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Zodiac Cancer Women Personality Traits Love Marriage Compatibility, Cancer Females Vedic Astrology Know Famous Cancerians Celebrities :Rohit Anand

Everything You wanted to know about Cancer zodiac woman. Her Personality traits, Cancer females love life, relationships, marriage astrology, compatibility with other zodiac signs in Vedic Astrology. By Shri Rohit Anand at Divyatattva.
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Cancer Women Personality Traits, Nature and Characteristics.

According to Indian astrology astrological zodiac sign of Cancer is considered to be the fourth house in the horoscope charts whose ruling planet is Moon. Its symbol is Crab and tattva or element is water. Cancerian girls are moody, sensitive, emotional, feminine, sexy, nurturing and usually beautiful too. The beautiful traits and characteristics of compassion, affection and empathy run deep within the Cancer zodiac girls, as they have inherent ability to give patient hearing to people in distress, pain and sorrow.They are highly security conscious and prefer a home life and rely on feelings to take decisions in their life. She can be intuitive and quite observing and their facial expression can tell you what feeling she is having for you. Cancer damsels can be amazing kisser, creatively romantic, sensual and pleasure to be around. In the horoscope birth charts of Cancer women if Planet Venus is placed in the Cancer sign with strength, it makes them extremely attractive and beautiful. She can be shy sometimes, gentle and will have that sparkle in her eyes and a dreamy face that will leave you mesmerized.

They can be volatile like the phases of the Moon with regard to her love life and relationships. She will be sweet and gentle at one moment and can also be snappy and crabby or critical too if she feels you have been dishonest or if she is in bad phase of mood swing. In love relationships Cancer women can be very romantic, passionate in bed, care of the feeling of the person she loves and also want to connect on the emotional level before she is fully with you in the bed. She can be quite imaginative in her sexual ways and would like to form a family or a long term relationship if she finds you compatible at mental and emotional level.

Zodiac : Cancer.
Birthday : June 21- July 22.
Nakshatra or Constellation : Cancer zodiac sign contains three Nakshatras ; Punarvasu Nakshatra, Pushya Nakshatra, Ashlesha Nakshatra.
Symbol : Crab.
Element : Water.
Ruling Planet : Moon.
Cardinal sign : Movable. 
Birth Stones For Cancer Zodiac women : Pearl, Moonstone.

Physical Traits & Features of a Cancer Zodiac Women : Cancer women are usually seen to be having round face and forehead with beautiful deep eyes. It is said that their beauty increases in the moonlight. They have lunar looks with rounded upper body features. They tend to be stout and with average height and plump body when they are in their thirties or forties. Her face will be soft, carry that freshness and some may also have fair complexion. Caner female will have round chin and almond shaped eyes with element of water giving depth and clarity with which one can peep into her emotions and soul. She has got good bust size with blue or black eyes depending upon the country she is born in. They can be intuitive, imaginative and graceful. If in Cancer women horoscope charts Moon is weak, afflicted or conjunct wrong planets then Cancer woman can be sulky, depressed, devious, revengeful, with erratic moods and inclined to self pity.

Cancer zodiac, cancer zodiac female, cancer zodiac girls, cancer zodiac woman personality, cancer women nature personality, horoscope cancer femalesRomantic, Love and Sex Life of Cancer Zodiac Females : Most Cancer zodiac woman are romantic, sensual and quite caring in love relationships. Some of them in initial stages might take time to open up till they are sure of your intentions and what you are upto. They need to constant assurance that you are with them at emotional level and good at understanding their feelings and ready to accept their mood swings without giving them the explanations. They seek security, deeper relationship, stability in a friendship or love that ends with starting of a family. They are also empowered with seduction powers and good at captivating your heart if they find you worthy as a friend and a lover who paid attention to smallest of feelings in interaction with them. She has a good retentive memory and when she finds you untrustworthy, lying, being insensitive to her feelings and hurt in a relationship she find it difficult to forgive, or forget and can be scathing in her observations about your behavior and pay back in same coin. She also cannot take criticism, taunts and once her sensitivities are hurt, she is likely to hold that grudge for longer periods of time. Cancer females likes to give a motherly touch to everyone around her social or circle of friends and relationships. She would be quite nurturing, caring, thoughtful and comforting to friends and family and is a thoughtful friend with a gentle spirit. She will be loyal, cook delicious food, take care of children, protective of those who appreciate and support her in their lives, career and ambitions. Cancer girls are intense and passionate lovers and can be quite surprise with their wild imaginations in the bed. But when there is heart break Cancer females are not able to cope up well and it can be hard, rough and depressive for them. Though they can fluid like water and are adaptable to their surroundings when they feel that connection with you and the family.

Cancer Women Love Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs : Best zodiac match for Cancer female are people belonging to sun sign or moon sign of Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn.

Famous Cancer Zodiac Females, celebrities who are having Cancer zodiac sun sign and Cancer zodiac moon sign: Princess Diana, Meryl Streep, Mink Kelly, Gisele Bündchen, Nicole Scherzinger, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez, Jessica Simpson, Pamela Anderson, Margot Robbie, Cheryl Cole etc.

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Angelina Jolie Horoscope Birth Charts Zodiac Sign Marriage Astrology Kundli Analysis of Her Love Relationships Career Movies Success And Life

American Actor and Hollywood Celebrity Angelina Jolie Zodiac Horoscope, Birth Charts, Love Astrology, Kundali analysis about her marriage, relationships, movies, career, wealth, success, fame and achievements. Divyatattva present here her Horoscope by date of birth, astro charts, predictions and forecasts about life ahead.
Angelina Jolie, Hollywood actor, Celebrity angelina Jolie horoscope zodiac sign, vedic birth charts

Angelina Jolie has been American highest paid actress and model who became famous in Hollywood films with her acting in movies like Mr. & Mrs. Smith , Wanted, Salt and Maleficent  etc. She has been a most beautiful, influential and powerful people in the American entertainment industry of our times. Born on 04 June 1975 at 09:09 AM in Los Angeles, America, we will be doing astrological horoscope analysis of Angelina Jolie birth charts, and her love life, marriage and career growth. Angelina Jolie zodiac sun sign is Taurus according to Indian Astrology and Gemini as per Western astrology. She has Pisces zodiac sign or Moon Rashi makes her gorgeous, sensuous, imaginative,  hot, multi talented, sexy, attractive and creative woman, which is why there are so many Taurus females in the arts, films and entertainment industry. By America's famous Celebrity Vedic Astrologer; Shri Rohit Anand.

Astro Profile : Famous American Actor Angelina Jolie Astrology Predictions, Horoscope birth details and Kundali analysis.
Name : Angelina Jolie or Angelina Jolie Voight.
Date of Birth or Birthday or Age : 04-June-1975.
Gender : Female .
Time Of Birth :09 : 09 AM.
City : Los Angeles.
State : California
Country : United States Of America.
Vedic Astrology Ascendant Of  Angelina Jolie Birth Chart :  Cancer or Karka Zodiac.
Moon Sign or Rashi of Actor Angelina Jolie Natal charts : Pisces Rashi according to Hindu Astrology.
Nakshatra or Star constellation Of Angelina Jolie Horoscope:  Revati Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology .
Zodiac Sun Sign of Angelina Jolie (Western) : Gemini or Mithun Rashi.
Zodiac Sun Sign of Angelina Jolie (Eastern)Taurus or Vrishabh Sun sign .
Chinese Astrology/Zodiac Sign: Wood Rabit  .
Kundli Yogas in Angelina JolieNatal Charts: Auspicious yogas in the janam patri of Angelina Jolie are Gaja Kesari Yoga, Vesi, Kedaara, Sankha, Raja Lakshmi, Rajayoga, Chandra Mangala, Dharma Karmadhipati, Yogada, Viparita Rajyoga, Raja Sambandha etc.

Angelina jolie horosope birth charts, zodiac signAvakahada Chakra :-

Ascendant Lord    ...............:    Cancer - Moon
Rasi-Lord    ........................:    Pisces - Jupiter
Nakshatra-Charan    ...........:    Revati - 1
Nakshatra Lord    ...............:    Mercury
Yoga    ...............................:    Ayusman
Karan    ..............................:    Vishti
Gan    .................................:    Deva
Yoni    .................................:    Gaja
Nadi    .................................:    Antya
Varan    ..............................:    Vipra
Vashya    .............................:    Jalchar
Varga    ..............................:    Sarp
Yunja    ..............................:    Poorva
Hansak(Tatva)    ................:    Jal
Name Alphabet    ...............:    Dey-Devika
Paya(Rasi-Nak)    ..............:    Silver-Gold
SunSign(West)    ...............:    Gemini

Cancer Ascendant was on the rise at the time of her birth, which indicates that she is an unassuming individual with a sensitive and romantic personality.

Her Parents Name : Daughter of actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand.

Siblings : James Haven.

Hobbies: Reading, travel, tattoos and collecting daggers.

Her Education : Beverly Hills High School,graduated from high school, Learnt acting at Lee Strasberg Theater Institute while in her early teens.

Profession And Career :Actress, Model, Film Maker, Humanitarian . Films Directing, Screenwriting, Producing. Jolie began her professional film career in 1993. Directed the films In the Land of Blood and Honey, Unbroken and By the Sea

Love Life, Marriage, Romantic Relationships of Angelina Jolie: Married, Divorced. Billy Bob Thornton, Jonny Lee Miller  Boyfriends -

Children : Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt

Sexual Orientation :Hetrosexual.

Height:  She is 1.69 meters or  5'6½".  tall.

Awards: Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, three Golden Globe Awards. Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Awards, honorary damehood of the Order of St Michael and St George (DCMG),  Citizen of the World Award.

Angelina Jolie Popular Films : Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), Wanted (2008), A Mighty Heart (2007), Changeling (2008), Salt (2010), Maleficent (2014) and other movies like Beowulf, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Playing by Heart, True Women, Hackers etc.

Her Other works And Achievements : Video game heroine Lara Croft in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, promotes various causes such as conservation, education, and women's rights. Advocacy on behalf of refugees as a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Patron of the Harnas Wildlife Foundation. Co-chaired Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) to provide free legal aid to minors in immigration proceedings across the US, Founded in a collaboration between Jolie and the Microsoft Corporation. Jolie fronted campaign against sexual violence in military conflict zones too.

Her Costars And Associations : Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Robert De Niro, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman etc.

Her Inspiration : Mother.

Angelina Jolie On Twitter :

Angelina Jolie On Facebook :

Angelina Jolie On Instagram :

UnOfficial Website Of Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie Zodiac Horoscope Charts Analysis, Horoscope Predictions by Date of Birth According To Vedic Astrology.

Cancer rules the chest, breasts and the stomach, she will have to take good care of your digestive system and the throat too. Also, vigilance is essential to prevent possible affliction of the lungs, Head, indigestion, rheumatism and nervousness. Not that these diseases are certain to affect you, but it would be prudent to be on guard against them by laying off liquor and sticking to a reasonable diet.

It would serve Cancerians well if they, along with their material pursuits, develop their spiritual side also. This would, on the one hand, help steady their overworked mind, while on the other it would elevate them to a higher plane, from which they can take off to a better start in their subsequent life. 

Natal Charts Analysis of Love & Marriage Horoscope of Angelina Jolie : 

Analyzing her horoscope birth chart and seventh house of marriage, we find that 7th lord Saturn is in 12th house of Gemini and aspected by mars which lead to breakup in relationships and divorce in her married life with Brad Pitt.

Vimsottari Dasa or Maha Dasas or Angelina Jolie Janam Kundli:

 Sun MD: 2015-09-15 (6:16:16 pm) - 2021-09-15 (7:08:57 am)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Sun: 2015-09-15 (6:16:16 pm) - 2016-01-01 (2:07:03 pm)
  Moon: 2016-01-01 (2:07:03 pm) - 2016-07-02 (1:31:04 am)
  Mars: 2016-07-02 (1:31:04 am) - 2016-11-08 (1:57:18 pm)
  Rah: 2016-11-08 (1:57:18 pm) - 2017-10-03 (3:32:32 pm)
  Jup: 2017-10-03 (3:32:32 pm) - 2018-07-21 (10:38:09 am)
  Sat: 2018-07-21 (10:38:09 am) - 2019-07-02 (7:45:53 pm)
  Merc: 2019-07-02 (7:45:53 pm) - 2020-05-06 (5:50:02 pm)
  Ket: 2020-05-06 (5:50:02 pm) - 2020-09-15 (1:04:01 am)
  Ven: 2020-09-15 (1:04:01 am) - 2021-09-15 (7:08:57 am)

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Soul Rebirth and Reincarnation Due To Karma In Hinduism By Rohit Anand

What are the concepts of karma and reincarnation, rebirth, reincarnation, soul
How long does it take for a soul to be reincarnated? How long does one live upon the subtler planes before reappearing on the earth plane? Is there rebirth in Hinduism?

Answer:  There is no definite period of time in this matter. In main, two factors decide this issue, viz., the nature of the individual Karma and the last impression before death. It may vary from hundreds of years to a few months even. Those that work out some of their Karmas in other planes in subtler regions take a considerable time before entering a fresh body. The interval is very long, for a year of the earth period passes off as a single day on the celestial plane. There is an instance cited where, seeing the amazement and admiration of foreign tourists at the imposing ruins of certain ancient monuments, a saint present in the vicinity remarked that some of those people had built those monuments centuries ago in the past.

A very sensual individual with strong craving or one with intense attachment sometimes is reborn quickly. Also in cases where life is cut short by a violent death or a sudden unexpected accident, the Jiva resumes the thread very soon. Usually we have witnessed , in such cases of immediate rebirth, the Jiva often remembers many of the events of its previous life. It recognizes its former relatives and friends and identifies its old home and familiar objects. This sometimes leads to very queer developments. There are some instances where a murdered person, being reborn, has declared the manner of his death and revealed the identity of the killer in the recent past.

But such cases of immediate rebirth are not common. Generally, for an normal human beingl, the interval between death and rebirth happens to be a considerable period measured in terms of earth time. Persons who have done much good Karma spend a great deal of time on the Daivic plane before being born again. Great souls, spiritually advanced persons, wait for a long time before reincarnating.

What is your conclusive opinion about rebirth? Do you really believe that there is rebirth? Truth About Reincarnation.

Answer: What! Having been born a Hindu, and having the blood of the great sages coursing through your veins, do you entertain this doubt in your mind? Yes, undoubtedly there is rebirth.

First of all, you have several miraculous instances of young boys and girls suddenly exhibiting great knowledge. A young girl, who has never studied any book, recites the Gita. How do you account for it except by the fact that she had mastered the Gita in her previous birth, and that by the grace of the Lord, that knowledge has come to the conscious part of her mind in this birth too?

Further, rebirth is a necessity for the soul's evolution. Perfection cannot be achieved in one birth. Even to develop some cardinal virtues it might take several births. If you wish to attain Self-realization, you have to achieve perfection in all the virtues. You have to achieve perfect self-purification. So, rebirth is a necessity for the Jiva's evolution.

Have you seen the caterpillar moving from one leaf to another? It will reach the edge of one leaf; then project itself; it will catch hold of another leaf, and then only will it entirely leave the first leaf. The Jiva, too, goes about like this. Even before it leaves one body, it has made another (gross or subtle) body according to its Karmas and desires; and it enters this new body with all the Samskaras and Vasanas.

Question :  Can a departed spirit take any material form?

Answer:  Yes. All spirits do not possess the power of materialization. Only advanced spirits that are endowed with psychic power are able to materialize. They take human form, sit in the chair in the seance and shake hands with those who sit in the seance. They talk also. The touch is as tangible and warm as that of a living human body. In a short time, the hand of the spirit melts away. Photographs of the spirits also have been taken.

Question:Through which opening does the soul leave the body?

Answer:  So long as Prana pulls up and Apana pulls down the life-forces, there is continuity of life. But, the moment either of these becomes weaker, there is an exit of the life-force. If the Apana gives way, then the Jiva will pass out of the body through either the head or the nose or the ear or the mouth. If the Prana gives way, then it will pass out of the body through the anus.

Question : It has been said against reincarnation that there are more people now in comparison with the past world population?

Answer : It is not necessary that the same persons are reborn into this earth and none else. In the process of evolution into human life, many from lower births also come up to the human level. All these are controlled by superhuman powers or by the Divinity, God or Isvara Himself. Further, rebirth need not necessarily be on this earth plane alone. It can take place anywhere in the universe. Continued..... Remembering Our Past Lives.

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Katrina Kaif Horoscope Birth Charts, Zodiac Sign Love Astrology Predictions, Kundali Analysis of Marriage, Career, Movies By Top Astrologer Rohit Anand

Bollywood celebrity actor and top model Katrina Kaif horoscope birth charts, zodiac sign and kundali analysis of her love relationships, marriage, Scandals, latest movies and her career achievements. Vedic Astrology natal charts, kundli or Astrological analysis of Katrina Kaif  and predictions about her life ahead.

Katrina kaif, bollywood actor katrina kaif horoscope, katrina kaif zodiac sign, katrina kaif vedic astrology

Katrina Kaif has been a gorgeous Canadian Born Indian American bollywood actress and model who became famous in Indian cinema with her acting talent in movies like Doom, Race, Tiger Zinda Hai, Bang Bang, Thugs Of Hindostan etc.We will be doing astrological horoscope analysis of Katrina Kaif birth charts, and her love life and career as actress and a model. Katrina Kaif zodiac sun sign is Gemini according to Indian Astrology. Being born this zodiac sign makes her intelligent,  hot, multi talented, sexy, witty, attractive and creative women, which is why there are so many Gemini females in the arts, films and entertainment industry. Being born on 16 July 1984 at 06:40 AM (Unclear), and was born in Hongkong. By Canada's famous Celebrity Vedic Astrologer; Shri Rohit Anand.

Astro Profile : Popular Indian Actress Katrina Kaif Astrology Predictions, Horoscope birth details and Kundali analysis.
Name : Katrina Kaif
Date of Birth or Birthday or Age : 16 - July- 1984.
Gender : Female .
Time Of Birth :06 : 40 AM.
City :114 E 9 , 22 N 17.
State :As above.
Country :Hongkong.
Vedic Astrology Ascendant Of  Katrina Kaif Birth Chart : Cancer Zodiac.
Moon Sign or Rashi of Actor Katrina Kaif Natal charts : Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi according to Hindu Astrology.
Nakshatra or Star constellation Of Katrina Kaif Horoscope: Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology .
Zodiac Sun Sign of Katrina Kaif (Western) : Cancer.
Zodiac Sun Sign of Katrina Kaif (Eastern) :  Gemini or Mithun sun sign .
Chinese Astrology Zodiac Sign:  Water Pig .
Kundli Yogas in Katrina Kaif Natal Charts: Auspicious yogas in the janam patri of Katrina Kaif are Sasa Yoga, Vesi, Rajayoga, Adhi, Yogada etc.

Nakshatra: Poorva Phalguni (Ve) (77.40% left).
Yoga: Soubhagya (Ve) (38.07% left).
Mahakala Hora: Moon (5 min sign: Sc).
Kaala Lord: Mercury (Mahakala: Rahu).
Lunar Yr-Mo:   Durmukha - Pushya.
Tithi: Krishna Chaturthi (Me) (29.70% left).
Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Su).

Her Parents Name : Father is Muslim - Mohammed Kaif, Mother - Suzanne Turquotte.

Siblings : Brother Michael. Sisters : Natasha, Melissa, Sonia, Stephanie, Christine and Isabel

Hobbies: Dancing, Going to spas, Gymming, Movies

Her Education :No Formal Education.

Profession And Career :Fashion Model, Actor, Stage Performer.

Love Life, Marriage, Romantic Relationships of Katrina Kaif: Single, Unmarried. Katrina Kaif Boyfriends - Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Akash Ambani

Children : None.

Sexual Orientation :Hetrosexual.

Height:  She is 1.68 meters or 5 feet 6"  tall.

Awards:Voted at the No. 1 spot in FHM India's 100 Sexiest Women,

Katrina Kaif Popular Films Or Movies: Doom 3,Namastey London, Jagga Jasoos,Boom, Phantom, Sing Is King, Newyork, Partner, Race, Rajneeti etc

Her Other works And Achievements : Endorsed popular brands like Slice, Lux, Fevicol, Nakshatra,  Panasonic, Lakme and L'Oréal.

Her Costars And Associations :Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Hritik Roshan, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan, Sidharth Malhotra.

Her Inspiration :

Katrina Kaif On Twitter :

Katrina Kaif On Facebook :

Katrina Kaif On Instagram :

Official Website Of Katrina Kaif:

Katrina Kaif Zodiac Horoscope Charts Analysis, Horoscope Predictions by Date of Birth According To Vedic Astrology.

At the time of her birth Zodiac Cancer was rising with Libra Navamsa and Scorpio Dreskana in the third pada of Pushya. This planetary alignment indicates that she will do very well in her career and attain much wealth, honour and prosperity in the future. She will also take interest in her own religion, philosophy and visit holy places for blessings and donate money to charities too.
Sexy Katrina Kaif Horoscope cahrts, katrina kaif zodiac sign, katrina kaif astrology birth charts

Analysis of Love & Marriage Horoscope of Katrina Kaif : 

Being born in the lagna of Karka rashi and having planet Venus and Mercury gives her pretty looks, hot body, attractive eyes and giving many love affairs in her life with men.

Vimsottari Dasa or Maha Dasas or Katrina Kaif Janam Kundli:

  Mars: 1979-09-06 (10:10:43 pm) - 1986-09-06 (5:12:05 pm)
 Rah: 1986-09-06 (5:12:05 pm) - 2004-09-06 (8:01:14 am)
 Jup: 2004-09-06 (8:01:14 am) - 2020-09-06 (10:23:56 am)
 Sat: 2020-09-06 (10:23:56 am) - 2039-09-07 (7:13:20 am)
 Merc: 2039-09-07 (7:13:20 am) - 2056-09-06 (3:49:19 pm)
 Ket: 2056-09-06 (3:49:19 pm) - 2063-09-07 (10:50:01 am)
 Ven: 2063-09-07 (10:50:01 am) - 2083-09-07 (1:48:20 pm)
 Sun: 2083-09-07 (1:48:20 pm) - 2089-09-07 (2:37:54 am)
 Moon: 2089-09-07 (2:37:54 am) - 2099-09-07 (4:14:19 pm)

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Sat MD: 2020-09-06 (10:23:56 am) - 2039-09-07 (7:13:20 am)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Sat: 2020-09-06 (10:23:56 am) - 2023-09-10 (6:59:11 am)
  Merc: 2023-09-10 (6:59:11 am) - 2026-05-17 (6:06:29 am)
  Ket: 2026-05-17 (6:06:29 am) - 2027-06-27 (5:34:28 am)
  Ven: 2027-06-27 (5:34:28 am) - 2030-08-28 (4:40:26 pm)
  Sun: 2030-08-28 (4:40:26 pm) - 2031-08-10 (5:50:07 am)
  Moon: 2031-08-10 (5:50:07 am) - 2033-03-07 (5:50:35 pm)
  Mars: 2033-03-07 (5:50:35 pm) - 2034-04-16 (9:42:24 am)
  Rah: 2034-04-16 (9:42:24 am) - 2037-02-20 (8:06:08 pm)
  Jup: 2037-02-20 (8:06:08 pm) - 2039-09-07 (7:13:20 am)

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Dating Scorpio Zodiac Woman, Unlocking The Secrets To Scorpio Female Heart : By India's Top Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi

Dating a Scorpio zodiac woman? Here are some  dating tips that will help you attract mysterious Scorpio female. Astrological Dating Guide Secrets : By Rohit Anand. Europe top Vedic Astrologer.

Daily scorpio women horoscopes, scorpio girls, scorpio female dating, date and mate with scorpio woman, dating a scorpio women

Before you think of dating a Scorpio women its important that you are aware of the kind of species you are dealing with as there is lot of depth and mystery that surround her personality and she wont reveal her feelings, emotions, thoughts so easily to you on first date. Knowing a Scorpio women personality traits can help you woo her successfully and get you into relationship with her if you are honest and don't play games with her or are there for casual relationship or flirting. She should never be taken lightly as she has got probing mind and sharp senses or sensors to find out the truth about you quickly before you are way back home after dating her.

Understanding A Scorpio Women Personality, Characteristics & Her Nature.

Scorpio women are intense, passionate, hot, sexy, intuitive, magnetic calm or as tempestuous women. They prefer to deal with men who are straight, honest and intelligent. They want clear understanding of you and what they are dealing with, so that they are assure of a steady relationship. They are confident, independent, secretive and beauty with deadly sting of a Scorpio if you try to act smart in fooling or cheating her. She can be intense and emotional too when she is in love with the man which she thinks is right for her. She will be of much support, help and promote his man's interest when required in return of him being faithful to her in a relationship as she is to him. She can be caring, devoted, loyal and very loving to a man when in love, as she seldom is interested in superfluous relationship.

Scorpio girls, scorpio zodic women, scorpio ladies personality, date and mate with scorpio girlScorpio ladies are quite intuitive in reading men that come in their love life and would like the honest and hottest man in town to be her boyfriend. This is what matters to her the most in a love relationship and compatibility to her at all levels. She looks for a soulmate or a twin flame at times at will do some in depth research on the right man before she finally makes up her mind that you are the "chosen one". She usually prefers her love life or romantic relationships private and can be sensitive on this issue. She can go to extremes in relationships with the man she loves and uplift him in every possible way but can also be sometimes controlling or unleash the scathing tongue on any read lines that one crosses, like if she finds her man flirting with another women will be a serious offence and a breach of trust. She has got strong moods and can switch between the extremes quickly but she also needs her personal space in dealing with situations and her life. Your Scorpio lady also has to curiosity to know the unknown for which she has ability and the ability at he disposal to reach out to truth in all aspects of life. This is what also lends her shades of a psychic, intuitive and interest in occult too which she can employ to monitor your behavior if she finds anything suspicious.

Important Dating Tips To Unlock The Secrets to Scorpio woman heart.

When you date a Scorpio woman make you you take her to a interesting place and fun filled adventure that excites her senses. She is open to trying new things which she has never done before and bold enough to go for it. They attach importance and sentimental value to things or special dates that they consider as important in any relationship whether it is regard to their boyfriend or themselves. A beautiful gift of jewelry, bouquet or things that are esoteric in nature can be quite appealing to her if she come to an understanding that you understand her and her mind well.

You may develop a impression while dating a Scorpio women that she is quite reserved, shy and cautious on the first couple of meetings. But i would advise that don’t be taken by the outer appearances if a Scorpio damsel since beneath that calm, cool and collected exterior, she may be probing you and your every move and intentions. In fact Scorpio girl has inbuilt sensors to pick up signals from people by looking straight into the heart and minds and learning the truth about them by digging deep is she choose to.

Scorpio female are usually independent and ambitious in their lives. They prefer a partner who is supportive in their world achievements and goals or and does not hold them back. As she can also be very encouraging and supportive in similar ways to man in her life. They won't prefer a man who is obstacle to her passions, interests and what she wants to pursue in life.

Scorpio Women Romance And Sex Life.

When you are approved, Scorpio females will can be so intensely loving and passionate in expressing
Scorpio zodic woman in love, dating a scorpio girl, scorpio women physical traits and love sex life
her love especially under the sheets that you will require quite a stamina to cope up with it. She has got quite a sex appeal, interesting, attractive, seductive aura that you will be quite satisfied in your loving relationship with a Scorpio Zodiac Woman.She could be open and eager to try new things in the bed and enjoy the thrill associated with it. She would detest doing anything by half measures in a romantic, passion filled love relationship and prefers to have all of an experience or nothing of it. Physical intimacy is quite important to her in a relationship and she will be quite active and imaginative in expressing her love for you inside the bed and outside too in funny and wild ways sometimes. Being the eight house of a horoscope Scorpio great turn can be Fellatio. For a Scorpio girlfriend making love is more of what she seeks deeper commitment to love with her soulmate, a love or ecstasy which is truly transcendental. So she may also develop a tendency to hold on fiercely to their loving partner which makes Scorpio lovers slightly possessive too in a relationship. Any betrayal by getting caught in bed with another women in a relationship is taken seriously be her and Scorpio don't have the habit of forgiving or forgetting so easily.

What Zodiac signs are compatible and get along with Scorpios?

Well, usually its the totality of the horoscope that is to be seen while judging the compatibility with a Scorpio women but still there are some moon signs or sun signs that do fairly well. Zodiac sign of Cancer or Pisces is most compatible with the Scorpio ladies. Among the Earth element Zodiac signs  Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are also very compatible with Scorpio girls.

But once she is done with you after she realizes that you are not sincere or loyal then she has got nothing to do with her ex boyfriend as she makes sure she does a proper befitting closure.

Romancing a Scorpio girl is like a adventure which is full of excitement and challenges and it can be a rewarding experience in the end. Biggest turn on for Scorpio Women are being honest, hot, giving space to her, patient, loyal and being good in bed.

Famous Celebrities or Personalities Who has Scorpio Sun sign, Scorpio Moon Sign or Scorpio Ascendant : Vine DieselJustin BieberTaylor Swift

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Lord Shiva Wallpapers,Shiv Parivar Images,Natraja Photos,Shiva Tandav Pictures,Hindu Gods Backgrounds,Rudra Pictures,Shiva 3D Wallpapers free

Hindu god of destruction Lord Shiva pictures, God shiva with parivar wallpapers, Shiv Shambhu photos and Natraja images for free download. These beautiful Lord Shiva photos are in high definition and in different forms. First image of Shiva is with the family i.e. goddess parvati and Ganesha, another photo of Shiva is in meditation or samadhi and the third pic is in the Rudra rupa, angry form of Natraja.

lord shiva in meditation in the forest, god shiva in himalayas background

rudra, shiva, shambhu, natraja pose of lord shiva wallpaper, shiv ji background, 3d pose of lord shiva, mobile phone wallpaper

You can also download 4k ultra hd wallpapers and backgrounds of other gods and goddess.

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Taapsee Pannu Zodiac Horoscope, Birth Charts Love Astrology & Marriage, Career Of Indian Actress Taapsee Pannu, Her Janam Kundli Predictions

Horoscope Birth Charts of Taapsee Pannu, Zodiac Sign, Vedic Astrology natal charts, kundli or Astrological analysis of her love relationships, marriage, career and predictions about her life. We will also be doing year ahead forecasts about her as an actress, profession and marriage prospects of Taapsee Pannu. 

Taapsee Pannu Birth Charts, Taapsee Pannu zodiac Horoscope, Taapsee Pannu Zodiac Horoscope Charts Analysis, Horoscope Predictions by Date of Birth According To Vedic Astrology
Taapsee Pannu has been a beautiful Indian bollywood actress, model and dancer who became famous in Indian cinema with her acting talent in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies.We will be doing astrological horoscope analysis of Taapsee Pannu birth charts, her love life and career as actress and a model. Taapsee Pannu zodiac sun sign is Leo according to Indian Astrology. The Leo lioness is intelligent, sexy, witty, strong, bold and creative women, which is why there are so many Leo females in the arts, films and entertainment industry. Being born on 01 August 1987 at 12:00 AM (Unclear), in the city of New Delhi India. By Asia's famous Celebrity Vedic Astrologer; Shri Rohit Anand.

Profile : Popular Indian Actress Taapsee Pannu Astrology Predictions, Horoscope birth details and Kundali analysis.
Name : Taapsee Pannu . Nick Name : Maggie
Date of Birth or Birthday :01- August 1987.
Gender : Female .
Time Of Birth : 12: 00 (Doubtful).
City : New Delhi  .
State : Delhi
Country :India.
Vedic Astrology Ascendant Of  Taapsee Pannu Birth Chart : Zodiac.
Moon Sign or Rashi of Actor Taapsee Pannu Natal charts : Rashi according to Hindu Astrology.
Nakshatra or Star constellation Of Taapsee Pannu Horoscope: Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology .
Zodiac Sun Sign of Taapsee Pannu (Western) :.
Zodiac Sun Sign of Taapsee Pannu (Eastern)Leo Zodiac sun sign .
Chinese Astrology Zodiac Sign:  .
Kundli Yogas in Taapsee Pannu Natal Charts: etc.

Parents :Father - Dilmohan Singh Pannu, Mother - Nirmaljeet Pannu

Siblings : Shagun Pannu (Sister).

Hobbies: Riding Bikes, Dancing, Reading, Squash, Fitness freak.

Education : Mata Jai Kaur Public School in Ashok Vihar, Delhi, Graduation in Computer Science Engineering from the Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology in New Delhi. Learnt Kathak Dance under Birju Maharaj disciples.

Profession And Career :Fashion Model, Actor. Acting debut in the year 2010. Worked as a software engineer in her her earlier stages of career.

Love Life, Marriage, Romantic Relationships of Tapsee Pannu: Single, Unmarried. Boyfriends - Mahat Raghvendra, Mathias Boe.

Children : None.

Sexual Orientation :Hetrosexual.

Height:  is 1.71 meters or 5 feet 7"  tall.

Awards: Her Tamil film Aadukalam won six National Film Awards, Most Enthusiastic Performer-Female Award at the 2014 Edison Awards,

Taapsee Pannu Popular Films Or Movies: Telugu film Jhummandi Naadam, Aadukalam, Vastadu Naa Raju and Mr. Perfect, Baby, Pink, Vera, Doubles, Mulq, Soorma, Judwaa2, Naam Shabana.

Her Other works And Achievements : Pantaloons Femina Miss Fresh Face, Safi Femina Miss Beautiful Skin in 2008,   drama Pink (2016) and Judwaa 2 (2017). Selected for Channel V's talent show Get Gorgeous. Endorsed brands such as Reliance Trends, Red FM 93.5, Standard Chartered Bank, UniStyle Image, Dabur, Airtel, Coca-Cola, Motorola, Pantaloon, Tata Docomo, World Gold Council, PVR Cinemas, Havells and Vardhman. Featured on the cover of magazines Just For Women and MaaStars.

Taapsee Pannu horoscope, Taapsee Pannu zodiac sun sign, Taapsee Panny sexy hot picture

Her Costars And Associations :Jacqueline Fernandez, Varun Dhawan, Amitabh Bachchan.

Her Inspiration :Priyanka Chopra, Priyamani

Taapsee Pannu On Twitter :

Taapsee Pannu On Facebook :

Taapsee Pannu On Instagram :

Official Website Of Taapsee Pannu :

Taapsee Pannu Zodiac Horoscope Charts Analysis, Horoscope Predictions by Date of Birth According To Vedic Astrology.

She being Leo makes her attractive, ambitious, gorgeous and warm hearted person. She is someone with a great smile, confident, materialistic, straightforward with a kind and a big heart . She’s the one with the hottest looks and playful personality too. Ruled by the Sun, she adores being the center of attention, recognition and usually gets it. She is passionate, hot and very lively too with her bold photo shoots. Typically Leo woman she also has those kitty claws and takes them out out if someone step out of line, so handle wild kitty cat with care! When she is in a fiery mood, she can be best soothed with praise, compliments and pampered with gifts.

She started her career earlier in modelling in various brands like PVR cinemas, Motorola, Dabur and Airtel etc.Taapsee Pannu made her debut in the South Indian film industry with the first Telugu movie ‘Jhummandi Naadam’ in the year 2010.

Analysis of Love & Marriage Horoscope of Taapsee Pannu :

Her love life has been quite interesting and she has been dating a Mathias Boe who is a badminton player. He ex boyfriend has been Mahat Raghvendra with whom she broke up. Females born under this zodiac sign find it hard to fall in love but when they do fall in love they give their all to them, mind body and soul. Taapsee Pannu is warm hearted and a passionate person. She loves to be taken care of by the person she loves and needs appreciation to keep her in high spirits.

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We keep updating the information, details of the popular celebrity stars. So always stay tuned for latest updates on out website. If you have got any views, comments, suggestions or feedback about the horoscope charts of famous celebrity actor Taapsee Pannu and want Indian Astrology Vedic Horoscope analysis of more famous bollywood personalities and popular socialites, you can write to us in the comments box below. We will try our best to get the correct birth time janam patri or horoscopes of the popular celebrities and provide comprehensive astrology birth charts analysis along with the kundali yogas that make person successful in entertainment industry.

Email Us : Divyatattva @

Panchmukhi Hanuman Wallpapers ‎Lord Hanuman God Hanuman Ji ‎Hanuman Ji 4K Backgrounds for Free Download Hindu Gods Pictures & Gif Images

Download free 4k ultra HD lord Hanuman Wallpapers and Backgrounds. Hindu God Hanuman Ji photos, 4k Spiritual Backgrounds. Hindu God mahabali Ram Bhakt Hanuman images and Bajrangbali photos.

Lord Hanuman bhakta will love to display this high definition picture of  Hindu god on Hanuman Jayanthi. This pic of Indian god is free to download.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Wallpapers, free 4k ultra HD lord Hanuman, spiritual Wallpapers and Backgrounds

This is the beautiful wallpaper of Panchkuki Hanuman ji that can be set on desktop computer for daily worship and obtaining the blessings of pavan putra.

hanuman ji photos, lord hanuman pictures, god hanuman images, 4k ultra hd lord hanuma pics

This Hanuman ji background comes with mantra of Shri Ram as chanted by Hanuman ji and this will look good on android phones and smartphones with the daily chant of this sacred mantra.

Lord Hanuman wallpaper high definition, Shri Ram Laxman Hanuman, HD Wallpaper Free Download Bajrangbali
More.... Lord Hanuman High Definition Wallpapers And Backgrounds

Download wallpaper HD Original Spiritual Wallpapers . Wide 16:10 resolutions: 1280 x 800 1440 x 900, 1920 x 1200 2560 x 1600, 2880 x 1800, 800 x 480 1280 x 768.

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Gemstones Report Astrology Zodiac Birthstones Gemstone Kundli, Vedic Horoscope Gemstone Report, Lucky Precious Stones For Life, Wealth, Marriage

Get Gemstone Recommendation based on Horoscope, Wearing Precious Stones Consultancy, Lucky Zodiac Birth Stones Benefits and Analysis report from Shri Rohit Anand at Divyatattva, New Delhi India.

gemstones, precious stones, gemstone according to kundali, gemstone according to horoscope birth charts
Know about Gemstones to Be Worn According to Kundali.

Did you always wanted to wear a gemstone in your life but were confused and doubtful what to wear, when to wear and is it good for you? You wanted to be assured of its benefits and get answers to the following that questions arise in your mind about the gemstone you are getting attracted to.

Which is the best Gemstone for Me?

How to Wear Gemstones? 

How to Energize Lucky Birthstones?

What benefits i will get by wearing the gemstone?

Which is my birthstone or gemstone for improving my fortune according to my horoscope?

We will guide you towards your lucky gemstones according to Indian astrology. Recommendation of the Vedic gemstone is done on the basis of indepth study or horoscope charts and problems or issues you are facing and any upcoming problems that requires solution or remedial as per the Vedic astrology fundamentals.

Which Gemstones You will recommend based upon Kundli? 

We recommend , precious gemstones, semi precious gemstones and Rudraksha too.

What i will get in this gemstone report?

Report contains gemstones to be worn presently and in the future. Best suitable gemstones to be work for life and next five years.You will get detailed horoscope charts of many pages free with this report.

Gemstones suitable for you to get success, wealth, health, overcome court cases, happiness in marriage or relationships.

Method to wear gemstone, mantra for purification, wearing instructions and auspicious muhurat (date & time) or day to wear it.We will also tell you the best element or dhatu that suites you to wear a gemstone and whether you should wear it as a locket or as a ring.

Get online Horoscope Consultations, Astrological Guidance for Gemstone Recommendation.

Consultation Fees : Rs 1550/-  USD 38 $ : Pay By Bank Transfer, Paypal, Check, Cash.

Kindly send us your birth details and request for lucky gemstone report in the following format by email.

Full Name.
Date of Birth.
Accurate Time of birth.
Present Location.

Your gemstone report will be personally prepared by world famous Vedic astrologer Shri Rohit Anand Ji. We will send gemstone report at your email address after the receipt of payment in 24 hours.

 Email Us : Divyatattva @

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Justin Bieber Horoscope Birth Charts, Zodiac Sign Astrology, Kundali Analysis Love Relationships,Marriage Career By Top Celebrity Astrologer Rohit Anand

Horoscope Birth Charts of Justin Bieber, Zodiac Sign, Vedic Astrology natal charts, kundli analysis of his love relationships, marriage, career and predictions about his life. We will also be doing forecasts about love horoscope and marriage prospects of Justin Bieber.
Justine Bieber Horoscope zodiac sign, Justin Bieber Astrology, Justin Bieber kundali, Justin Bieber Natal Charts, Justin Bieber Love Relatoinships

Justin Bieber has been a popular Canadian singer, actor, musician, dancer and songwriter who became sensation in the world with pop and rock music. Bieber's music is mainly pop but he also mixes elements of R&B. Jody Rosen of Rolling Stone and became one of the youngest success stories in contemporary pop when it went either platinum or double platinum in many nations all over the world with massive global following by teens, students, girls and music lovers. We will be doing astrological horoscope analysis of Justin Bieber birth charts, and his love life and career as a singer, actor and songwriter. Justin Bieber zodiac moon sign is Libra according to Hindu Astrology with Chitra Nakshatra according to Vedic astrology. His natal chart ascendant at the time of birth was Zodiac of Scorpio Ascendant (Vṛṣcika Lagna) being born on 01 March 1994 at 12:56 AM. He was born in the city of Ontario Canada which gives him zodiac sign of Aquarius as Sun sign according to Eastern Astrology. By World famous Celebrity Vedic Astrologer Of India; Shri Rohit Anand.

Profile : Popular American Actor Justin Bieber Astrology Predictions, Horoscope birth details and Kundali analysis.
Name : Justin Bieber or Justin Drew Bieber.
Date of Birth : 01- March-1994.
Gender : Male.
Time Of Birth : 12 : 56 AM.
City : Ontario .
Country :Canada.
Vedic Astrology Ascendant Of  Justin Bieber Birth Chart : Scorpio Zodiac.
Moon Sign or Rashi of Actor Justin Bieber Natal charts :  Libra Or Tula Rashi according to Hindu Astrology.
Nakshatra or Star constellation Of Justin Bieber Horoscope: Chitra Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Charan 1.
Zodiac Sun Sign of Justin Bieber (Western) : Pisces.
Zodiac Sun Sign of Justin Bieber (Eastern) : Aquarius .
Chinese Astrology Zodiac Sign: Wood Dog .
Kundli Yogas in Justin Bieber Natal Charts: Gaj Kesari, Vosi, Sasa, Sarpa, Rajayoga, Trilochana, Yogada, Kaahala, Viparita Rajayoga, Kalpadruma, Raja Sambhandha etc.

astrological horoscope analysis of Justin Bieber birth charts, and his love life and career as a singer, actor and songwriter. Justin Bieber zodiac moon sign is Libra according to Hindu Astrology with Chitra Nakshatra according to Vedic astrology. His natal chart ascendant at the time of birth was Zodiac of Scorpio Ascendant (Vṛṣcika Lagna) being born on 01 March 1994 at 12:56 AM. He was born in the city of Ontario Canada which gives him zodiac sign of Aquarius
Lunar Yr-Mo: Sreemukha - Magha
Tithi: Krishna Chaturthi (Me) (22.04% left)
Vedic Weekday: Monday (Mo)
Nakshatra: Chitra (Ma) (34.26% left)
Yoga:  Vriddhi (Me) (58.68% left)
Karana: Balava (Mo) (44.08% left)
Hora Lord: Mars (5 min sign: Cp)
Mahakala Hora: Sun (5 min sign: Aq)
Kaala Lord: Moon (Mahakala: Moon)

Parents : Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia "Pattie" Mallette. Bieber's parents were never married.

Hobbies: Music, Dance, Hockey, Basketball, Skateboarding.

Education :Elementary school in Stratford, the Jeanne Sauvé Catholic School. Graduated from high school in Stratford, Ontario, the St. Michael Catholic Secondary School.

Profession And Career : Singer, actor, musician, dancer and songwriter.

Love Life, Marriage, Romantic Relationships of Justin Bieber: Single, Unmarried. Girlfriends - Selena Gomez, Hailey Baldwin

Children : None.

Sexual Orientation :Hetrosexual.

Height: Justin Bieber is 1.75 meters or 5 feet 9"  tall.

Awards: American Music Award for Artist of the Year in 2010 and 2012, Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording, Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Fusion/Performance for the remix of Despacito at the 2017 ceremony. Forbes magazine among the top ten most powerful celebrities in the world. Bieber became the first artist to surpass 10 billion total video views on Vevo. Fourteen titles in the Guinness World Records.

Justin Bieber Popular Songs and Albums:Sorry, Love Yourself, Boyfriend, Purpose, Let me Love you, Billboard Hot 100,  My World 2.0,  My Worlds Acoustic and Never Say Never – The Remixes

His Other works And Achievements : Featured in teen magazines, such as Tiger Beat labelled as a "teen heartthrob". Bieber endorsed Adidas, Derrick Rose, Venus Williams and Calvin Klein brands.

His Costars And Associations : Selena Gomez,

His Inspiration : The Beatles, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Usher as his dance and musical inspirations.

Justin Bieber On Twitter :

Justin Bieber On Facebook :

Official Website Of Justin Bieber :

Justin Bieber Zodiac Horoscope Charts Analysis, Horoscope Predictions by Date of Birth According To Vedic Astrology.

At the time of birth Scorpio lagna was rising with Leo Navamsa and Scorpio Dreskana in the first pada of Anuradha constellation will take him to different lands and settle in a foreign country. He will be very rich and wealth person and continue to get success in the foreign lands with his work and career. Presence of Sun in the fourth house will devoid him the happiness from his father and controversies around his lifestyle.

Shadowy planet Rahu is in the ascendant of Scorpio gives him material aspirations and it is also the lord of fourth house. He was under the Rahu Mahadasha till the year 2015 and he achieved much success in his career in the music entertainment industry.Since Rāhu is more of a mathematical point and is placed at 3 degrees which is very close to his ascendant zodiac of Scorpio, giving him name, fame, changes in his looks and attraction towards worldly materialism.

Analysis of Love & Marriage Horoscope of Justin Bieber : Ketu place in his seventh house of his horoscope, Planet Venus placed in the 4th house and badly afflicted with Mars, Sun, Saturn. So will have plenty of girls in his life but troubled love relationships and marriage which will lead to divorces if horoscope is not matched properly. His time for dating, engagement and marriage are stronger in the year 2018 and 2019.

Vimsottari Dasa of Justin Bieber Horoscope Natal Charts as per Indian Astrology:

 Jup MD: 2014-07-26 (8:57:19 pm) - 2030-07-26 (11:22:44 pm)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Jup: 2014-07-26 (8:57:19 pm) - 2016-09-14 (5:02:47 am)
  Sat: 2016-09-14 (5:02:47 am) - 2019-03-24 (6:52:38 pm)
  Merc: 2019-03-24 (6:52:38 pm) - 2021-07-01 (12:18:49 pm)
  Ket: 2021-07-01 (12:18:49 pm) - 2022-06-06 (2:53:36 pm)
  Ven: 2022-06-06 (2:53:36 pm) - 2025-02-04 (11:57:26 am)
  Sun: 2025-02-04 (11:57:26 am) - 2025-11-25 (10:56:49 pm)
  Moon: 2025-11-25 (10:56:49 pm) - 2027-03-24 (8:11:35 pm)
  Mars: 2027-03-24 (8:11:35 pm) - 2028-02-29 (1:04:28 am)
  Rah: 2028-02-29 (1:04:28 am) - 2030-07-26 (11:22:44 pm)

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If you have got any views, comments, suggestions or feedback about the horoscope charts of famous celebrity singer Justin Bieber and want Hindu Astrology Vedic Horoscope analysis of more famous world personalities and popular socialites, you can write to us in the comments box below. We will try our best to get the correct birth time horoscopes of the popular celebrities and and provide comprehensive astrology birth charts analysis along with the kundali yogas that make person successful in entertainment industry.

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