Pakistan Future Pakistan Horoscope Predictions With Vedic Astrology, Forecasts about Paksitan Future Events 2017 & Beyond

We bring you some of the best and most accurate astrological predictions about future of Pakistan or horoscope predictions of Pakistan by Divyatattva, New Delhi, India.

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Horoscope of Pakistan, Future Events In Pakistan and Predictions about Pakistan for the Future.

* Pakistan will be the biggest terrorist state of the world in the future.
*  This country will be rattled with earthquakes in 2018 and 2019.
* Pakistan will witness economic collapse and fudge its economic data facing foreign exchange currency crises. .
* Pakistan military Establishment and ISI will bring the downfall and self destruction of its own country by deceiving its own people.
* Pakistan & Islamic Jihadis will be be involved in terrorist bombings in India, Afghanistan, UAE, America, Russia, China, Iran, Germany, UK, Europe, France, Belgium, Spain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma and Srilanka.
* It will try to steal defence technologies from Europe and western countries.
* Pakistani citizens will be loose their jobs and employment opportunities in USA, Europe and Gulf Countries as millions of Pakistanis will be deported for illegal activities, drugs, terrorism.
* Pakistani terrorists will be involved Islamic jihad around the world and killing of Hindus, Christians, Jews and Sikhs.
* It will face internal unrest, and suicide bombings and attacks on its Shia and other minority population.
* Fires and water scarcity will bring misery and suffering to its people in 2017 and 2018.
* Corrupt politicians will sell their country to China and will become the colony of Chinese.
* Its own honest and patriotic citizens will leave the country for fear of being assassinated by its rogue intelligence and jihadis.
* Minorities of Pakistan will be raped, tortured, converted and killed.
* Pakistan will face internal collapse and disintegration in the future.
* It will become the worst nations on earth giving bad name to Islam and threat to its neighbours.
* Pakistan will continue to cause/sponsor Islamic jihad in around the world and unrest in Kashmir in India, Afghanistan and China.
* Citizens of Balochistan, Sindhis, Mohajirs, Sikhs, Hindus will be tortured, raped and killed by Pakistan rogue army. Baloch people will seek independence from Pakistan.
* It will witness more sanctions from the world and surgical strikes from Indian military on its terrorist training camps.
* This nation will become the biggest corrupt countries, liar government and cooked establishment in the world living on doles of the world.
* Illiteracy, unemployment and population growth will continue unabated.
* Pakistan will indulge in nuclear blackmail and threat to countries and will be supported by rogue North Korea and China.
* It will face great instability and economic crises and loan repayment defaults in the future.
* Liberals, artists, journalists, moderates, activists will be tortured and killed.
* This nation will see more cases of depression, mental derangement's, stress and psychological disorders among its population.

* Pakistani army and ISI will continue with its bombings and subversive activities in India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
* This corrupt and jihadi nation will kill its own citizens and will be overtaken by jihadi terrorists who will dictate its policies by entry into politics.
* It will become the colony of China and loose its independence and unemployment will increase.
* It will fake and smuggle  nuclear and missile material to fool its own people and the world.
* Pakistan will bring bad name to Islam and Muslim thought the world and bring its downfall with blunders after blunder.
* It will smuggle fake currency in India, Bangladesh, Nepal.
* Finally Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan will be the cause of destruction of Islam & muslims, both will be banned and lifestyle restricted Islam and its followers will perish because of its untruth by 2700 AD.

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