How To Date A Scorpio Zodiac Man? Traits Scorpion Male & Compatibility

Dating a Scorpio Zodiac Men, Scorpio Male Personality Traits And Compatibility. How To Date Scorpion guy and Attract Him into Love Relationship?

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Divyatattva brings to you some of the important tips before you start dating a Scorpio man in your life. These dating tips will be quite helpful in attracting a Scorpio boyfriend or the Vrishschika rashi man you have a crush on or contemplating forming a love or long term relationship. First step towards this is understanding a Scorpio personality and its traits so that you can know his mind and attitude and well prepared to create favorable impression upon him.

Scorpio Man Personality Traits, Characteristics, Nature And Attitude.

Scorpio men are mostly of mysterious kind. They are hot, sexy, passionate, charming, secretive, jealous, vengeful and can be quite straight of they don't like about you or if they find you are trying to act smart with them or try to push them to reveal more about themselves on the first date as being secretive is part of their probing mind. They will reveal their personal information only when they feel interested in you and are comfortable after few meetings and greetings. Scorpio guys likes compliments, praise and if specially if they are made to feel special by women who wants to be closer to them. Scorpions are brutally honest people and they can give their opinion about you or your subjects on your face without hesitation but if they do restrict sometimes, it will start to show upon their faces, getting red. You might disagree with him on issues or certain topics but its better not try to win arguments with him with logic or emotions as that can be detrimental, best way out is to keep silence. Scorpio men also don't like women who are bossy, underestimate them and are in habit of lying to them. When you start to date a Scorpio man make sure you are keeping your focus on him and be prepared to share different aspects of your life with him. If they find you interesting in initial chat, they will plan a date to minutest detail keeping in mind your tastes, likes and dislikes and make sure you are safe. Meaningful and deep conversation are a good start on issues that interest him or on issues he seems to show interest. Scorpio man are intelligent and can be intuitive too and can know your maneuvers with their power of observation. They tend to spend time, make effort on girl they want a serious relationship with and wants his lady to be a one man guy. Being ruled by planet Mars they may show up with good solid macho exterior but inside they have lairs of emotions and sensitivity which they don't reveal easily especially on first date.

If you are kind of a flirty girl and try to flirt in front of him with a cute guy, you are heading for a
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trouble. If he is seeking serious long term love relationship, he prefers loyal and devoted kind of material girl. They can be very possessive and protective too when they are in a relationship or start to like you can explode like a Hulk like temper if they find you going astray or ditch him midway. They like to be control of situations or people, which every smart women dating a Scorpio should keep in mind.Making fun of Scorpio man, criticizing him before others or cheating upon him are taken as serious offence and this can lead to temper or violent repercussions. Scorpio guys can also have mood swings or resentment in their mind of the previous hurt or unanswered questions that would require patient handling as they might be more inquisitive about you than revealing about themselves first. Their minds work like a detective so be watchful what you say and claim and they a re surly going to investigate the truth and make a note of of it to collaborate with your future utterances to reach out the truth about you. Any discrepancies will invite further investigation to unearth the truth about you and your intentions. Scorpio zodiac males can also be suspicious, observant, manipulative, magnetic, irresistible and unyielding too. So you need to handle your guy with care, so as not to trigger this darker side of his with negative vibes.

Scorpio Zodiac Men In Love And Sex.

Scorpio men are amazing in bed and some of these species might look for quick passionate sex on the first date or the next one, which one should hold on. As sexual encounter with Scorpio man won't be the signal for a yes when you are dating him or if you are one of that material girl that seeks attachment or trying to create a positive impression after sleeping with him. Though they are quite intense in their relationship, they can go to extremes in relationships unless their horoscope carries moderating influences. Some of the Scorpions can be reserved too but they are skilled too in matters of love making when they do open up. They tend to respond to subtle gestures of seduction rather than vulgar ways of attraction. Scorpio guy do love have sexual pleasures as their drive is high and they enjoy getting intimate with women too but like to have air of dignity attached to it. He would never leave you in doubt about relationship and has the ability to tell you in direct manner whether he likes you or not. Cheating a Scorpio man can be troublesome for you as they find it hard to forgive and forget when they find out you have been disloyal to him. They can hold a grudge for long time when their ego gets bruised and can retaliate with their Scorpion sting.

Scorpio Love Compatibility Zodiac signs : Most compatible dating matches for Scorpio men are women having sun sign, moon sign or ascendant of Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces and Virgo. But it is advisable that if anyone seeks  a serious relationship or marriage with a Scorpio Man then its better to go for match making or love compatibility report with your Scorpio guy. Ask A Question About Horoscope

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