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Major Arcana Tarot Card: "Empress" Tarot Card Meaning and Description:

Keywords: Fertility, Beauty, Pregnancy, Abundance, Creativity, Arts, Compassion, Sensuality, Growth, Prosperity, Children, Joy, Happiness, Nature, Motherhood, Patience, Romance, Wealth, Friendliness, Maternal care etc.

Upright Empress Card Meaning : Beauty, Feminine, Love, Luxury, Comforts, Grace, Creative Expression and abundance, Wealthy, Fruitful, Good Parenting, Growing.

Reversed Empress Card Meaning :Lack of Creativity, Blockages, Infertile, Unfruitful, End, False, Dishonest, Deception, Lack Of Vitality, Lack of affection and achievements, Not sharing, Negligence, Lack of Growth.

Zodiac Sign And Ruling Planet : Libra, Venus.
Season & Time: Spring / Early Summer, Wednesday  or Friday.
Archetype: Earth Mother.
Crystals : Diamond .
Colors : Red, White, Green
Chakra : Swadhistan Chakra or Sacral chakra.
Body Parts : Reproductive Organs, Ovaries, Uterus, Penis.
Animals :  Pelican, Dove, Butterflies.
Number Associated With Empress Tarot Card : 3 or Three.

Empress Tarot Card : Card of Empress is a major arcana card and is mainly related to feminine side of the nature and the creative expression inside us. It can be art, painting, music, drama and other creative fields. the Empress tarot card also tells us to nourish ourselves, follow of potential creative talents, spend time with nature to connect with our own higher self and abilities. When Empress card appears in the tarot spread, it can also mean pregnancy, growth and development of ourselves, taking care of people around us or our own children. The Empress tarot card also represents Planet Venus, Aphrodite, who is the Goddess of Love, and her energies brings with her the Divine nature of unconditional love. This is a a good card for fortune, positivity, optimism, patience, gentleness and nurturing. When this card appears in upright way in the tarot card readings, it brings success, growth and pleasure, according to context of question.
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Empress card appearing in tarot readings also indicate good time to make fruitful investments, money, security and abundance will continue to flow in life, business and work.

Meaning Of Empress Tarot Card In Health : It indicates Naturopathy and homeopathic health treatments, be closer to nature, take fruits and vegetables, Juices will benefit. Its good for women seeking pregnancy or conception. But if Empress card appears reversed then it might indicate miscarriage, termination or infertility also depending upon the surrounding cards.

Meaning of Empress Tarot Card in Love Relationships : When Empress card appears reversed in the tarot spread it usually indicates, indecisiveness concerning relationships with others and confusion about the direction a relationship be going. Upright card gives committed relationships, deep emotions and love between partners. If anyone is single, it could indicate love will be coming into ones life soon. In reversed Empress card it could mean, being overprotective of someone you love in a relationship and this can be the reason that can be strain your relations, shows neglect, disharmony and arguments leading to unhappiness. One may feel discontented, missing that care, love, affection, satisfaction or intimacy in  relationship. It could also mean promiscuity and/or unwanted pregnancy in sexual realtionships.

Meaning Of Empress Tarot Card In Work, Business, Job And Career Readings : Empress card indicates success in careers like Farming, Agriculture, Growing fruits, Art, Painting, Musician, Dramatics, Theatre, Working With Children Wealth Management, SPA and Beauty Products, Dealing With Herbs, Scents and food etc. It also gives success in investments and business when appear upright and with positive cards around. This card appearing upright with positive cards indicates comfortable life, luxury, wealth, increase in income and good financial condition. If reversed it could mean projects, goals, assignments seem to stall or go slow and their fulfillment may prove difficult for you. Work at hand may feel too much to handle, laborious, boring and sometime frustrating with the pace of movement or growth.

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