Lord Shiva 4K Images Ultra HD Wallpaper Shivlinga 8K Wallpapers Free Download

Divyatattva presents fresh Lord Shiva 4K Images Ultra HD Wallpaper and Shivlinga 8K Wallpapers Free Download for personal use only. Most people wonder and ask who is Lord Shiva? Well answer to it is that he the Adi purusha. Shiva or Śiva , he is called by many names by his devotees. Shiv Ji one of the main deities of Hinduism or in Santana Sanaskriti whom Shaivites worship as the supreme god who is also the supreme consciousness. Among his common epithets are Kailashavasi, Shambhu,  Shankara, Adiguru, (“Beneficent”), Bholenath, Mahesha and Mahadeva and ShivShambhu. His pictures are often seen with his trident or trishul, snake, damru, bhasma and his vehicle Nandi Ji. Hope you will enjoy these beautiful and rake pictures of Lord Shiva on your device of any make whether Samsung, Apple, Vivo, Motorola, Xiaomi etc.

Table of Contents :

  1. Sanskrit Mantras of Lord Shiva
  2. Lord Shiva 4K Wallpapers & Images
  3. Benefits for Wearing Shiva Rudraksha
  4. Shiva's Son Kartikeya Wallpaper & Pictures
  5. Animated Gif Photos of Lord Shiva
  6. Lord Ganesha HD Images and Wallpaper

These beautiful pictures or Lord Shiva can be easily installed on your smartphones, mobile, Ipad, Iphone by right clicking on the image and setting as background photo. He is often considered as the lord of Destruction, protector and destroyer of evil, illusion and paving the way for creating something new. Those who worship Siva along with his parivar of Mata Parvati, Nanda and his sons Ganesha and Kartikaeya during month of Sawan or Shivaratri attain his blessings. 

People do puja for Mondays and keep fast for Somwar to please shivji for attaining boons form him. Marriageable girls keep fast on sawan somvar by following proper sawan somvar puja with vrat. When you have tremendous faith in the god and worship him with full devotion, there will be signs that Lord Shiva is with you, protecting you and guiding you in your evolutionary process. There are cases where people worshipping Shiva parivar has attained boons from the god by just chanting 1008 names of Lord Shiva on Shivaratri under the guidance of Guru and by tantric practices.

Reciting Lord Shiva mantras with faith attracts blessings of Lord Shiva into our lives and reduces suffering, pain, misery and destroy all evil that is haunting us. Praying to Shivji also destroys negative impact and influence of negative planetary alignments in the horoscope birth chart or kundli and bring devotion, knowledge and moksha in the end. Let's celebrate this auspicious days purifying ourselves, praying to Siva for health and peace.

Lord Shiva 4K Images Ultra HD Wallpaper Shivlinga 8K Wallpapers Free Download

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