Quotes of Wisdom Inspirational Quote & Sayings By Rohit Anand

My purpose of writing these beautiful wisdom quotes and inspirational quotes is to awaken you, make your life better to help you in your endeavors, inspire you to achieve something great and achieve your goals with love. By Rohit Anand - Mystic, Yogi,  Poet and a Astrologer.

Top Words Of Wisdom About Life, Love, Positivity & Women.

* Always show appreciation in life. What you take for granted will eventually taken away from you in the end. Then you end of missing most what you least appreciated.

* Awakened man does not seek revenge, nor tries to injure those who injure him.

* Sometimes in life we feel like going away, just to see who bothers to come after us to show they love us, care and value us.

* Peace begins in your life when expectations and desires ends.

* Beauty can only get attention for a while but its the character that will make you retain it forever.

* Anger solves nothing, builds nothing but has the capacity to destroy everything. Its gateway to hell.

* Become somebody which nobody thought you could be. Arise. Its not late.

* Out of suffering has emerged the strongest souls, most influencing characters are seared with scars of life.

* He only indulges in sensual pleasures of life, lives in vain. He wastes away his precious life.

* True love is not about first sight, but love at every sight always.

Short Wisdom Quotes.

* When you are at your lowest, just look into your highest.

* Every women is beautiful but it always take right man to see the beauty in her and appreciate it.

* It is always better to know thyself, rather than be fooled and used by others with false EGO satisfaction.

* When the wrong people start to exit from your life, good things start to happen in your life.

* Life is not about finding yourself, its about creating yourself. Yoga is the way.

* Always be useful to everyone, worthless are cast aside in life.

* Real communication happens when you are silent. More you are silent, more you can hear.

* Be the goddess who honors her body as the sacred temple as the spirit of life. Let each devotee enter her temple with respects, gratitude and love.

* Some people are dark clouds in your life, they need to disappear to have a bright day and sunshine.

* Never get so busy in making a living that you forget to make your life.

* Forget what hurt you in life but never forget what it taught you in life.

* Those who seek help from outside are often disappointed. Real help truly come from inner inexhaustible source.

Wise Inspirational Quotes.

* To be in gratitude always is to live in continuous abundance.

* Real abundance in life is not based upon net worth. But it is based upon joy, peace, health, Virtues and self worth.

* Everytime you appreciate anyone, you raise their value equal to your own and to others.

* Self Improving person is always an increasingly happy person.

* Wise men don't need the most beautiful women to love, but they need to women who can make their world beautiful with her virtues.

* A women is the full circle within her power to create, nurture and transform.

* Women are the masterpiece of god. Respect her, worship her,  love her, praise her, express your gratitude, recognize her sacrifices and you will witness ascension in the highest spaces of consciousness.

* Your future depends upon your present. What is that your thoughts and actions producing now? Is it hatred, violence or violence, this will surely bring misery, suffering, pain, diseases and destruction. If its producing love, kindness, peace happiness, you will receive the same.

* Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is whether to say it or not to a person.

* Mark of maturity in a person is reflected when someone hurts you, you don't hit back but try to understand their situation instead of hurting them back.

* Do not try to correct a fool as he will hate you for it, try to correct a wise and he will appreciate you.

By Rohit Anand Copyright @ 2018 www.Divyatattva.in.

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