How To Lose Belly Fat Fast With Yoga & Lose Weight Quickly With Yogic Diet By Certified Yoga Teacher Shri Rohit Anand Ji From New Delhi India

Tips From Yoga Teacher On How to Get Slim and Lose Belly Fat fast. Now you can you have a thin waistline and reduce weight quickly. By Certified Yoga Master Shri Rohit Anand, India.

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In our times we see people having sedentary lifestyles, with poor nutrition habits, low physical activity and lot of stress leading to weight gain and deposit of excess fat around the abdominal area and tummy coming out. One can reduce the tummy fat in easier way if one is regular in yoga, increase in daily physical activities and avoidance of junk or preserved food.

We are giving here the best yoga asanas for loosing the belly fat fast and look younger. Yoga is a discipline that you need to follow on daily basis with proper nutrition to have impact on your health in a positive way and help you in weight loss. These effective yoga poses will tone your abdomen muscles and abs more efficiently than any other core exercises that you might be thinking in doing in gym or aerobics.

Best Yoga Postures that helps in reducing belly fat.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Saluations. Surya Namaskar if done daily can have great impact on your muscles, digestive system and live besides other body parts as it is like a complete body workout. It purifies the blood, remove all toxins from the body, ignites the digestive fire, stimulates the liver and the pancreas for optimal working and burnt the fat around the waist. It helps in balancing the tridosha and can burn upto 417 calories in the body which is more than a workout in a gym, cycling, tennis or running. It has been observed that people with heavier body loose more weight while doing Sun saluations on regular basis.

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose. This hatha Yoga posture that activates the center of your solar plexus or the Manipur Chakra and helps in reducing the tummy fast in done daily. This yoga pose is the is done sitting straight with forward bend with stretching of the hamstrings, thighs, as well as hips. It cures the digestive disorders and restores the digestive fire giving flat belly.

Paschimottanasana or  Seated Forward Bend. This yoga posture is most effective in reducing belly fat quickly as it directly works on your abs. This hath yoga pose has many benefits as it strengthens the spine, lowers the blood pressure, cures diabetes, remove wind or flatus from your intestines, activates the liver and improves digestion.

Dhanurasana or Bow Yoga Posture. This is a great asana that is must for any weight loss program that can flatten your stomach, strenghten abdominal organs and beneficial impact on the spine. When you do this yoga pose on regular basis you will find that whole weight of the body comes upon the stomach when you form the shape of a bow, which greatly helps in reducing belly fat fast in few days. Holding the body in this yoga asan for 20 to 30 seconds and done repeatedly, quickly trims the waistline and remove excessive fat deposits around stomach area. It improves the function of liver, large intestines, pancreas and kidneys and also relives the lower back pain.

Naukasana or Bow pose. Naukasana is another important asan to trim belly fat in the lower abdominal area and strengthening the muscles. Its useful in relaxing the tensed body and reducing the stress and giving deep relaxation.

Pavanamuktasana or  Wind Relieving Pose. Doing this asana daily helps you relives excessive gas in in the body, reduce stomach bloating. It helps strenghten the abdominal muscles and massages the intestines, removes constipation and helps in reduce the fat from the stomach. This yoga posture also helps you tone your buttocks, and reduce excessive fat from thighs area.

Padahastasana or Standing Forward Bend. It helps in trimming the waist, stretches the spine, tones the muscles of thigs and organs of the other abdominal areas. It removes indigestion, bloating of stomach and cures gastric troubles. Muscles of the back are also strengthened and spine made more flexible.

Ushtrasana or Camel Pose. Another effective to burn fat around stomach area is to practice this ygic pose on daily basis. This is the best yoga asana for fat individuals who have excessive fat in the areas of tummy, back and thighs. This is beneficial yoga posture for losing fat in these body parts if done on empty stomach, morning and evening.

Marjariasana or cat yoga posture.

Doing breathing exercises like kapalbhati and Bhastrika pranayama also burns calories and results in fat loss around the stomach and helps in giving flat belly.

Flat Belly Diet That Helps Get Toned Waistline.

Yogic diet for weight loss and have a healthy body one need to include more of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and honey for slim body. Intake of natural diet helps the body to restore its balance, reignite the metabolism making it easier for it to loose extra weight from every part of the body. Eating primarily vegetables, nuts, beans, legumes, herbs or natural foods can help you to naturally reduce excess weight in the body and will also help  in rejuvenating the liver. Taking honey with lemon juice first thing in the morning is the best way to shed those extra kilos around your stomach and stimulate digestion.

Most people put weight because they indulge more in emotional eating rather than developing wise eating habits. Doing meditation regularly lowers the stress build up in the body by relaxing it and will refrain you from eating out of stress, emotions and will keep cravings under control.

By Yoga Acharya shri Rohit Anand Ji, India. For Yoga Classes New Delhi India

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