Vastu For Home Flat To Attract Wealth Prosperity Happiness and Health

Vastu Consultations from Top Vastu expert For Home Flat To Attract Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness, Health and Abundance by Shri Rohit Anand

The word or the term vāstu comes from the word vastu, which is derived from the Sanskrit root vas meaning “to dwell, exist.” A vastu (with a short “a”) is a material reality, a “really existing thing,” the matter from which other things are made. Vāstu, with the long “a,” means “a building site, an abode or dwelling place, a home for humans.” Vāstu is thus manufactured out of vastu. Vastu is the potential, and vāstu its realization; vastu is the raw material, vāstu the finished product. Vastu is (relatively) subtle and vāstu, dense; vastu is (relatively) unmanifest, vāstu manifest.

In its most basic sense, vāstu denotes right dwelling place for individuals that is in harmony with nature and cosmic energies. But its meaning has been extended to include the earth and directions one inhabits (bhūmi), the buildings on that earth (harmya), and those moveable artifacts of our lives (paryaṅka), including furniture (śayana) and conveyances (yāna), that act as our “temporary dwellings on our planet” while we use them.The forces, vibrations, energies that produces these feelings of ease or dis-ease within us is the life force or the prana shakti, which in Sanskrit is termed prāṇa (in Chinese, qi). Prāṇa is the life essence, the vitality of all living beings. The power that propels us on our path through life, the energy that, by pervading an organism, enables its body, mind, and spirit to function efficiently as a unified being and evolve us.

Our world is such that, of the infinite ways we could arrange a space, only a small selection of arrangements exist that can nurture its full potential if we know the correct ways; many more actually impede its energy. As I have tested techniques of making time and space work for me, however, I have found again and again that in any situation there is usually at least one “ease-promoting” spatial arrangement, a configuration that invariably promotes the healthy circulation of Prāṇa in that settings.Achieving accord in all things whether inner or outer was the aim of ancient India’s savants, those wise men and women who developed methods for producing and promoting harmony in every avenue of human endeavor. Their experiments engendered the several sciences that describe pathways to equilibrium and serenity in almost every walk of life. For the arrangement of space, the genius enlightened sages created Vāstu Śāstra, India’s science of form.

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Vastu Expert Consultation For Home Flat To Attract Wealth Prosperity Happiness and Health

Vāstu is a philosophy of living that specializes in determining the “aptness” of site and situation, particularly in architectural contexts. Vāstu recommends that we enrich our lives by arranging the spaces we create for ourselves so that those spaces may align us and our individual dwellings with our larger communal spaces of town, state, planet, and universe. “Good” Vāstu appears when we create spaces that promote equilibrium, prosperity, and health in our lives, and when we act appropriately within them. “Bad” Vāstu results from spaces and alignments that, by impeding the circulation of prāṇa, prevent us from enjoying “ease” in our lives. Beneficial Vāstu exists in configurations that promote concord; arrangements that bring about discord, within us or outside of us, display inimical Vāstu.

Vāstu guides us to inspect every space that we shape and that shapes us, from the most miniscule to the most mammoth. Like it or not, we are connected to everything and everything is connected to us. Each of us is a small but key territory in the enormously intricate domain that is our universe, and each of us who wishes to pursue happiness must investigate the relationship between microcosm and macrocosm. One cannot understand the whole without examining the small part and cannot align with other parts (or with the self) until one can at least appreciate and be open to the reality of the whole. No individual’s well-being is ever independent of the well-being of others too such as that of the land, the community, or the cosmos.

Right relationship requires an individual to strike a wholesome balance between respect for self and respect for “others” weighing individual needs and wants against the requirements of family, society, and ecosystem that we live in. We relate well when we revere self and other equally in our every interaction, and when enough of our relationships become healthy, we become truly happy—we enjoy sukha. Now get scientific, vedic astrology Vastu solutions and remedies from the top Vastu Expert of India. Attract wealth, prosperity, money, luck, abundance, happiness by energizing your home, plot, apartment, house, showroom, bunglow & workplace. Live healthy and prosperous life by getting remedies for all your problems in life and relationships.

Vastu Consultations for Flat, Floor, House, Shop, Plot, Apartment : Rs. INR 51000/-. USD $ 700 Dollars.

Payment in Advance By : Paypal, Cash, Check, Bank Transfer, IMPS, NEFT.

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FAQ on Vastu Consultations from Best Vastu Expert of India

Can we avail of online Vastu consultancy from anywhere in the world?

Yes ,you can get my Vastu consultation in any part of the planet you live in. You just need to to send be the pictures of your plot, flat, home, apartment, land, plot from outside, inside with directions, its map and the owner birth details if you have any.  Lord Kubera Mantra for Wealth Money and Prosperity

How can i do Vastu at Home?

You can do number of changes to your existing home with the help of a vastu expert without making at structural changes to architecture by following vastu remedies which will surely improve your life and attract prosperity, happiness, peace and good health.

Vastu Shastra For Home Flat House Shop To Attract Wealth Prosperity Happiness and Health
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