Spiritual Poetry Expressing Love For God : Cosmic Mother Hear My Cries By Poet Rohit Anand

Spiritual poetry is an expression of love for God that has been around since ancient times. It can be found in many different cultures and religions, from Hinduism to Christianity. Spiritual poetry often speaks of the divine connection between humankind and the Creator, or it may focus on a particular aspect of spiritual life such as prayer, meditation or devotion.The beauty of spiritual poetry lies in its ability to bring together words with deep meaning that evoke emotion and create a sense of peace within us all. The language used can range from simple phrases about faith to complex metaphors about our relationship with God. Whatever form it takes, spiritual poems are meant to inspire us by reminding us how connected we are with one another through faith in something greater than ourselves - whether this is expressed through traditional religious practices or more personal forms like yoga or mindfulness meditation techniques . 

Spiritual Poems by Mystic Poet and Writer Shri Rohit Anand : Cosmic Mother Hear My Cries

Spiritual poetry are the soulful expressions of those unique people who are struggling, awakening and striving on the path of ascension by raising their consciousness and trying to reach out to god with love. They face challenges, undergo emotions and encountering the hurdles that we all face and looking within to find answers or the truth.

Cosmic Mother Hear My Cries

By Rohit Anand

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Why Thou Left Me Abandoned

In this Vast Universe. Lost

In Dreams Lust and Delusional Desires

I was your Child, ignorantly sought moments Pleasures

Poetry Daily, love poems,Spiritual Poems,God Poetry,Paradise Lost, Poems About Life,English Poem,Short Poems

in Earthly Toys

Like a Child forgets Mother and

gets fascinated by Playthings

and later demands the giver

and wants its Mother

Poetry Daily,Spiritual Poems,God Poetry,Paradise Lost, Poems About Life,English Poem,Short Poems

Like a child i Cry and call upon you

Enough of distractions of Toys 

I seek your Bosom for the Eternal Joys

By Rohit Anand (Writer Poet Singer Guitarist )

Ultimately, spiritual poems serve as reminders that no matter what our beliefs may be - there is always something larger at play than just ourselves alone; something worth celebrating even when life feels hard sometimes! By expressing love for God through poetic verses we open up new pathways towards understanding not only who He/She/It is but also how He/She/It loves each one individually regardless if they believe in Him /Her /It-or not! This type of writing helps foster feelings unity among people while providing solace during difficult times too – which makes them invaluable tools for anyone looking find deeper meaning their lives beyond material possessions. If you liked this poetry, you can find more of such collection of spiritual poetry over here

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