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World Prophecies & Predictions made in 2018 - 2019 by India's top astrologist , tantric and occultist Shri Rohit Anand.

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Horoscope predictions about China, India, America, Spain, Britain, Germany, Cuba, Russia, North Korea, Canada.

There will be No World war, No Nuclear war or the End of the world this year. Any country that tries you use nuclear weapons will be met with self destruction in the future.

Russia, China and America will introduce new weapon systems in 2018 and 2019.

Most  of the predictions of Nostradamus will be proven wrong in the future.

People who are corrupt, evil and immoral will start to suffer the most.

Bionics and robotic use will increase in companies, military, hospitals, industries more and more.

Followers of Islam will suffer greatly on Earth in every country as greater understanding of truth will come upon people around the world as "ISLAM BEING NON RELIGION" and humanity was misled bringing its self destruction.

World interest in India will grow and people around the world will start adopting Hindu way of life, spiritual practices of yoga, tantra and healing systems of Ayurveda.

China will kill millions of Tibetans and Muslims and wipe out Islam from China in the future.

Pollution levels will increase threatening human lives and so does the awareness among humans for introduction of new generation fuels in coming years and phasing out fossil fuels .

Uk influence over the world will wane and it will weaken as a nation.

There will be rapid advancement is new technologies and medical sciences. Cures of various forms of Cancers will be found in the future.

China will be most irresponsible nations in the world that will continue to support rogue and terrorist regimes of North Korea and Pakistan and emerge as biggest threat to world peace. It will continue with its expansionist polices to encroach upon land of other countries and illegally occupy them with threat and debt trap. It will fail and contained by major powers of the world coming together against China.

Many ancient civilizations and archaeological secrets will be discovered in 2018 around the world.

Indian economy will do well and see a sharp upturn in this year with rise of GDP growth and stock markets will touch new heights. PM Modi will continue to be strong and popular leader of India under whom BJP will continue to win elections (with minor setbacks) and restore the glory of Hinduism.

Crude oil and gas prices shall rise in 2018 and 2019.

Muslims will be unwelcomed in every country of the world and deported from UK, America, Hungary, France, Iceland, Russia, India, Nepal, Singapore, Japan, Spain, Sri lanka, Burma, China, Sweden, Norway, Italy etc. They will be considered as threat to integrity and security of ever country. Islamic lifestyle will be banned and discouraged in every civilized nation of the world.

India will make great strides in new space and military technologies this year and in 2019.It will collaborate with friendly nations for space missions into space, moon an mars in the future.

Pakistan will continue to spread Islamic terrorism throughout the world bringing much disrepute to Muslims, Islam and its own people. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan will bring the decline and destruction of Islam and 2018 will hasten its decline and it will perish by 2700 AD. As a nation it will see its gradual decline, weakening and chaos with Islamic extremism and jihadis taking over. It will continue to be a rogue nation indulging in nuclear blackmail and threats to civilized nations.

More and more countries will move towards cleaner fuels and fossil fuels will be dropped from its usage around the world by many countries.

Earthquakes and floods will rattle India , Pakistan, Nepal, China and South Asia.

Artificial intelligence and usage of robots will wipe out millions of job in 2018 and 2019 affecting unskilled countries the most.

Cases of diseases with mental derangement, depression, cancer, diabetes, breathing problems will rise all over the world.

Fight between the Islamic nations will intensify and thousands of Muslims will die all over the world in the wars, bombings and killing each other.

United States president Donald Trump will continue its attacks on few nations that is considers enemy and threat and constraining people from other Nations.It will also send new expedition to Moon in few years. American polices under Donald Trump will take the country more towards isolation and lesser friends.

Military budgets of every country will go up, new weapons system will be tested and deployed in space.

More alien life forms, alien signals and UFOs will begin to surface in the years ahead in Asia.

China, Russia, North Korea will indulge in cyber attacks on Europe and try to take over smaller nations with  crooked policies of population migration, buying corporations and destroying local industries and culture of every nation and spreading its influence. Many smaller nations will loose its independence and fall victim to Chinese occupation. It will also face setbacks in development of space technologies.

There will be rapid advancements in human intelligence due to fast evolution of human consciousness to higher levels by cosmic intelligence.

Violence, shootings, rapes and lawlessness on the streets will grow and people will loose faith in law and justice this year.

Powers of human mind will begin to grow like never before and new technologies will come up rapidly replacing humans in hazardous places of work.

Terrorist attacks by Pakistani citizens and Islamic jihadis will continue  on India and Indian installations by rogue Pakistani army and intelligence bringing much tensions in Indo Pakistan relations.

Robotic surgeries will gain prominence in hard to reach human organs and body parts. 

Millions of people will loose jobs in India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran, UAE,  Gulf countries as there will be rapid advancement of new technologies with artificial intelligence.

Countries of Asia and Europe will witness increased volcanic activities.

Most of the political parties in India will be wiped out from the country and barely able to make any revival in Indian politics. 

Bangladesh and Pakistan will continue to commit atrocities on minorities and indulge in human rights violations and killings of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and other religions. United kingdom, Italy, Canada will become the new breeding grounds of Islamic terror. Citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh will commit acts of terror in America, Europe, India, UK, and Asia.

World will make great strides in space science and astro physics and discovering the universe and planetary systems in the year 2018 and 2019. India, USA, Russia and China will will reach out for moon and stars in the outer space.

North Korean people will suffer from the Radioactive Nuclear radiation emanating from the atomic explosions.

Sanatan Dharma and yoga will spread through our the world and Hindus will move towards building the Ram temple in India in next few years.

United States of America and China will continue to suffer from wild fires, shootings, accidental disasters, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.

China, Pakistan and North Korea will emerge as the biggest Rogue nations of the 21st century.

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