Symptoms of Black Magic, Tantric kriya, Curse and Negative energies

Have you been feeling like something just isn't right lately? Have you been experiencing unexplained feelings of fear, anxiety, or even physical illness? It's possible that you may be under the influence of black magic, tantric kriya, curses, or negative energies. Black magic is a practice that involves using supernatural powers for evil and selfish purposes. It can be used to cause harm, illness, or even death to the intended target. Symptoms of black magic can include unexplained physical ailments, sudden and extreme changes in mood or behavior, and an overall feeling of being cursed or hexed.

Tantric kriya is a form of dark magic that involves using sexual energy to manipulate and control others. It can be used to create feelings of lust, obsession, or even possession in the victim. Symptoms of tantric kriya can include intense and uncontrollable sexual urges, unexplained feelings of attraction or aversion towards someone, or a general feeling of being spiritually drained. Curses are another form of negative energy that can have a lasting impact on a person's life. Curses can be placed on someone intentionally or unintentionally, and can result in unexplained misfortunes, illness, or even death. Symptoms of curses can include recurring nightmares, unexplained accidents or injuries, and a general feeling of bad luck or doom.

Negative energies can come from a variety of sources, including jealousy, anger, or even accidental hexes from well-meaning friends or family members. These negative energies can manifest in a variety of ways, including sudden and intense feelings of fear or paranoia, unexplained physical ailments, or a general feeling of being spiritually blocked or stagnant.

Symptoms to know that you are suffering from Black Magic, Tantric kriya and Negative Energies

Symptoms of Black Magic, Tantric kriya, Curse and Negative energies

Belief in black magic, tantric kriya, curses and negative energies is prevalent in various cultures and spiritual traditions worldwide. While some people may attribute certain experiences or phenomena to these phenomena, it's essential to approach such matters with a rational and discerning mindset. Here are some common symptoms that individuals may associate with the presence of black magic, tantric kriya, or negative energies:

Signs that You and Your Family Is Suffering From Tantra, Black Magic, Curses, Evil Energies, Preta Badha, Curses of Ancestors, Pitra dosha and Bad Karma

Unexplained Physical Symptoms: Sudden and persistent illnesses or ailments without apparent medical cause. Chronic fatigue, weakness, or lethargy despite adequate rest and nutrition. Unexplained bodily sensations such as tingling, numbness, blood loss, accidents, deaths, or prickling, physical pain or discomfort in body, neck, legs and back. Feeling drained or fatigued for no apparent reason.

Psychological Disturbances: Intense and unexplained fear, anxiety, or paranoia. Mood swings, irritability, or sudden changes in behavior. Persistent nightmares, disturbing dreams, or sleep disturbances, dreams of blood, rapes, departed souls, killings, sexual dreams, seeing ancestors.

Social and Interpersonal Problems: Strained relationships & fights with lover, partner,  family members, friends, or colleagues. Unexplained conflicts, misunderstandings, or rifts in social connections. Isolation or withdrawal from social activities and responsibilities. Talking to entities not visible to others

Financial and Material Challenges: Sudden and unexpected financial losses, setbacks, or obstacles.
Difficulty in achieving career goals, business failures, or stagnation. Unexplained accidents, falling, deadly diseases, property damage, not getting cured, or loss of possessions.

Spiritual and Energetic Imbalances: Feeling spiritually disconnected, devoid of inner peace, or existential emptiness. Sensing negative or oppressive energies in specific locations or environments. Experiencing unusual psychic phenomena, such as seeing apparitions or hearing voices, someone trying to speak in ears, touching or sleep paralysis, sitting on body, invisible touches.

Environmental Signs: Unusual odors, sounds, bad smells,  sudden hot or cold temperature, sensations in the environment that feel unsettling. Presence of inexplicable symbols, objects, or substances associated with occult practices.
Changes in the atmosphere, such as sudden drops in temperature or electromagnetic disturbances.

Loss of Progeny or No Children : When you witness only girl children being born in the family, repeated miscarriages, children dying suddenly due to accidents/diseases or not getting married with no valid reason indicates preta badha and pitra dosha in Vedic Astrology

Symptoms of Curses From Past Lives:

- Constant bad luck or misfortune.
- Feeling cursed or doomed.
- Repeated negative patterns or cycles in your life.
- Unexplained accidents or injuries.
- No Fruits of hard work.
- Sufferance and misery mentally.
- Early death of parents, children & being abandoned. 

Symptoms of Negative Energies:

- Feeling a heavy or oppressive presence around you
- Difficulty in being around certain people or places
- Feeling emotionally drained or overwhelmed
- Experiencing unexplained mood swings or emotional outbursts

It's important to note that these symptoms can also be attributed to various other factors, including medical conditions, psychological issues, interpersonal conflicts, environmental influences, and natural fluctuations in life circumstances. Therefore, it's crucial to approach any perceived signs of negative energies or spiritual disturbances with a balanced perspective and seek guidance from qualified professionals, such as medical doctors, therapists, astrologers, Gurus, occultist, or spiritual advisors. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it's important to take action to protect yourself from further harm. Seeking help from a spiritual healer, energy worker, or even a trusted friend or family member can help to remove these negative influences from your life and restore balance and positivity. Remember, you have the power to protect yourself from black magic, tantric kriya, curses, and negative energies - don't let them control you any longer. 

Reasons Why One Suffers From Black Magic, Curses, Tantra Kriya and Negative Energies : 

Are you feeling a constant sense of unease, experiencing bad luck, or facing challenges in various aspects of your life? You may be under the influence of negative energies such as black magic, curses, tantra kriya, or other dark forces. In this blog article, we will explore the reasons why individuals may suffer from these malevolent energies and how to protect oneself from their harmful effects.

1. Jealousy, Lust and Envy: One of the most common reasons why people fall victim to black magic or curses is because someone harbors jealousy or envy towards them. Negative emotions directed towards an individual can manifest as dark energy, causing harm and obstacles in their life.

2. Past Karma: According to Hindu philosophy, karma plays a significant role in attracting negative energies. If an individual has accumulated negative karma in their past lives, they may unknowingly invite curses or black magic into their current life.

3.  Association with Negative Individuals, Bad Habits, Tamasic: Associating with individuals who practice dark arts or have ill intentions can also make one vulnerable to negative energies. It is essential to be mindful of the company you keep and the energy they bring into your life.

4. Engaging in Tantra Kriya: Tantra kriya is a powerful spiritual practice that can open up one's energy centers and connect them with higher realms. However, if not performed correctly or with pure intentions, it can also attract negative energies. It is crucial to practice tantra kriya under the guidance of an experienced teacher to avoid any negative consequences.

5. Weak Aura and Energy Field: A weak aura or energy field can make one more susceptible to negative energies. Stress, negative emotions, and unhealthy habits can weaken the protective shield around an individual, allowing dark forces to penetrate and cause harm.

6. Wrong Eating Habits and Lifestyle : If you eat wrong kind of foods devoid of prana, tamasic, non-veg and indulge in wrong lifestyle of  alcoholism, addictions, too much sweets or salts, wearing black colored clothes, visit abandoned places or haunted houses, too much sexual, impure mind, can lead to attraction of negative energies

To protect oneself from black magic, curses, tantra kriya, and negative energies, it is essential to maintain a positive mindset, practice spiritual hygiene, and surround oneself with positive energy. Regular meditation, prayer, and energy cleansing rituals can help strengthen your aura and repel any malevolent forces. Remember, you have the power to overcome any negative energy and live a life filled with positivity and abundance. Stay vigilant, stay protected, and stay empowered. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to take action to protect yourself from these harmful influences. Here are some tips to help you combat black magic, tantric kriya, curses, and negative energies:

- Surround yourself with positive energy and people who uplift you
- Practice regular meditation and mindfulness to cleanse your mind and spirit
- Use protective talismans or amulets to ward off negative energies
- Seek the help of a spiritual healer or energy practitioner to remove any curses or black magic

Furthermore, while some individuals may believe in the effects of black magic or negative energies, it's essential to exercise critical thinking and skepticism, considering alternative explanations and solutions before attributing experiences solely to supernatural causes. Consulting with trusted spiritual advisors or practitioners who adhere to ethical and responsible practices can provide clarity and support in addressing any challenges or concerns related to spiritual well-being.... By Shri Rohit Anand (Vedic Astrologer, Occultist, Tantric, Vastu Expert)

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