Manushi Chhillar Miss World 2017 Horoscope Birth Chart Zodiac Sign of Indian Model Beauty Pageant By Top Celebrity Astrologer Rohit Anand

Famous Indian celebrity model and beauty pageant titleholder crowned Miss World 2017 Vedic astrology horoscope Birth charts, Manushi Chhillar zodiac horoscope birth charts, kundli analysis, Career Love life and relationships. By Celebrity Indian Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand.
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Horoscope Birth Charts of Manushi Chhillar, Zodiac Horoscope of Manushi Chiller, Vedic Astrology Birth Details of famous Indian model Miss world 2017.

We will discuss the horoscope of famous Indian fashion model and Miss world beauty pageant Miss
Manushi Chhillar as to what made her a successful fashion model, a brilliant medical student and win Miss world fashion title for 2017. Being born under a Taurus Zodiac sign she is ruled by planet Venus which is the graha of  beauty, fashion, media, modelling etc and brings name, fame and money being placed in her lagna. Being Taurean women she imbibes all the qualities of a Venus as she loves singing, dancing, poetry and art as her hobbies. Hot fashion model Manushi Chillar became a semifinalist in the Top Model for People's Choice and also Multimedia competitions in her modelling career, while she was declared as a co-winner of the Beauty with a Purpose competition. She became the 6th Indian fashion model to win Miss world title in 2017.

Famous model and beauty pageant Ms Manushi Chhillar was born in New Delhi but she is a jat from the state of Haryana in India. Her parents are in medical profession and persuaded her to pursue her career in modelling and medical field. She won her Miss world title in the mahadasha of Venus and antardasha of Rahu. Her winning streak will continue and she is likely to do very well in her career in the future in modelling, acting and film industry for few more years ahead.

Popular Indian model Manushi Chillar Astro Profile, Horoscope birth details, Kundli analysis.

Name : Manushi Chhillar.
Date of Birth : 14- May-1997.
Sex : Female. 
Time Of Birth : 7: 30 AM.
City : New Delhi
Hometown : Haryana.
Country : India.
Parents : Father, Dr. Mitra Basu Chhillar, is a scientist at the Defence Research and Development Organisation, while her mother is Dr. Neelam Chhillar.
Ascendant Zodiac Sign Of Manushi Chhillar : Taurus.
Rashi Moon Sign : Cancer.
Sun Sign Vedic Astrology (Eastern) : Aries.
Western Zodiac Sun Sign of Manushi Chilar : Taurus.
Lunar Yr-Mo:   Isvara - Vaisakha
Tithi:  Sukla Ashtami (Ra) (83.81% left)
Vedic Weekday: Wednesday (Me)
Nakshatra: Aaslesha (Me) (33.97% left)
Yoga: Vriddhi (Me) (12.51% left)
Karana: Vishti (Sa) (67.62% left)
Hora Lord: Moon (5 min sign: Ge)
Mahakala Hora: Moon (5 min sign: Vi)
Kaala Lord:    Venus (Mahakala: Venus)
Her Height : 5 feet 8 inches.
Education : St. Thomas School, New Delhi.
Profession : Indian Model. Medical Student.
Manushi Chhiler Career And Achievements : Miss Femina title, Miss Photogenic, Crowned Miss World 2017.
Love Life And Relationships of Manushi Chhiller : Single & Unmarried.

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