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Raja Yoga Reports In Horoscope Shani Sade Satti Report By Top Astrologer

Prospects of Raj Yogas In Vedic Horoscope.

  • Know About The important Raja Yogas that are present in your vedic horoscope charts that will benefit you throughout your life and bring success and prosperity.
  • You will also come to know about your favorable time and luck when fortune will be on your side.
  •  Find out which yogas will give you best results in what way which will make you life better and peaceful.
  •  Get your Report via Email.
  • Its Easy, economical and fast on internet. Raja Yoga reports by Email is the fastest mode of sharing your reports whereever you are in any part of the world.

 Shani/Saturn Report Based on Kundali.

  •  Know about the impace and effects of Graha Shani or planet Saturn in your Kundli.
  • What Influence of Shani Sade Sati or Mahadasha will be there on your horoscope charts.
  • Know what planetary influence the period of Shani Sade Sati and Shani Mahadasha have on your life and what aspect of life.
  • How you can change your future with Shani and Sde Satti Remedies.
  • Know about various solutions/remedies through Shani Report and solve the problems and troubles that you might have to face in that period.
  • Get your Report in your Email Inbox.
  • Its Easy, economical and fast through internet. Email is the fastest mode of sharing these reports with you after receipt of payment.

All the above two reports are a based on birth chart based personalised report, which gives an insight on different aspects of your life. In this report, you will find comprehensive details about the influence of Saturn on your job, business, education, family life, marriage, health, etc. Furthermore, you will get information like when Shani Sade Sati will begin and end in your life, and how its various phases will affect you. Other than this, you will find about the outcomes of Saturn transit and Saturn Major Period (Shani Mahadasha) on your life. Additionally, what important remedies one can follow during transit and Mahadasha of Saturn are also mentioned in this report. Also know the religious and astrological significance of this planet, and what solutions, charity and Mantra you can apply to appease Lord Shani.

Fees : Rs.2000/- or USD 30$. Payment by Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cash, Net Banking.

Frequently Asked Questions by our Satisfied Clients:

Q1. How will I receive the report?

All reports are sent via email. However, in case of Trikal Samhita and Big Horoscope printed versions, we will be sending you the same via courier/speed post.
Q2. When will I receive the report?

You’ll receive your report within 48 hours of payment. This is the maximum time we require and you may get it before that as well.
Q3. Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Note:  We at Divyatattva.in never share your personal information with anybody and is secure with us. The personal information you share by of our customers is kept strictly confidential.

You can contact us by filling the form on our website or leave the comment on our comment box below and we will reach out to you.

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Jacqueline Fernandez Love Astrology kundali Horoscope Birthday Charts

Jacqueline Fernandez Love Astrology, kundali Horoscope, Marriage, Relationships, Bollywood Scandals, Career predicitons, Birthday Charts analysis by celebrity astrologer Shri Anand Ji, New Delhi, India.

Jacqueline Fernandez is a beautiful model and actress from Srilanka who has made herself a name in Indian film industry by giving some block buster movies, modelling and item numbers in various Hindi movies. In the year 2009, she debuted in a Bollywood movie Aladin. Being born in the month of August she is of  Leo zodiac sign according to western astrology. Being a Leo lioness, she is ambitious, warm hearted, sexy, passionate, optimistic, open minded and loving. Accoridng to her vedic horoscope she will always be in center stage gathering much applause and accolades for her work and eprformances in her field. She is one of a woman who knows how to get what she wants, and she is gets it with her talent, hardwork, skills and fire in her belly. Nothing is impossible to a Leo damsels as she is quite materially ambitious in her field which she chooses to be.

Name: Jacqueline Fernandez .

Birth Date or Birthday : 11 August 1985.

Time of Birth : Not Known.

City : Colombo.

State : Western Province.

Country : Sri Lanka.

Chinese Astrology : Wooden Ox.

Numerology Birth Path : 6.

Education : Graduate in mass communication from the University of Sydney and worked as a television reporter in Sri Lanka.

Profession and Work : Model, Actress.

Awards :  She is the winner of the Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant of 2006.

Movies Jacqueline Fernandez Worked : Murder 2 in the year 2011, Housefull 2 in 2012, and the action thriller Race 2 in 2013, Kick in 2014, Housefull 3 in 2016 and Judwaa 2 2017.  

Jacqueline Fernandez Love Astrology, Marriage Scandals, Boyfriends and Relationships:

Marital Status : Unmarried. Single.
Jacqueline Fernandez Birth Chart Horoscope, Date of Birth, astrology, kundli, horoscope, zodiac sign

Boyfriends, Husband and Realtionships : Sheikh Hassan Bin Rashid Al Khalifa (Bahraini prince) Sajid Khan .

Macqueline Fernandez is hot, sexy, passionate and loving women. She will be loyal and devoted to a relaitonship till she feels the respect, freedom and loyalty of the man she loves. She is likely to have many realtionship with men in her lifetime but success in them will allure her for sometime as she will find it difficult to find life partner that is devoted, loyal and love her truly. Leo babes ego is tender, sensitive and she wears her heart on her sleeve so one needs to be careful with telling anything about her personality and how she looks especially in public. She does get bruised easily if they are criticized in public and rarely forgets who hurt her feelings and insulted them. They usue their all firepower to dmolish the person who has been disloyal, dishonest and not devoted o them by being faithful in a realtionship or married life. Jacqueline Fernandez is likely to ahve few realtionships in her life,some will turn out in separation with men who will more in love with her outer beauty than real love. She will fall in love with wrong kind of men leading to scandals and disappointment in life in the future.

Her Siblings : Warren Fernandez.

Parents and Family : Jacqueline's father name is Elroy Fernansez whos is a Sri Lankan and her mother Kim is a Malaysian citizen. She has two brothers and an older sister.

Her Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jacquelinef143/?hl=en

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Shirdi Sai Baba HD Wallpaper Sai baba High Quality wallpapers sai baba hd wallpapers 1600x900

Divyatattva brings to you best quality Shirdi Saibaba Hd wallpaper, Saibaba photo gallery and Sai baba pictures for free download for personal use.

 Lord Hanuman Beautiful Hd Wallpapers
 Lord Rama and Sita Hd Background Pictures
 Musings of a Mystical Indian Yogi
 Radha Krishna 4K Hd Wallpapers

Divyatattva Saibaba HD Photos, Saibaba HD Backgrounds, Shirdi Sai Baba pictures 2019.

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Kriti Sanon Zodiac Sign Horoscope Love Astrology Marriage Career Relationships Predictions By Best Celebrity Astrologer

Kriti Sanon horoscope birth charts, romantic relationships, love astrology, career predictions, marriage, scandals and kundli analysis by top celebrity astrologer of India shri Anand Ji.

kriti sanon, kriti sanon horoscope, kundli, birth charts, astrology charts, jyotish

Kriti Sanon is Indian bollywood actress who has left the mark for herself in Hindi films with her beauty, charm and acting skills. She was born in New Delhi, India on 27 July 1990. Being Leo as her zodiac sign makes her ambitious, attractive, stylish, classy, career oriented and comitted to her profession as an actor. Leo women like she is are of magnetic personality, fiery, playful, affectionate and loves flattery and respect being center of attraction and applauded. We see all these qualities in the personality and nature of Kriti Sanon as she attracts attention where ever she goes as her aura give the impression of power and beauty. Leo ladies usually love loyalty, honour, commitment, dedication and trust form people around her and she is loyal too and protective about them and their family. They are usually optimistive, forwrd looking, speaks her mind and can also fire you if you indulge in insulting her or disrespecting her before others. They are sensitive to their reputation and has least appetitie for any kind of humiliation and criticism.

Leo girls are full of confidence, passion and make sure they look good when they dressup for the outing . job or with boyfriend. Kriti Sanon loves praise, admiraiton and cuddles from loved ones. Though she can be domineering, self centererd and sarcastic too when they become jealous of someone. Her ambitions are high and she is bold and courageous too to acheive them with sweet smile on the face and fierce fire in her belly.

Kriti Sanon Kundli, Birth Charts, Horoscope according to  Indian astrology or ★Vedic Astrology .

Name : Kriti Sanon.
Gender : Female.
Birth Date or Birthday : 27 July 1990.
Place : New Delhi,
Country : India.
Nationality: Indian.
Parents : Mr.Rahul Mrs. Geeta.
Siblings: Nupur Sanon.
Schooling : Schooling: Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, Delhi.
Favorite Cuisine or Food:  Chocolates, cheesecakes, moong dal ka halwa and custards.

Kriti Sanon Love Realtionships, Boyfriends Breakups, Marriage : Tarot Card Readings & Consultations

When she will be committed in a realtionships Kriti Sanon will give everything to his man, her loyalty, her heart, her devotion. She will be quite warm and passionate in her love realtionships with men in her life. She will take a stand and be protective about the man she loves want to fight, make up too. She loves to be cuddled, is playful in bed, likes cute smiles in menand got plenty of fire in her soul and body to love intensly her lover and partner. She is likely to have fee relationships and some of them will lead to seperation and end in breakup. She will become carefull in forming love realtionships or getting involved with her costars in the film industry and is likely to remain single for few more years in the future.   Secrets of Dating A Leo Women

Boyfriends or Husband : Gaurav Arora,  Sushant Singh Rajput .
Maritial Status : Single.   Cheating Relationships & Astrology Consultations

Professional Career And Astrology Predictions for Kriti Sanon as an Model and Actor :

Profession : Model, Actor.

Kriti Sanon stared her career with the Telugu psychological thriller Film Nenokkadine which was released in the year 2014. She also did her first Hindi film in bollywood released in Sabbir Khan’s action film Heropanti 2014 with co star Tiger Shroff. According to her horoscope charts she is likely to do well in her career in bollywood and Hindi films. She will make her mark and acheive much name and fame in the movies in the future. A Leo damsel doesn't think if she should she follows her guts, when she is determined and ambitious, she just goes right after it. The only way a Leo thinks is passionately and aggressively. No ifs ands or buts about it onece she has marked her goals in life!

Her Movies : Luka Chuppi, Kalank, Panipat, Housefull 4, Arjun Patiala, Heropanti , Raabta, Dilwale

Awards  : Filmfare award,Vogue Beauty Awards, BIG Star Entertainment Awards, International Indian Film Academy, Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award .

Kriti Sanon On Instagram :

Kriti Sanon On Twitter :

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Lord Hanuman HD Wallpapers hanuman 4k hd wallpaper Images in HD

Lord Hanuman hd wallpaper for free personal use, god hanuman hd wallpaper 1920x1080, hanuman jayanti images hd wallpapers, hanuman images hd for desktop.

More..... Lord Hanuman HD Backgrounds & Pictures

 Lord Rama And Sita Hd Full Size Wallpaper
 Maa Durga, Chandika, Kaali Hd Wallpaper
 Shirdi Saibaba Hd Walpapers and Pictures
 Radha Krishna 4K Hd Backgrounds Hindu God Images

Divyatattva 4K Hd background pictures for Hindu gods and goddess, India, 2019.

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Lord Rama & Sita Wallpapers Hgh Resolution Ramachandra Photos

Divyatattva presents free to download hd Lord Rama Images, Bhagwan Shri Ram Sita wallpapers, Maryada Purushottam Lord Rama hd Photos & Sri Rama backgrounds with Sita Mata in beautiful high resolution. Lord Rama Wallpapers & Ramachandra Backgrounds pics for Ram Navami.

images of lord rama sita and hanuman,  shri ram wallpaper full size , shri ram wallpaper download

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Shraddha Kapoor Zodiac Sign Love Astrology Birthday Birth Charts Analysis By Rohit Anand

Indian actor and Celebrity Shraddha Kapoor Zodiac Sign, Love Astrology, Sex Scandals, Relationships, Marriage, Bollywood Career, Birth Charts Analysis By Top Delhi Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

Shraddha Kapoor, Bollywood Actress, Hot Sexy actor Shraddha Kapoor, Horoscope Birthday Natal charts

Shraddha Kapoor is gorgeous Indian celebrity who is famous and loved for her performances in bollywood as an actor. She is the daughter of Shakti Kapoor who has been a villian and comedian in the Indian film indulstry for many years. As an actress she is quite talented, has lot of potential not only as on actor but also as singer. According to Indian astrology she was born with Leo zodiac as ascendant in her birth charts and Sagittarius Moon sign as per her kundali. The configuration of Leo Ascendant ( Lagna ) rising along with Gemini Navamsa and Leo Dreskana in the third Pad of Magha at the time of your birth shows that you belong to the privileged class of the blessed ones who are born to enjoy. For that you have the requisite qualities. You have an imposing personality, a fine, well-developed attractive body with chest and inviting eyes. You are learned and have the ability to  pursue your goals with determination and courage. Leo born damsels are fiery, passionate, sexy, warm and love prasie and appreciation when they are center of attraction whereever they are. They love flattery and expect their lovers to be loyal and devoted to them. They want to lead and acheive name and fame for themselves in their field of career. Leo born are ambitious, materially inclined and competetive in their profession.

Shraddha Kapoor Astro Profile, Birth Date, Janam Kundli, Zodiac Sign, Horoscope Birth Charts.

Name: Shraddha Kapoor.

Date of Birth or Birthday : 3 March 1989.

Time of Birth: 18: 00

City and State: Mumbai, Mahrashtra.

Country : India. Religion : Hindu.

Sexual Orientation : Hetrosexual.

Zodiac Moon sign : Sagittarius and Ascendant : Leo.

Sun Sign : Aquarious as per Vedic Astrology.

Moon in the fifth house which is the lord of 12th house in Sagittarius sign indicates you are likely to have subconscious fear and worries that you are likely to keep upto yourself.   You are intelligent but will manage only an living that is resonably comfortable. You are kind-hearted and a well-wisher of all. Secret sorrows and difficulties from love affairs, children and gambling may haunt you. You may not be able to complete your education. You face some mental tensions too due to relationships in your family.

Shraddha Kapoor Career Astrology, Professional Rise in Bollywood , Success, Name and Fame in Films and Modelling.

Career or Profession : Modelling, Actor, Singer, Vocalist Pop or Rock.

Made of such fine caliber, you will naturally have very good income, command respect in public, will be well liked and supported by friends and well-wishers, fans and adored by your family members. Born with leadership qualities, you will rise high in your profession and make name for yourself. You will  pursue your pursuits systematically and achieve success. You are not one to take orders from others. On the contrary, you are the person who will take all the major decisions and leave the trifles to those working under you. Planet Jupiter in the 10th house being the lord of 5th house gives native of health, wealth power and authority. This is the bright indication for you because of the presence of Jupiter in Taurus in the tenth house conjunct mars. It is your ambition to be best in everything that you do. Your desire is likely to be fulfilled, as you may progress in your profession to the point of being at the top for long time. All round success is assured to you on account of the being presence of Mars in Taurus in the tenth house too. Your achievements will be all the more laudable as you will never compromise on principles and professionalism, you may even come up with something new in your work which will be highly appreciated. If you don't stay in your native place but move far away from it, even to a foreign country, it will be highly beneficial too.

You are so particular about property that you may even go away from your father in pursuit of your material goals.

Bollywood actress, sexy & hot Shraddha Kapoor horoscope for astrology research, biography of Shraddha Kapoor, kundli and birth chart of Shraddha Kapoor and 2019 2020 horoscopeShe begain her acting career in the year 2010 in film " Teen Patti" and then in "Luv Ka di End " which got released in the year 2011.

Her Modelling Assignments : Lakme, Veet, Lipton, Marico, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Verve.

Her Films : Aashiqui 2, Haider, Ek Villain, Baaghi, Half Girlfriend.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Vibhava - Magha
Tithi:  Krishna Ekadasi (Ma) (79.04% left)
Vedic Weekday: Friday (Ve)
Nakshatra:  Poorvashadha (Ve) (36.97% left)
Yoga:  Vyatipata (Ra) (42.80% left)
Karana:  Bava (Su) (58.09% left)
Hora Lord: Jupiter (5 min sign: Pi)
Mahakala Hora: Jupiter (5 min sign: Cn)
Kaala Lord: Mercury (Mahakala: Mercury)

Shraddha Kapoor Love Astrology, Romantic Relationships, Sex Life, Scandals, Boyfriends, Husband, Family and Marriage.

Parents : Shakti Kapoor & Shivangi Kapoor. Brother : Siddhant Kapoor.

Boyfriends or Husband : Aditya Roy Kapur, Rohan Shrestha

She is likely to have many love realtionships with men and delay in marriage. Choice of wrong type of life partner, boyfriends will take its toll on her love life. You display too much affection for the opposite sex which may be mistaken by your spouse. It will be your responsibility to explain it explicitly so that it won't cause any misunderstanding among the two of you. No doubt you are very sincere in your affection for your spouse, but you are incapable of demonstrating it properly. You must pay attention to this aspect of your nature. But the presence of Rahu in Aquarius in the seventh house nullifies all the positive aspects of your birth sign. There are unhealthy indications that you may go on a romantic spree with members of the opposite sex which will be so much detested by your family that ultimately it may even lead to a split.You may sustain loss of wealth as also reputation because of your association with the other sex. So think it over carefully before picking your love or business partners. Shraddha Kapoor kundli also indicates that she is likely to be involved in romatnic and loving relationship with co actors, from film industry, entertainment and modelling. Some of the realtionships will be more kind of sensual and passionate in nature that will not go ahead into something serious as marriage.

As we see Rahu Dasa to start in the coming years which is likely to give her good time in her career but bad time in in love relationships, marriage proposals, getting her involved in scandals or trouble in marriage too if she is not careful.

To make certain you get an ideal match, look for one born under the signs of Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini or Libra.

Vimsottari Dasa, Maha Dasas of Shraddha Kapoor Horoscope charts:

 Ven: 1976-07-27 (2:23:29 pm) - 1996-07-27 (5:24:51 pm)
 Sun: 1996-07-27 (5:24:51 pm) - 2002-07-28 (6:19:55 am)
 Moon: 2002-07-28 (6:19:55 am) - 2012-07-27 (7:46:57 pm)
 Mars: 2012-07-27 (7:46:57 pm) - 2019-07-28 (2:51:07 pm)
 Rah: 2019-07-28 (2:51:07 pm) - 2037-07-28 (5:34:28 am)
 Jup: 2037-07-28 (5:34:28 am) - 2053-07-28 (7:58:57 am)
 Sat: 2053-07-28 (7:58:57 am) - 2072-07-28 (4:46:09 am)
 Merc: 2072-07-28 (4:46:09 am) - 2089-07-28 (1:19:04 pm)
 Ket: 2089-07-28 (1:19:04 pm) - 2096-07-28 (8:20:29 am)

Shraddha Kapoor On Social Media :


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Lord Shiva HD Wallpaper Backgrounds Kailash Pictures Shivji

Lord Shiva hd wallpapers 1920x1080, download angry and in meditation lord shiva hd wallpapers with size 1920x1080  and lord shiva hd wallpapers for free personal use. These beautiful pictures of Hindu god Shivji can be used on for celebrating the festival of Shviaratri by the devotees of Mahadev.

lord shiva hd wallpapers 1920x1080 download,  angry lord shiva hd wallpapers 1920x1080 , lord shiva hd wallpapers for android mobile

shiva,shivji, shiva wallpaper, shivaratri photos, mount kailash pictures

shiva , mahadev, om,aum,kailash, shiv parvati, ipad hindu gods photos

 Goddess Gayatri Devi Hd Images
 Radha Krishna HD Wallpapers
 Spiritual Wisdom Quotes in Hinduism With Pictures

Divyatattva @ 2014-2019. India.

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Goddess Gayatri HD Wallpapers Gayatri Devi Mantra Pictures by Rohit Anand

Divyatattva brings to you some of the most beautiful Goddess Gayatri mata hd wallpapers, Gayatri devi photos in hd, Gayatri ma pictures in hd, vedamata Gaytari devi images with mantra for free personal use.

Goddess Gayatri Devi Hd wallpapers.

gayatri mata hd wallpapers, gayatri ma pictures in hd, gayatri devi

gayatri mata images hd wallpapers ,  gayatri mantra images hd , gayatri mata full hd photo,  goddess gayatri devi hd images

Gayatri ma pics, ganyatri png, gayatri mata with mantra, goddess gayatri hd photos

Besides free Maa Gayatri Wallpapers, you can also download for desktop Indian gods and goddess backgrounds with full size HD, animated Gayatri Mantra with photos, Goddess Gayatri Mata png images, panchmukhi photos, devi pictures, gods pics and images.

 Radha Krishna HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds
 Lord Shiva HD Wallpaper and Pictures free
 Lord Hanuman HD Wallpapers, Images , Photos

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Yami Gautam Zodiac Sign Birth Date Horoscope Love Astrology Marriage Career Predicitons By Famous Astrologer Of The World Shri Rohit Anand Ji

Famous Indian bollywood actress Yami Gautam horoscope birth charts, love horoscope, zodiac sign according to vedic astrology and detailed natal charts analysis by top celebrity astrologer, Occultist and Tantric Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

Yami Gautam horoscope, yami gautam zodiac sign, yami gautam astrology, yami gautam kundli, yami gautam love relaitonships, yami gautam moon sign astrology and rashi

Yami Gautam is accomplished Indian film actress who was born under Leo Zodiac ascendant and with Moon sign of Zodiac Cancer according to Vedic Astrology. Women born under Leo rashi are of royal looks, beautiful, attractive, charming, strong and likes comfortable and luxurious lifestyle as they are governed by the Sun. They are usually career oriented, ambitious, independent, confident passioante, sensual, commanding and loves name, recognition, praise and fame. 

Popular Bollywood film actress and model who became famous with her role in super hit Hindi  film like "URI : The Surgical Strike" and other Telugu films has beena successful model too. In addition to acting, she is also a prominent celebrity endorser for brands and products in the modelling industry. She has also worked in a few regional movies like Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Punjabi films till date. She did her education from Panjab University and took a degreee in law. This Indian diva is seriously into yoga, fitness and dont mind taking risks in life. Her favorite actors are Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Tyra Banks and Jessica Alba.

Astro Profile of Yami Gautam, Zodiac Sun sign, Birth Details, Horoscope Rashi and Kundli in Indian Astrology.

Name: Yami Gautam.

Gender  : Female.

Date of Birth : 28 Novermber 1988.

Time : 12 : 30 A.M.

City and State : Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh.

Country : India.

Ascendant : Leo.

Zodiac Sun Sign : Scorpio.

Vedic Astrology Moon sign or Rashi :

Sexual Orientation : Hetrosexual.

Zodiac Moon sign : Cancer.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Vibhava - Karthika

Tithi:         Krishna Panchami (Ju) (73.66% left)

Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Su)

Nakshatra:     Punarvasu (Ju) (0.68% left)

Yoga:          Sukla (Mo) (35.07% left)

Karana:        Kaulava (Ma) (47.33% left), Hora Lord:     Moon (5 min sign: Cp), Mahakala Hora: Saturn (5 min sign: Aq), Kaala Lord:    Sun (Mahakala: Sun).

Yami Gautam Career horoscope, Profession in bollywood and  Predictions about her Success, Name or Fame.

In her horoscope charts D1 we see that her 10th house is occupied by Taurus zodaic and its lord planet Venus is palced in the third house in Libra which is the house of talents, arts and creative abilities. then we see the planet of fifth house planet Jupiter is placed in the tenth house forms a yoga for success in her career. If  we further analyze the natal charts of her horoscope that her house of proession is aspected by Sun which is he lagna lord and eleventh house planet Mercury. She will be hard working, restless, full if vigour and tenacity to acheive her ambitions in life in her bollywood career. She will have large circle of friends in professional circle that will help her in her profession and enchance her talents and polish her skills.

Nationality : Indian.
Education : Panjab University.
Occupation : Film actress, model.
Parent(s) Mukesh Gautam, Anjali Gautam.
Family Surilie Gautam (younger sister) and Ojas Gautam.

Modelling Assignments of Yami Gautam : In her modelling career she has done many brand endorsements like Fair & Lovely, Cornetto ice cream, Samsung Mobile, Chevrolet, and many other brands from top companies of India.

She was also nominated for Lux Golden Rose Awards in the year 2017 and has won IIFA Awards in 2013.

Television Performances of Yami Gautam:

2008 Chand Ke Paar Chalo Sana NDTV Imagine.
Raajkumar Aaryyan Rajkumari Bhairvi NDTV Imagine.
2009 Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam Leher Mathur Vajpayee Colors.
2010 Meethi Choori No 1 Contestant Imagine TV.
Kitchen Champion Season 1 Colors.
2013 CID - Episode 642 - Kabarwali Ladki Ananya Sony TV.

In 2012, Gautam made her Bollywood debut with the film "Vicky Donor". Upon release, the film was a critical and commercial success, and Gautam gained positive reviews for her performance. Her following projects included commercially successful films like Action Jackson in 2014, Badlapur in 2015, Sanam Re in 2016in , Kaabil in 2017 and Uri : The Surgical Strike in 2019.

Her Co Stars : Shahid Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Prabhu Deva, Ajay Devgan, Varun Dhawan, Jai, and Shraddha Kapoor.

Presently she is undergoing the dasa of Mercury which will bestow upon her money, work, benefits,foreign travel, benefits though collaboration and partnerships, propserity and good living but not be good for health. We see good years ahead for her in her profession, her fan following will increase, she will get good success, money, fame, name, prosperity and movies to prove her mettle in film industry in the future. Till the year 2022 she will earch much wealth, accolades in her profession, favors from government and enjoy the luxuries and comforts of life especially in the antardasha of planet Jupiter. In D 10 charts in her kundli Planet Mercury and Jupiter are auspiciously placed giveing her the success in her profession as actress and modelling. Here Mercury is the lord of 9th house and Jupiter is places in the 3rd in the house of Pisces. Graha of Venus in palce in the Lagna  in the Capricorn zodiac in D10 and its dispositor in the 2nd house.

Yami Gautam Love Astrology, Relationships, Scandals, Sex Life and Marriage Predicitons.

Yami gautam love astrology, yami gautam horoscope , zodiac sign, kundli

Being born in Cancer rashi and Leo Ascendant makes her passioante, warm hearted, sentimental, committed emotional and sexy women who loves romance and wants to be treated in special manner with good ambiance by her lover. Being the embodiment of fire element they are hot and full of sensuality and can be fiery in the bed when it comes to sex and romantic adventures. These women are generally loyal, caring, loving, kind and generous to their partners in love relationships.

Maritial Status : Single.
Love Affairs, Romantic Relationships and Sex Scandals : Pulkit Samrat. Bollywood was abuzz that Pulkit and Yami’s love affair and breakup and has always grabbed the headlines, courtesy Pulkit seperated from his wife for Yami Gautam and she accused him of cheating. 

As her 7th house is ruled by Saturn which is placed in the 5th house of love and romance which shows that she is most likely to show interest in forming love realtions with men in her life which are likely to be a failure in earlier life and delay her married life. If one see the horoscope of Yami Gautam her house of marriage is occupied by Rahu which is shows her interest in superficial men in her life that won't be good partners. In her kundli her 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house are afflcited and under stress which will not be condusive for healthy and happy love realtionships or married life in the future. During coming year as she undergoies the dasa of planet Mercury she will undergo more love affairs with men who might seek her for outer beauty and she might fall for them leading to breakup and separation.

💖 Leo Zodiac Men

Important Vedic Astrology Yogas present in the horoscope of Yami Gautam are :  Ubhayachara    in    D-1 charts, Naabhasa, Daama/Daaminila, Vimala , Trilochana, Yogakaraka, Rajayoga, Maha Yogada  , Raja Sambandha etc.

Yami Gautam Kundli Vimsottari Dasa: Maha Dasas.

 Jup: 1973-01-05 (2:02:28 pm) - 1989-01-05 (4:34:26 pm)
 Sat: 1989-01-05 (4:34:26 pm) - 2008-01-06 (1:28:39 pm)
 Merc: 2008-01-06 (1:28:39 pm) - 2025-01-05 (10:08:24 pm)
 Ket: 2025-01-05 (10:08:24 pm) - 2032-01-06 (5:14:32 pm)
 Ven: 2032-01-06 (5:14:32 pm) - 2052-01-06 (8:18:21 pm)
 Sun: 2052-01-06 (8:18:21 pm) - 2058-01-06 (9:18:27 am)
 Moon: 2058-01-06 (9:18:27 am) - 2068-01-06 (10:48:32 pm)
 Mars: 2068-01-06 (10:48:32 pm) - 2075-01-06 (5:53:47 pm)
 Rah: 2075-01-06 (5:53:47 pm) - 2093-01-06 (8:38:25 am)

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Now you can get your monthly horoscope predictions, weekly astrology forecasts and year ahead divination and guidance about your love life, career, job, health, money and finances by most accurate Indian astrologer and tarotist Shri Rohit Anand Ji.

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Republic Day India Wallpapers Hindustan Bharat 26th Jan Memes

Divyatattva Republic Day images, 26th January greetings and pictures messages for patriotic Indians.

India the great country of great people.

26h jan messages,26th happy greetings, india republic day photo greetings

Hindustan wishes " Happy Republic day" 26th jan".

India reublic day messages, 26h jan images, memes india freedom, bharat, hindustan photo messages

Hindustan celebrates 26th jan as republic day. Bhart Bhagya Vidhata.

India republic day memes, 26th jan wishes and messages, hindustan 26th january greetings backgrounds

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Lord Shiva Wallpapers, Shivarati HD Images
 Spiritual Wisdom of Hindustan and Hinduism

Republic Day, New Delhi, India, Divyatattva @ 2019.

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Kapil Sharma Zodiac Horoscope Astrology Birth Charts Career, Marriage, Riches, Success kundli Analysis

Famous Comedian from India Kapil Sharma horoscope charts, vedic astrology zodiac birth chart analysis, career astrology predictions and married life. By : Best celebrity Astrologer Shri Anand Ji, India.

Kapil sharma kundli, kapils sharma natal charts, kapils sharma horoscope, kapils sharma future, kapils sharma success, money, fame and name

Indian celebrity comedian Kapil Sharma who became to limelight with his comedy shows " Comedy Nights with Kapil or Kapil Sharma Show " has seen his life story from rags to riches. His horoscope chart readings reveal early struggles in life which gradually will lead to life of comfort and luxury with every wordly pleasure at his disposal. As he is born in Tarurus ascendant and its lord is placed in the eleventh house which is exalted. Generally men born under these lagna are sensual, easy going, inteligent, helpful, good with words they speak,  slow and steady and take their own time to proceed with the things in life. Sometimes Kapil sharma will also exibit the tendencies of being obstinate or stubborn and refusing to compromise easily when things get little unglier on professional front. He is likely to be closer to his mother and make sure she is present in his professional place of working to give him blessings and success. Feelings and sentiments will be more important to you than logical thinking. Now we also see Virgo zodiac being in 5th house and whose lord sits in the house of profession which makes him witty, clever, intelligent, quick, talented, singer and give ability to mimic after making small observations of people around and again the dispositor of 10th house sits in 5th house giving practical knowledge about his profession. It seems you are interested in minding your own business and making money and attaining power and social stature without getting involved in controversies and troubles.

He will make a comeback with new shows, comedy shows, stage performances, acting and production of TV serials in the future. His horoscope do indicate his helpful nature and promoting lot of people and giving right guidance in their career. We do see bright future for Kapil Sharma who will continue to make his mark in his profession and impact on people lives with his humor and talent. There will be vested interest rumours and gossips regarding his profession and relationships, but that will impact him only for sometime only. His dealing with women and comments upon them can put him in a difficult situation for which he needs to be careful.

Astro Profile of Comedian Kapil Sharma, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Natal Charts and kundli predictions. 

Name : Kapil Sharma.
Gender : Male. Hetrosexual.
Date of Birth : 02 April 1981.
Time : 09 : 45 AM.
City and State : Amritsar , Punjab.
Country : India.
Ascendant or Lagna Zodiac : Taurus.
Rashi or Moon sign : Aquarius.
Sun Sign according to Western Astrology : ★ Pisces.

Being a Taurean also makes him kind hearted, warm and enjoy sensual comforts of life. Their top priority is life is to get financial security, stability and build as many assets to make them secure. Taurus men like Kapil Sharma do have a calm, composed sentiments, unshakable, quiet nature and they feel safer and more secure with a structured routine in their life. But his Sun sign being also makes him imaginative, sentimental, compassionate, gentle and sometimes loner. Sometimes they set too much of high expectations upon themselves which makes them disappointed with their own self when they are unable to materilize it successfully. His Rashi acording to Indian astrology makes him seeker and who have a strong desire to know everything that is happening around them. We do find that Aquarius men are usually unpredictable, multi tasking and independent as they wish to keep themselves occupied all the time being the airy sign. 

Kapil Sharma Profession, Career as comedian, Riches and Success in television industry.

Kapil Sharma was born in Taurus lagna with Cancer Navamsa and Capricorn Dreksana in Rohini Nakashatra of 4th pada. This shows that he will have good willpower to achieve his world ambitions and work hard for it. This bring lots of monetary benefits and lavish way of living you will maintain in life fulfilling your material desires. Professions that usually suit such people relates to planet Venus and that is music, singing, acting, stage performances and being artist etc.

He will continue to do well as an actor, producer and comedian still some more time ahead. In the present face he will see success but will face hurdles, issues, frustration with his partners and coworkers but his luck will be on his side and continue to support him in the dash of the ruling planet. In the year 2019 and July 2020 he will undergo the dasa of Planet Saturn and Antardasa of Moon that is the lord of 10th house and 3rd house of talents will continue to help him use his fertile imagination and creativity to see success in his career though it will not be long term. His planet Mercury which is the lord of speech 2nd house and 5th house of intelligence, skills, creativity is place in the 10th house along with Moon which gives him success in the present profession of being a stand up comedian.

Planet Jupiter which is the lord of 8th house sits in the 5th house obstructs his basic education in life as well as delayed children happiness. In the year 2017 and 2018 when he faced the dasha of Saturn and Sun he got major setback in his career, frustrations with regard to his profession, went through depression, ill health, problems with co stars due to direct opposition of Saturn and Sun in the 5th and the 11th house. We do see that he will continue to do well in his profession and will remain in public limelight and make lot of money and prosperity will come his way due due his creative talents and knowledge he will attain though his profession and ability to learn and make a come back again. He will get much name and famewith some good yogas in his horoscope natl charts. Like we see Vosi Amala, Viprarita, Raja sambandha and Raja yoga etc.

Awards : CNN IBN India of the year award in 2013, Most Admired Indian Personality List by The Economic Times in 2015. He got this awards and recognition during dasa of planet Saturn and antardasha of Mercury and Venus.

Kapil Sharma Love Relationships, Marriage and divorce.

Kapil Sharma love astrology charts reveal the combinations of love affairs with women in which he will get success but also end with troubles and problems with no smooth sailing in early life. His ascendant lord is with 7th lord mars in the 11th house and 9th lord Saturn also aspects ascendant lord and 7th from 5th house indicating love affairs and marriage but also separation.

kapil sharma horoscope, kapil sharma astrology, kapil sharma kundli, kapil sharma birth charts

Why he got divorce from his first wife? If you analyze his horoscope charts D1 then you will find that his seventh lord planet Mars is debilitated in the eleventh house with Sun and planet Venus.Now planet is closely conjunct Venus and is the lord of the sixth house of enemies, divorce and obstruction to peaceful and happy married life. But Planet Venus is exalted in Pisces in D1 and afflicted in sixth house in the Navavmsa charts or D9. He will continue to face trouble even in his second marriage and relationship with women in his life or otherwise. Unfortunately, all too often, guys born under these zodiac will shut down hard when forced to make difficult emotional or sentimental decisions in relationships and will find a way to numb themselves to what they are really feeling. Now his seventh house of Scorpio and whose lord Mars is in the the 11th house with Sixth lord Venus and Sun which is the lord of 4 house which are aspected by Jupiter , the lord of 8th house and Saturn. Now these placements don't make his married life easy or his relationships with women and having children even. His Venus and Mars are combust and Jupiter is retrograde in the 5th house of love, romance and feelings. Deeper analysis of Navamsa divisional charts we see Venus being placed in the 6 house hemmed between Sun and Mars and planet Saturn which is the lord of Ascendant is weak in the 10th house. So finding love and domestic peace and being happy in love relationships or marriage will be a challenge for him always and it wont be easy for any women to deal with him in easy manner.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Raudra - Phalguna
Tithi:         Krishna Dwadasi (Me) (5.97% left)
Vedic Weekday: Thursday (Ju)
Nakshatra:     Satabhishak (Ra) (59.62% left)
Yoga:          Subha (Su) (43.86% left)
Karana:        Taitula (Me) (11.94% left)
Hora Lord:     Venus (5 min sign: Aq)
Mahakala Hora: Venus (5 min sign: Sg)
Kaala Lord:    Venus (Mahakala: Venus).

Vimsottari Dasa of kundli of Kapil Sharma: Maha Dasas:

 Rah: 1973-12-27 (3:30:42 pm) - 1991-12-28 (6:16:43 am)
 Jup: 1991-12-28 (6:16:43 am) - 2007-12-28 (8:43:37 am)
 Sat: 2007-12-28 (8:43:37 am) - 2026-12-28 (5:42:45 am)
 Merc: 2026-12-28 (5:42:45 am) - 2043-12-28 (2:20:45 pm)
 Ket: 2043-12-28 (2:20:45 pm) - 2050-12-28 (9:24:19 am)
 Ven: 2050-12-28 (9:24:19 am) - 2070-12-28 (12:35:18 pm)
 Sun: 2070-12-28 (12:35:18 pm) - 2076-12-28 (1:15:56 am)
 Moon: 2076-12-28 (1:15:56 am) - 2086-12-28 (3:01:30 pm)
 Mars: 2086-12-28 (3:01:30 pm) - 2093-12-28 (10:02:59 am)

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