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Famous Bollywood celebrity Priyanka Chopra horoscope analysis, birth charts predictions, kundli analysis about her career, love life, latest movies by India's top astrologer Shri Rohit Anand.

Vedic Horoscope Birth Charts or Kundali Analysis of Indian Film Actress Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra Astro Profile : Birth Details, Life, Career, Love, Movies and Biography.

Name : Priyanka Chopra.
Date of Birth : 18-July-1982.
Time Of Birth : 12: 30 AM or 1: 05 AM.
City of Birth : Jamshedpur.
State of Birth : Jharkhand.
Country Of Birth : India.
Profession And Occupation : Bollywood Actress, Celebrity Fashion Model.
Her Love Life, Relationships and Marriage : Nick Jonas.
Popular Movies : Popular films and works were Baywatch, Marikom, Krrish, Gustakhiyan, Don 2, The Jungle Book, Bajirao Mastani, Quantico, Ra one, Dostana, Fashion etc.
Modelling for Popular Magazines : Priyanka Chopra from her recent photoshoot for reputed magazines like Glamour, Esquire, Elle, Maxim and Vogue . 
Her Co Stars : Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan etc.

Priyanka Chopra horoscope charts, priyanka chopra astrology horoscope, priyanka chopra hot celebrity, priyanka chopra love and sex life, priyanka chopra bollywood actor kundliBollywood celebrity actress Priyanka chopra was born with Libra zodiac ascendant and and is having moon sign or rashi or Taurus. Now if you notice carefully both ascendant and rashi lord is planet Venus which is also the lord for creative art, acting, fashion, material gains, sensuality, sex, seduction, romance, films, aesthetics, men, love, affairs etc. We do see most of these qualities manifesting in her lifestyle, love life, career or profession she is in. she has got that exalted moon in Taurus rashi giving her a attractive and sensual looks and chubby face.She has got calm sturdy and pleasant personality and looks everything logically and in a balanced way and emotions under control bringing stability. Her Venus is creating nice dhana yoga with mercury and Rahu amplifying the material wealth she has earned with her being a movie actress while Venus and mercury supporting her profession making impression in her career among the masses or public. This even gives her career opportunities to work with international Hollywood celebrites and moveis. Sun the karka of career and skills bringing her name, fame, awards in the filed of media, stage performance or performing arts. Mars and Saturn conjunction brings breaks in her career but makes her workaholic person and more or action oriented women. In Rahu mahadasha she visited foreign countries for work and get success while traveling fulfilling her ambitions. Rahu and Venus together in Gemini with lord of the house mercury makes her playful, exotic, taboo breaking controversial relationships even with foreigners too. She always had weird situations in her personal life dealing with men. Sufferance and pain come to her in her life due to war between Saturn and Mars conjunction in 5th house makes things difficult with men and delaying her marriage creating obstacles.

The career success story of actress Priyanka Chopra began with her winning of Miss World Pageant in the year 2000 after which she became known to people. At that time, she was under the influence of Mercury antardahsa under Rahu mahadasha. Rahu is known for giving sudden fame and limelight. In Her natal charts Rahu is conjunct Venus, the planet of beauty, romance, performing arts, drama, cinema and drama and is aspected by Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune. She has got good Raja yoga and Dhana yoga in her horoscope makes her earn highly making her highest paid actress in bollywood in her times and she is able to save money to living the life of affluence. During Jupiter mahadasha also creating vipreeet raja yoga giving troubles in career but will also bring sudden rise in career reversing the struggles in life giving sudden gains and success.

But apart from all the success in her careers and materialistic achievements there are indications of an
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breakups, love affairs, scandals, unsatisfied or bad marital life for her till now. Her horoscope is not favorable for the satisfactory married life in the future as she will find it difficult to find right partner and may have a live in relationship with men. In the horoscope of Priyanka Chopra the Sthana Bala of seventh house has got minimum 330 points which is considered the least among all other houses. Seventh lord Mars is placed in the fifth house with planet Saturn is very bad indication for her love relationships and marriage or even begetting children not without the Cesarean. Even in the Ashtakvarga system Priyanka Chopra has low score of 24 points in her seventh house. Both Saturn and Mars are in the Virgo sign which is not considered auspicious in the  64th Navamsa in her divisional charts.

Now according to Jaimini Darakaraka karaka for marriage is supposed to be Sun. Sun is badly afflicted by planet Saturn and Rahu. Again the karaka for marriage Venus is badly afflicted in the horoscope with Rahu. Ascendant lord is placed with eleventh lord and sixth lord, which gives and indication of a separation, breakups with men and multiplicity in relationships. Afflicted Venus in a horoscope charts seldom gives marital bliss to the native. Her Navamsa chart is also indicates a bad marital life and getting married late in life and that marriage will also be troubled if she is not careful. In Jupiter mahadasha her focus will be for her to find someone as mate to be in relationship. She will be released of karmic debt in 32nd year from Saturn paving the way for getting married or be in a live in relationship with men and she is likely to get married in mid 30s or around 35. By Rohit Anand. ( Celebrity Astrologer, occultist, tarotist, oracle car reader, Lenormand Expert, Angel card reader, Tantric and certified Yoga expert)  

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