Zodiac Sign Scorpio Love Horoscope Pisces Compatibility With वृश्चिक राशि

Zodiac Sign Scorpio or वृश्चिक राशि Love Horoscope Compatibility With Pisces Men & Women in Vedic Astrology

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Love Horoscope Pisces Compatibility, Scorpio वृश्चिक राशि Sexual Compatibility With Pisces
Pisces zodiac sign is most imaginative, creative, romantic, kind and sensitive star sign among all the rashis in the horoscope. They can adapt to their surroundings, people and being the 12th sign in the zodiac it is also symbolized by 2 fish which shows they can go out of the way to keep people happy, contended and feel loved if they are in love and relationship. And people born under Scorpio zodiac sign are more of logical , practical, mysterious, determined and intense in their relationship with others. Both signs are intuitive and go deep into things and feel the connections and attraction towards each other due to passion and romantic chemistry they might share and entice each other. Sometimes both Pisces and Scorpio can be obsessive and compulsive. It’s all too easy for jealousy, suspicion and attempt to control can lead to arguments between them. Scorpio nature is more kind of stubborn than Pisces though, and they can hold on to a fiery grudge forever too if planet alignments are not favorable.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions About Scorpio Zodiac Sign Compatibility with Pisces Sun Sign

Are Scorpio and Pisces a good match and Compatible?

Generally speaking, zodiac sign of Scorpio is 8th sign in Vedic astrology and Pisces or मीन राशि is the 12th zodiac sign in the birth charts. While Scorpio is ruled by planet Mars and Pisces or Meena rashi is ruled by Planet Jupiter in natal chart. Both signs or rashi are watery signs, romantic, love deeply, sensitive, mystical, intuitive, empathic, secretive and passionate who can connect intimately with each other sexuallly, emotionally and at spiritual level. Though Pisces are not easy to understand and there scorpio men and women might find it hard to know what exactly goes down in the minds of Pisces. While Scorpio guys or girls might be more logical, practical but Pisces are more of imaginative, dreamy and constant thinker in their minds and that's where need to come closer and be more sharing and accommodating in dealing with each other. This can compliment too if one of them makes plans while other executes to achieve their relationship goals. This pairing together is powerful and can be magnetic. Their bedroom can be a kind of virtual playland when Pisces emerges from their emotional shell and wants to relax in the arms of Scorpio lover from harsh realities of life. Scorpio can lead in the love making and Pisces follows. It’s a perfect suit being in togetherness. Pisces men or women doesn’t mind following Scorpio’s lead. Compatibility Check between Scorpio and Pisces can be done if anyone seeks to find out more in detail about them while dating or before marriage.

Are Scorpio and Pisces soulmates?

One can find out if two people are soulmates or not by the help of Vedic Astrology. A good and competent astrologist can examine the birth charts of both Scorpio and Pisces born natives to find out if they are soulmates or not. Its incorrect way to say that scorpio born men or women are Pisces are soulmates just on the basis of Sun signs. While Scorpios values strength of character and loyalty, Pisces values mutual love connections and emotional bonding. When Scorpio and Pisces rashi people come together their relationship will probably give them both new insights, adventure, self discovery and many emotional possibilities. Scorpio born can teach Pisces on how to manage their sensitivity in such a way it doesn’t overwhelm them in their relationship and Pisces can teach Scorpios to deal with intensity.

Can Scorpio and Pisces marry?

Yes, Scorpio and Pisces can marry if their horoscope or kundli matches according to Indian astrology. But if anyone thinks that only rashis match or zodiac sign is sufficient to indicate marriage is wrong and misleading way. Though domination and controlling mind of Scorpions needs to be in check to keep relationship happy and healthy with Pisces women or men. I would recommend horoscope match making is essential if Pisces and Scorpio wants to marry each other as there are many aspects of their nature, planets placements, dashas, other issues that needs to be studied and matched properly in the natal charts or kundali. A experienced astrologer will always check if guna matching points are above average or not and how the important planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mars are placed of if there are any afflictions before giving go ahead to married life together.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Love compatibility, Scorpio Horoscope Pisces Compatibility, वृश्चिक राशि Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

Is Pisces compatible with Scorpio Sexually?

Yes, Pisces zodiac women and Scorpio men are sexually compatible as both moon signs are romantic, loving, love sex, imaginative and willing to try out new things. Sexual attraction will be more if planet Venus and Mars in the natal charts or kundli are strong and well placed. Also if we see Pisces zodiac sign is 5th from Scorpio that makes their love match more interesting. Scorpio and Pisces can connect deeply on emotional level and Pisces can be more submissive and their chemistry in the bedroom can be intimate, sexual and magnetic. Pisces or Meena Rashi people are easy to please and Scorpio hottie is a protective lover, so Pisces feels kind of safe and secure from the outside world, both in and out of bed. It’s a good thing Scorpio is a lover who commits and remains loyal as it strengthens the Pisces and Scorpio love relationship. And Scorpio will demand the same in turn from Meena rashi girl or boy. Should Pisces being dual sign betrays Scorpio for any reason at all in their love relationship or married life, they will fall victim to Scorpio’s poisonous and jealous wrath in violent revengeful ways.

Why is Scorpio attracted to Pisces?

Its because both zodiac signs are watery, intuitive, sensitive, romantic, mysterious signs in the zodiac horoscope. If any star sign other than Scorpio or Vrishchik Rashi is capable of understanding Scorpio is that of Pisces. There is an emotional depth to Scorpio that not everyone is ready to face and Pisces are ready to come across anything in the field of emotions and depth in love. If one see the the zodiac sign of Pisces, it represents oceans and seas or field of infinite consciousness, while Scorpio zodiac sign represents rivers. In the end each river flows into the ocean or the ocean to merge in it, and this reflects the deep emotional connection between these signs that can be formed in the best possible way with they develop honest and deep understanding of each other at soul level.

In the end i would say , if you want to marry or about to date a Scorpio man/women or a Pisces guy or girl then love compatibility check can be done to find if he or she is the right person in your life or not or marriage match making becomes essential for happy married life or LTR in the future.

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