Raja Yoga Kriyayoga Patanjali Yoga Sutras Science Of God Realization by Kriyaban Shri Rohit Anand New Delhi India

What Is Kriya Yoga (क्रिया योग) ? Secrets of Raja Yoga and Kriya yoga? Learning Kriya Yoga Techniques and Understanding Patanjali yoga Sutras by Kriyaban Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

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'Austerity, self-study, and surrender to God constitute Kriya Yoga'.

Commentary : Austerity does not mean physical torture of body or abuse or serve rigors. It refers to strict control of the senses in order to conserve energy for higher pursuits. Austerity in this means fasting occasionally, rising early to meditate instead of sleeping late, and reducing certain physical  comforts for the sake of greater control of mind. Study of scriptures, yoga shastras  and other spirituals works keeps the mind flowing in the desired direction. In surrendering to God's will one also surrenders the fruit of work performed. This leads to Karma Yoga, the path of selfless service, in which one regards oneself as the instrument of God, and serves humanity with no thought of either credit or blame.

'Ignorance, egoism, attraction and aversion, and fear of death are the afflictions which cause suffering'.

Commentary :Ignorance, avidya, is the lack of awareness of Reality. It is identification with the temporal world rather than with the imperishable Atman, or Self. Egoism is 'I-ness' and 'My-ness' which create the illusion that one person is different from another, bringing about conflict. Raga-dvesha translates as 'like/dislikes', when a person is  swayed by feelings of attraction and aversion, he is identifying with the material world and setting himself up for the pain of loss and disappointment. Fear of death, or clinging to life, is binding and shifting. Many who have been pronounced dead and were later revived have reported the experienced of death as indescribably beautiful and peaceful. None can say when death is useless imagination, a waste of energy, and creates waves of pain which exist only in the mind. Maha Avataar Babaji Wallpaper

Patanjali's second chapter sets forth the practice of Yoga,or 'sadhana'. It discusses Kriya Yoga, Which is purification through discipline, study, and self-surrender. In yoga sutras patanjali talks about the five main afflictions, or causes for human suffering, and the methods for eliminating them. Finally, it discusses the first five limbs of Raja Yoga-'yama', 'niyama', 'asana', 'pranayama', and 'pratyahara'- the foundations for the meditation

The obstacles to Realization are disease, mental torpor, doubt, indifference, laziness, craving for pleasure, delusion, inability to practice and maintain concentration, and restlessness of mind due to distraction'.

Commentary: If the body is not healthy, cosmic consciousness cannot be reached. The practice of 'asanas' and 'pranayama' wards off disease and helps to maintain alertness. Doubt and the various mental obstacles can be dispelled by the spiritual experiences that come through meditation. Especially when progress seems to be at a standstill, it is essential to plod on doggedly with the practice. Yoga, like any other kind of learning, is never a straight ascent; there are ups and downs and plateaus. Bear this in mind, do not become discouraged, and be aware that all seekers encounter these same obstacles. They should be regarded as challenges which introduce growth opportunities to develop strength. With regularity in practice, the mind eventually rights itself.

'The Yamas consists of non-injury, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and non-acquisitiveness'.

Commentary:  The 'Yamas', or abstentions, make up the most basic of all spiritual practices. They are the injunctions common to every religion. These forms of self-restrain purify the individual and eliminate all of one's negative influences on others and the environment. Violence to others, whether in thought, word or deed, must be avoided. Non-injury means more than refraining from inflicting physical pain. Mental pain can be far more devastating, when one is established in complete harmless, even wild animals will approach in peace.The function of truth is to maintain harmony through trust. It is better to be silent than tell a truth will cause pain or that springs from a wrong motive. A truthful person has power, for what he says comes to pass, and his word becomes law.

'From (The Repetition of AUM) is gained enlightening introspection and elimination of all obstacles'.

Commentary: Through meditation on OM, the highest of Mantras, Self-Realization Is possible. This is because the vibration of OM removes hindrances on the path and leads to realization of the Self which exists within every individual.

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