Learn Yoga Meditation Mudras New Delhi India Yoga Classes From Top Certified Yoga Instructor Shri Rohit Anand With 30 Years of Experience

Now you can learn yoga and meditation from India's top yoga instructors at privacy of your home, group yoga classes and at yoga workshops at Divyatattva

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The word 'Yoga' means union.  It refers to the process of uniting the individual with the Universal Soul.  It brings about that state of mind which is unruffled and calm in all situations.

Regular Yoga and Meditation Classes : One hour daily. Six days a week, East Delhi, India.

Yoga Course and Yoga Teaching Includes : Patanjali yoga sutras, Ashtanga Yoga, Sun Salutations, Scientific Breathing Techniques, Relaxation techniques, Mudras to cure diseases, Yogic Philosophy, Concept of Yoga, Different paths of yoga, Vegetarian Diet Chart, Basics about kundalini shakti and chakras, Your Ayurvedic Constitution, Diseases and Cures.

Explaining the yoga shastras in theory class.

Learning Pranayama and right breathing techniques.

Individual diet chart for yoga students according to constitution.

Weight loss asanas for girls and boys.

Question and answers sessions.

Yoga Class Monthly Fees : Rs. INR 11000/- per month for Indian students. For Foreigners and Students from outside of India USD $ 350 per month. One hour daily, 6 days a week.

* Yoga class fees can be paid in cash, check, bank transfer, paypal in advance.

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Yoga Students Asks Shri Rohit Anand Ji Answers . 

How long should one practice Sirshasan or Paschimottanasan or Kumbhak or Maha Mudra to awaken the Kundalini? Nothing is mentioned on this point in any book on Yoga.
Answer: It all depends upon the degree of purity, stage of evolution, the degree of purification of the Nadis and the Pranamaya Kosha, and the degree of Vairagya and yearning for liberation.

A student starts his Sadhana from the point or stage he left in his previous birth. Some are born with account of purity and other requisites of realization on their having undergone the necessary discipline in their past life. They are born Siddhas. Guru Nanak, Jnana Dev of Alandi, Vama Dev and Ashtavakra were all adepts from their very boyhood. Guru Nanak, when he was a boy, asked his teacher in the school about the significance of OM. Vama Dev delivered lectures on Vedanta when he was dwelling in his mother's womb.

What is Brahmamuhurta? Why is it eulogized by the Rishis?

Answer:    4 a.m. in the morning is termed as Brahmamuhurta. Because it is favourable for meditation on God or Brahman, it is called Brahmamuhurta. At this particular hour, the mind is very calm and serene. It is free from worldly thoughts, worries and anxieties. The mind is like a blank sheet of paper and comparatively free from worldly Samskaras. It can be very easily moulded at this time before worldly distractions enter the mind. Further, the atmosphere also is charged with more Sattva at this particular time. There is no bustle and noise outside.

What are the advantages of Mouna or the vow of silence? Should I also observe?

Answer: Observe Mouna for a couple of hours daily at any time that suits you. Try to speak little at other times. Avoid unnecessary conversations. Don't talk harsh words and obscene language. Talk sweetly and gently. You must have perfect control over speech. Control over speech means control of mind. The organ of speech, Vak Indriya, is a great distractor of the mind. Mouna gives you peace. It removes anxieties and quarrels. It develops your will power. It conserves energy. It reduces the force of Sankalpa or the thought-current..... Read More Musings Of a Mystical Yogi

 Inspirign Yoga and Meditaiton Quotes By Shri Rohit Anand Ji 

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