What Diseases You Are Likely To Get Due to Wrong Karma? Karmic influence On Suffering Disease & Death By Rohit Anand India

Understanding Karmic disease, Health and Healing, karma and death, karma and illness

Everyday we see people around us suffering, some in pain other is mental agony and science has made us believe that its only the medical reasons that are the causes. But in reality its not the whole truth and its human ignorance that has caused more suffering of their own making. On daily basis we see good people suffering or closed ones dying before us, we also see people taking good diet and regular exercise suddenly getting very ill or dying early and we fail to find reasons for it. Though there can be many reasons for humans to get diseases from wrong diet, no exercise, pollution, genetic reasons but karmic reasons are the biggest single factor that decides who suffers, who dies, who get partly cured by medicine, who gets fully cured from doctors in hospital. In sanatan dharma there is something called sanchit and prarabdha karma, this prarabdha is the allotted karma for this lifetime that you need to undergo. Prarabdha karma is written into your mind, sensations and body is made out of that thought patterns and karma that you did in a lifetime but its deepest recording is in the energy. So it becomes extremely important that body, mind, emotion and energy are properly exercised with yoga, meditation and put to use in constructive ways for oneself and others. Any disturbance in prana due to wrong karma will result in disease, so one needs to restore its harmony in the human body through various means.

"Every disease is a Karmic purgation.  Tale illness as the Lord's blessing.  All diseases take their origin in the mind . Treat the mind first.  Physical diseases will disappear by themselves."

Here i am giving some of the research based karmic reasons for diseases. Rohit Anand.

           KARMA                                                                                             DISEASES

Insulting and Humiliating Others, Causing disappointments : Likely to get mental pain, headaches, no peace of mind,  depression, exhaustion, low energy levels, getting tired.

Killing Animals, suffocating them, making fun of helpless dying animals : Humans involved in these bad karma are likely to suffer from sudden painful death in accidents, killed in bomb blasts, suffer serious handicap in violent activities, loss of limbs, suffer and die from asthma, lung diseases, pleurisy, bronchitis, suffer from cuts and wounds, bites and poison from animals or food. People who eat animals are also likely to get infected by new diseases, violently killed by animals in any birth, suffers from infertility, kidney stones, injuries from sharp objects, develop phobias and fears.

Person who Oppress others, dominate others, make others slave : Gets elephantiasis, worm infections, get arthritis.

People who kill others, poison others, cause grievous injury,  make schemes to kill others : These people are born as children with genetic defects, serious health conditions, early deaths in childhood, die of undiagnosed diseases, their ill health remains hidden, health do not get treated by doctors in spite of many treatments, 

Who casts lustful look on men or women, who eyes others’ property, whose heart burns with jealousy at others’ well-being, who visits sexual orgies and depraved parties: These people are likely to get eye diseases, cataract, eye infections, typhoid, inflammations, acidity, skin eruptions, boils, tumors, Abnormal Puberty in Males or females, Balanitis, Cancer of the Penis, Cancer of the Testis, Enlarged Prostate Gland, Epididymal Cysts, Pains And Enlarged testicles, Epididymo orchitis, Gynaecomastia, Spermatorrhea, low life span.

Who are Angry, shouts at everyone, Speaks Harsh words or Abusive Language : They develop fear and phobias, loose memory in old age, mental diseases, anxiety disorders, Asthma, unhappiness, problems with teeth, cavities, pain in teeth, gums swell, teeth loosens up and fall off, Chronic incurable cough, shortness of breath, liver enlargement, jaundice chicken pox, measles, Heat in the body, intoleration for hot weather, problem with pancreas.

Those who are cunning, steal money or food, indulge in theft and corrupt practices : Peace of mind is disturbed, frustrations, obesity, digestive problems, indigestion, Dyspepsia, Nausea, Vomiting, pains, body aches, no vitality, energy less, Cancer of Intestine, Die of brain hemorrhage

Those who indulge in too much of sex, sex with other wives or husbands, commit adultery : Benign tumors, infections, lower back pains, erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire, typhoid, bleeding, mental insecurity, imbalanced mind, weakening eyesight, cancer of mouth, prostrate problems, cough and colds, Nervous system get shattered, sciatica.

Committing Suicide, Terrorist Activities, Injuring or torturing oneself or others : These people spirits remain without body for many years, they don't take birth so easily and when do take birth are frustrated with their lives, depressed, born with injury or fire mark on their bodies on prominent places. Those who kill self and indulge in terror suffer the most in dark evil planets beyond our solar system, tortured, suffering mental agony in this birth, remain without body or wasted as aborted child by parents or killed or abandoned by their own parents or near ones. Walk on earth as earthbound spirits in darker places of earth alone. They are also likely to get unbearable pains mentally and physically, constant body pains in any part and pain killers don't show any effects. Suffer from great mental agony a their most loved one will die early in sudden brutal ways.

Spreading Hate, misinformation and evil against others : Suffer from inflammations, problems with tongue, burnt fingers, chopped out hands, ear problems, born deaf, Asthma, heat in the body, pin in the head and increased heart beats, ear problems .

Who is hypocrite, torments others with petty tyranny, who constantly ill-treats, beats and deals harshly with little children: Suffers from skin disorders and itches and inflammations, arthritis of hands and legs, .

Those who breaks trust of others, take advantage of others, lie or twist the facts : Suffers from vomiting, nausea, viral infections, wrong diagnosis, pain in nerves, headaches, brain diseases, Tumor in Brain, looses ability to speak or born without organs of speech and hearing, Deaf or Dumb.

Insulting men or women, cheating them in relationships,  ignoring them, not taking care of them : Person indulging in these kind of bad karma find it difficult to get married or remain unhappy in relationships, suffers from weak heart, low vitality, phobias, blood pressure problems, heart attacks, lower back problems, impotence,

Upsetting Others, Playing With Emotions being too much sentimental or creating fear in others : One who does this type of karma in any birth is likely to suffer from Thyroid, Hormonal problems, loose motions, indigestion or weak digestion, mental derangement, mental disorders.

Being Proud of Beauty or Youth, Wealth and Assets and Being miser : You are likely to die lonely death, born in poor families, struggling for money in any life time, Low self esteem,  disturbed mind with humiliation, get beatings and bruises from partner, mental agony due to lost wealth and difficulty in finding profession or earning wealth and mental harassment and pain. One is also likely to get cardiac arrest, mental imbalance, constipation, mental fears, low appetite, weak body, malnutrition, wasting diseases, unhappiness and restlessness, anxiety disorders and restlessness.

Those who commit Brutal murders, Eat Meat by killing animals and humans, Commit heinous Evil deeds, Vicious violence in the name of religion : Get possessed by evil  spirits , get born in darker evil planets below the earth, born with wasting painful diseases with no cure, die early death in violent ways, has short life span, loose control over their minds, become mad, get nervous disorders, get bones broken, skull fractures.

Too much of Intellectual studying, Gathering needless information of others, Vain pride in material qualifications : Give birth to mentally retarded children, stupid babies, morons, speaking disorders, hearing disorders, find problems in walking, shaking hands, Autism, Remain confused and doubtful and continue to suffer with relationship problems  etc.

Those Who Take Drugs, Drink Alcohol, Abuse others after taking such substances : Are born with autism, walking disorder, weak liver, die of toxicity, suffer from overdose or wrong medicines, suffer fractures.

Those who insult their well wishers, don't listen to the right advise of parents or loved ones, Humiliate Gurus and Spiritual masters :  Get Numbness in nerves, pain in calf muscles, Suffer from ear problems, Possessed by spirits, Remain sad and lost, suffer form mental agony, increased heart beats, abnormal pulse rate, blockages in ears, cataract, anxiety and restlessness, increased sufferance in life, fractures   .

People who indulge in acts of Revenge, Vengeance and hurting others without a cause : Loose their peace of mind, suffer from psychiatric disorders, get physical disability, loose their limbs to accidents, get pain in stomach, get fire burns, die of explosions, killed in wars, get painful death.

Being Lazy and Avoiding Responsibility, Waste Time and Work, Avoid Hard Work : Numbness of hands and legs, pain in calf muscles, obesity, weight increase, digestive problems, Flatulence.

People Who Commit Frauds, Indulge Theft in Temples :  These are born as beggars in poor families suffering from malnutrition, homeless, get liver diseases, enlarged liver, jaundice, Pancreatic Cancer, Overweight, Obesity problems, Tachycardia, Stress, High Blood Pressure, food poisoning, Viral and Bacterial infestions

Each must reap what he sows. Various life experiences are due to the Karmic situations that each has earned for himself by his thoughts, words and deeds.

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We will keep updating this page with new research on correlation between karma and diseases. So keep checking. Gratitude. By Rohit Anand.

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