances, restlessness and sleeping issues.

Presently she is undergoing the Sun mahadasha which is the lord of lagna placed in 10th house of her horoscope, so she will continue to do well in her career and have good name and fame in her life in the future but EGO problems with her employers can cause trouble to her causing some frustration in her professional career in the future. She is born with constellation of Ashlesha with Pada one according to Vedic astrology which is a star of transformation and healing energy with an esoteric nature, so needs to bring complete transformation through self improvement in her nature, personality and a healthier lifestyle and detachment in her approach towards relationship whether its person or professional. Having a debilitated planet Saturn in fourth house and in the Navamsa made her life and relationships pretty difficult right from childhood to middle age. If her hubby or partner's horoscope matches with those of her, then the negative impact on her married life will be lesser and if not then retaining a relationship or to be in marriage will be quite difficult.

Popular Hollywood Actor model Megan Fox Astro Profile, Horoscope birth details, Kundli analysis.

Name : Megan Denise Fox.
 Hottest Megan Fox Hot Pics, HD Images, Hot Photos hollywood celebrity Megan Fox Horoscope birth charts
Date of Birth : 16- May-1986.
Sex : Female.
Time Of Birth : 12:35 A.M.
City : Oak Ridge, Tennessee, city in Anderson and Roane counties.
Country :United States.
Vedic Astrology Ascendent Of Megan Fox Birth Chart : Leo Zodiac.
Moon Sign or Rashi of Hollywood Actress Megan Fox Natal charts : Cancer.
Nakshatra or star constellations: Ashlesha
Zodiac Sun Sign of Megan Fox : Taurus.
Chinese Astrology Zodiac Sign:  Fire Tiger
Parents : Gloria Darlene (Cisson) and Franklin Thomas Fox . 
Education : Began her training in dance and drama at age five at Kingston Elementary School, Virginia Beach, Virginia and St. Lucie West Centennial High School, Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA.
Profession : Hollywood Actress, Fashion Model, Film Producer.
Love Life And Relationships of Megan Fox : Married to actor Brian Austin Green.
Her Kids : Noah Shannon Green, Bodhi Ransom Green .
Height: Megan Fox is 5' 6" (1m68) tall.
Awards: Year1999 awarded in American Modeling and Talent Convention, nominated for an MTV Movie Award,
Megan Fox Popular TV Shows:What I Like About You, Two and a Half Men, New Girl, Wedding Band, Boss Girl.
Popular Movies Of Megan Fox :Teen comedy Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Jennifer's Body, Holiday in the Sun, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, Whore, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphins, Passion Play, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Zeroville
Her Other Ventures And Work :Appeared in magazines such as Maxim, Rolling Stone and FHM.
Megan Fox UnOfficial Website
Megan Fox Facebook :
Megan Fox On Instagram :

Famous Hollywood star Megan Fox is born in Ashlesha Nakshatra which lies in the zodiac sign of Cancer. People under this nakshatra are good in communication, have sharp intellect, independent, nervous, moody, mystical, seductive and has the ability to entertain. This constellation is ruled by planet Mercury and gives the ability to native to recover from mental and physical pain as well as heart sorrow and are passionate and if disciplined and motivated in constructive ways has the ability to accomplish greatness in their fields but can also be self destructive if the energies are not rightly channeled.

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Leo Men Daily Horoscopes And Astrology Moon Signs Personality
Angelina Jolie Birth Horoscope Charts, Zodiac Sign And Predictions

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Lenormand Clover Card Meaning In Readings Of Lenormand Spreads Clover Interpretation in Lenormand fortune Telling By Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Divyatattva presents list of possible Clover Lenormand Card  meanings in readings, Lenormand Clover Oracle Card  interpretation in Lenormand spreads  by Rohit Anand , New Delhi, India.

2. Lenormand Clover Card Meaning & Interpretation🍀

In Lenormand fortune telling cards, the Clover card generally represents luck and opportunities. Its card number is 2 and is represented by six of diamonds in cartomancy. When this card usually comes up in the lenormand spread it usually indicates all matters related to gambling, being lucky, getting opportunities, Short term etc. But meaning of card gets altered accordingly with the cards adjacent in the spread and in layout you are having. This card shows people are excited, favorably disposed and enjoying pleasurable times together and having hope when surrounded by positive cards.

Clover lenormand card, clover meaning, clover oracle card
Clover Lenormand Card No. 2 in Lenormand Deck With Other Cards. (Six of Diamonds)

General Keyword for Lenormand Clover Card: Lucky, Hope, Gamble, Short term, Excitement, Joy, Homeopathy, Optimism, Open Minded, Excited, Grass, Risk Taking, Opportunity, Lucky Break, By Chance, Casino, Poker, Betting money, Lottery, Little gains, Small money, Easy, Short Lived  .

Leanormand Clover card meaning in Love & Relationships: Short Term Relationship, One Night stand, Quick Sex, Attraction, Meeting someone unexpectedly, Sex for money or Pleasure, Chance Encounters, Quick Fling, Happy relationships, .

Lenormand Clover Card meaning In Health : Recovery from disease, Homeopathy treatment, get well soon, Nervous system and Aura of person, Small relief, herbal medicines, Eat Vegetables or go green.

Lenormand Clover Card meaning in Work, Career & Job : Things will turn out well but not as planned, Risk taking ability, Positive outcome, Luck Break, Sudden favors, In business chances are that it will pay off, Short term opportunity for job consideration, Daily wage earning, Weekly payment, Winning deals, Easy Job, Short term work.

Lenormand Clover Card meaning in Money & Prosperity :  Small gains, Little Money, kindness, quick money, lottery risk, prospering, good financial position in life,money from poker or gambling, luck or fortune is on your side, credit, Loans, Unexpected financial benefit.

Lenormand Clover Card Meaning in Spirituality: Positive Affirmations will benefit, Prayers and Luxmi mantras for enhancing luck, Talisman or Yantra according to Indian tantra or occult practises, Peace, Gratitude, Smiling and in harmony.

Lenormand Clover Card meaning in Time : Sudden, unexpected, within 2 days or 2 weeks. Something will happen very soon, quickly. Month Of February.

Lenormand Clover  Card meaning in Physical Attributes & Temperament: Happy, Person with blue or green eyes, Open-minded, Carefree, Adrenaline junkie, Risk taker, Opportunist, optimistic

Lenormand Clover Card meaning in Zodiac Signs : Sagittarius and Planet is Jupiter and Rahu .

Lenormand Clover Card Quality & Orientation : Positive card.

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Occult Animated Gif Photos Esoteric Alchemy Images Pagan Moon Pictures Backgrounds Wiccan Fantasy & Abstract Background Occultism Wallpapers

Divyatattva Mystical Fantasy pictures, Occultism photos, Alchemy books images, Pagan pictures and dark moon backgrounds .

GIF's Magical, Mystical, Fantasy, and Myth images  Glitter Graphics, Glitter Images, Glitter Pictures

crystal ball, mystic, mystical ball, Witchcraft and Occult images, Hermetic Magic & Occult

dark gothic pictures, cross goth photos, psychedelic, retro, trippy, witch, witchcraft

Esoteric and Occult Art

pagan pictures,paganism photos, full moon night images, occcultism graphics, stars background

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Charlize Theron Birth Charts Astrology Zodiac Horoscope Analysis Of Movies Love Life Success By Celebrity Astrologer Rohit Anand

Divyatattva Horoscope analysis of famous Hollywood actor Charlize Theron and her Birth Charts according to Vedic Astrology.  Celebrity Charlize Theron is the South African born actress who is known for popular movies like "Atomic Blonde" and "Mad max" etc. 
Charlize Theron horoscope, birth charts actors, zodiac astrology Charlize theron,HD Wallpaper for 4K UHD Widescreen desktop & smartphone
Horoscope Birth charts of Charlize theron by India's top celebrity astrologers and occultist Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

Hollywood actor Charlize Theron was born with Leo zodiac ascendant at 21:15 degrees according to Vedic astrology with Moon sign of Cancer in her horoscope charts. Zodiac sign of Leo gives her ambition, royal looks, classy attitude, vitality and fiery energy to achieve success in Hollywood film industry.Charlize Theron possesses fertile imagination, creative talents, sensitivity  due to presence of her moon the 12th house of zodiac making her work as a successful actress and also behind the scenes as director and producer of the movies. This placement of moon also gives her dreamy nature and tendency to leave all cares behind but a internally oriented mind with lot of conflicting thoughts making her worried.

In her ascendant we see placement of  planet Venus at 18 degrees making are personality gorgeous looking and quite charismatic in looks. Venus in Leo ascendant makes her more attractive, confident, sensuous and warm hearted.

Popular Hollywood Actor model Charlize Theron Astro Profile, Horoscope birth details, Kundli analysis.

Name : Charlize Theron.
Charlize Theron HD Images Latest Photos , horoscope zodiac charts, astrology sun sign hollywood celebrity
Date of Birth : 07- August-1975.
Sex : Female.
Time Of Birth : 08:23 A.M.
City : Benoni. Gauteng.
Country : South Africa.
Vedic Astrology Ascendent Of Charlize Theron Birth Chart : Leo Zodiac.
Moon Sign or Rashi of Hollywood Actress Charlize Theron Natal charts : Cancer.
Nakshatra or star constellations: Ashlesha
Zodiac Sun Sign of Charlize Theron : Leo.
Parents : Gerda Jacoba Aletta and Charles Jacobus Theron. 
Education :Putfontein Primary School, studies at the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg.
Profession : Hollywood Actress, Fashion Model, Film Producer.
Love Life And Relationships of Charlize Theron : Single & Unmarried for now.
Her Kids : Jackson Theron son and daughter August Theron .
Height: Charlize Theron is 5' 9½" (1m77) tall.
Awards: Academy Award for Best Actress. She ha also won Silver Bear, Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress among other accolades till date.
TV shows: Arrested Development, MTV Movie Awards.
Popular Movies Of Charlize Theron : Mad Max : Fury road, The Devil's Advocate, Young Adult, Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus, Dark Places, A Million Ways to Die in the West, The Burning Plain, The Fate of the Furious.
Her Other Ventures And Work : Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP), UN Messenger of Peace, Support African youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS, involved in women's rights organizations and supporter of same-sex marriages.
Charlize Theron UnOfficial Website :
Charlize Theron Official Website :

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Best Male Zodiac Signs According To Moon Sign Astrology

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Wisdom Of Vedas Quotes Of Hindus Teachings Upanishads Quotes From The Ancient Scriptures Of Hinduism By Rohit Anand India

Divyatattva Famous Hindu Scriptures Quotations of Veda and Upanishads Quotes, Wisdom Sayings, Phrases, Verses and Teachings by Rohit Anand, India

truth, wisdom, god, hindus, wisdom, quotes of hinduism

quotes desires, immortality, hindu quotes, sanatan dharma, hinduism wisdom, vedas verses picture quotes

Spiritual Awakening And Secrets Of Yoga Revealed
Yoga Picture Quotes And Spiritual Backgrounds 
Lord Krishna Wallpapers & Radha Krishna Backgrounds 

Mantra Gita Wisdom Meditation Yoga Tantra

Predictions Zodiac Tarot Card Readings Horoscope Tarot Astrology Correspondences Tarot Cards Suits and Astrology Zodiac Signs

Tarot Astrology Correspondences, Tarot and Astrology, Tarot Cards Suits and Astrology Zodiac Signs by Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

tarot astrology, tarot horoscopes, tarot zodiac, tarot readings free online, tarot consultations

In Tarot, every major and minor arcana card is related to twelve zodiac signs of the horoscope. If you are into learning tarot you can surely enhance your tarot readings and its accuracy if you are bit familiar with western or vedic astrology. As Astrology plays a important role in the readings and interpretation of Tarot cards. The tarot spreads are taken from the spiritual current portrayed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an esoteric order in the nineteen century whose important members were Aleister Crowley author of Thoth deck and Arther Edward Waite author of Rider-Waite deck.

The Seven Planets that were used by tarot experts in the past and what they represented in tarot readings.

    Sun = Represents the Atman/soul or the pure consciousness, energy or prana and the will power.
    Moon = Now this planet represents emotional self, the mind, imagination and the instincts.
    Mercury =  It represents power of discrimination, the intellect and power of reasoning.
    Venus = This planet represents the desire nature, sex, love, pleasures, material prosperity, name and fame.
    Mars = This planet is the vital energy, sexuality wars, fight, violence, ambition in life.
    Jupiter = Now this planet is expansive growth energy, money, dharma, luck and good fortune.
    Saturn =  This is the planet of materialism, fear, karma, restriction; limitation; self unknowing.

1. Aries Zodiac Sign and Tarot Card Of Emperor. The major arcana tarot card of Emperor represents zodiac sign of Aries. As emperor represents authority, courage, impulsiveness, energy, loyalty and quick-tempered. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, planet of leadership, command, vitality, force, dominance, sexual desire, and aggression.

2. Taurus Zodiac Sign And Tarot Card Of  Hierophant .Taurus the Earthly bull  is practical and represent traditions or religious structure for progress of humanity. It may seem an odd sign for a holy man, but it makes sense if you understand that the Hierophant's purpose is to bring the spiritual growth in structured way on the Earth. He guides with knowledge tell people, married, householders or the community, the right path of how to attain Dharma, Artha, Kama and finally the Moksha or enlightenment through righteous means with rituals, rites and study of scriptures following the religious structure that gives their lives order and meaning.

3. Gemini Zodiac Sign And Tarot Card Of Lovers .  Now zodiac sign of Gemini is associated with the card of  lovers in the tarot deck. There is always the choice before them between two alternatives. One path may be alluring, easy, pleasurable but painful in the end and the other the path of struggles, pain, sacrifice but gains and joy in the end. They need to take decision carefully, wisely and stick to the commitments, here mercury plays a part to use the power of discrimination.

4. Cancer Zodiac Sign In Horoscope And Tarot Card of  Chariot. The Chariot card represents victory and success after a period of hard work. As Cardinal signs, Cancer leads the way to success in their lives and the lives of those around them. Security is key for Cancer and this is the promise of the Chariot.

5. Leo Zodiac Sign And Tarot Card of Strength. Strength card represents your physical strength -- like that of the mighty Lion on your card -- as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual prowess. Like the Lion, you are blessed with plenty of courage, which helps you overcome problems and obstacles.

6. Virgo Zodiac Sign In Horoscope And Tarot Card of Hermit : Astrological glyph for Virgo in represented by Hermit who remains in solitude, gains wisdom, follows abstinence and then in deep meditation gets the knowledge to be shared for the benefit of humanity .

7. Libra Zodiac Sign in Birth Chart And Tarot Card Of Justice. rule peace and harmony. Libra hates conflict and presides over it graciously. Thus, Libra is marked by the Justice Card in Tarot, symbolizing balance and the scales of justice and diplomacy.

8. Scorpio Zodiac Sign in Natal Chart And Tarot Card Of Death. Scorpio is about powerful changes and transformations in life. The Death card brings this promise of new. It represents desire, rebirth, regeneration, renewal and decay of old.

9. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign in Horoscope And  Tarot Card of  Temperance .Fire Sign Sagittarius is a philosopher ruled by the big and expansive mighty Jupiter. Sagittarius learns about the big mysteries of the world by exploring it, and most often through travel, philosophy and studying. This makes Temperance the card that symbolizes Sagittarius. Temperance denotes harmony and balance and a constant flow of energy and unconditional love.

10. Capricorn Zodiac Sign And  Tarot Card Of  The Devil. Capricorn is also traditional and does things the right way, or not at all, most of the time. Sometimes the Devil gets the better of them making the Devil card the card that symbolizes Capricorn. The Devil card asks you to release these shadow acts.

11. Aquarius Zodiac Sign in Horoscope Charts And Tarot Card Of The Star.The Star tarot card is associated with Aquarius Zodiac sign or the water bearer and Saturn being its ruling planet. Aquarian people are curious, interest in facts, eager to learn more, acquire knowledge, open minded and intellectual. The stars we see in the card represents the uplifting consciousness through the seven chakras according to Hindu tantra philosophy.

12. Pisces Zodiac Sign in Birth Horoscope And Tarot Card Of Moon. The Pisces zodiac astrological sign associated with the the tarot card is that of Moon. Pisces people are usually spiritual, intuitive, psychic, esoteric, receptive and mysterious in nature. Being the 12th house in the horoscope its also represents and meditation, yoga, controlling the mind with spiritual practices in the solitude. In the moon tarot card we see water flowing and two dogs as representing the duality of Pisces sign, it is associated with imagination, dreams, the subconscious, emotions and illusions that we come across during our journey.

The Planets and their  Astrology correspondences in Tarot.

 Mercury – Magician tarot card.
 Moon – High Priestess tarot card.
 Venus – Empress tarot card.
 Jupiter – Wheel of Fortune tarot card.
 Mars – Tower tarot card.
 Sun – Sun tarot card.
 Saturn – World tarot card.

Elemental Associations of Tarot Cards to Zodiac Signs.

On an elemental basis, the court cards can be assigned as follows:

Wands:  These are Fire signs, including Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Pentacles: These are Earth signs, including Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Swords: These are Air signs, including Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Cups: These are Water signs, including Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Astrological signs is a unique combination of Modality and Element.

Cardinal or Movable: Forwardly directed energy, makes things happen, initiates movement in one direction. These signs are located at the beginning of the four quadrants of the chart – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn in the horoscope.

Fixed or Stable: This is Consolidating, solidifying, stabilizing and concentrated energies in the birth chart. These zodiac signs are located in the middle of each quadrant – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Mutable or Adjust With Times: Flexible and adaptable energy. Variable and adjustable, constant change. These signs are located at the end of each quadrant – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. 

Golden Dawn Astrological Correspondences in The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards.

The Suit of Cups In the Tarot Deck.

  Ace of Cups –  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces; The Water Signs of the Zodiac.
    Two of Cups –  Venus in Cancer.
tarot zodiac, tarot astrology, tarot astrology correspondences    Three of Cups – Mercury in Cancer.
    Four of Cups – Moon in Cancer.
    Five of Cups – Mars in Scorpio.
    Six of Cups – Sun in Scorpio.
    Seven of Cups – Venus in Scorpio.
    Eight of Cups – Saturn in Pisces.
    Nine of Cups – Jupiter in Pisces.
    Ten of Cups – Mars in Pisces.
    Page of Cups – Earth of Water.
    Knight of Cups – Air of Water.
    Queen of Cups – Water of Water.
    King of Cups –  Fire of Water.

The Suit of Pentacles in the Tarot Deck.

    Ace of Pentacles –  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. The Earthly zodiac signs of the horoscope.
    Two of Pentacles – Jupiter in Capricorn.
    Three of Pentacles – Mars in Capricorn.
    Four of Pentacles – Sun in Capricorn.
    Five of Pentacles – Mercury in Taurus.
    Six of Pentacles – Moon in Taurus.
    Seven of Pentacles – Saturn in Taurus.
    Eight of Pentacles – Sun in Virgo.
    Nine of Pentacles – Venus in Virgo.
    Ten of Pentacles – Mercury in Virgo.
    Page of Pentacles – Earth of Earth.
    Knight of Pentacles – Air of Earth.
    Queen of Pentacles – Water of Earth.
    King of Pentacles – Fire of Earth.

The Suit of Swords in the Tarot Deck.

    Ace of Swords – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The airy zodiac signs of the horoscope.
    Two of Swords – Moon in Libra.
    Three of Swords – Saturn in Libra.
    Four of Swords – Jupiter in Libra.
    Five of Swords – Venus in Aquarius.
    Six of Swords –  Mercury in Aquarius.
    Seven of Swords – Moon in Aquarius.
    Eight of Swords – Jupiter in Gemini.
    Nine of Swords – Mars in Gemini.
    Ten of Swords – Sun in Gemini.
    Page of Swords – Earth of Air.
    Knight of Swords – Air of Air.
    Queen of Swords – Water of Air.
    King of Swords – Fire of Air.

The Suit of Wands In The Tarot Deck.

    Ace of Wands – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The Fire Signs of the Zodiac.
    Two of Wands – Mars in Aries.
    Three of Wands – Sun in Aries.
Tarot free readings online, tarot zodiac
    Four of Wands – Venus in Aries.
    Five of Wands – Saturn in Leo.
    Six of Wands – Jupiter in Leo.
    Seven of Wands – Mars in Leo.
    Eight of Wands – Mercury in Sagittarius.
    Nine of Wands – Moon in Sagittarius.
    Ten of Wands – Saturn in Sagittarius.
    Page of Wands – Earth of Fire.
    Knight of Wands – Air of Fire.
    Queen of Wands – Water of Fire.
    King of Wands –  Fire of Fire.

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