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Selena Gomez horoscope birth charts, zodiac sign, love astrology, sex life, relationship compatibility, career analysis, wealth yogas and riches in her life.We will be doing the kundali interpretation of Selena Gomez and doing predictions about her natal charts.
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Selena Gomez is one of the top young actress and singers of America who has known to give many hits in her music career and movies. She is of Mexican descent and was named after famous singer "Selena". According to Vedic astrology Selena Gomez was born with Cancer zodiac Ascendant and Aries moon sign according to her horoscope. She is a sensitive, passionate, bold, romantic and gorgeous women. Zodiac sign of Karka or Cancer makes her emotional but at the same time strong, determined and ambitious person with rashi of Aries and enables her to achieve what she wants in life. She achieve name and fame at easily mainly because of  planet Venus in her Ascendant in the sign of Cancer, this not only brought her to acting career in early age but also made her a attractive and beautiful diva in the Hollywood. Her Sun sign makes her quite romantic, sexual, tender, sympathetic and caring women in relationships with men. She also has the capacity to protect the people she loves and can be sometimes possessive about people close to her. People of such rashis can be good friends but sometimes can co to extremes in loving others and hate too when they fall out of grace, this can lead to depression or addiction.

As her kundali indicates that she might be attracted to taking alcohol and can easily be addicted to it ruining her health. But presence of Sun in lagna also gives hr courage to face the challenges of life with courage and determination and overcome the problems in her life.

Her first acting role was given to her in "Gianna" in the popular 1990's children's television show Barney & Friends, alongside with popular actor Demi Lovato from 2002-2004. Selena Gomez also had film roles in Spy Kids 3: Game Over (2003), Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire in (2005), and House Broken released in (2006).

Selena Gomez Horoscope Natal Charts, Kundli Analysis, Zodiac Moon sign.

Name : Selena Gomez. Nick Name : Selly, Conchita.

Date of Birth : 22 July 1992.

Time of Birth : 07 : 19 A.M.

Place of Birth : Grand Prairie (TX) United States.

Selena Gomez Moon Sign : Aries.

Selena Gomez Sun sign : Cancer.

Parents : Daughter of Mandy Teefey and Ricardo Gomez.

Her Height : 5 feet 5 inches.

Education : Danny Jones Middle School located in Texas.

Her Inspiration : Rachel McAdams

Selena Gomez Career, Wealth and Riches. She will achieve much name, fame, awards and recognition for her works in her profession as an actor and singer. But she will also be prone to changing her career from time to time. Her birth charts indicate that she will have fairly good wealth and riches accumulated in her life to be a millionaire. Planet Venus showered its blessings upon her at early age to get success in her career and make her name in singing career and acting too. From 2018 she will be entering Sun dasha make her more prominent and popular with her fans worldwide because of her work . She will also achieve much success, prominence, awards and recognition by the reputed organizations, govt, and institutions for her contribution as singer, actor and philanthropist. Some of the best wealth giving planets in her horoscope charts are Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. 

If we analyze her horoscope charts we find that she has three strong planets i.e. Sun , Venus and Mercury in the lagna making her talented in acting, singing and being versatile in performing arts. Her lagna lord Moon is sitting in the 10 house of her D 1 charts giving her much travels, success, royalty, optimism but volatile circumstances in professional rise with ups and downs too.

Selena Gomez Career, Profession : Actor, Singer.

Selena Gomez Movies : Films she has done are Another Cinderella Story 2008, Princess Protection Program in (2009), Ramona and Beezus in (2010), Monte Carlo in 2011, Spring Breakers in the  year 2012, Getaway in 2013 and The Fundamentals of Caring in 2016.

Her Other Works and Achievements : Involved with the charity Raise Hope for Congo which helps raise awareness about the violence against Congolese women.

Her Co-Stars :  David Henrie, Jennifer Stone, David DeLuise, Maria Canals-Barrera and Jake T. Austin .

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Selena Gomez Hindu Astrology, Kundli, Natal Charts Details :

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Angirasa - Ashadha.
Tithi:  Krishna Ashtami (Ra) (89.95% left).
Vedic Weekday: Wednesday (Me).
Nakshatra: Aswini (Ke) (89.53% left).
Yoga:  Dhriti (Ra) (68.10% left).
Karana: Balava (Mo) (79.90% left).
Hora Lord: Mercury (5 min sign: Ar).
Mahakala Hora: Venus (5 min sign: Aq).
Kaala Lord: Mercury (Mahakala: Mercury).
Astrology yogas in the horoscope of Selena Gomez are : In her D1 birth charts following yogas are present : Sasa, Vesi, Nipuna, Paasa, Bheri, Saraswati, Yogada, Raja Sambhanda etc.

Selena Gomez Romantic life, Love Relationships and Sexuality.

She will have many breakups and unstable or frustrating love relationships with men. Her divisional charts indicate that she is likely to have more than three love affairs or relationship with men in her lifetime. Her marriage will be delayed and and find it difficult to manage her married life. She will have divorce with her husband in the future and a heartbreak. Her love life will be ruined because of bad influence of her friends, poor choice of men in her life and alcohol problems. She will be highly sexual and passionate in her relationship with her boyfriends and that will make her romantic life spicy but also take a toll on her health.

Selena Gomez Boyfriends, Love Relationships or Marriage : Justin Bieber, Weeknd, Samuel Krost, Zedd, Taylor Lautner, Nick Jonas etc.

Vimsottari Dasa or Selena Gomez Kundali:

 Sun MD: 2018-10-29 (3:40:28 pm) - 2024-10-29 (4:35:39 am)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Sun: 2018-10-29 (3:40:28 pm) - 2019-02-13 (4:18:47 am)
  Moon: 2019-02-13 (4:18:47 am) - 2019-08-17 (8:51:07 am)
  Mars: 2019-08-17 (8:51:07 am) - 2019-12-22 (8:22:20 am)
  Rah: 2019-12-22 (8:22:20 am) - 2020-11-16 (2:25:03 am)
  Jup: 2020-11-16 (2:25:03 am) - 2021-09-04 (12:46:56 pm)
  Sat: 2021-09-04 (12:46:56 pm) - 2022-08-17 (3:12:11 am)
  Merc: 2022-08-17 (3:12:11 am) - 2023-06-21 (8:54:47 pm)
  Ket: 2023-06-21 (8:54:47 pm) - 2023-10-29 (10:23:27 pm)
  Ven: 2023-10-29 (10:23:27 pm) - 2024-10-29 (4:35:39 am)

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