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Top Celebrity Astrologer: Horoscope Akshay Kumar Kundli Birth Charts Analysis By Anand Ji

Akshay Kumar Horoscope Birth charts, Vedic Astrology zodiac sign, Love Astrology, Kundli Analysis of profession as actor and his marriage. By Best Bollywood Astrologer Shri Anand Ji , India

Akshay Kumar was born on 9th Sep 1967 in the city of Amritsar in India with Scorpion ascendant and Libra moon sign or rashi which makes him highly romantic, sexual and sensuous. Akshay Kumar is an Indian born Canadian Bollywood actor, model and film producer whose place of working and  residing is in Mumbai. He worked in some of the best movies that did very well on the box office are ‎Mission Mangal, ‎Housefull 4,  ‎Pad Man, Rowdy Rathore, Namastey London, Singh is Kinng, Phir Hera Pheri, Rustom, Housefull  etc.

Akshay kumar astrology, Akshay kumar zodiac Akshay Kumar love astrology, Akshay Kumar kundali

Name: Akshay Kumar or Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. .
Gender : Male.
Date Of Birth : 9th Septenber 1967.
Time : 12: 05.
City and State : Amritsar, Punjab.
Country : India.
Profession : Actor, Model, Artist.
Chinese Astrology: Fire Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 5.

There are pointers that you may have a foreign trip, as at the time of your birth Scorpio Ascendant (Lagna) was rising with Virgo Navamsa and Scorpio Dreskana in the second Pad of Anuradha. If you play your cards properly, you may even have a chance of settling abroad. Stretching it further, you may visit more than one country, as you have a wandering lust.

Invariably, in your public dealings you will put on a deceptive appearance. Cheerful and appearing to be reasonable, you will talk very sweetly, all the time nourishing a different motive at heart. Anyone doing business with you will realise only later that he/she has been taken for a ride, as you would go to any length to achieve your goal.

Quite well read, wise with worldly affairs, you will make profitable use of your talents to amass wealth. Once you become rich, you would not hesitate to help your relatives and friends monetarily.

The professions that suit you are film actor, mine engineer, dealing in agricultural products and oil engines.

Akshay Kumar Love Astrology, Sex and Relationship Scandals.

Akshay kumar kundli, akshay kumar zodiac sign, akshay kumar sex and romantic life astrology

Akshay kumar kundli reveals that he will have relationships with many women in his lifetime being Scorpio and Libran gives intense loving realtionship with women in his life. Planet of love Venus is the 7th lord and is placed in the 10th house of profession along with Sun. So we see most of his love matters originated in the profession, job, work he had in his lifetime. But Venus being afflicted and conjuct Sun made him struggle in those realtionships he had with women. Mars in the lagna chart in the first house of Scorpio makes him more masculine, passionate, sensual, fiery, sexual and romantic.

After the the time you will think of how best you can serve your family. In spite of your varied pursuits, you will manage to find enough time to spare for your family members. You will be lucky to get an understanding and helpful spouse and promising children. If you select your partner from one belonging to the Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo signs, you will find an ideal match.

Akshay Kumar Profession, Career Astrology :

Present Profession : Modelling, Acting.

The professions that will suit you well are cooking, movies, modelling, agriculture, dealing in hides and adventure travelling. It is a wide range from which you can pick according to your taste. Even while pursuing your profession, you can, if you feel like it, take to acting and if the trend is encouraging, then you can think of joining the sho-biz which, as you know, is a varitable gold mine.

As you believe in refinement and finesse in anything you do, you will spend quite a bit, with the result you won't be left with as much savings as you should have been. Cut down your extravagant habits if you desire to have a bulky bank balance.

Your health will be fine but in later years there may be a chance of diseases like prostrate glands and insomnia affecting you. Take early steps to offset such a contingency.

Your lucky days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday wheras Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are inauspicious. The numbers that will turn out to be beneficial are 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 9; the ones you have to avoid are 5, 6 and 8. White, green and blue don't suit you; hence keep clear of them. Prefer yellow, red, orange and cream which suit you.

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Celebrate Independence Day of India with our Wallpapers, Quotes and Messages.

Hindustan Independence Day wallpapers, hd backgrounds, 15th august Hd graphics for mobile and desktop.

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Happy 15th August India Independence Day wallpaper Full Size Images, Pictures, Photos

Download the top 15th August Indian's Independence Day Wallpaper HD, images, backgrounds, full size wallpapers, quotes, pictures and photos from our website.

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15th August India Independence Day Wallpapers Messages Backgrounds

Today we celebrate our independence day, the day of feedom on 15th august when India got freedom from British in 1947. Divyatattva brings you some of the beautiful hd wallpapers with messages and quotes on the independence day celebrations. These 15th August independece day photos,iamges, backgrounds are free for personal use.

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Lord Shiva HD Pictures Shiv Ji Photos Images Shiva Parvati Free Download

All the devotees that worship Lord Shankar, we provide you will some of the best Shri Lord Shiva Shankar Images, Bhagwan Shankar HD Photos, God Shiva Photos, Shiv Ji Pics.

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 Hindu Art, Shiva Shakti, Shiva Wallpaper, Lord Shiva, Historical Pictures, Mobile Wallpaper

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Divyatattva Shiva Wallpapers and Backgrounds @ 2019-2020 India.

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Baby Krishna Govinda Gopala Krishna Images, Photos & Pictures In High Resolution

Divyatattva picture gallery of lord krishna images free download, krishna photo download hd, shree krishna wallpaper download, lord krishna images hd 1080p and lord krishna childhood images free personal use.

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Most Beautiful Images of Lord Krishna hd God Radha Krishna Pics wallpapers 1920x1080

Srimati Radha Krishna Hd wallpaper, God Krishna full size pics, Lord Krishna and Radha photos and graphics.

In Hindu India feminine and masculine aspect of god are worshipped as one and is represented by Radhika and Krishna. Though they did not marry but their love for each other was pure, selfless and soulmates that carries the message for mankind.For all the devotees of Srimati Radha rani and God Krishna we are providing here beautiful pictures of Radha and Krishna, 3D photos of Radha and Govinda and high quality wallpapers of Radha and Krishan free for personal use.

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FREE Lord Shiva Wallpapers Hindus God Shiv Ji Photos 3D Backgrounds

Divyatattva presents Lord Shiva 3d photos, Shiv Ji pictures in hd and lord shiva 4k images download which is free for personal use.

According to Hinduism of all months mentioned in the Hindu calendar, the month of july or Shravan (maas) month is considered auspicious and revered as the holiest as the universe is supposed to be charged with Shiv Tattvas or the divine elements of Lord Shiva. So for all the dear devotees of  Mahadev, we are giving these beautiful pictures of  Bholenath for free.

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Paramahansa Yogananda Horoscope Birth Charts Vedic Kundli : Astrology Analysis Natal Charts Saints Of India

Divyatattva brings you horoscope birth charts of great Indian saint Paramahansa Yogananda, who was god realized and had great spiritual powers.

This zodiac birth chart of the famous renunciate yogi and the founder of the Self Realization Fellowship and YSS demonstrates convincingly the use and importance of a broad knowledge of yogas. Yogananda ji was born with Leo Zodiac Ascendant and With some good yogas in the horosocpe charts. There is good Buddhaaditya yoga with Sun and Mercury being conjunct occupying the 5 house of discernment with the Sun as the lord of lagna. this activated both houses the first and the fifth house giving outstanding results. Yogananda was also knwn for his sharp mind, his power of discriminaiton and his oratorical abilities. The Moon, lord of the twelth house of renunciation, seclusion and ashrams occupies the first house and the twelth house is only aspected by the benefic Jupiter.

Name: Paramahansa Yogananda.
Date of Birth: Thursday,  5 January, 1893.
Time of Birth: 20:14:00
Place of Birth: Gorakhpur.
Country : India.

Paramahansa Yogananda Horoscope , natal charts, kundli, vedic astrology, zodiac sign
All the three lagnas of Yogananda's charts are strong and fall in the nakshatra of Magha which represents the throne room. The throne in his case have symbolized  his becoming king among yogis in the west during his lifetime. Constellation of Madha in Hindu astrology represents lineages and Yoganandaemphasized to his western disciples the importance of revering all the sages in one's spiritual lineage.

Natal Chart of Yogananada Paramahansa Ji.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Nandana - Pushya
Tithi:  Krishna Chaturthi (Me) (66.20% left)
Vedic Weekday: Thursday (Ju)
Nakshatra: Magha (Ke) (75.31% left)
Yoga:  Priti (Me) (1.04% left)
Karana:  Bava (Su) (32.40% left)
Hora Lord: Saturn (5 min sign: Pi)
Mahakala Hora: Jupiter (5 min sign: Aq)
Kaala Lord: Rahu (Mahakala: Rahu)

Yogananda did his graduation and studied philosophy, literature in the year 1915 in the dasha of Venus and Mercury. Planet Venus  is the 10th lord and gave him success in the sub period of  graha Mercury in the 5th house of education or intelligence. 

His famous works, Books and writings : Autobiography of a Yogi, Divine Romance, Bhagvad Gita : God Talks with Arjuna.

His horoscope has Jupiter placed in the 8th house of Pisces with delibitated Mars and aspected by Saturn.

Yogas in The Horoscope: Vosi   D-1   Ve , Skillful, charitable and learned , Planets other than Moon in 12th from Sun.

Nipuna (Budha-Aditya) D-1   Su, Me, Skillful, expert, well-known and respected .Sun and Mercury together or in mutual 7ths

Sunaphaa  : D-1   Sa, Intelligent, wealthy and famous, Planets other than Sun in 2nd from Moon

Guru-Mangala  : D-1   Ju, Ma ,  Righteous and energetic . Jupiter and Mars together or in samasaptaka

Kaahala               D-1   Ma, Ju                          Strong, bold, cunning, leads a large army                              Jupiter and 4th lord in mutual kendras, strong lagna lord

Sankha                D-1   Ju, Sa                          Wealth, good spouse and children, kind, pious, intelligent, long-lived The 5th and 6th lords in mutual kendras, strong lagna lord

Sarala  : D-1   Ju ,  Long-lived, fearless, learned, celebrated, prosperous .The 8th lord in the 8th house

Yogakaraka            D-1   Ma                              Success and achievements                                               Same planet owns a kendra and a kona

Rajayoga              D-1   Sa, Ma                          Successful and high achievements                                       Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords

Rajayoga              D-1   Ma, Ju                          Successful and high achievements                                       Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords

Rajayoga              D-1   Sa, Ju                          Successful and high achievements                                       Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords

Rajayoga              D-1   Ju, Ma                          Prosperous                                                             The 5th and 9th lords in conjunction or samasaptaka

Viparita Raja Yoga    D-1   Sa, Ju , Success after pressures or someone else's losses. The 6th and 8th lords in conjunction or samasaptaka.

Raja Sambandha  : D-1   Ju  , An intelligent minister. Amatya karaka in own sign or exaltation sign. D-1   Ve, Ju . An associate liked by a king. Amatya karaka in a kendra/kona from atma karaka.

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Vimsottari Dasa:

 Rah MD: 1941-04-14 (4:02:44 pm) - 1959-04-15 (6:40:60 am)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Rah: 1941-04-14 (4:02:44 pm) - 1943-12-28 (11:01:05 pm)
  Jup: 1943-12-28 (11:01:05 pm) - 1946-05-22 (1:47:48 am)
  Sat: 1946-05-22 (1:47:48 am) - 1949-03-27 (10:12:49 am)
  Merc: 1949-03-27 (10:12:49 am) - 1951-10-18 (3:53:14 pm)
  Ket: 1951-10-18 (3:53:14 pm) - 1952-11-04 (11:00:11 pm)
  Ven: 1952-11-04 (11:00:11 pm) - 1955-11-05 (5:26:36 pm)
  Sun: 1955-11-05 (5:26:36 pm) - 1956-09-29 (5:18:37 pm)
  Moon: 1956-09-29 (5:18:37 pm) - 1958-03-27 (5:38:03 pm)
  Mars: 1958-03-27 (5:38:03 pm) - 1959-04-15 (6:40:60 am)

Vimsottari Dasa: Maha Dasas:

 Ket: 1891-04-13 (8:10:10 pm) - 1898-04-13 (3:31:19 pm)
 Ven: 1898-04-13 (3:31:19 pm) - 1918-04-14 (6:32:22 pm)
 Sun: 1918-04-14 (6:32:22 pm) - 1924-04-14 (7:14:26 am)
 Moon: 1924-04-14 (7:14:26 am) - 1934-04-14 (8:56:20 pm)
 Mars: 1934-04-14 (8:56:20 pm) - 1941-04-14 (4:02:44 pm)
 Rah: 1941-04-14 (4:02:44 pm) - 1959-04-15 (6:40:60 am)
 Jup: 1959-04-15 (6:40:60 am) - 1975-04-15 (9:08:50 am)
 Sat: 1975-04-15 (9:08:50 am) - 1994-04-15 (6:07:37 am)
 Merc: 1994-04-15 (6:07:37 am) - 2011-04-15 (2:37:24 pm)

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Importance, Role & Strong Mercury In Horoscope Birth Charts By Top Celebrity Astrologer of India

Know everything about planet Mercury according to vedic astrology. By Shri Anand Ji, Famous celebrity astrologer , New Delhi, India.

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Astrological Facts about Plaent Mercury or Buddh according to Vedic Astrology.

In Vedic Astrology Planet Merucy is considered as the son of Moon and it takes around 88 days to orbit around the Sun. Mercury retrograde period is about 20 to 24 days and it gets retrograde approx every 4 months. Mercury is the karaka of all speech,communication, intellect, wisdom and power of discriminaiton a person has according to Indian astrology. Its role is quite important in the natal charts as it shows how to comunicate with the outer world and the self. It is called Buddh in jyotish, its a dual nature planet that rules the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. It belives in logic, reasoning, analytics and rationlaity.

Zodiac Signs Rules by Mercury : Gemini  and Virgo.

Planet Mercury according To Vedic Astrology depicts : Intelligence, logic, finance, trade,  business, sensibility,

Health Issues or Body Parts Mercury Rules : Intestines, throat, neck, nerves, restlessness, worry, stress, hypertension, skin issues, ears, deafness, arms, lungs, hips, nervous system.

Professions and Career ruled by Planet Mercury : Mass Communication, journalism, astrology, occult, news, trade, computers, banking, accounts, writer, data analytics, broker, businessman, researcher, auditors, translators, mathematician .

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What is the Importance Of planet Mercury in the birth charts according to vedic astrology?

Its quite important to have good and strong Merucry in the natal charts if one plans to do better in business, trading, maths, as poet, singer, writer, journalist etc. It give logic, reasoning, analytical ability, versatile, multitasking, practical thoughts to implement what you think. Planet Mercury is the closest planet to Sun according to hindu astrology and often found combust in most of the horoscopes. Moon and Mars are considered enemies of Mercury and any placement of  it in the signs of mars is usually bad for the native in the horoscope birth charts. Mercury conjunct with Sun creates “Budhaditya Yog“ and Mercury is creates “Bhadra yog” if in the house of “Kendra” and sitting with the Lord of 9th, it creates “Raj Yoga“.

In person's horoscope the level of IQ is much dependent upon the strength of planet Mercury and these people are smart, clever and mercurial in anture. Saturn  and Venus are considered friends of Buddha graha and give good results in its dasha and antar dashas if are rightly placed in the zodiac house. When Mercury has malefic influence or conjunction then person can be a cheater, fraud, smuggler, gambler or drugs trafficker. In the kundli Mercury can be direct, retrograde, combust, deep cmbust. Retrograde mercury can cause financial upsets, reversals but also gives chance to amend the wrongs by going back to things that require correction in oneself, thinking, work or with lifestyle.

Direction : North.
Color : Green and Ligh Green shades. Metal : Lead, Quicksilver or Parad.
Constellation of Planet Mercury : Aslesha, Revathi, Jyestha.
Exalted in : Virgo  and Deblitated in : Pisces. Weak Sign : Sagittarius
Gender : Neutral. Status : Prince.
Guna : Rajsic or Rajo Guna.
Directional Strength : First House of Zodiac. Weakest Direction : 7th house.
Mercury's Vimshottari Dasha period: Seventeen Years.
Season governed by Mercury: Sharad or Autumn season.
Gemstone governed by Mercury: Emerald.
Semi Precious gemstones governed by Mercury: Peridot and Green Tourmaline.
Bodily Constituion : Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Age of Maturity : 32 years.
Animals : Flying birds, Airy creatures.
Caste :Vaishya.
Day : Wednesday.
Nature : Duality.
Friendly Planets : Venus, Rahu.
Represents : Sisters, Small children, Enunchs.
Mahadasha : 17 Years.
God : Vishnu

What is the role of graha Buddha or planet Mercury in horoscope ?

Role of planet Mercury is quite important as its a planet of discrimination, intelligence, intellect and any malefic influence in the horoscope, combustion, bad conjuction, deblitation can give bad memory, poor intelligence, wrong decesion making, bad comprehension or cognitive ability, harsh speech, restleness, confusion, anxiety and stress. But a powerful and good Mercury in the horoscope gives success in business, finances, studies, talents, and multitasking. Mercury is friend with Sun but it should not be in combustion as then it looses its higher qualities. It give qualities like wit, agility,  cleverness, sharp thinking, spontaneity and humour to a native when it is strongly placed without affliction from any malefic planet. Mercury if under strong and positive aspects can make the person very loving, successfull, gives good communication skills, persuasive powers, diplomatic skills and compassionate, a polite demeanour, immense profits in business, good understanding and a great sense of humour to come with higher than an average intellectual level.

But when planet Mercury or Buddh graha is badly places in any zodiac sign, conjuct malefic planets and received aspects by enemy planets then person can be cunning, crooked, uses foul language, criminal, sex addict, stressed, worried, suffer from diseases, get failure in life, suffer from psychological or nervous disorders. Charity for pacifying planet Mercury is donating Green cloth, green vegetables, green colored pulses, fresh green grass for the cow and chanting Buddha mantra.

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How to Strengthen the Planet Mercury in kundli or How to make Mercury strong in Astrology?

Tantric and Vedic Mantras for Mercury.

Beej Mantra of Planet Mercury: Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah.

Buddh Graha or Mercury Stotra: Priyam gukaalikashyamam rupenaam prathimam budham soumyam saumya gunopetham tham budham pranamaamyaham.

Mercury Gayatri Mantra: Om gaja dhwajaaya vidmahae sukha hastaaya dheemahi tanno buddhe prachodayaat.

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Lord Shiva Hd wallpapers 1920x1080 download Lord Shiva images, wallpapers, photos & pics

Best quality Lord Shiva Hd wallpapers 1920x1080 download Lord Shiva images, wallpapers, photos & pics for free personal use.

Lord Shiva also called by various names by the devotees since ancient times is th god of death, transformation, higher consciousness and ending what is not requied. He is called by many names such as Mahadeva, Viswanatha, Mahandeo,  Mahesha, Maheshvara, Shankara and Bholenath. At Divyatattva we are giving Shivji hd photos, Shiva parivar pictures, Shiv hd photos and backgrounds that can be used by Hindus.

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 Sai Baba Guru HD Wallpaper, Shirdi Photos

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Lord Vishnu Free Wallpapers Hindu God Narayana hd images

Divyatattva widescreen 4k HD Lord Vishnu Narayana wallpapers for free personal use. These pictures of god Vishnu are in high quality and resolution.

Lord Vishnu hd wallpaper, God Narayana hd photos, Hindu Gods Krishna Vishnu Luxmi

God Vishnu, God Narayana, Hindu Gods, Indian gods, Wallpapers

beautiful pictures of lord vishnu mobike phone, smartphone images of lord vishnu and lakshmi,  shri vishnu images hd

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Divyatattva Lord Vishnu Hd images and wallpaper, Lord Narayana HD backgrounds, 2019.

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Raja Yoga Reports In Horoscope Shani Sade Satti Report By Top Astrologer

Get your Raja Yoga predicticons report and Saturn or Shani Sade Satti reports according to Indian astrology by Shri Anand Ji.

Raja yoga reports in kundli are the best conjuctions, strength and palcements of planets in any horoscope that are likely to give best results to acheive succcess, name, fame, money, prosperity, education, job and good times in life time. These reports are generated with the help of your accurate birth charts of natal charts.

Prospects of Raj Yogas In Vedic Horoscope.

  • Know About The important Raja Yogas that are present in your vedic horoscope charts that will benefit you throughout your life and bring success and prosperity.
  • You will also come to know about your favorable time and luck when fortune will be on your side.
  •  Find out which yogas will give you best results in what way which will make you life better and peaceful.
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  • Its Easy, economical and fast on internet. Raja Yoga reports by Email is the fastest mode of sharing your reports whereever you are in any part of the world.
You need to have accurate date of birth, time of birth, city/state/country of birth to generate correct birth charts or horoscope to find out the auspicious yogas present in your kundli or horoscope.

 Shani/Saturn Report Based on Kundali.

  •  Know about the impace and effects of Graha Shani or planet Saturn in your Kundli.
  • What Influence of Shani Sade Sati or Mahadasha will be there on your horoscope charts.
  • Know what planetary influence the period of Shani Sade Sati and Shani Mahadasha have on your life and what aspect of life.
  • How you can change your future with Shani and Sde Satti Remedies.
  • Know about various solutions/remedies through Shani Report and solve the problems and troubles that you might have to face in that period.
  • Get your Report in your Email Inbox.
  • Its Easy, economical and fast through internet. Email is the fastest mode of sharing these reports with you after receipt of payment.

All the above two reports are a based on birth chart based personalised horoscope report, which will give an indepth insight on different aspects of your life. In this particular report, you will get details about the influence of planet Saturn on your job or work, employment prospects, business, education, family life, marriage, health, etc. Moreover you will get information about your kindli, like when will Shani Sade Sati comes into operation in lifetime or begin and end in your life, and how its various phases will affect you. Other than this, you will find about the outcomes of Saturn transit and Saturn Major Period (Shani Mahadasha) on your life. Additionally, what important remedies one can follow during transit and Mahadasha of Saturn are also mentioned in this report. Also know the religious and astrological significance of this planet, and what solutions, charity and Mantra you can apply to appease Lord Shani.

Fees : Rs.2200/- or USD 40$. Payment by Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cash, Net Banking.

Frequently Asked Questions by our Satisfied Clients:

Q1. How will I get the reports?

All the reports are sent via email in your inbox. 

Q2. When will I receive the reports?

You’ll receive your report within 48 hours of making the payment on working days. 

Q3. Will my personal information/data be kept confidential?

Note: We at never share your personal information with anybody and is secure with us. The personal information you share by of our customers is kept strictly confidential.

You can contact us by filling the form on our website or leave the comment on our comment box below and we will reach out to you.

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