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Mahavatar Babaji Photos, Ageless Yogi, Kriya yoga master Pictures, original Images and high quality Wallpapers of kriyayogi and a Guru for free personal use. Mahāvatāra Bābājī means a great mystic yogi who has defied Death and lives forever Great Avatar is the name given to an Hindu yogi by Yogiraj Lahiri Mahasaya, and several of his disciples. His other disciples and kriya yogis like Sri Yukteswar Giri, Ram Gopal Muzumdar, Swami Kebalananda, Baba Nasib Singh Ji and Swami Pranabananda Giri who reported meeting him between 1861 and 1935 as he is supposed to more than 5000 yrs old as mentioned in famous book "Autobiography of a Yogi".  Kriya Yoga of Patanjali

He is said to be born in the year 203 AD in Parangipettai near India and known to be immortal Yogi in the Himalayas who is guiding humanity and beings to Self Realization. His parents name was Vedaranya Iyer, Gnanambaland his younger sister Sibling is also known as Mataji. Babaji is said to reside in the Siddha Ashram in Himalayas with his small number of advanced disciples and is also known by many names such as Nagraj Babaji. Daily Morning Motivation for Happy Day

Mahavatar Babaji is a revered Hindu spiritual master who has been credited with introducing the practice of Kriya Yoga to the world. He is believed to have lived in India for centuries, and his teachings are said to be based on ancient Vedic scriptures. His message of universal love and unity resonates with people from all walks of life, regardless of their religious or cultural backgrounds. 

The Mahavatar Babaji photos that can be found online show him as an elderly man wearing traditional Indian clothing such as a dhoti (loincloth). In some pictures he appears in meditation posture while others depict him surrounded by devotees or giving blessings. The most iconic image associated with this great yogi is probably one where he holds up two fingers – symbolizing duality and non-duality – which many believe was given directly by God himself during his lifetime on earth.  

In recent years there has been increasing interest in Mahavatar Babaji’s teachings due to its power for transformation both within oneself and society at large through Kriya Yoga practices like pranayama (breath control), meditation, chanting mantras etc., All these activities help us connect more deeply with our inner selves so we can experience true peace, joy and fulfillment from within rather than seeking it externally from material objects or other sources outside ourselves . Therefore if you are looking for guidance towards self realization then consider studying under the tutelage of this amazing guru!

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Mahavatar Babaji BABAJI wallpapers

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