Tarot Masters Advise Tarot Tips For Beginners Practical Techniques To Enhance Your Tarot Reading Skills By Tarot Expert Rohit Anand

Beginners practical techniques to enhance your tarot reading skills by Tarot expert Rohit Anand New Delhi, India. Tarot tips for studying tarot, learning tarot card meanings, simple tarot spreads for beginners and best ways to learn tarot resulting in accurate predictions in tarot card readings.
Are you new to tarot and want to learn tarot with confidence and become professional tarot card reader at the earliest or just want to do it read tarot for your friends, family, colleagues and even yourself. Here are some of the best tips for beginners that will help you .

tarot tips, tarot learn, tarot deck, tarot time, tarot days, tarot meanigns, tarot oracles, tarot readings, tarot predictionsStart Tarot Learning With Basic Easy to Understand Tarot Deck : There are thousand of tarot decks in the market that you can buy online, most of them are not easy to understand as many things have changed with times making them more complex, with makers of those tarot decks changing the design, colors, omit many things and these are mostly for advanced tarot card readers.One also need to get rid of superstition that someone needs to gift you the tarot deck to start with. Buy the deck you are drawn to along with basic Rider   Waite Smith if you are completely new to tarot.

Keep the Tarot Spreads Simple. When you first begin with tarot it will be quite helpful that you keep tarot spread layout simple, use simple tarot keywords and simple techniques to learn and your confidence will improve tremendously by daily practice of tarot. Usually 3 to 7 card tarot spread reading is sufficient to give you good  understanding and guidance of the issues with regard to questions you are focused upon.

Draw Daily Tarot Cards. To learn tarot quickly drawing a daily tarot card is quite helpful to create personal connection with your tarot deck, learn the traditional keywords with practice. But you also need to associate the tarot cards or court cards to things around you, people around you and situations around you. One also need to learn to associate tarot cards with your time template, country, social norms, places, objects, things or technologies.

Concentrate on The Pictures on The Tarot Card . Meditating on the tarot cards and closely studying it in all details will help you master the tarot in depth as everything in tarot has a meaning to it i.e. the elements, colors, symbols with major arcana cards in the tarot depicting days of the week etc. If you are familiar with numerology, astrology, occult or yoga then it will be added advantage for you to understand in more detail the meanings of tarot cards and their connection with everything around you.  

Do not ask same Questions again and again in few hours or Days : One of the biggest mistakes we have seen is that tarot beginners when reading tarot for themselves or friends is that they ask the same question again and again, hoping to get a better answer/information each time or expect the pre determined answer they have in their minds or the way want things to happen for them in their lives.Sometimes they do a reading when they’re highly restless, have expectations, worried, fearful and emotional leading to shut down for receiving truthful insight.

Instead, use the Tarot mindfully. Draw on the cards when you have an open mind and an open heart. Treat the cards (and yourself) with respect and give yourself enough time and space to truly accept the wisdom they have to offer you.

Correct Method of Tarot Card Reading : Most tarot amateurs are confused as what is the correct way of reading tarot cards i.e. whether to go for only upright cards or use the reversals in the tarot spreads to while learning. I would say first you can start with upright cards, get familiar with tarot card meanings and as you progress you can start to use reversals too at later stage as it can give you more meanings and depth to your readings. Reversals in tarot indicate may indicate negative energy, blockages, delays, problems and possible solutions to overcome issues concerning the querent. Then develop your own way of reading, there can be no rules a such but guidelines to keep you on right track.

Join Tarot Study Groups On Social Networking Sites
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To learn tarot, know about tarot trends, ways of tarot interpretations, latest tarot books and decks in the market and find a study buddy you can join tarot study groups on Facebook, Google Plus, Yahoo etc. these groups also help you in solving your quires, getting help from seasoned tarot experts, download free tarot ebooks and understand your own tarot deck if you are completely new to it.

Developing Your Intuition : Learning Tarot is not  just about memorizing card meanings from any tarot book, but it also about awakening your higher psychic senses or faculties. Focus on your third eye or chakra in the middle of eyebrows. Imagine it opening up, you can also use mantras and do at least 30 minutes of meditation daily. Intuition is yourself, your higher self, that is. Creator, the Universe, or your soul are all patiently waiting your instruction, more than happy to guide you. For this you need to calm your mind, do deep breathing yogic exercises as that would be helpful.   

Avoid Tarot Burnout : If you want to avoid tarot burnout, take a vacation or a break if you are feeling drained with too much of tarot card readings or holding tarot session of friends and colleagues that are around you.

Do Not Get Discouraged :  In the beginning when anxiety levels are high and one is eager to directly jump to do reading spreads one is bound to get wrong, mislead, get distorted readings. Also do not get discouraged by fears of any kind about tarot, tarot haters negativity and people around mocking at you or criticize you. You need not bother about them get disturbed or discouraged and just need to find quiet, safe, neat and sacred place to practice your tarot alone.

Safety Of Tarot cards and Tarot Deck : If you take care of your tarot cards, it will take care of you. Use clean hands, wrap them in good silk or clean cloth. Make sure others don't use the cards that you practice with so as to avoid any kind of low level energy or negative energy. Keep them in box and when you need to lay a tarot spread use clean cloth under it to protect them from dirt and wearing off . You also need to keep your pets and liquids away from the space you have chosen for tarot card readings for safety reasons.

Tarot Cards Mobile Applications : Make use various smartphone tarot applications available in the market and Google Play store, to learn tarot card meanings whenever you are traveling have spare time. These Tarot Reading apps also gives you the best yet free love tarot readings, single card reading, daily three card draw for learning and weekly tarot  reading on your android device.Though some of the tarot cards APK or apps can be free and some can be paid, so you need o choose wisely for learning and reading for yourself and for your loved ones. Some of the best tarot apps also contain some free ebooks on tarot, along with free different types of tarot spreads for tarot reading on matters of love, career, job and health. Watch Beginners Tarot Videos here.

Tarot is about wisdom, knowledge and self empowerment, not about waiting for things to magically appear before you in your life without righteous self effort.

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