Pisces Ascendant In Vedic Astrology, Horoscope, Personality Traits & Secrets of Meena Lagna

Pisces Zodiac rising in Vedic Astrology, Secrets of Meena rashi Lagna kundli, Piscean Horoscope personality traits, by Top Indian Astrologer, Tantric, Tarot Card Reader Shri Rohit Anand, India.

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Ascendant is the most important and essential element of the birth horoscope. A group of stars, which arise in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a person within the limitation of 30 degrees of a zodiacal sign is called Ascendant. the period of Ascendant is roughly two hours and its calculation is based upon the Sidereal time on the basis of local time of the place where the person is born. Birth horoscope is actually the horoscope based on ascendant. In fact all the 12 zodiac signs rotate in the sky, rising over the horizon one after the another in a day in a particular period of time subsequently, constitute the twelve ascendants. The entire universe of 360degrees is divided in 12 houses of 30 degrees and this astronomical division of universe is the fundamental basis of the Vedic astrology, which decides and depicts the coming events from the womb to the future.

The Ascendant is the starting point for ancient Indian astrologers that have defined the Ascendant as the body parts of a person and the other aspects of the horoscope are the different parts of his body. In the predictive astrology, Ascendant is the face of the person and different zodiac are the different part of the body of "Kaal Purusha" or the Time Personified. The face of a person will bear the peculiarities and characteristics of the Ascendant. The face and nature of the person is influenced by the planets, who are the significators of the Ascendant.The first house of the D1 chart is called lagna or starting point from the first house and moving left to the subsequent segments representing the subsequent houses in the ascending order up to the 12 degree house is the framework of a birth horoscope.

Pisces Ascendant, Pisces Rising Zodiac Sign and Its Lord

For the Pisces ascendant , the lord of lagna and 10th house is Jupiter. Planets like Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mercury are malefic planets while Mars and Jupiter are benefic. Mars and Jupiter forms the Raja Yoga for Pisces lagna. The Moon and Mars give good results, because Mars is the lord of 2nd and 9th houses. The Moon is the lord of 5th house and most malefic planet is Saturn. Pisces people are spiritual in nature, sentimental, loving, romantic, intuitive, imaginative, religious, studious and friendly too. Positive aspect of Piscean is that they are polite, gentle and negative aspect is that they can be impatient, careless and uncertain. The characteristics or the traits of Pisces ascendant mentioned above are influenced, altered or modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, aspected by it  and the degree of the position of the ruling planet Jupiter and the nakshatra of the sign on the Ascendant. They are very cooperative by nature, flexible according to situations, adaptable and open-minded too. Their personality is changeable according to situations and issues they come across. You might feel like meeting person with dual personality or two different people from one day to another as one can be spiritual and other side may be material which makes it difficult for anyone to know them completely and correctly which depends how their Rahu and Ketu is operating in their horoscope. At times they may be in their own little world, rooms or places of isolation being being silent and lost, and at other time sociable, though they prefer solitudes and being quiet over sociability.

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Zodiac Pisces Features according to Indian Astrology.

Symbol of Ascendant : Fishes.
Lord of Ascendant : Jupiter.
Element : Water.
Nature : Dual.
Direction : North.
Gender : Female.
Caste : Brahmin.
Nature Mild Nature and cough creating.
Part of Body : Both the feet.
Favorable color : Yellow.
Auspicious Day : Thursday.
God : Lord Vishnu.
Favorable Dates : 3, 12, 21, 30 etc.
Constellation or Nakashatras are : Poorvabhadrapada, Revati and Uttarbhadrapada.

Pisces Rising in Natal Charts And Horoscope Compatibility.

Ascendant Pisces is symbolized by the two fishes with their head and tail side by side. Its powerful during the day time. Its a watery, pious, Brahmin by caste, medium bodies and the lord of the northern direction. If a person has Piscean lagna and planet Saturn is in the first house with the moon and if the Sun is posited in the seventh house, then there will be lot of obstacles and hindrances in getting married. The most compatible signs with Pisces zodiac sign are generally considered to be Taurus,  Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer. Pisces men and women are artistic with good imagination and can be very inspiring spiritually and getting someone out of depression or even problems of life. They can be the shoulder to cry upon in times of need though they themselves find it difficult to find the same for themselves. Pisces rising beings avoids cold, blunt, hard facts, cruel and harsh realities like the plague. By nature Pisces are mostly unselfish, kind hearted, and giving and the lesson to learn  is the lifetime is to set your limits and when to say no. Pisces usually have big head and deep large eyes which can even be blue which has the capacity to inside your mind rather than at you.

Pisces zodiac or Ascendant persons have lot of artistic talents, potential for singing, dancing, sketching, understanding of esoteric and psychic abilities. They turn to spiritual matters, dharma, reading scripturues, shrutis, smritis, vedas,  or philosophy. They have a great admiration for learning, metaphysics, education, no matter what level or how far they achieve success in life in these areas. Physically they are gentle, sensitive, soft hearted and peace loving. Pisces Rising does not prefer to stand out in the crowd and dislikes attracting attention to themselves but do like if someone appreciate them for truth, knowledge and spiritual erudition. ★Pisces Zodiac Memes and Secret Facts

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Pisces Ascendant Astrology - Love Relationships, Professional Career, Marriage.

Friendly ascendant for Pisces lagna are Cancer and Scorpio. According to " Jaatak Paarijat" the girls of the ascendant Pisces are expert in sexual affairs. If the Moon is placed in the lagna, she is loved by her husband. If Venus is conjoined with Jupiter in the lagna then the person marries two women or enjoys two ladies side by side. Pisces are generally loving, compassionate, kind hearted, empath and of understanding nature but never judgmental in relationships. A Pisces person derives this beautiful trait from its element of water, being sensitive to feelings, emotional and nurturing and they wish,  they could take away your troubles and solve them for you. Most of the time you will find them giving away their self interest for the benefit of mankind and people who come to them with their problems. These people look for usually a stable relationship whether spiritual or livein –one that is trustworthy and reliable of sorts. Pisces rising men and women  gravitate to partners who understand them which is not easy as they are intriguing, and most of the Pisces seem to need a practical or a  realistic partner to keep them grounded and not remain in unrealistic or dreamy tomorrow. People with Meena lagna have pronounced or developed intuitive or psychic abilities which can be a dependable source of guidance for them if you learn to pay attention, develop and give time to develop them. Their ruling planet being Jupiter which is the planet of religion or spirituality mysticism, spiritual powers and imagination. Pisces species are romantic too and as they evolve spiritually they move towards pure selfless kind of love and needs more of spiritual partners for their sadhna or spiritual pursuits.

Pisces are good at professions like spirituality, astrology, consultations, mentor, pundit, yoga, meditation, banking, finances, occult, healing, spiritual counselor, teacher, Guru and being priest.

Pisces Rising Lagna and Planet Jupiter in Pisces.

If your Jupiter is in Pisces and at good degree, then it indicates that you are a spiritualist,  mystic, saint, follow the Vedas or ancient knowledge and will also be philanthropist. They are little shy, introvert, observer and live in their own world which may involve esoteric, mystical, fantasy and scifi template. Your faith and devotion, trust in god in cosmic intelligence or pure consciousness is what will sustains you, and you draw protection or guidance from the unseen spiritual realms. Part of your soul function according to your atmakarka(AK) has to do with work on the inner planes through prayer, meditation, serving others, guiding people on right path or working with subtle forces of nature.

Meena Lagna men and women natives are also directionless in life if they don't get the right guidance in early stages. Usually they are peace loving souls and seek solace or escape from harsh realities in religious gatherings, listening to bhajans, spiritual songs and romantic.

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