Ashwini Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Aries Ruling Planet Ketu in Vedic Astrology Horoscope By Shri Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Ashwini Nakshatra birth star, Ashwini nakshatra padas in Indian Astrology, Characteristics of Constellation in Zodiac Aries, Horoscope star signs Marriage life, Love life, marriage compatibility and Career in this Ashvini Nakshatra of Hindu Astrology by Shri Rohit Anand at Divyatattva, New Delhi, India.
Aswini Constellation in Zodiac Aries, Horoscope star signs Marriage life, Love life, zodiac marriage compatibility, astrology Career in this ,Ashvini Nakshatra of Hindu Astrology Rohit Anand Divyatattva


Ashwini Nakshatra or अश्विनी नक्षत्र is the beginning of everything, especially when we take into account chaya graha Kethu's energies, is represented in the celestial firmament by two bright stars in the constellation of Aries zodiac. The ancient vedic seers saw the constellation of Aries as a forming a horse's head, and thus these two stars were seen as making a similar pattern. These stars are known in astronomy as Alpha Arietes and Beta Arietes is slightly brighter with the visual magnitude of 2.02, while Beta Arietes has visual magnitude of 2.66. 

Ashwini's main symbol is "Horse head". this symbol is the idea of beginning of any journey from time immemorial. This symbol depicts power, courage, movement and vitality, eagerness, swiftness or approach. this horse also related to mental impulses and leadership and nervousness, fidgety and high strung animals. So this nakshatra carries all the qualities of this symbol. 

The movement in this constellation relates to all kinds of transportation and different worlds with modes such as planes, rockets, cars and other vehicles. The deity of this nakshatra is "Ashwini Kumars", the two celestial horsemen as presiding deities of this constellation. Their names are "Dashra" and "Nasatya" which actually means bringing help and truthfulness respectively. these two brothers also bring healing and rejuvenating aspect of this nakshatra. As Ashvini kumaras has knowledge of all herbs on the astral and physical planes and are supposed to possess supernatural powers to cure any disease.

This nakshatra promotes marital harmony and is invoked for childbirth and helps in curing impotence and other types of sexual disorders. This constellation helps in removing obstacles as Lord Ganesha being the main deity of this nakshatra ruled by Ketu. His four main qualities are purity, innocence, devotion   to the universal mother principle, can be seen manifested through the functioning of Ashvini. People born under Asvini nakshatra are usually short, athletic, robust and charming. They have their own youth fullness, elegance, style, and extravagance. These people have strong sense of adventure in life, fearless, stubborn, straightforward but tend to suffer sometimes for not being careful. they are of jovial nature, has the ability to laugh at themselves and others too.

This Nakshatra belongs to Vaishaya or merchant caste and male in gender and has Vata or airy disposition. It rules directions of centre, east, south and north west. It rules profession such as Counsellors, transport industry, healing, dancing, teachers, educators, athletes, sports, chemists, surgeons, physicians, adventure, stunt men, building industry and ayurveda etc. It rules places like Grazing lands, hospitals, horses, tracks, sporting grounds, military, pharmacist, relationship therapist,  herbalist, explorer, researchers, contractors etc. The guna of this nakshatra is Sattwic and is said be a deva nakshatra in gana type.

People who are born under other constellations can also receive healing benefits to recover from diseases by performing a puja or abishekam on Tuesdays, Saturday, Ashwini nakshatra day.

Vowels of this Nakshatra is Chu, Che, La, Im Am, Aam. Gotra of Ashvini Nakshatra is  Sage Marichi and remedial measure is to worship god Ganapati and recite root mantra of Aum, Om Am, 108 times.

Famous Ashwini Nakshatra born celebrities are: Pamela Anderson, Bruce Lee, Celine Dion, Jim Morrison, Warren Harding, John Adam etc. By : Rohit Anand ( Astrologist, Occultist, Tarotist, Tantrik).

Sacred Energy Vortex: Sri Bhava Aushadeeswarar Temple in India.
Herb : Nuxvomica.
Gender : Male.
Animals : Male Horse.
Bird : Swan.
Ruling Deity : Ashwini kumars, Sun, Lord Shiva, Ganesha.
Caste :Vaishya.
Guna : Sattvic and later Rajasic.
Purpose : Dharma.

Ayurveda Constitution : Airy.
Charity : Feed dogs especially stray dogs.

Ashvini represents the primordial, initiatory urge which created both the manifest and unmanifest universes. Being the beginning of all things, it has the power to set anything right. this is why in later times, the physicians of the gods, the Ashwini kumaras were enterwined with the energies of  this nakshatra.

Know the secrets about nakshatra of Ashwini  in this youtube video : Secrets of Aswini Nakshara

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