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Everything You wanted to know about Cancer zodiac woman. Her Personality traits, Cancer females love life, relationships, marriage astrology, compatibility with other zodiac signs in Vedic Astrology. By Shri Rohit Anand at Divyatattva.
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Cancer Women Personality Traits, Nature and Characteristics.

According to Indian astrology astrological zodiac sign of Cancer is considered to be the fourth house in the horoscope charts whose ruling planet is Moon. Its symbol is Crab and tattva or element is water. Cancerian girls are moody, sensitive, emotional, feminine, sexy, nurturing and usually beautiful too. The beautiful traits and characteristics of compassion, affection and empathy run deep within the Cancer zodiac girls, as they have inherent ability to give patient hearing to people in distress, pain and sorrow.They are highly security conscious and prefer a home life and rely on feelings to take decisions in their life. She can be intuitive and quite observing and their facial expression can tell you what feeling she is having for you. Cancer damsels can be amazing kisser, creatively romantic, sensual and pleasure to be around. In the horoscope birth charts of Cancer women if Planet Venus is placed in the Cancer sign with strength, it makes them extremely attractive and beautiful. She can be shy sometimes, gentle and will have that sparkle in her eyes and a dreamy face that will leave you mesmerized.

They can be volatile like the phases of the Moon with regard to her love life and relationships. She will be sweet and gentle at one moment and can also be snappy and crabby or critical too if she feels you have been dishonest or if she is in bad phase of mood swing. In love relationships Cancer women can be very romantic, passionate in bed, care of the feeling of the person she loves and also want to connect on the emotional level before she is fully with you in the bed. She can be quite imaginative in her sexual ways and would like to form a family or a long term relationship if she finds you compatible at mental and emotional level.

Zodiac : Cancer.
Birthday : June 21- July 22.
Nakshatra or Constellation : Cancer zodiac sign contains three Nakshatras ; Punarvasu Nakshatra, Pushya Nakshatra, Ashlesha Nakshatra.
Symbol : Crab.
Element : Water.
Ruling Planet : Moon.
Cardinal sign : Movable. 
Birth Stones For Cancer Zodiac women : Pearl, Moonstone.

Physical Traits & Features of a Cancer Zodiac Women : Cancer women are usually seen to be having round face and forehead with beautiful deep eyes. It is said that their beauty increases in the moonlight. They have lunar looks with rounded upper body features. They tend to be stout and with average height and plump body when they are in their thirties or forties. Her face will be soft, carry that freshness and some may also have fair complexion. Caner female will have round chin and almond shaped eyes with element of water giving depth and clarity with which one can peep into her emotions and soul. She has got good bust size with blue or black eyes depending upon the country she is born in. They can be intuitive, imaginative and graceful. If in Cancer women horoscope charts Moon is weak, afflicted or conjunct wrong planets then Cancer woman can be sulky, depressed, devious, revengeful, with erratic moods and inclined to self pity.

Cancer zodiac, cancer zodiac female, cancer zodiac girls, cancer zodiac woman personality, cancer women nature personality, horoscope cancer femalesRomantic, Love and Sex Life of Cancer Zodiac Females : Most Cancer zodiac woman are romantic, sensual and quite caring in love relationships. Some of them in initial stages might take time to open up till they are sure of your intentions and what you are upto. They need to constant assurance that you are with them at emotional level and good at understanding their feelings and ready to accept their mood swings without giving them the explanations. They seek security, deeper relationship, stability in a friendship or love that ends with starting of a family. They are also empowered with seduction powers and good at captivating your heart if they find you worthy as a friend and a lover who paid attention to smallest of feelings in interaction with them. She has a good retentive memory and when she finds you untrustworthy, lying, being insensitive to her feelings and hurt in a relationship she find it difficult to forgive, or forget and can be scathing in her observations about your behavior and pay back in same coin. She also cannot take criticism, taunts and once her sensitivities are hurt, she is likely to hold that grudge for longer periods of time. Cancer females likes to give a motherly touch to everyone around her social or circle of friends and relationships. She would be quite nurturing, caring, thoughtful and comforting to friends and family and is a thoughtful friend with a gentle spirit. She will be loyal, cook delicious food, take care of children, protective of those who appreciate and support her in their lives, career and ambitions. Cancer girls are intense and passionate lovers and can be quite surprise with their wild imaginations in the bed. But when there is heart break Cancer females are not able to cope up well and it can be hard, rough and depressive for them. Though they can fluid like water and are adaptable to their surroundings when they feel that connection with you and the family.

Cancer Women Love Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs : Best zodiac match for Cancer female are people belonging to sun sign or moon sign of Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn.

Famous Cancer Zodiac Females, celebrities who are having Cancer zodiac sun sign and Cancer zodiac moon sign: Princess Diana, Meryl Streep, Mink Kelly, Gisele Bรผndchen, Nicole Scherzinger, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez, Jessica Simpson, Pamela Anderson, Margot Robbie, Cheryl Cole etc.

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