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Kriya Yoga Practical Metaphysics And Five Pranas Functions In Macro Cosmos or Micro Cosmos by Divyatttva New Delhi India

Kriya Yoga Practical Metaphysics.

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In the ancient scriptures of India i.e. Hatha Yoga Pradipika defines prana or pranic energy as the vital  force sustaining life and creation in this universe, permeating the entire creation and exist in both the macro-cosmos and the micro-cosmos and microcosm being the replica of macrocosm. It is because of the movement of prana shakti that mind seems to exist to the world and due to mind prana is in dynamic form.

The prana or life energy, which appears as the different shape of all living organisms on our planet and other life forms in the universe, is nothing less than a different modification of the divine cosmic energy called prana, which makes up the sun too through which it is distributed to plants and animals and that serve as food to humans on earth. Now this Prana assumes two phases of existence before us, the solar the positive life matter and the lunar, negative life matter. All the various modifications of these two forms of prana constitute the total of our world appearance as we witness it. All of the worlds appearances in our daily life, visual, auditory, olfactory, kinesthetic, gustatory, in all their varieties are gathered into prana. The ancient scripture of Yoga Vasistha says "prana in company with the mind takes the human pilgrimage" and it acquires different names as per expression of it. Equilibrium and harmony between these 5 pranas or five energy currents results in good physical and mental health, while when these are disturbed in their harmony it produces debilitation and disease in human body.

The Five Pranas

Prana means Life Energy. There are two kinds of Prana. (a) the Cosmic Energy, the source of all living things.
(b) the specific Prana or energy pervading each human body.
The Cosmic Energy is the cause of the creation of planets and all living organisms.
The Life Energy in the body of all organisms is secretly supplied by the Cosmic Energy. But the Life Energy loses this contact the more it becomes individualized, selfish, body bound, ignoring its Cosmic Connection.
prana yoga, hath yoga, pranic energy

The Cosmic Energy if finer than Electrons or any other vibratory force existing in Nature, and is conscious (but not self-conscious). It is the missing link between Consciousness and matter.

The Spirit vibrating outwards first becomes Cosmic Consciousness, then as it vibrates into grosser states, it becomes Conscious Cosmic Energy, followed by the grossest material vibration or matter. Hence the connecting link between the human consciousness and the gross body is established by the specific Life Energy.
The Soul vibrates into Consciousness, Consciousness vibrates into Life Energy, which in turn vibrates into the gross human body. Hence those that do not understand the functions of Life Energy find a great difference between mind and matter, or ignorantly deny the existence of matter.

Mind exists, matter exists, both are vibrations of Spirit. Invisible mind vibrating as Life Energy is converted into gross matter. Matter does not exist as it appears to us, it is nothing but vibrations of Life-Energy which in turn are vibrations of Consciousness.

To be able to understand the five functions of Life Energy is to be able to dematerialize the body into its original constituent principles.
The Life Energy in general as present in the human body is spoken of as Prana in Sanskrit; it is conscious Energy, it builds the human body out of a spermatozoon. Its seat in the human body is the Medulla.

1. Pran Current helps crystallization
2. Byan““circulation
3. Saman““assimilation
4. Udan““metabolism
5. Apan““elimination

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