How to Date Taurus Zodiac Women Secrets Love Relationships Sex And Romantic Life Of Taurean Girlfriend By Rohit Anand India

Dating a Taurus zodiac women? Things you Should know before you date a Taurean female, Taurus girl friend and Taurus ladies. We reveal here all the Taurus zodiac secrets about their nature, sex life, personality that will help you in a successful love relationship with her. By Rohit Anand.

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Understand A Taurean Zodiac Girls : Before Dating a Taurus zodiac women its important that you are aware of atomic structure as that will help you understand her chemistry and get success with her in forming loving relationship. Taurus women belongs to a fixed zodiac sign ruled by earth element and planet Venus. Therefor you will find they are slow and lazy on initial stages of approaching a guy who ask for a date. They may take their own time assessing your seriousness, shy or evaluate you whether you are a secure and stable man or not. Being rules by Venus they prone to comfortable lifestyle, good wine and food. So if you plant to date a Taurus female make sure you arrange your date with best of wine and dine. Taurus obstinacy is well known as the zodiac is symbolized by the animal of  "Bull", so she might want things her own ways if she feels comfortable on the date she wants to decide your fate. Taurus zodiac lover are mostly placid and calm women, happy to be minding her business but when repeatedly needled into an argument she may stick to her stand or views with typical bull headed attitude of being stubborn and that can raise her temperature. Worse still, when pushed into a corner she may respond with the anger of a bull threatening to crush and toss around anything that stands in her way.

Dating A Taurus Female Requires That You Need to be Well Settled : More than romantic fantasies and realms of love poetry, a Taurus needs material and emotional security in a relationship. This is because a Taurus ladies are primarily interested in the practical side of life with money, career and good lifestyle. While moonlit passionate nights and romantic serenades are all very well, a Taurus lady will be more interested to know beforehand if you are well-established in your job, business and career and without any other romantic entanglements or not.

Taurus girl looks for Loyalty, Integrity and Long Term Commitment : Loyalty is a crucial requirement for a Taurus women to be happy in a romantic relationship with they man in her life. They are staunch lovers and once settled into a relationship will be comfortably be monogamous for practically the rest of their lives. However being faithful themselves, they also expect the same level of commitment from their partners. So make sure you are not that of flirtatious kind or looking for one night stand as they hate to see you getting in touch with ex girlfriends or ogling at new ones while dating. They want dependable partners and not whom they find untrustworthy.

Divyatattva taurus woman personality,  taurus woman likes and dislikes , facts about taurus woman  taurus woman in bed  taurus woman compatibility  taurus woman physical appearance,  taurus woman in love,  taurus woman quotesAttracting a Taurus women on a Date : Taurean girlfriend loves good lifestyle and to possess best brands or stuff while shopping. If you are well groomed yourself with money to expend being spendthrift then your chances are bright with her being on same page. But If you are a person who would not like to spend much on material possessions of your Taurus girlfriend’s obsession with branded clothes, exquisite furniture, perfumes, shoes and elegant jewelry, think twice before going ahead with her . On one hand, Taurus girls are hoarder too, as they keep stacking good things that money can buy whether they need it today or not and take delight in splurging or buying things just for the pleasure of it collecting and hoarding. In the thrall of material indulgence and good life.

How is Taurus women in Bed and Her Sex Life? : Being ruled by planet Venus Taurus females are passionate and sensuous when in love and can arouse you in stages. They will will seduce you into her arms slowly. They do not long for quick sex on first date but prefers steady partner and a faithful one. It takes her time to get into bed with someone only when she finds you reliable and looking for long term relationship. They don't look for sex with high frequency but do seek good session and a satisfying one even if a long one. As they find it quite liberating with sex being intense workout for them as you being the possessed with her charms and she taking pride you being faithful to her.

Taurus Women Compatibility With Zodiac signs : Taurus seductive and sensual girls are most likely to be compatible with Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio however, will spice up her life better than another Taurus men. But actual love relationship compatibility and match making will depend upon the complete horoscope analysis in dept by a competent and experienced astrologist. By : Rohit Anand ( India's famous Vedic Astrologer, Tarotist and Occultist) Testimonials

Some famous people with Taurus zodiac Sun sign are Manushi Chhillar from India who was crowned Miss World 2017.

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