Dating Leo Women Zodiac Secrets Must Know About Leo Female Before You Date Her And Win Her Heart By Rohit Anand India

Dating A Leo Zodiac Women: Top things you must remember before you enter her lair. Secrets of Leo females you can't ignore before you date her. By Vedic Astrologer Rohit Anand,  New Delhi, India.

How To Date A Leo Zodiac Female and Emerge Successful?

Understanding Your Leo Zodiac Girl. One of the major constituents of Leo zodiac female are fire element which their mind and body made of, so they feel intensely and passionate about what they feel. Being the royal sign of zodiac, she considers not less then princess and like to get treatment like that and if you can do it you can make it. Being extrovert she is more of a outgoing personality and likes to mix with people with a class. So she is more compatible with person who don't have issues with material world, are self groomed in decent ways and know how to treat women in respectful ways.

Leo Moon Sign or Simha Rashi is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac in vedic astrology.
Time period: 22 July – 22 August.
Element: Fire.
Ruling planet: Sun or Surya.
Symbol: Lion.

Nakshatra or Constellations : Magha Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni, Uttara Nakshatra 1st pada.

A Leo zodiac women need to be given admiration, adoration, recognition and praise for her achievements and . she needs to feel that number one priority status in her partner's life because she disliked being in competition to other females that her man may encounter. She has a tendency to dominate in a relationship its is where things can go wrong with her when EGO comes in. When is she pampered, her soul become happy and then she feels like protecting everyone close to her,

Leo women are usually pretty, sophisticated and charming damsels who are ambitious and they love to date and mate with men who are career oriented, has ambition, well qualified and have comfortable living. Leo girls are supposed to get impressed and attracted to men in power, having good lifestyle, good achievements and qualifications a person might have will be an advantage. So don't forget her to tell her these in humble ways.

Women having zodiac moon sign or ascendant as Leo in a horoscope like to get social and be the centre of attraction and get compliments from her admirers, so you need to be comfortable with this and not complaining and be jealous of it or you will loose your chances of getting closer to her and in her good books. Leo girls like finer tasteful things of life, as her tastes are extravagant. She likes jewelry, branded clothes, beautiful women accessories, finer wine and dine, fancy luxury cars that can accentuate her beautiful appearance and give her ego a boost to feel like princess of wonderland and you being potential prince charming.So you should have deep pockets and similar lifestyle or maintain her high tastes without complaining. She also likes being showered with gifts and a nice dinner at expensive hotel while dating or on her birthdays and forgetting important dates means greatest sin.

Leo girls are are too careful with their hearts and shy to take initiative in matters of love and qualify anyone to consider anyone for dating unless you impress her by taking initiative with courtesy, mannerism and royal touch of sophistication. She craves for  your affection and gives importance to your small sentimental gestures on initial stages of dating like opening the gates of her car or offering her bouquet or pulling the chair for her in a nice ambient hotel. You also need to be attentive to what she has to say before little kitten becomes distant and if you succeed in giving your ears to her she will return it with warmth, blush but still take time to say the necessary words. Being playful and humorous in harmless ways also adds to your chances of getting success with her while courting her though big romantic gestures impress her fast and can stunned in awe quickly.

Its always good to impress a Leo species with your intelligence, strength and self confidence. She need to feel that you care comfortable with yourself and handling of lioness with regular doses of compliments according to Vedic astrologer Rohit Anand. Leo women are also very much independent females and they want to be with man who are just as independent and successful achiever as they are. They want their potential mates to guide them, but not to control them by curtailing their freedom or denying them their ambitions.

Another important thing one should remember is never to insult or humiliate Leo women as this is highly intolerable for them as they cannot survive with bruised Egos (being ruled by Sun) and rather its better for them to walk out of a relationship then to remain with damaged pride.

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