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What is Lenormand and Where did it Originate?

Lenormand cards has been the oldest system of cartomancy and divination tools that originated in in Germany or Europe in 18th century. It started as a game with 36 cards initially and played with the dice. Mlle. Maria Anne Lenormand was a popular diviner in those times of early 1800s, known for giving advise and guidance to high profile people, such as Empress Josephine (Napoleon’s wife). To leverage her reputation in divination, oracle decks took her name, and that is the connection between Bechtel’s deck and the Lenormand name.Unlike tarot, lenormand carries only upright meanings in the spread layout. Every card has a meaning but pictures on the lenormand card is of little significance as lenormand mostly works on card meaning, position of card and in lenormand spread. The 36 cards are very simple and this is why they talk directly to your hearts without complicated and misleading mental interpretations. They are in fact 36 basic images represented by characters, situations, animals and objects- all suitable for bringing to mind real facts and situations more than feelings and emotions. The deck proves very useful for practical ivination and has no philosophical or spiritual expectations.

List of Lenormand Cards And their Meanings.

1.Rider 2. Clover. 3. Ship 4. House 5. Tree. 6. Clouds. 7. Snake. 8. Coffin. 9. Bouquet.
10. Scythe. 11. Whip. 12. Birds.  13. Child. 14. Fox.  15. Bear. 16. Star. 17. Stork. 
18. Dog.
19. Tower.
20. Garden.
21. Mountain.
22. Crossroad.
23. Mice.
24. Heart.
25. Ring.
26. Book.
27. Letter.
28. Man. 
29. Women.
30. Lily.
31. Sun. 
32. Moon.
33. Key.
34. Fish.
35. Anchor

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