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Hindu God Balaji Wallpapers Gallery Tirupati Balaji HD Photos Free Download

Hindu god Balaji wallpapers in hd, venkateswara swamy photos original photos for free personal use only. Best balaji images hd download, Tirupati balaji photos and latest tirupati balaji wallpaper hd download.

Hindu Gods , venkateswara swamy photos original, Balaji Wallpapers online

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Sri Tirupati Balaji HD Wallpapers, Venkata Image Photos for Desktop, Lord Tirupati Balaji Darshan images and HD Original Wallpapers.

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Divyatattva free to download hd latest wallpapers of Indian gods, goddess, saints, yoga inspirational photos 2020-2021, India.

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Lord Rama Sita Hanuman HD Wallpapers Free Download Hindu Gods Backgrounds

Divyatattva India brings you most beautiful Hindu Gods pictures, wallpapers and backgrounds for personal use. Here you can download Shri Rama, Sita, Laxman and God Hanuman photos, pictures,images free.

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hindu gods shri rama, sita, laxma, hanuman hd wallpaper, pictures, photos, images for mobile ipd and smartphones

More..... Shri Ram, Sita, Hanuman Full Size Wallpapers and Backgrounds

 Lord Hanuman Ji 4K HD Wallpapers

Hindu God Tirupati Balaji Full Size Wallpapers

Sri Rama, Laxman, Mata Sita and Lord Hanuman hd wallpapers, backgrounds and pictures 2020-2021, India.

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Cricketer Virat Kohli Birthday Zodiac Horoscope Kundali Janam Patri Analysis by Rohit Anand : Top Celebrity Astrologers of India

India celebrity cricketer Virat Kohli Birthday, Vedic astrology birth chart,  Zodiac Horoscope, Kundali , Janam Patri Analysis by Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.
Virat Kohli Vedic astrology birth chart,Rashi , Zodiac Horoscopes, Kundli, Janam Patri and natal charts
Virat Kohli is a popular cricketer of India who is known to taste success early in life and has many records,awards, accolades to his career as a celebrity sportsperson. He was born in the month of Nov in the year 1988 in New Delhi under Sagittarius zodiac ascendant and rashi being Virgo according to Vedic Astrology. Born under Sagittarius lagna make him practical, bold, smart, ambitious, hard worker and optimistic who considers every goal as lofty and ambitious, and every obstacle he faces is just a chance to improve upoon himself as a sports person. Being Virgo rashi makes him organized, practical, intelligent, analytical, rational, active, enterprizing, insightful, helpful and sympathetic too being governed by planet Mercury. Born under Balava karana makes him an independent and free progressive thinker.  * Your Free Astrology Online

Name : Virat Kohli.

Date of Birth or Birthday : 5 November 1988.

Time of birth : 10 : 28.

City and State : New Delhi.

Country : India.

Rasi/ Moon Sign: Virgo

Nakshatra or star constellations: Uttaraphal.

Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Western): Scorpion.

Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Indian): Libra.

Virat Kohli Personality as per his Horoscope Natal Charts.

At the time of your birth the astrological configuration was Sagittarius Ascendant ( Lagna ) on the rise with Gemini Navamsa and Sagittarius Dreskana in the third Pad of Moola which projects you as a person effusing health, wealth and happiness. Undoubtedly, you are born lucky.

You have everything going in your favour. You are endowed with an attractive personality, you are an interesting conversationalist having a high sense of humour, you are not afraid of telling the truth in public even if it rubs others on the wrong side and you will have a happy home.

What more can an individual ask for ? Well, you can ask for unimpaired health, as there are indications that you may be stricken in later years with diseases like gout, ulcers, rheumatism and apoplexy. If you don't take advance precautions against them, you will be sorry.

Better develop from now on an interest in religion and philosophy and cultivate a sense of detachment. Since you are god-fearing and learned, you can make a deeper study of the philosophy of life and contribute as much for charity as you can.

It is during your 27th or 31st years that you may hit the jackpot. Either or those two years will bring immense benefits to you. Concentrate at those times on organising seminars and group discussions, as you have good organisational ability, with the additional qualifications of being an impressive orator and a clever go-getter. If you come out with flying colours in this, then you can hope to prosper further in whatever your profession, because not only would your reputation have enhanced, your circle of contacts too would have widened. * Accurate Tarot Readings Online

Natal Chart, Kundli of Virat Kohli in Indian Astrology.

Date:          November 5, 1988
Time:          10:28:44 am
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         77 E 12' 00", 28 N 36' 00"
               New Delhi, India
Lunar Yr-Mo:   Vibhava - Aswayuja
Tithi:         Krishna Ekadasi (Ma) (8.06% left)
Vedic Weekday: Saturday (Sa)
Nakshatra:     Uttara Phalguni (Su) (72.36% left)
Yoga:          Vaidhriti (Ju) (77.47% left)
Karana:        Balava (Mo) (16.12% left)
Hora Lord:     Sun (5 min sign: Ta)
Mahakala Hora: Venus (5 min sign: Sc)
Kaala Lord:    Rahu (Mahakala: Rahu)

Virat Kohli Love Relationships, Marriage and Married Life Forecasts.
Virat Kohli astrology, Virat Kohli kundali Virat Kohli astrology, Virat Kohli zodiac sign

Virat Kohli got married to bollywood actress Anushka Sharm in the December 2017 during Rahu Saturn Mercury Dasha. In his D1 charts Saturn aspects the 3rd house with Rahu in it and it also aspects the Seventh house of love and marriage and 10th house of profession affecting both with positively. As per love astrology, Virat Kohli seventh house lord is planet Mercury in the 11th house of his natal charts with debilitated Sun in zodaic of Libra and dispositor Venus or planet of love is also in the house of profession 10th house and debilitated with eigth lord Moon. This gives secret love affair with women in his life and many ups and downs in relationships and married life. He will have love realtionship with more than three women in his life and someof them will be before marriage.Though you will have an understanding spouse and good children, all may not be smooth sailing for you at home. This is because you get irked by petty things and lose your temper quickly with the result you may find yourself isolated. Learn to check your outbursts. * Lenormand Oracle Readings & Predictions

Virat Kohli Profession, Career Astrology, Future Predictions.

Virat Kohli became world top celebrity with Cricket as his career and achieved quite name, fame and made new records in his profession. Now we see many auspicious yogas in his horoscope that are responsible for giving him such stupendous success. He has got Parivartan yoga between the 11th House and 10th house lord that gives much money, income from profession and recognition in his work as a cricketer and model. His eleventh lord is sitting in kendra in the tenth house or Virgo and tenth house planet is in the eleventh house of Libra. Though planet Venus is Debilitated in the Virgo but gains strength in the Navamsa Charts being in the Taurus zodiac with ninth lord Saturn. Lord of 2nd house and 3rd house of sports Saturn is placed in the lagna gives him discipline, hard working ability and profession as a cricketer. This also makes him self made man with his own effort and use of arms with training since childhood.

In the year 2006 was the year of beginning of the career in cricket in his life. Virat Kohli was selected in the India Under 19 cricket team on its tour of England and later played his 1st Ranji trophy debut for Delhi. This was when his Mahadasha/Antardasha  of Mars-Mercury was running  running – Mercury is his 10th lord of profession and that of 7th house of Gemini zodiac, which is involved in a powerful rajayoga in his kundali.

He was running the Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn antardasha in the year 2018 and Rahu -Mercury that gave him much success in his career in 2019-2020. In the Varga charts of Dasamamsa we see Saturn and exalted Mars again in its own house of Capricorn lending strength to professional success, name, fame and awards, Rahu being placed in the 3rd house of Aquarius giving him sudden rise and exceptional talent and rapid rise in this chosen field. In the D 10 chart we see exalted Sun and Jupiter placed in the 3rd house gives him much courage, boldness to achieve his goals in his career and reach the peak in his profession.

He won awards like awards like Padma Shri in 2017 in the Rahu Saturn dasa, Arjuna Award for cricket in 2013 in the Rahu-Jupiter dasha, People's Choice Awards India for Favorite Sportsperson and ICC One Day International Player of the Year Award in 2012 in Rahu-Rahu dasa further justifies his success. In the year 2011 World Cup cricket match, Virat was the first Indian cricketer who score a century and at that time he was having the Rahu Mahadasa of his D1 natal chart. He has also become famous for when he has touched many hearts with his charity activities and philanthropic deeds too in his life. He started his own charity foundation called Virat Kohli Foundation in the year 2013 for underprivileged kids to hep them get education and all help they need.  Planet Jupiter being badly placed in the sixth house of his horoscope charts & in state of retrogression had an impact on his cricket and deteriorated his playing strategy & his decisions failed in the field of cricket. It was during this period that his ladylove, Anushka Sharma was also dragged in the controversy causing him bad luck and distraction in his cricket.

Some of the he professions that suits you are becoming an cricket commentator, cricket analyst advocate, writer, orator, sportsmen, politician or religious preacher too.

Your lucky days are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday whereas Monday is average. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are inauspicious.

Since numbers play an important role in your life, rely on 3, 5, 6 and 8, avoiding 2, 7 and 9.

The colours you would do well to opt for are white, cream, orange, blue, green and emerald. Red, pearl and black don't suit you.

Vimsottari Dasa or Mahadasha or Virat Kohli Horoscope or Kundali.

 Rah MD: 2010-03-07 (6:28:31 am) - 2028-03-06 (9:07:25 pm)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Rah: 2010-03-07 (6:28:31 am) - 2012-11-20 (12:50:32 pm)
  Jup: 2012-11-20 (12:50:32 pm) - 2015-04-12 (9:08:07 pm)
  Sat: 2015-04-12 (9:08:07 pm) - 2018-02-17 (9:51:44 am)
  Merc: 2018-02-17 (9:51:44 am) - 2020-09-08 (10:14:41 pm)
  Ket: 2020-09-08 (10:14:41 pm) - 2021-09-27 (3:00:20 pm)
  Ven: 2021-09-27 (3:00:20 pm) - 2024-09-27 (9:28:35 am)
  Sun: 2024-09-27 (9:28:35 am) - 2025-08-21 (2:05:44 pm)
  Moon: 2025-08-21 (2:05:44 pm) - 2027-02-17 (5:14:29 pm)
  Mars: 2027-02-17 (5:14:29 pm) - 2028-03-06 (9:07:25 pm)

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Divyatattva celebrity astrology, free horoscopes online, weekly predictions, monthly forecasts, 2020-2021, India.

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New Year Wishes Wallpapers Xmas Backgrounds Images Free Download

Divyatattva brings you some of the most beautiful New year free to download wallpapers, Xmas backgrounds and decoration images which you can downloaded free for personal use.

new year greetings wallpaper, happy new year messages photos, happy new year pictures celebrations

Happy New year photos and pictures for free, new year xmas pics,png photos

xmas wallpaper,new year decoration photos, happy new year pictures

More.... New Year Greetings , Messages, Decoration Wallpapers

 Happy Christmas HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds
 Yoga And Meditations Inspirations Quotes with Images

Divyatattva New Year Wishes, Happy New Year Wallpapers, New yEar Messages and Quotes 2020-2021, India.

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Kylie Jenner Horoscope Zodiac Sign Birthday Date Vedic Astrology Natal Charts Analysis

We at Divyatattva will be doing the birth charts analysis of famous socialite, model and business women Kylie Jenner horoscope, zodiac sign,  her career, love life, scandals, relationships, marriage, career and business prospects and predictions for the future. By India's top Celebrity astrologer , Tarotist, Occultist Shri Rohit Anand Ji

Kylie Jenner horoscope charts, Kylie Jenner kundali, vedic astrology online free predicitons

According to Vedic astrology Kylie Jenner was born on 10 August 1997 in Los Angeles in united States of America. At the time of her birth Zodiac of Sagittarius was rising on the eastern horizon. Her Moon Sign or rashi as per Indian astrology is Libra. This makes her charming, sexy, sensual, graceful, loving, romantic with well propotioned body. She will have beautiful houra glass body, oval face and with expressive eyes. Libra women are beautiful damsels, romantic, love sex, falls in love in early age, have an eye for beauty, fashionable, love good surroundings and diplomatic.

Name: Kylie Jenner. 

Gender: Female. 

Date of Birth: 10 Aug, 1997. 

Time : 17:25. 

Place : Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Kylie Jenner Career Astrology, Business, Professional life Horoscope Predictions.

Kylie Kristen Jenner is an American media personality, a young billionaire & buisness women and starred in the E! reality television series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" since 2007 and is also the founder and owner of cosmetic company known as Kylie Cosmetics. In the year 2012, she collaborated with the clothing brand Pacsun, along with her sister Kendall and created a line of clothing, "Kendall & Kylie".

You are a blessed one indeed, as indicated by the configuration of Sagittarius Ascendant ( Lagna ) rising with Leo Navamsa and Aries Dreskana in the first Pad of Poorvashadha. You are in for a smooth, see innings, enjoying wealth and all the good things of life.

There can be no stopping you when you attain the age of 28 which will prove the luckiest period of your life. With that as the stepping stone, you will rise to good heights of material prosperity. Naturally, you will tend to become proud, even arrogant sometimes, but don't get naughty. You will remain a law- abiding citizen, very much attached to your spouse and children for whose sake you will be prepared to make any sacrifice. You will also be loyal to your friends whom you will assist in times of their need. Helpful by nature, you will donate to charity.

An honest and upright individual you firmly believe in doing everything above board. That is why you will speak out the truth in any gathering, even if it is unpalatable to others. If others resent your candid and frank utterance, you couldn't care less. Consequently, you will become unpopular with vestal interests. But you won't budge, as you attach much importance to principles.

You will go about your job in an intelligent, methodic manner, working out your plan of action well in advance. Pursuing it with dedication and hard work, you will achieve your goal, which brings in monetary benefits and provides you with a sense of fulfillment.

You can choose a profession that blend with your nature. The ones recommended for you are writing, editing, book publishing, fashion, beauty, politics or being attached with religious or educational institutions too for charity purposes. Since you have a soft corner for foreigners, you can develop contacts with them and manage a trip or two abroad. At any rate, you will have to avoid indulging in speculation as it will prove disastrous.

Kyle Jenner Love Life, Romantic Relationships, Marriage, Breakups and Scandals.

Analyzing her love life , marriage and 7th house of love and relationships, it seems she will have many ups and downs in her romantic life, and relationship with men in her life. There will be breakups, separations in early love life and she is likely to choose someone as her partner from different country or country of origin. though she would plan to get married to one she loves but there will be issues of trust, cheating, and love scandals with one she forms relationship. Her planet Jupiter is retrograde and debilitated in the second house of her kundli or natal charts. Jupiter is also afflicted by Sun getting aspect fromt he 8th house and Mars who is the lord of the 12 house and 5th house in her horoscope.

You can prosper even better if you follow the guidelines listed below:

Your lucky days are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday whereas Monday is average. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are inauspicious.

Among the numbers, plump for 3, 5, 6 and 8, keeping clear of 2, 7 and 9.

You will stand to benefit if you avoid red, pearl and black colours, and go in for white, cream, green, orange, emerald and blue.

Get your personal horoscope birth charts, horoscopes readings online, tarot card readings, lenormand predictions, oracle cards reading, angel card reading at Divyatattva India. Leave the comment below in the comment box or fillup the form onour site or contact at Divyatattva @ with your questions and accurate birth details.

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Aries Zodiac Facts in Vedic Astrology Aries Memes Aries Traits and Qualities

Aries is the first zodiac in the vedic astrology and people born under this sign both men and women exhibit certain personality traits, nature, characteristics. In these Aries memes or Aries moon sign pictures we bring you some of most prominent facts, qualities, attitudes, abilities, qualities of both females and males. By Shri Rohit Anand - World famous Astrologers and Occultist at Divyatattva India.

Aries, Aries rashi, Aries moon sign Aries zodiac, Aries astrology, Aries traits, Aries personality

Aries in vedic astrology, Aries moon sign Aries facts, Aries memes, Aries kundali

aries eminent personalities,  aries characteristics , zodiac signs


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Divyatattva Aries daily astrology facts, Aries women and men personality traits 2019- 2020,India.

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Hrithik Roshan Zodiac Sign Horoscope Astrology Birth Charts Analysis By Rohit Anand India

Bollywood celebrity Hrithik Roshan Horoscope birth charts, vedic astrology kundali, his love realtionships, marriage and predictions about his career in movies. By  Top Celebrity Astrologers of World Shri Rohit Anand Ji, India.

Hrithik Roshan horosscopes, bollywood celebrity kundali natal charts online

Famous Indian actor Hrithik Roshan was born on 10th December 1974 in Mumbai, India. According to Vedic Astrology at he time of his birth Libra ascendant was rising in his kundli. He has been a accomplished actor, model, dancer and known for quite dashing dance moves on the floor and his toned muscular physique. He has done some popular hindi films like War, Superr30, Krrish, Dhoom2, Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, Bang Bang and Agneepath etc.

What makes him so successful, famous, rich, and popular among young, kids, women and teens is what we will know from his kundali. We will be studying and analyzing the horoscope of Hrithik Roshan to know the answers to these questions according to established principles of Vedic astrology or Indian astrology. As he was born under Libra zodiac & Chitra Nakshatra in the ascendant with Moon in the lagna makes him magnetic, charming, sensual, popular, sexy and attractive among females.

Indian Film Star Hrithik Roshan Janam Kundali, Birth Date Zodiac Natal charts. * Get Your Horoscope Readings

Name: Hrithik Roshan.

Date of Birth: Dec 10, 1974.

Time of Birth: 3:24:00.

Place of Birth: Mumbai, India.

Rasi/ Moon Sign: Libra Zodiac.

Nakshatra or star constellations: Swati.

Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Western): Sagittarius.

Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Indian): Scorpion.

Hrithik Career Astrology and Profession .

A dynamic individual, well learned with the ability to make a good impression on the powers that be, you surely have the qualities necessary to make a success of anything you take up in your career. Determination and hard work can yield rich dividends in the form of money and other material benefits in the profession you hace chosen. Here you should give up the habit of combining business and pleasure, and reduce the quantum of time you spend in love-making and sex. You can take up professions like Entertainment, movies, modelling, and contracts. You will be a good mixer and popular in any company. You are given to be happy, enjoying jokes and approaching matters patiently but of and on you may lose your temper. And when that happens, you may become assertive, violent, bent upon teaching a lesson to your adversary. Better check that tendency. Presently as you go thorugh the Saturn Mahadasha which is the lord of 4th house and 5th house forms yoga in the 9th house will give you much success, name and fame in the career in the future.

It time of birth Scorpio zodiac was rising in the 2nd house and planet Mars in the lord of second house in its own house shows that you will inherit and learn lot of wealth from family and in your profession and in film business. You will be ambitious and will be doing action oriented movies and stunts but needs to be careful as there are combinaitons for hurt, injury, burns and getting hurt in the process of performing such stunts. Placement of so many planets in the 2nd house also indicates family disputes, health issues of your father and breakup with your love relationship .

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Ananda - Karthika
Tithi:         Krishna Dwadasi (Me) (78.22% left)
Vedic Weekday: Monday (Mo)
Nakshatra:     Swaati (Ra) (85.72% left)
Yoga:          Sobhana (Su) (31.04% left)
Karana:        Kaulava (Ma) (56.45% left)
Hora Lord:     Mercury (5 min sign: Vi)
Mahakala Hora: Mercury (5 min sign: Pi)
Kaala Lord:    Rahu (Mahakala: Sun)
Sunrise:       7:03:55 am (December 9)
Sunset:        5:57:40 pm (December 9)
Janma Ghatis:  50.8440
Ayanamsa:      23-29-29.77
Sidereal Time: 7:58:31

Planet Venus being the lord of lagna and eight house shows that you had inbuilt talent right from the childhood and developed taste in good music, dancing and other form of arts besides interests in girls. Now third house dispositor sits in the 5th house of  arts, creative talents, intelligence, entertainment shows you will use both to your advantage to make money and rise in your profession. Now planet jupiter itself is aspects the Saturn which is the lord of 5th house and is place in the 9th house forming yogas for success, nobility, expression, music, singing and dancing. Energy to dance and build good body comes from the Sun and Mars conjunction in the 2nd house who are the lords of 7th and the 11th house.

Hrithik Roshan Love Life, Scandals, Relationships and Marriage in Horoscopes charts.

At the time of your birth Libra Ascendant ( Lagna ) was on the rise with Scorpio Navamsa and Libra Dreskana in the fourth Pad of Chitra indicating that you are a person always interested only in pleasure, love relaitonships with women and especially sexual pleasure. You are so obsessed with enjoying the company of your spouse that you may go to the extent of studying and, if possible, mastering Kamasutra being interested in women and sex!

Whether at work or at home, you will mostly be thinking about your very inviting bedroom. You love and adore your spouse and will go to any length to keep your spouse attractive, comfortable and happy. Since you will be so devoted to your partner, you will have to make sure to get an ideal partner but there will be seperation from your lovers too due to afflictred 7th lord Mars in the 8th house. 

You would do well to choose one from the Aquarius or the Gemini signs, avoiding a Cancer, Capricorn or Pisces born person. This is essential for you to have a harmonious life at home. If by chance you can't get a partner with whom you don't have the same wavelength, you will feel miserable. Even in such an eventuality you won't desert your associate but manage somehow.

The other area or your interest in life is regarding friends. You desire having good friends for whom you will always be prepared to do anything. On their part they will stand by you. In fact friends can be said to form your backbone.

Both Libra and Chitra promise you with all advantages and benefits but there is a hitch insofar as Scorpio Navamsa is concerned. According to the last one, you may encounter difficulties regarding your limbs and suffer from diseases or illhealth. Saturn aspecting the 3rd house from 9th with planet Venus gives interest in women, affairs and especially those in the friendship circle or in contact. Conjuction of Sun, Mars and Rahu indicate threat to health of your father and your own from others and disease that can be serious in nature.

To the extent possible, try to observe fast every Tuesday which will help you. Be cautious in your spending habits. Aspiring for the finest things in life you may spend a lot which in turn may affect your financial condition in your old age. Keep a tight control over your purse so that you can lead a life of luxury throughout.

The lucky days for you are Friday and Saturday whereas Wednesday is average. The other four days are not too favourable as they will prove expensive. 

Opt for numbers 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8, keeping off 3, 5, 6 and 9 which are not harmonious.

Colours green and yellow are detrimental to your interests. Make white, red and orange your favourites as they favour you.

Hrithik Roshan Costars : Yami Gautam, Aishwarya Rai. Get Your Tarot Cards Readings Online

Various Yogas in the Kundli of Hritik Roshan.

Vesi    D-1   Ve  , Balanced, happy, Planets other than Moon in 2nd from Sun.

Nipuna (Budha-Aditya) D-1   Su, Me, Skillful, expert, well-known and respected, Sun and Mercury together or in mutual 7ths.

Sunaphaa  D-1   Ma, Me , Intelligent, wealthy and famous  , Planets other than Sun in 2nd from Moon.

Rajayoga   D-1   Ma, Me , Successful and high achievements , Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords.

Rajayoga    D-1   Ve, Sa , Successful and high achievements , Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords.

Yogakaraka  D-1   Sa , Success and achievements, Same planet owns a kendra and a kona.

Raja Sambandha  D-1   Sa, Sa , A king's friend, Atma karaka with 5th lord in a kendra or a kona.

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Divyatattva Inspirational Poetry Spiritual Poems On God Life Love by Rohit Anand

Divyatattva inspirational, spiritually awakening poetry, and spiritual love poems about faith, god, love, life, death, soul, divine are written by Shri Rohit Anand Ji. These are heart touching poems will that will surely stirr your soul.

spiritual poetry, spiritual poems about god, divine poems, hindi gods poetry

spiritual poems, spiritual poetry, spiritual awakening poetry by Rohit Anand.

spiritual poems on life, death and faith, religious poetry

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Yoga and Meditation Quotes in Hindi With Pictures
ॐ Indian Spiritual Saint Yogananda Horoscope
ॐ Funny Yoga and Spiritual Jokes

Divyatattva Spiritual poetry, spiritual poems by Rohit Anand , New Delhi, India.

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Virgo Birthday Daily Horoscopes Kanya Rashi Kundali Readings and Predictions

Divyatattva Daily Virgo birthday horoscope, Virgo in Vedic Astrology, Virgo kundali readings and predicitons by @ Rohit Anand , World top psychic astrologer.

Virgo Zodiac is the 6th moon sign according to Vedic astrology which represents "Virgin", the “M” glyph represent the intestines or virginity. Virgo dates typically fall from August 23 to September 22.

Virgo, Virgo astrology, Virgo Horoscopes, Virgo zodiac Kanya Rashi, Kanya rashiphal

Virgo Personalities, Virgo Traits and Virgo Behavior and Nature.

Time period: 23 August – 23 September.

Constellations or Nakshatra :

Element of Virgo Rashi: Earth

Ruling planet of  Kanya Rashi: Planet Mercury.

Symbol: Maiden

Zodiac quality: Mutable

Fall: Venus

If you have questions with regard to Virgo Zodiac and want answers with regard to :

When will i get the Job?

When will i get married ?

If i am compatible with this Girl?

How will be my health?

Is this career suitable for me?

Should i go for higher education?

Should i settle abroad?

Get Personalized horoscope readings for Virgo, guidance and Predictions.

Consultation Fees : INR Rs. 3100/- USD 57 $ dollars. Ask Three Questions and any additional question for Rs.1100/- or 12 USD $.

Payment By : Bank Transfer, Cash, Check, Paypal. ⭐ Contact Us

About Famous Astrologist Shri Anand Ji    ★  Testimonials

Who Should Virgo Marry?

What does Virgo Means Sexually?

What zodiac Signs Virgo Zodiac people are compatible with?

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⭐ Role of Planet Mercury In Horoscope Charts

⭐ Know About Raja Yogas or Auspicious Yoga in Your Kundali

⭐ Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Cheat in Love

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Best Diwali Celebrations HD Wallpapers Latest Download Free & Latest HD Diwali

Best Diwali wallpapers in high resolution, Diwali festival hd pictures, Diwali celebrations photos and Happy Diwali backgrounds for free personal use at @ Divyatattva India.

Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals of Hindus which is celebrated thoughout India with great pomp and show. We bring you some of the best Diwali festival backgrounds, Diwali photos, Diwali images to decorate your gadgets. These beautiful diwali backgrounds are free for personal use only.

diwali, diwali wallpapers, diwali messages and quotes,diwali celebrations pictures

Happy diwali, deepvali gods and goddess hd backgrounds and images

diwali wallpaper desktop, diwali hd images for smartphones, diwali photos for ipad, diwali pictures for mobile phones

More..... Happy Diwali Full Size Pictures and Backgrounds

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Happy Diwali full size images and posters 2019-2020, India.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Meditation & Yoga Inspiration Quotes Spiritual Sayings with Pictures By Rohit Anand

Divyatattva Inspirational spiritual quotes, meditation quotes and yoga quotes for yoga teachers and aspirinig yoga students. By @ Rohit Anand. Yoga Master India.

meditation, yoga quotes, spiritual sayings, Hinduism quotes on spirituality and spirit

hindu quotes, shiva quotes, hiduism quotes, spirituality slogans, yogi, yogini

Top Yoga Quotes For Daily Inspiration, meditative, god,yogi, yogini, spirit, divine

More..... Yoga And Meditaiton Quotes for Daily Inspiration

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Divyatattva 2019-2020 Yoga & Meditation Classes for adults, women, kids, New Delhi, India.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Virgo Zodiac Horoscopes Virgo Astrology Memes Daily Virgo Birthday Meme

Famous Virgo Zodiac Memes, daily Virgo birthday meme pictures, funny Virgo Quotes and sayings and Virgo or Karnya rashi free horoscope online meme by @ Rohit Anand at Divyatattva India.

virgo, virgo match, viro comaptibility, virgo and planet mercury, kanya rashi in kundali

virgo rashi, kanya lagna, virgo love horoscope, virgo daily love predictions

virgo, virgo men, virgo women, virgo child, cirgo horoscope, virgo zodiac, virgo astrology

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★ Top Life Changing Spiritual Quotes With Pictures
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★ Importance and Significance of Retrograde Mercury in Horoscope

Online free Virgo zodiac horoscopes, daily Virgo astrological guidance, Virgo forecasts, Virgo kundali, Kanya rashi, Virgo according to Vedic Astrology , Marriage Match Making 2019-2020, India.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pisces Zodiac Astrology Daily Pisces Horoscope Predictions Pisces Memes

Divyatattva brings daily Pisces Zodiac astrology predictions, Pisces Weekly forecasts, Pisces horoscope charts and transits, Pisces sun signs memes, Pisces or Meena rashi free online astrology quotes and astrological consultations. By top celebrity astrologer of world Shri Rohit Anand, India.

pisces memes, pisces picture quotes, pisces zodiac astrology, pisces pictures slogans, pisces men and women

pisces, pisces zodiac, pisces meme, piscean men women, pisces astrology, pisces jyotish, pisces sun sign, meena rashi

Pisces romance, pisces memes, pisces funny images, zodiac sastrology at Divyatattva, pisces man meme

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Divyatattva Pisces horoscope of tomorrow, Pisces zodiac weeekly divination, Meena rashi phal,  Pisces compatibility and Pisces yearly predictions 2019-2020, India.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Diwali Hd Wallpaper Greetings Background Images & Decoration Pictures

Celebrate this Hindu festival of lights with our HD wallpapers of Diwali, beautiful diwali pictures an widescreen Diwali images in full size by decorating your gadgets.

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Diwali photos, diwali hindu festival pictures, diwali wallpaper, diwali graphics

diwali vector images, diwali graphics, diwali festival pics, diwali full size wallpapers

More..... Diwali Celebrations HD Backgrounds With Messages

 Lord Ganesha HD Background Pictures
 Hindi Yoga and Meditation Quotes With Images

Diwali celebrations HD full size wallpapers, 2019-2020, India.

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