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Know the benefits of wearing gemstone Ruby, rashi ratna method of wearing, Manik astrological benefits, precious stones according to your horoscope and how to wear manikya birthstone by top vedic astrologers of Delhi Shri Rohit Anand Ji.

Ruby Gemstones Benefits Manik Uses, Healing Powers & Properties

💎Ruby Gemstone or Manikya (माणिक़) Stone : This precious stone comes in varied colors from pink, red to blood red gemstone and is used to enhance the beneficial powers of the Sun . The quality of  rubies is determined by its color,  type of cutting it has and clarity which, along with carat weight, affect its value. The brightest & most costly rubies are of red color red or blood-red or pigeon blood, commands a large premium over other rubies of similar quality. Ruby is also called by various names in India i.e. Manikya, Manik, Padmaraga, Red lotus color gem, Shona Ratna, Red jewel, Ravi-Ratna and Gem of the Sun.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Ruby Stone : Sun being the natural atmakarka for soul, it helps uplift ones consciousness, self confidence, self esteem, removes timidity and revitalize the body with energy and positivity. It improves eyesight, blood circulation and strengthens the heart or blood circulation.Wearing this birthstone can give success in competitive exams, govt jobs, improving health, good for agriculturists, politicians and government personnel. Ruby can also help improve leadership qualities, enhances personality, vitality, status, strength, authority. It can also assist in achieving name, fame, position and recognition.

Planet : Sun.

Astrology Zodiac Sign Ruler : Leo.
Day : Sunday.

Colors : Pink, Red, Blood Red. 

Upratnas or Other Substitutes To Ruby : Pink sapphire, Red Zircon, Red Garnet Red Tourmaline.
Mineral Hardness : Hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale .
Places Found : Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Srilanka, Nepal, Mozambique, Brazil and India.
Associated Month in Western Astrology : July.
Mineral Constituents : aluminum, chromium, oxygen and iron, Al2O3:Cr.
Carat Recommendation : Fom 3 carat  or ratti to 15 carat or ratti.

Price Range of  Rubies : From Rs. 300 to 30000/- per carat.

Ruby Recommendation : Only to be worn with strict guidance of vedic astrologer not otherwise.
Wearing Ruby Ratna : Gold element is used for wearing ruby as a ring or pendant. Ruby ring can be worn in the index finger of any hand as recommended by a competent astrologer.

Health Benefits of Wearing Ruby and Healing Properties of Manikya : If Ruby is worn correctly with the advise of a competent astrologist then it can help in curing Cardiac thrombosis, Heated and bilious constitution as per ayurveda, Cerebral meningitis, Eruptions of the face, Blood Ciculation issues, Heart diseases, Eye inflammation especially the right eye, Helpful in curing low or high blood pressures, Hemorrhage, Improving eyesight, Typhoid, Skin Problems, Polypus, Epilepsy, Bile complaints, Sun stroke, scorches, diseases of the head etc

Ruby, manik, gemstones, birth stonesManik or ruby gemstone can be worn in ring finger of right hand or as a pendant in the neck. Wearing gem stone of ruby as jewelry is different from wearing it specifically for  the purpose of mitigating the effects of Sun in the horoscope or strengthening the energies of the Sun. Ruby will give effects within 1 month after wearing and till 4 to 5 years will give full effects when energized properly. It can be worn on a muhurat or auspicious date given by a competent astrologer and mantras should be recited for its activation and energize it properly. Most rubies at the lower end of the market are heat treated to improve color, remove purple tinge, blue patches, and silk.

The chakra to which it is related is the Manipura chakra and wearing this ratna helps in harmonizing and balancing the energies of this chakra.

Mantra of the Sun is to be recited for wearing Ruby on Sunday : "Aum grinih suryaya namah",  which is to be repeated 7 times or 108 times for Sun talisman as per the advise of professional astrologer.

Note: Gemstones should never be worn without the guidance or consultations of a experienced and qualified vedic astrologer. As without prescription and proper methodology of wearing gemstone, can bring negative impact and be useless in giving desired results.

You can consult Shri Rohit Anand ji for finding out the correct gemstone to be worn by you presently that will bring out the best in you and give you success as per your horoscope and solve the problems you face in life currently. Recommendations are given by gemstone consultant for wearing lifestone, luckystone and gemstone for solving problem in the present times along with auspicious dates and time of wearing those gemstone after puja.

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