Dhanishta Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Free Rashi Horoscope Prediction Nakshatra By Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand New Delhi India

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Dhanishta Nakshatara in Vedic Astrology & horoscope predictions by top Indian astrologer Shri Rohit Anand at New Delhi, India.


This nakshatra begins with 23:20 degrees in Makara or Capricorn and ends at 6:40 degrees in Kumbha or Aquarius zodiac according to vedic astrology.

The people born in Dhanishta Nakshatra are endowed with some of the remarkable attributes which attracts to them highest mount of affluence and respect in life with planets are placed in strength. These people are usually intelligent, kind hearted,  intellectual, humanitarian , little sensitive in their approach. They are sincere, givers and spiritual individuals but they could also be as harsh, stubborn and callous at times when dealing with dishonest. Being kind hearted they like to serve people and could be seen as being protective towards their loved ones and those who are close to them. Profession usually suited for people born in this nakshatra is law and being a lawyer as that suits their nature and they usually do good in their career after 24 years of life.

Dhanishta ( 1, 2 pada) Capricorn (3, 4 pada ) Aquarius

This Nakshatra is ruled by planet Mars and deity is Eight vasus according to vedic astrology. The 8 Vasus are Pralyusha ( Sun), Soma ( Moon) Dhara ( Earth) Apa ( Water ) Anila ( Wines ) Prabhasa ( Sky) Dhurva (Nakshatra). These 8 vasus form a complete wealth at a kingly shir. These 8 vasus have a plentiful of good things in life, thus they become a ray of light.

The Symbol of this Nakshatra is "musical drum", others call as " damaru". The " damaru" is the musical instrument of Lord Shiva as per shastras. "Damaru the musical instrument the music consists of ray, music of whole universe chaos. The Lord Shiva form a Thandava Dance in form a Nataraja.

This Nakshatra is Tamas- Sattwa- Tamas- Tamas. This is movable in nature. The Animal Symbol is Female Lion.
( Dhanishta 1 pada - Leo Navashma-Sun - Capricorn) Body/ Saturn

This pada is all about accumulating wealth through father. They ray of achieving good things in life through hard work and give happiness to father and his father.But there some quarrel with father because of egoistic nature.
( Dhanishta 2 pada - Virgo Navashma- Mercury - Capricorn) Mind/ Mercury

This pada is all about accumulating wealth through commination. The ray of achieving good things by commination st work place. These people have good logical and antistatic development towards market issue.
( Dhanishta 3 pada - Libra Navashma - Venus - Aquarius)
Soul/ Ketu

This pada is all about accumulating wealth through spouse family or through business. The ray of their soul, happiness can achieve through spirituality. These people can also some happiness through some happiness through network circle.
( Dhanishta 4 pada - Scorpio Navashma - Mars - Aquarius ) Life/ Venus

This pada of Nakshatra is all about accumulating wealth through secret way. Either the brothers have to give some assets through happiness, or you have secret wealth through some lands. These people have large friends in secret way.

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