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India will emerge as great power in the world with big scientific advancements, innovations, space research and as economic powerhouse with military might and spiritual enlightenment, awakening and evolutionary advancement of Hindus or Indians. Power and Influence of India and its people will increase in every field.

Prophecy and Astrological Divination, Future Horoscope Predictions for USA, India, China, Pakistan, France, Japan, UK, Australia, Germany

New communication technologies will come to people with fast speed and efficiency on the planet. Flying motorbikes will be innovated by nations will be one of the vehicle of use in times to come.

Japan will build new generation weapons with increased military budget and will be force to reckon with. It will form military alliance with powerful nations of India, USA, Taiwan, Australia etc and will challenge rogue China. Lord Rama 8K HD Wallpapers

Nations and world will move towards Vegan, Vegetarian food habits as there will be spread of diseases, infections and DNA alterations among Muslims, Chinese and consumers of Meat. Consumption of Non Vegetarian food, beef and pork will make them to more vulnerable towards infertility, illnesses, impotency, virus infections, depression, color cancer, prostate problems, Kidney failure, heart diseases, violent psychosis, fear, anxiety, nervous system problems, increased mental retardation, Paranoid personality disorder, psychological and mental illness. People will move towards NOT marrying people eating flesh of animals in every country seeing the negative fall out for future generations.

UAE and Saudi Arabia will witness more violence, terrorism, attacks from Pakistanis, Iran, Turkey, Extremists and rebels. Greed of OIC gulf countries and that of America, UK & China will bring recession in many nations due to inflation, wars and supply disruptions.

America, UK, Germany, Canada will be unreliable and untrustworthy partners and will incite wars, provoke nations and their policies will not be favorable towards humanity. These nations will also support, fund Khalistan, jihadi violent ideologies against world peace.

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Huge cyber attacks, ransomware, economic disruptions, scams and cyber frauds will emerge from China, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan on nations like Europe, America, Australia, France, Germany, India, Nepal, Brazil, Africa and Argentina. Pakistanis & Chinese will be involved in women Trafficking, Illegal Organs harvesting and scandals.

Human will begin to conquer oceans and seas with building of underwater technologies, human habitation, running trains, building homes and hotels and also finding new aquatic species .

Big CURSE will continue to be upon China, Pakistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Iran and Afghanistan as whichever nation be friendly or ally with them will meet with self destruction, ruin, economic crises, chaos, deceived, face internal protests, food crises, natural disasters, suffering to their people. Pakistan will continue to spread Islamic Terrorism, will do forced conversion to Islam leading to ban and deportation of Pakistanis.

Nano technology and artificial intelligence will make great strides and will eliminate many jobs around the world.

Laser weapons will be deployed by America, China, India, Russia on robotics, Aircrafts and Anti Satellite Weapons in space.

China, Pakistan, America, Iran and Russia will be great threat to world peace and security. China, Pakistan and Russia will moves towards chaos, internal protests, bloodshed, aggression, economic hardships, repression, breaking up, own people turning against their policies and will trying to regain their lost territory & prestige. 

There will be suicides, hunger, poverty, violent crimes, kidnappings, blackmail, Torture, corruption, Drugs trafficking, human rights abuses, killings of minorities, Rapes and Women trafficking in Pakistan, Afghanistan and China.World will boycott Chinese products and people will reject Made In China items and govt will BAN imports and China will lose market share in business with every passing year.

Mother Earth and Oceans will begin to reveal the lost advanced ancient civilizations and its hidden treasures to humans.

There will be massive toll on human life and economic activities in every country due to infectious diseases, wars, chaos, floods and rain failing in many countries of Europe and Africa. Virus mutations will continue to spread and take its toll in every country.

Hydrogen fuel, electric vehicles and solar energy use will become popular among masses and in every country. Flying bikes and Flying scooters will become reality and will come in use for military and emergency usage.

UK, Pakistan, USA, Turkey, France, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Canada, Iran will face protests, anarchy, riots, vandalism, violent crimes, racial attacks, arson, terrorism and will become unstable, unsafe and unlivable.

Earth constitution will begin to change, continents/islands will begin to shift/submerge due to volcanic eruptions and tectonic shifts and rising sea temperatures. Floods and rising sea level will swallow many nations coastline, sea animals will die and its waters will become toxic. Many nations will lose their cultivation lands in Asia and Africa.

Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Chinese citizens will face deportation, visa denial for involvement in terrorism, frauds, money laundering, violence, fake currency rackets, human trafficking, organ harvesting, cyber frauds, espionage, stealing technologies, weapons smuggling, drugs trafficking, economic offences, crimes against women and threat to civilized society and other religious communities.

India will reach out to space, exploration, launch new satellites for Moon, Venus, Jupiter and working for new space station.

Britain and Switzerland will become heaven for fraudsters, scammers, money launderers, corrupt, Jihadi terrorists, extremism and nations who get dirty black money to run their country. America, China, UK, Pakistan, Afghanistan will be biggest threat to world peace, stability and security.

Great sufferance, crises and misery will come to forcibly converted people to Islam or converted Muslims in nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Maldives. Millions of people will leave Islam in the subcontinent realizing their mistake and consider Islamic ideology as more of politico war ideology and man made.

World will support freedom of Taiwan, Tibet, Hongkong from illegal occupation of  thug Chinese regime who will kill its own people, destroy democracy, repress people and will be great threat to humanity.

American along with Chinese media and Social media will lose its credibility and integrity being corrupted, spreading false propaganda, lies, misleading narratives and deceiving the world. Chinese companies and Chinese nationals will be threat to security, safety, economy, institutions, companies, organizations & govt of nations for data theft, trade secrets, stolen intellectual property rights, hacking and frauds.

America, Iran, Russia, China, France and Germany, Pakistan, UK and Afghanistan will be biggest threat to world peace, stability and security. World will witness more of Economic wars, Chaos, Violent Protests cyber war and Space wars in the times to come.

New scientific innovations and technologies will come up never seen before leading to way humans life their lives. Speed of doing work and robotics will start entering human lives more and more for lower level jobs.

Nigeria, Oman, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Canada, Britain, South Korea will be Unsafe nations for people of other religions, foreigners as these counties will face Islamic fanaticism, terrorism, Intolerance, ethnic cleansing of minorities of Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Tibetans, Buddhists, Jews and kidnapping for ransom.

CCP of China, Pakistan, America will develop new variants of Biological weapons, Virus to bring down world, initiate biological wars and spread nuclear weapons.USA, Bangladesh, Turkey, Canada, Australia, UK, Nigeria , China, Bahrain, Switzerland, Indonesia & Pakistan will become unsafe and Hub of Islamic and Khalistani Terrorism, extremism, violent attacks, racial discrimination, corruption and inciting wars.

China, Pakistan, North Korea, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal will become the failed states. Millions will die in these country due to hunger, suicides, poverty, water crises, unemployment, chaos, instability, corruption, inflation, depression, terrorism and state repression.

There will be new weapons race among nations in Europe, China, India, America, Japan, Australia, Middle East and defense budget of every nation will go up. New weapon systems will be innovated, deployed and used in conflict between nations.

Thousands of Religious places of Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Hindu Temples, Churches, Religious will be destroyed in China, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh and Afghanistan by fanatics and Islamic Extremists. Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and people of other faith will be forcibly converted into Islam, their women raped with lust jihad, properties looted and their places of worship desecrated.

India will make great progress in space program, landing on Moon, sending satellites for Jupiter & its Moons, planet Venus and developing its own space station.

There will be NO Nuclear or World War III in times to come as nations will reach higher understanding as not to use dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

Space debris of satellites, Asteroids, meteorites will become major threats in space to our planet. Toxic waters and land will bring more diseases to humans due to humans irresponsible way of living.

America, Russia and China will work upon humanoids, human enhancement capabilities and augmentations and equip them with deadlier weapons.

Rogue regimes of Turkey and Pakistan will commit human rights abuses, atrocities on minorities, crimes against humanity, forced conversion to Islam, acts of terrorism and extremism will ruin their country.

Strategies of wars and conflict between nations will change as battle grounds will shift to economic wars, virtual wars, cyber war, space wars, false propaganda, population migration to take over nations, companies take over by hostile nations, blockage of sea routes, fake internal protests, social media, terrorism, drone wars, biological, bots and AI based attacks and corrupting the political heads of nations.

Population of the earth and many nations will begin to decline. There will be shift in way the babies are born as more and more couple will chose not to produce babies and hire other means and artificial technology based methods.

World will move towards BAN, Isolation, boycott and sanctions on Islamic nations that DO Not reform and respect other religions and cannot tolerate or allow other religions and minorities rights in their country. Pakistan, China Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Nigeria, Malaysia, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia will face the wrath of many nations like Europe, USA, Germany, France, Canada, UK, Romanic, Hungary, Belgium, Norway, Australia, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Israel, Poland etc.

Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, drugs mafia will exploit the misery of people with increase in prices of drugs, medical supplies. Greed and corruption in the system will lead to higher number of frauds, scandals, scams and there will be free loot of money by online ecommerce portals, manipulative prices and selling of toxic Chinese products.

UK, Canada, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, North Korea, Iran & America and will become more unsafe dangerous nations threat to regional and world peace with spread of Islamic extremism and terrorism. Rogue China will arm and smuggle nuclear weapons, missiles and dangerous weapons to Evil Pakistan, Iran, Myanmar and North Korea. Islamic & khalistani extremism & intolerance will bring down govts and nations of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey into great sufferance, misery, violence, terrorism, bloodshed, instability and ruin.

Great divine race of Hindus shall rise in India and will achieve great things around the world, bring enlightenment, awakening in the world, govern nations, manage corporations and will take India towards superpower status in the future.

Afghanistan Taliban will be great threat to its neighboring countries as it will look for expansion and spread islamic extremism and dark age ideology of ignorance, violence, terrorism, repression, cruelty, intolerance, barbarism and brutality.

Many countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and South Asia will slide into poverty, economic crises, famines, food shortages, water shortages due to Chinese manmade pandemic and people dying without medicines & vaccines.

Evil China President XI JinPing megalomaniac, self destructive attitude  and demonic ideology will bring ruin of China, misery to Chinese people, isolation, weakening economic situation and  and suffering of its nation. Chinese economy will face massive slowdown, unemployment, stock crashing, foreign reserves dwindling and collapse of its institutions and banks. Chinese people will be driven to suicides, pain, debt burden, ruin, food shortages, inhuman treatment and sliding to poverty by evil CCP. Chinese PLA and Pakistani army will be world most coward, corrupt and criminal army.

Rogue terrorist nation of Pakistan PM will lose its power and will be slammed with legal cases with charges of corruption, misgovernance, fear of imprisonment will loom over his head. His party will lose elections and be defeated. Pakistan will be greatest threat to France, Germany, Australia, Russia, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, UK, USA, Israel, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri lanka.

China (PRC) and America will corrupt and destroy many international organizations like WHO, UNO, WIPO, FAO, IOC, Human Rights Organizations who will lose its credibility and integrity.

World will witness new world order lead by India and its allies which will bring peace, stability, prosperity, trade and will fight rogue evil regimes of  China & Pakistan threat to mankind and all religions of the world.

Many countries and people around the world will reject Islamic thinking and Not welcome followers of Islam in their countries. They will be denied rights in Europe, China, India, Canada, Uk, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Hungary Australia, USA etc due to threat to other religions, peace, harmony, safety, security, freedom, democracy, their way of living and civilized society. Millions of people will leave Islam due to its distortion, misinterpretation, degeneration by its followers and fanatics.

World will witness failed nations in 21st century which will include Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iran, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Yemen, Somalia Sudan, Uganda whose survival will become difficult.

Europe or EU will weaken and will fall apart and every country will seek to look after its own interest. New alliances will be formed by France, UK, Canada, Germany, Poland etc.

India will save the world with its humanity, kindness, help, food and medicine for the world.

Islamic countries, Middle east and breakaway Russia republics will witness much chaos, bloodshed, protests, violence, people turning against their govt, women protest against their repression by fanatics. Demonical China CCP policies will bring debt trap, violence, conflict, ruin, misery to gulf Islamic nations with human rights abuses of Muslims & Uyghurs.

There will be great technological advancements, new age vehicles, speed transportation, tourism in space and flying vehicles covering greater distances with super speed.

Chinese intelligence and Pakistani ISI will corrupt and infiltrate into many govts, media houses, politicians, political parties, Trade Unions, Hollywood and Bollywood. These Rogue Chinese and Pakistani agencies will be serious threat to countries like UK, USA, India, Maldives, Nepal, Greece, Sri Lanka, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Brazil, Australia, New zealand and will be great to threat to their democracy, freedom, safety, security, economy of these nations. Many politicians and journalists will be on the payroll of China, Pakistan and Islamic nations for fake propaganda and influencing national policies.

Advanced civilizations, aliens, UFO's will show great restraint with humans, nations and evil ideologies who will be bent destroying human race and polluting planet Earth. They will make their presence felt, watch keenly the evolution of mankind without interference but will be preventing nations like America, China who will be threat to Earth along with space making it polluted, toxic and degenerated ideologies of communism, islamic, anti god,  atheists from self destruction, wars and violence. 

Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban Brutes and Barbarics & Pakistani Islamic Terrorists will regroup in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh supported by China will commit acts of violence, terrorism in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, America, UK, Australia, India and Africa.

France politicians and govt wrong decisions to go with China will prove disastrous for its own nation and the world.

Many nations will witness floods and will start to submerge in waters as oceans will rise as balance of Earth and its elements gets disturbed by reckless humans.

Russia will reclaim its former lost USSR territories, break away republics one by one with low intensity conflict, military posturing, rebellion and pose serious threat to America.

Communist China will destroy every religion and culture on its soil. It commit inhuman atrocities, human rights abuses on Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and Tibetans. Typhoons, snow storms, floods, Earthquakes and hurricanes will devastate China, America and some European countries. Chinese, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Turkey, Iran and nationals of Malaysia will be threat to security, peace of Saudi Arabia, South Africa and UAE.

Genocide and atrocities will be committed by Evil nations like Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Turkey, Palestine with killings, torture, rapes, violent domination and forced conversions of Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Ahmedias, Sindhis, Shias, Women and Baloch. Great suffering will come to these nations, Chinese and muslims all over the world as wrath & retribution of god.

Demonical Communists China CCP and coward PLA will emerge as biggest threat to security and territorial integrity of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Sri lanka, Pakistan, Nepal. Chinese fake propaganda and fudged economy will fail. These nations will stand against China and cancel Chinese companies projects of debt trap. Chinese invasion will come through debt trap, Chinese nationals settlements in every country, capturing sea routes, stealing technologies of every country through Chinese students in institutions and Universities.

21st century world worst politicians and unpopular corrupt leaders to misgovern, ruin and bringing disrepute, suffering and downfall of their nations will be Xi Jinping, Imran Khan, Sheikh Hasina, Mahinda Rajapaksa, Joe Biden, Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, Justin Trudeau, Ebrahim Raisi, Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel.

African nations will reject criminal greedy communist China and will throw out Chinese companies and Chinese nationals out of Africa after they realize they have been fooled, debt trapped, exploited and gained nothing with allowing entry of corrupt and crooked China into their country.

India will become the biggest defense equipment, missiles and weapons exporter in the world. Powerful India will contain China and defeat it in every field.

Nations that will become Bankrupt and default on international obligations will be Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Angola. their Stock markets will crash and economic crises will destroy lives of people.
Demonical Chinese ambition to capture resources, land and sea routes of the world and every nation will be thwarted by India, USA, Australia, Japan and alliance of nations. All grand plans of China CCP will be frustrated, defeated and in ruins with only lies to Chinese people. China will weaken and Chinese nationals will be thrown out and denied entry into every country as threat to security.

World will begin to realize the truth that Islam cannot produce good leaders, saints or god realized people and who practice this faith will lose trust because distorted ideology is leading to suffering, violence, wars, fanaticism, ignorance and self destruction.

Criminal communist Chinese CCP regime will try to create divisions in middle east and arab nations by creating misunderstandings leading them to wars, conflicts and selling bogus weapons. Rogue China will also corrupt, exploit, abuse, blackmail, coerce many African nations by fooling them and overthrowing their governments and establish slave Chinese rule on African people. China & Pakistan will smuggle weapons, missiles, drugs, fake currency, trafficking women and steal technologies from every country.

Great trouble awaits America as it weakens with no reliable ally. China and Russia coming together to challenge USA influence, power and military and move forward to destroy its global dominance.Russia will plan taking back its lost territories from breakaway USSR as NATO and America weakens.

Fight, struggle between nations, forces of good or evil, corrupt or honest and people will intensify in every country as people will overthrow corrupt anti people regimes, rulers and dictators. Communist dictators of Russia and China will emerge as biggest threat to world peace by their aggressive policies of regaining territories of other nations by force, coercion, threats, blackmail & economic squeeze.

China, Malaysia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bangladesh, Iran, Syria will be abnormal, unsafe and dangerous nations promoting islamic extremism, supporting terrorism, spreading intolerance towards foreign nationals, companies and other religions due to evil ideologies.

Medical robots and AI, drones, Flying Delivery carriers will take over health industry, farming, manufacturing, Surgery and penetrate into homes and all manual labor work will get eliminated gradually.

Islamic extremism, terrorism, Jihadi fanatics violent attacks will become biggest threat to democracy, freedom and nations like UK, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, India, Australia, New zealand, Sri lanka, Nepal, Italy, Israel, Canada, Russia etc. These extremists will try to impose intolerant, dark age distorted man made jihadi Taliban ideology upon nations and society.

Russia will try to take over its lost territories from former USSR and expand its influence. America, UK and China will be the greatest threat to world peace, security, economy, humanity and harmony among the nations.

China and Russia will never be a superpower but it will be India that will be great economic power, spiritual power and military power that will bring peace, development and security to world. Hindustan will regain its lost glory and lead the world. America will weaken, lose its credibility, prestige, influence, power and trust among nations.Communist Rogue regime of China and coward PLA will try to take over territory of smaller, weaker nations of Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Bangladesh but will fail and Chinese designs will be frustrated.

Nobody will Trust America, Russia and China as they will lose their stature, credibility, integrity, influence and trust. These nations will incite wars and conflicts to sell their weapons and their greed for money will be at the expense of humanity, peace, mankind and nations.

Volcanoes, Floods, Snow storms, Typhoons will erupt and destroy many European nations. Heavy rainfall and landslides will occur in Latin American countries leading to toll on human lives and property.

America & China will fight wars and their enemies in other countries by destroying their countries and economy making people suffer. Nations will witness Nuclear, Cyber and Space terrorism by Pakistan, Chinese and North Korea. Nato and USA will recruit hired mercenaries to fight Russians and Chinese.

After years of bloodshed, violence, terrorism, bombings, wars and destruction there will be urge for peace between nations. World will witness much chaos, turmoil, conflicts and churning with shift in consciousness.

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