Vedic Horoscope Readings kundali Predictions Online Astrology Consultations With Top Astrologer Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Vedic Horoscope Readings kundali Predictions Online Astrology Consultations

Ask 3 Questions per Horoscope. Get your Personal Vedic Horoscope Readings and Kudali Or Astrology Predictions and Guidance For USD 57 $ or Euro € 57 or INR Rs. 3100/-.  Every additional question for USD 11 $ or INR Rs.1100/- ( Pay by Paypal, Bank Transfer, Check & Cash)

This is a personal astrological consultation for any individual who would like to know about anyone with any specific aspects of life concerning the person. You can ask any three questions per horoscope or kundli and get accurate answers and guidance from one of the top celebrity astrologers of India by Email. Questions that can be asked can relate to any areas of person's concern i.e. Education, career, marriage, health, job, relationship, promotion, increment, money, prosperity, success, name, fame, children, adultery, extra marital affairs, court cases etc. 

For example questions asked by you can be:

When will i get the job in the future?

Whether i will be successful in my business?

When will i get married?

Will i find my soulmate in the future?

How will be my love relationship ?

Will i achieve name and fame in my profession?

Is my husband or wife cheating upon me?

Will i get pregnant this year?

Will i be rich and wealthy in my life? 

What are his or her feelings about me? 

Will i win the court case?

Will i inherit the property and wealth?

will i get the govt job if i give this exam?

These are some of the questions that people are usually concerned with in their lives. It can also be related to employment or moving abroad, studies, moving abroad, love life, cheating boyfriends and girlfriend or supernatural problems etc. Your answers will be sent to you after the receipt of the payment.

For proper and indepth analysis of the horoscope charts you need to send us your complete birth details i.e. Date of Birth, Accurate time of Birth, City, State, Country, Gender, existing profession and present location along with Email address. Our Email :Divyatattva @

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If you have any comments, requests, questions and feedback to give, you can write to us on the text box below on our site. After mutual agreement, convenient time and day will be fixed for consultation services. You might be asked to deposit the consultation fees in advance for the "First Time Appointment". Details of which will be sent to you by email. For availing this service you can also write to us on our email address with "Ask 3 Questions" : Divyatattva @ We will get in touch with you to let you know how to proceed ahead. For personal appointments you write to us at our email address "Seeking Appointment" at our New Delhi Office in India. Gratitude.

Format details that will be required for horoscope construction and astrology consultations :

Name In Full.
Gender : Male or Female.
Date of Birth : Day/Month/Year.
Accurate Time of Birth : Hours/ Minutes. AM or PM.
City, State, Country .
Present Location.
Profession Of Individual.
Email Address :
Phone Number :
Your Precise Questions. Ask Three Questions. Questions asked should be well thought, clear and precise.

Note: All astrology consultation, horoscope readings, kundli making and personal information are kept confidential and not shared with anyone and are subject to terms and conditions of  Divyatattva. When you seek our services, it means you agree and accept the terms, conditions, policies of .

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